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Moi*« Hoi'J'ili!.?
llonie of an American Violated.
Dauntless Leaves With An
other Carjro.
Key West, Flu.. Nov. 10.—Advices
received from Havana per Olivette,
pive details of an outrage on American
citizens, a'ld the butchery of 1! nou
conil atant (,'utans, including 4 women,
hy Spanish soldiers. The massacre
occurred Thursday uear the town of
SaiivTosedolas Lava*, Havana province.
A detachment of Spanish soldiers sur
prised six insurgents who, however,
made their escape, wh\ch angered the
Spaniards, and they began to raid the
mouses in the neighborhood, alleging
hat the inhabitants were in sympathy
»vith the rebels. The Spaniards went
o the estate of Frederick L. Craycroft,
vho came here from Indiana about
hree years ago. Some of the soldiers en
ered the house and two of them seized
Mr?. Craycroft and assaulted her. The
'lusband, in desperation, rushed to her
lid, but was struck down by a sword in
h« hands of an officer. Two horrible
L-ashes were made in his back, and his
right arm was nearly severed. The
Spaniards looted the house, took $850
In cash and then raided other houses on
She estate. They burned eight build
ings and shot and killed 19 inmates,
jour of whom were women. Craycroft,
jvhen he recovered sufficiently, wrote
jo Vice Consul Springer of Havana. It
k understood that the vice consul cabled
In account of the outrage to Secretary
Highest of all in Leavening Strength.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
of (HUrajr^a
by Sj'ir.isli Soldiers in
Nineteen Nowoinbattants Killed
Because Some Insurgents
The Spanish authorities in Havana
re greatly disturbed because several
liousand insurgents from Gomez's
rmy have entered Matanzas province.
V serious does Weyler consider the sit
ation that he has withdrawn 6,000
roops from Piiiar del Itio and dis
pelled them into Matanzas to stay the
1 vance.
During the siege and subsequent cap
..re of Guayamara City by the insur
ents, the Spaniards lost 260 killed and
i. ounded, and i{?0 surrendered to Cal
jcto Garcia, commanding the besieging
Garcia sent word to Ceneral Castel
tnos that they would be exchanged for
Cubans held by the Spaniards.
'It* Filibustering Tug PruTM True to
Her Nnm«.
Jacksonville, Fla., Nov. 10.—The
earner Dauntless, which has already
mded three expeditions in Florida, is
ff again with a large cargo of arms,
mmunition, medicines and supplies
the insurgents in Cuba. The Daunt
•ss was released from custody Sunday
lorning by the United States eonunis
oner at Fernandino. She at once took
n a supply of eoal, but not enough to
ttruct the attention of the revenue
tficers. She then went down Nassau
rand, where she lay to until sundown,
hree yawl boats, manned by seven
'ubans each, and towing two flatboats,
oarded the Dauntless at 6 m. The
hree Friends and Kate Spencer joined
le Dauntless, and a number of boxes
ud packages were transferred to the
taunt lea*. The steamer, with Captain
ohn J£jer» on board? then headed
The Bteamer Kat* Spencer and Three
nends returned to St. John's bar, but
ad hardly gotten inside when the
venue cutter seized the Three Friends
!i a charge of aiding an expedition
hainst Spain. Lieutenant Hildritch
the Boutwell was placed on board
nd the vessel brought to Jacksonville,
his expedition is the most daring of
ny yet undertaken, as the Windom,
•oatwell and Colfax have been sta
oned in the St. John's river to pre
ent any steamboats leaving and the
'.aleigh arrived off St. John's bar San
ay uight from Key West to watch the
llegta Mission of Ex-Consul Williams to
Spain I'ure Invention.
Washington, Nov. 10.—The state
flicials say that the story published to
ie effect that Ramon Williams, ex
jonsul general to Cuba, was sent to
{tain as a secret agent of the govern
lent to endeavor to secure the consent
the Spanish government to a project
sell the Island of Cuba to the insur
euts, the United States to guarantee
bonds to be issued in payment there-
absolutely PURE
I I K is a it:%•«•!»• (i. :i.s
no rt.Ki -i ,.
(•.- -V. if.. i i,!•
Is s\lo n.nu lo bt- a ...v i i i(i.n.u.ii ion
the story th:it til!? Spanish iiuaist'r
has i ionnst'.i the prcsiuont that i!' the
Spanish ti-oops v.tT* unub.e to 8ul
within 50 days the
is.ancl \viini(
be uLundoued.
Air.-»teU for Kiiiln itilfuwDt.
Boston, Nov. 10. Allison %. Mason,
president of the defunct Globe Invest
ment company, has been arrested on an
indictment warrant, charging him with
the embi z/.lenu nt of sums aggregating
Treasurer J. Loweil Moore of
the company is now serving a three
years sentence on a similar charge.
For Secretary of Agriculture.
Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 10.—The livo
stock men of Omaha and Kansas City
and the West generally have inaugur
ated a campaign to secure for "Farmer"
Samuel Allerton the position of secre
tary of agriculture in Mr. McKinley's
A (oHfMnlive M. I'. Tvll* How tbe Mat
tel- Should He Sol tied.
San Fuancisi
Nov. 10.—Major Sam
Hughes of Lindsay, Canada, president
of the Hughes Car Ventilating com
pany, editor and publisher of the Vic
toria Warder and a Conservative mem
ber of the Canad an parliament from
Ontario, is in the city. Major Hughes
is deeply interested in the school ques
tion in Mauitoba, over which the Con
servatives and Liberals have been
wrangling for some tiino past, and has
considerable to say concerning the set
tlement, which, according to the press
dispatches, was agreed upon
,a few days
"The settlement of the prhool ques
tion in Manitoba is not satisfactory, as
has been indicated in the press dis
patches," he sa:d. 'The Conservatives,
who were defeated at the last general
election, I am confident, would have
settled the (^u^tion much more justly
'fiftut"eqtiitafoj*, had they possessed the
The ('on^rvatives took the stand that
the Rojnan Catholics should have the.
right to use their own taxes only, and
should be giveu no government support.
The Liberals grant the right of any
denomination for half an hour religious
instruction at the cloe of school
hovrs. They also grunted a con
cession which permits of text
books printed in both English and
French, and wherever there are HO Ilo
lyun Catholic children in a school dis
trict, no matter if there be twice as
many Protestant children, the Roman
Catholics are to be entitled to have a
Roman Catholic teacher.
"Another point in the settlement of
the school question is this
"The text books are to be entirely re
vised, and that which is objectionable
to the Roman Catholics in history or
literature is to be removed. These are
the terms of the settlement which have
been referred to as highly satisfactory.
In my estimation it is very unsatisfac
LaDgcvin Demands Complete Separation
of Schools In Munitob*.
Winnipeg, Nov. 10. Archbishop
Langevin, preaching in St. Mary's
church, said the clerical representatives
of the Catholics are growing impatient
at being kept in ignorance of what has
been done, and what is being done re
garding the settlement of the school
controversy. He warned the politicians
if the settlement did not give the Cath
olics their rights according to tho con
stitution the agitation would be renewed
with vigor enough to destroy govern
ments. This means that the hierarchy
will not accept anything less than sep
arate schools.
Breaking of the Seacock Fills the
Battleship With Water.
New York, Nov. 10.—The United
States battleship Texas, while lying at
the Cob dock, Brooklyn navy yard, had
a 18 inch hole stove in her side, caused
by the breaking of her seacock, and she
now lies on the bottom of the dock,
with her engine fall of water.
The Chapman Derrick and Wrecking
company were notified of the accident,
and have sent their wrecking tugs Will
iam E. Chapman and Hustler, and the
tags W, E. Lewis and Astoria to the
navy yard to raise the sunken battle
fciup. -. ...
Five Thousand Meu Loot Stores of Grata,
l'olice Killed Four.
Bombay, Nov. 10.—Serious rioting
has occurred at Sholapur. A band of
6,000 men looted 1,500 bags of grain.
The efforts of the police were of no
avail aud therefore they fired upon the
mob, killing four meu and wounding
six. A further outbreak is feared, as
Shoktpur is one of tbe wont famine
irwou of tbe country.
Two Schooners Wrecked on the
Lakes in the lucent
Only One* :i" the Crew of Each
Vessel Reached the
One of the Rescued Men Alleges
Captain and Crew Were
Bcitat.o, 7. Y., Nov. 10.—A report
reaches here from St. Thomas, f)nt.,
that the schooner Sonora, was wrecked
and five lives lost in Thursday's storm,
off Point Abina. about 10 miles from
Buffalo, on the Canadian shore. Mate
W. Duquette, who claims to have been
the only survivor, carried tl\o news to
St. Thomas. The Sonora was lumber
laden. l»ouud from Wiarton, Out., to
Tonawanda, N. Y.
Mate Duquette's story is that the
Sonora was struck by the galo at 8
o'clock Thursday evening. Her rig
ging, sails and (leckload of green oak
timber were swept away. After a vain
endeavor to regain control of the vessel
the captain decided to abandon her.
The crew all left the vessel in the yawl
except the mate, who preferred to stick
to the schooner. He saw his companions
washed overboard one by one from the
yawl boat and drowned. Duquette
clung to the vessel until abont 4 o'clock
Friday morning.when he drifted ashore
on a hatchway. The vessel soon after
wards went to pieces oira reef off Point
Abino. Duquette says he went to a
farmhouse and the next day tried to
find some trace of the crew but gave
them up for lost. Then he drove here
to take a train for Detroit and notify
Mr. Chamberlain, the owner of the
vessel, of the loss.
Mr. Chamberlain Doubt* It.
Detroit, Nov. 10.—C. A. Chamber
lain, owner of the schooner Sonora,
which has been reported as wrecked in
Lake Erie, has repeatedly asserted that
the vessel has been lying at Tonawanda
unloading lumber. He stated that he
sent a dispatch to the captain at Tona
wanda on Saturday, ordering the vessel
to proceed to Bnffulo, and that ap
parently the message was delivered, as
he has received no notice to the con
The Story Disputed.
Tonawanda, N. Y., Nov. 10.—Tho
story told by Mate Duquette at St.
Thomas about the loss of the sphooner
Sotiora is disputed. The Sonora arrived
here Thursday night from Wiarton,
Ont., loaded with green oak timber,
aud after unloading, cleared Saturday
night all right. Her captain is H.
Serlotis Allegation Made by Surviving
Muskecon, Mich., Nov. 10.—The
schooner Waukesha broke up while
trying to ride out the gale at anchor
near here, and only one survivor of her
crew of seven has been rescued.
The Waukesha is one of the old fleet
of "eanalers," and, true to all tradi
tion, she has taken almost her entire
crew down with her in her last disas
ter. She was owned by F. H. Head of
Chicago, and tfas formerly known as
the Nabob.
Says the Captain Was DiMnk.
During the evening Frank Delach,
the survivor, made affidavit to the ef
fect that there were seven men atxmrd
the Waukesha,Captain Duncan Corbett,
the mate, four seamen and a colored
cook. When they arrived off Muske
gon, Delach said the captain, mate and
some of the sailors were very drunk.
They signalled for a tug, bat showed
no distress signals, and no tag under
these circumstances started oat in the
heavy sea. The captain anchored a
mile aouih of Muskegon harbor. The
craft began leaking badly, but the
captain refused to light the
torch to make known their condition to
the lifesaving crew. The crew donned
life preservers, all hands taking to the
forward rigging. The craft, however,
began sinking rapidly and a sudden
lurch threw some of the men from the
foremast. As part of them clung to the
rigging the main topmast broke off and
fell upon them striking some of them
and sweeping all into the lake. Delach
said he contrived to get together a raft
from the wreckage to which five of the
men hung for a time. They dragged
tne captain with them, but he was to
helplessly drunk to hold on and they
had to dr'^p him- Only Delach reached
shore alive.
Party of Hack Shooter* Sunk la 'Jollisioa
Off Spain.
Sevillk, Nov. 10.—The steamer Azna
Farache, while taking a party out duck
shooting, was sunk iu collision with
another steamer. Twenty of her pas
sengci^ were drowned.
Chilian Cabinet Resigns.
Chili. Nov. 10—Thi»
Chilian cabinet has resigned in conse
quence of the passage through the
chamber of deputies of a TOtf of cen
sure qf the gove.-ument.
National (irniii ilealem' A^ooclittion.
Chicaoo. Nov. lo.—The Grain Deal
ers National association was organized
at the Saratoga hotel. After the ap
pointment of a committee to draw up a
constitution and by-laws, a number of
interesting pa] ers anent the grain busi
ness were read. Th»* object of thegrasn
men in foimht:: a national organization
is to sue tore re!oim legislation, mid to
keep out the me.qousib.o dealers
Offer* tuinrial Support.
San iBAM.is
Order your.
Lane, art owner of the Utiea gold
mine. .mi oau".s tnal he Will gi»*e
William •«. 1 ji van fin..i,c.al support iu
his advoMi' v oi bimetallism. Mr. Lane
has alid
laith in the Democratic
candidate v j.vsideiit and realizing
that Mr. Lryan's income is lim.ted
it is not fair lor him to b« .ir the ex
pense of S i:t:i: :.ign ill the interest of
.• i l- i i ii tin- Cuhsc.
Hl'N'MJiuroN. 1 Nov. 10.—During a
drinking Lout u tween Italians at
Kobertsdnle, a uniting town in the
lower paw i this county. Peter Veil-'
zelona Was brutally murdered. Hin
slayers, Lewi: Lawrence, Daniel Cheruz
and Chilk.u and Alexander Vanace
were lodpred in jail here. Jealousy
over a girl i said to have promoted the
Kz-rresiflcnt ilrwrtt for.oitsly III.
Hayke Dr. (.UA(Md., Nov. 10.—
Hon. H. J. wett, formerly president
of the F.rie ra.lway. is dangerously ill
at his sumiiH home, Lansdowns, in
this countv. He is threatened with
pneumonia Mr. Jewett is 81 years of
age. His lauiilv have been summoned
from New York.
Best Qualities at Reason
able Prices.
v. w. Gargen & Co.
0E0. IRISU, Ag't
Wood. Gasoline and Kero
sene of the Feed Store.
Madison, Howard
and White flour.
The DAILY leadek
Job Department.
All of our machinery is in fine
class condition, unsurpassed* oy
any other establishment
in the state.
New type and a flue lii e
I»'iper stock.
Work- promptly rs*cuted unci
prices HeA$o&able
Wanted-An Idea
n I I I V
Who can think
of some simple
thing to patent?
Protect TOM Mm tber may briug you wealth. I
Write JOHN WCDDKRBURN ft CO., Patent Attor
(Mtrs. Washington, I). C., fur thutr $l.HU) prlsa ottm
list of
buadrcl Inventions want*!.
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Latest Improvements and Lowest Prices.
State Bank,
fladison, S. D.
rm Loans at L.oA/?st
M\m ie World
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Are treating with skill and
Affecting the bolv, uo«e, throat, »ktu and
bodes, blclches, mucous patches, in moutb,
eruptions, rheumaticm, failing hair, acme,
erzeina, old sores, ulcers, painful swellings,
whatever cause, positively sud forever driven'
from syatem.
Chronic, Nervous, Skin anil Blood Disenn-s
Truss discarded forever.
owt Mauhowd
Failing Mrmnr)'.
n y
Kxhaawtlnjf ItralnM.
Arising from Iinllocretio«l, Kxreec o Ii.dul
Kcnce, producing some ol the following
effects: NervunaueM, Debility.
Self DJulrust, Defective Memory,
Pimple* on the Knee, Avertimi to the K-wiety
of Kemslep, Lo»b of Ambition, l.sclc of Con
fidence, Gloominess, De»poudeiiry, barren
lu-dP, Melancholy, Dyppepeis, Varicocele,
etc., treated with HUccess aud powerfully re
Vire President.
all privat»» niiittt*re:
permanently cured in from 10 to
20 days without detention from
Kidney and Urinary
dis- uses, ptiiifiil, difficult, too frequent,
milk or liloody urine.
cared ,,y
local application appllt
at hoim
'.farrk Cati*e: Home taint in or^an
Isms. Cure based on scienlu.i
principles. Constitutional treatment "ui!:
medicated air will cure. Successful'v
treat .id at home or at office, t'erfecti
harmless, safe, p'eosant. 1'urifles, bean
stops and cures every discharge,. swe«
ens the I'reath.
Blood Poison
Morphine, Cocaine, Liquor & Tobacco Habit
Cured in 15 days without detention from business.
Von ran be^trratrd at hone for thr name prlcerand andrr the HWr
(•I'AKAKTKK. Write for Himptmn blank.
t*~If you prefer to come here we will eonti aet to pay Railroad Pare
and Hotel Bill, and no charge if we fail to eure you.
Consultation and Advicc free by mail.
Over 1^X10.000 boxes sold. rffl.OfX) ourc« Ito power to teJt.ny tUe0*» re for tobaci-o in any
form. No-to-bacla the srre.-uest in-rvvIn tlit? world. Mahr cm.-i 10 faunas ii l'JUays and tt ii 'v
tails to niMke Hie weak niii)t'nt .n.a s'ioat vwoi.iu-»o,:icl i'wi.na.i'. .lift try a ini*. Vou wi 11
iiirtite|. W!er y iu to li-v w -lui -.v.: say. irr .. •. iy n '.Hei• tr
•rhera. Serifl t'.' our i«x»Vt»i!_-noir» •ir.n»,-o -i.j- an ,-m u- V« u i'r Av.i, j' v.rtrw.i
k oi u.
froc siunplu. AUCreasTSIE NTIUL
15 to 3^ dayt.

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