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'WEDNESDAY, NOV. 11. 18U6.
We Are Pleased to Say
That October has been the best month wt' have had since we
opened up here, and we intend to make November much better.
This is the secret: Good Goods, up-to-date prices, Honest Measure.
Following are a few, and you can be yonr own judge on examining
the balance of our immense stock:
20 pounds Granulated Su^ar $1.00
2*2 pounds Extra
By I year
Bv mail, 8 month#
By mail, 3 months
Onilv, by carrier, ptsr week 16
THK DAII.T LBADKK MAKES special feature of
furnixtiuiL' informatiou concerning the advantages
and rtfourree th*" city of Madison and of the
suit- at UrrH Miitltllni it in tho patroii»K* of ad
••VIT) (.'!»»«
We huve just finished our seasons's
work and are on our way down the river
to Sioux City where we will winter. We
have beeti hauling grain and freighting
between Running Water and Wheeler
all fall and have done i.n immense busi
ness. The grain up in that i, untry is
simpl immense."
The pontoon bridge was swept out
Saturday night by the ice in the
Missouri river. The north part of the
bridge WHB carried to the chore but the
main seutiou was swept away and now
lays on the satul bar east of lie bridge.
Ottawa dispatch, 1): In hn opinion
filed to day in the supreme court of
Illinois the Torrens laud title act of the
Illinois legislature is held unconstitu
Incomplete returns from nearly bait
the counties in the stale would indicate
that the repeal of the prohibition clause
in our state constitution has carried by
an overwhelming majority. So far,as
complied the returns are 7,000 for repeal
and 093 against repeal. It must not be
token for granted, however, aa assumed
by many that the vote to repeal the
olause in the constitution, if carried, alee
repeals the law. The latter will have to
be done by the legislature as the law
t&ands on a much broader foundation
tban the mere statement of the clause in
the constitution. It is just as much a
a law for the regulation of the liquor
traffic without the clause in the consti
tution as a license law would be without
a license clause in the constitution, hen
oe it will Btand and be in force and effect
until repealed by the legislature or an
other law is substituted in its place, just
the same as any other law passed for the
regulation and protection of society.
It is not at all probable that this legis
lature will pass a license law, high or
low, as it is mainly a populist legislature,
and the platforms of the People's Jparty
up to this year have been in favor of rcg-
ulatiog the liquor traffic by the state dw- jartiJ
Suyar 1.00
7 pounds Good Coffee 1.00
il pounds Best Mocha and Java 1.00
32 pounds Best Rolled Oats 1.00
I gallon Pure Maple Syrup 1.00
3 gallon Can Sugar Drips 1.00
40 bars of the largest and best Soap
in town for 100
A Good Tea Sifting 10 cents. 50c Japan Tea for 35 cents.
A complete line of tanned and dried fruits. Apples for every
lxdy—New York and Missouri, very cheap.
from 4c to 7c. Ginghams. i»c to 8c. Dress goods and
tiannels at the same low rate. All kinds of gloves and mittens, ladies'
and children's underwear at prices you cannot resist. In shoes and
rubber goods we are second to none. Good goods, up-to-date styles
aud prices that lead. Dishes and lamps of all kinds. And the
-&M0RSE & MUNR0.**
Washington dispatch, it: An abstract
of reports received from the thirty
national batiks in the state of South
Dakota show* that the average reserve
held by them on October 6 was 40.02 per
cent, an increase from .'io.71 per cent on
July 41. In the same period loans and
discounts decreased from $3,360,477 to
$3,14S,'.&4 value of stocks, securities,
etc., decreased from $G37,05!» to $'21,154
gold holdings increased from
to 1337,84."), aud total reserve increased
from $1,417,707 to 11,577,651. The de
posits decreased from $4,064,025 to
The treasury gold reserve has now
reached $1*21,000,000 and considered safe
as the demand for notes and paper mon
ey is becoming very great and gold is be
ing turned In exchange.
The Canton Advocate has ceased its
daily edition after a year's earnest effort
to make it a success. It was a success
however while it lasted. There are
other dailies of similar size in the state
which have been getting somewhat wob
bly since election.
Yankton Times, S): The steamer
"Castalia" arrived in the oity yesterday
with a cargo of wheat on board. The
grain was brought down from the coun
try surrounding Wheeler and was ship
ped from this point over the Great
Northern to St. Paul and Minneapolis.
The captain of the boat ways:
pensary syttem. If any radical change
is made at all from the present system by
the new legislature it is more than prob
able that it will be in the line of regula
tion by the state.
Yankton Press, 9: The result of the
election for state officers and president,
ih South Dakota is very close, and the
present outlook is that while Bryan has
certainly carried the state, his majority
will bele9s than 1,000, and the people's
party state ticket has been successful by
an average of '2,000 majority.
Senator l'ettigrew opened the cam
paign of l'.KX) at Sioux Falls Monday
evening by an address t» the largest
audience ever gathered in the city. It
was announcd as the beginning of the
bimetallic tight of four years hence and
proved to be the sensation of the fall.
The senator stated that he would render
McKinley every aid possible for him to
demonstrate that the taaiff was what
ailed the country, but wanted to put
himself on record by saying that he
would resist every section of a tariff bill
that provided for tariff on any article
controlled by a trust. This created a
One Minute Cough Cure, cures.
That Is what It wms made for.
Did YOB Kvfr
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relief and cure of all Female Complaints,
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If you have Loss of Appetite, Constipa
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choly or troubled with Dizzy Spells,
Electric Bitters is the medicine you
need. Health and strength are guaran
teed by its use. Fifty cent* and 1, at
C. H. Wood's drug store.
DeWitt's Colic & Cholera Cure,
Pleasant, Quick Results, 5afe to take.
Burkliii Arnica Halve.
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts,
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quired. It is guaranteed te give perfeot
satisfaction or money refunded. Prioe
ten cents per box. For sale by C. H.
The South i bff lT»i(|on!»tcdl7 Ite
priilrd by u ll.C H:.|ilWlJ.
Siorx FAus, 11.—R. 1 ovts have
been received 110111 iiear.y half the
counties in tlio sta'e. ro the vote 011
the proposed a:i ciu'.ui ..t of the consti
tution by st .IK.11/ cm iUT.-J4relat.ng
to j.rohib.t.ou, nd ih" ind.cat,ons are
that it has I een ovew he miiigly adopted.
The figures as to inabilities from 19
counties, either compete, partial or
estimated, show :h .t tho.o favoring the
amendment have a lead of over fiOO. I11
addition to returns from these counties
word is received from Clay and Cod
ington that the affirmative vote there is
three times that of ti e negative, and
from Beadle thut it is twice as great.
There is 110 great change in the vote on
president for South Dakota. McKinley
leads by about ."iO votes. The official
canvass is being mad -MI several coun
ties, and changes »i*.ie totals consist
merely of the first count on the elec
toral vote. The Republican congres
sional and state ticket is 200 ahead in
the same counties and is undoubtedly
Young Montana .Miii tier Killed by
Hear—Evidence* of a Hard Fight.
TROY, Mow.. l»ov. 11.—Rov. J. D.
Montor of this place lost a life in a
desperate encocnter with a bear in the
mountains near here last »nturday. He
had 1 et*n out with a hu .ng party and
separated from th*-m Saturday morn
ing. Thj.t night he'd.d i:ot return, and
becoming taarmed, his companions
started out the uext morning to search
for him. The search was kept up until
that afteriio.in when Montor's hat was
found 111 the snow. Blood was seen
and evidence* of a terrible battle with
a bear were found. Fol.owing the
trail the d«tiui and iiceruted body of tlie
young init*inter
yrm found about
American Tourist* Con iilrr Them Some
thing of a Hardship.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 11.—Complaints
are frequently made Ly traveling Amer
ican bicycle riders, touring through
Germany ofob-ta'-ies and delays caused
by the very rigorous laws governing
the use of bicycles on the public roads
iu that ccuntjy. For the benefit of
6uch tourists, United States Consul
Sawter at filausohen cites a few of the
stricter rules which cyclers are o illed
upon ft) observe throughout the empire.
Cycling on public streets and roads,
particularly iu Saxonv, ho said, is sub
ject to minute and carefully enforced
police regulations, -which in many
places prohibit altogether the use of
brakeless machines. The roads with but
few exceptions are perfect and wheeling
is smooth and easy, but on account of
rainy weather, which prevails most of
the year, wheel guards for wet weather
are iudispensible. The alarm }ell is.
of course, in demand everywhere.
What the Law Require*.
The law requires that the lamp be
rather highly placed on the wheel, and
be kept from half an hour after sunset
to half an hour before sunrise. Each
bicycle must be provided with an easily
managed brake, managed easily and
powerfully. Cycling on roads ex
clusively intended for pedestrians, or
upon the elevated footpaths and high
ways is strictly prohibited. Two bi
cyclists may ride side by side, when it
can be done without blocking the
thoroughfare or annoying any other
riders or vehicles, otherwise single tile
is the rule. More than two machines
abreast are not permitted under any
circumstances. When meeting other
bicycles, or overtaking them, or when ap
proaching passages of the road vtfiere it
is not possible to see a long distance, or
when reaching 41 steep descent, the
rider is obliged to give frequent signals
with his bell, as a matter of Btrict pre
caution in avoiding collisions. Moderate
speed must be maintained at all times.
Scon-lung is forbidden
all German
highways. At very steep down grades
the cycler must dismount and guide his
wheel until the descent is passed before
remounting, Cyclers are also required
to dismount at any time if called upon
by police officials to do so, and are
obliged to give such officials any infor
mation they may demand. For disre
gard of any of these regulations a tine
not exceeding 60 marks, or $14.37, with
imprisonment in jail for not more than
two weeks, or both, may be inflicted
for each offense.
Meek Iowa Mun I leadi Ooiltyto BJfftinj
to rreicrve Peace.
Sioux CITY, la., Nov. 11.—Gustave
Erickson of this city went to the peni
tentiary to please his wife. He was al
leged to have married in Omaha several
years ago, to have deserted bis wife
after a time, and, coming 40 Sioux
City, to have remarried without having
previously secured a divorce from No. 1.
He entered a plea of guilty to the charge
of bigamy and was sentenced to nine
month's imprisonment. "I was really
never married to more than one
woman," he remarked as he followed
the sheriff from the court room, "but
my wife was determined to send me to
prison and I'd do anything to please
Herr Most the Principal Speaker.
NEW YORK, NOV. 11.—The anarchists
of New York held a mass meeting last
night which had been announced in
blood red cards as a commemoration bf
"the legal murder of August Spies, A.
R. Parsous, L. Lingg, A. Fischer and
G. Engel," the Chicago anarchists,
punished for the perpetration of the
Haymarket dynamiting. The principal
speaker was Herr Most.
ConereiMman l'»e»* a Can.
OSHKOSH, Wis., Nov. 11.—Burglars
stole |200 worth of jewelry and cloth
ing from the home of L. S. Tuttle while
the family was at church. Later they
visited the home of Congressman-elect
Dav.dsou, who was awakened by the
noise and fired two shots, which may
have taken effect, as traces of bluod
were found on the porch.
Slier the Liberty I
CmcAtiO, Nov. 11.—The
liberty bell, which attracted
at the world's fair, is in the hands of
the theritt. The McShane Manufactur
ing con^any of Baltimore, which cast
the beli, obtained an attachment for
,200, the cost of the casting. The as
sociation made 110 effort to save their
property and the relic will be taken to
Baltimore for exhibition.
MeCounell Plead* for Mercy.
PA&OO, N. D., NOV. 11.—Judge Me
Connell, who presided at Kent's last
trial, has sent a letter to Governor Al
lin, urgently requesting that Kent's
sentence be commuted to life imprison
ment. This action came as a surprise,
as McConnell was regarded as being
firmly convinced of Kent's guilt and in
lavor of the extreme penalty
Over 300,000 la Pennnylvaala.
PHILADELPHIA, Nov. i 1.—Official re
turns from a majority of th counties
in Pennsylvania, and complete returns
from those in which the official count
has not yet been completed, give Mc
Kinley a plurality of 301,606. The
total vote was I,l91.yj8, an increase of
198,918 over four years ago.
New Yor Gold Democrat*.
NEW YORK, Nov. 11.—The state 00M
mittee of the National Democratic
party (gold Democrats) met during the
day and decided to continue the organ
ization for the present. An address
was issued to the Democrats of the
The tuui Afloat.
NEW YOKK, Nov. 11.—Commander
^Vest telegraphed the Associated Press
at 10:30 that the battleship Texas was
afloat at the Brooklyn navy yard and
would be pumped out and docked.
Sati*fn« Onlromp Anticipated.
PAKIS, ISTFV. li.—T-he Matin says that^
a satisfactory outcome is shortly ex
pected o the ue{ ot jit ions with the
United Siate.-and Germany lor a re
vision of the ca«t.111s tar.ff of Tunis, by
which the most lavored nation treat
ment will be accorded to them.
Suffered 25 Years.
Kldaer Dittcalty. Eatirelj
Cared bjr Bottles.
lUv. A.J.MEi\CN/\r*T,0.0.PH.D.
Late Presiding Elder M.E.Church. Sharoa.Pa.
writes Dr. Fenner:
"I suffered 25 years with kidney dif
ficulty. Some 10 years ago I used 3 bot
tles ot your Kidney and Backache Cure.
I can truly say that since that time 1
have had less backache than I had in xo
minutes before I took the Cm I fed
entirely cured."
Frank Smith, )ruxgi,t
Late Coitf Estate
Why, yes, there is money
in it
at present prices.
Lake County Real Estate as good and
better than the lands of Iowa and Illinois
can be bought for half the price per acre.
There is speculation in it for the siie in
vestment of £ioney.
Prices cannot long remain at the pres
ent standard. An immense increase in price
must come at a very early day.
Do YOU want to make monev
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County Lands
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ison City Lots
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Then call iroon or correspond with
one magazine
be taken, we would suggest the
REVIEW OF REVIEWS, as covering more ground than
any other magazine."—Board of Library Commissioners
of New Hampshire, 1896.
magazine is, In Its contributed and departmental
features, what its readers, who include the most noted
names of the English-speaking world, are pleased to call
"absolutely up to date," "thoroughly abreast of the times,"
"invaluable," and "Indispensable." It Is profusely illustrated
with timely portraits, views, and cartoons. Its original articles
are of immediate interest, by the best authorities on their respect
ive subjects. The Editor's Progress of the World" gives a
clear, rightly proportioned view of the history of the human
race during the current month. The Leading Articles of the
Month present the important parts of the best magazine article
that have been written In every part of the world. The newest
and most important books are carefully reviewed. Indexes,
chronological records, and other departments complete the
certainty that the reader of the REVIEW
or REVIEWS will miss nothing of great
significance that is said or written or done
throughout the world.
THE REVIEW 0% REVIEWS CO., 13 Astor Place, Ncrr York.
Single Copy, 25c. TrUl {five months),
Scad 10 Cents
In Stamps (or
Specimen Cjpy
Year* $2JO

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