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Vaitel Ntntr* onttiinii'lcr A
HrttWh Vmi'l at Smyrna,
XKW YOKK. K«.V. 12.—Thr World
says: The stos:m*hip fcovm- of the
Mercantile Stea u-hi]t company of Lon
don arrived in port Friday from (Jib
ralt.'.r and Mcdiicrraiioan porta. Cap
tain Fischer told a remarkable story to
Collector of the Port Kiitreth and oth
ers as to why he hail entered jKirt with
out a manifest. His ship lay at anchrr
off Smyrna. Turkey in A:a, on Oct.
10. There had bet i several riots in
SIUJ rnu for three or four days, and the
din of another conflict and the cries of
the victims of the assassins came over
the waters that evening, .i .-mall boat
cume up and an aired man be^jfed per
mission to aboard. With him were
six others, three of them women, all
Armenian refugees. (.\»,tam Fischer
assented, and. in order to be on the safe
side, the refugees were registered as
passengers. Not lot'jr afterward* a boat
lead of Turks came alaid. Captain
Fischer refused to deliver the refugees.
The Turkish officer said he would give
the Britisher until morning
To Turn Ov«-r the Armrn HUB.
Fischer sought assistance. An
Italian man-of-war refused to inter
fere. When dawn came the United
States warship Minneapolis came into
the bay. The British flag was sent
swinging out upside down and the
Minneapolis lookout saw the signal of
distress. Captain Fischer told Jiis
story, and Admiral Thomas Self
ridge, Jr., commandant of the Euro
pean squadron, said: "We'll give you
all the assistance you want. You'll
take those refugees safely out of this
port if I've got to bombard the town,"
and the admiral ordered oft' the barge
with a detail of marines and bluejack
ets over to the British ship with orders
to hold her safe from attack. Then the
American consul was sent for and it
was agreed that the Boy lie should sail
it once under the escort of the Minne
apolis. Soon b'oody Smyrna was many
miles behind, but the eaptain had for
gotten his manifest. The Armenians
were landed at Ellis island.
TrHnnrnntinrntHl Train on tlie Northern
r»ciflc W n oked Near l'lainft. Moil.
ssori.A, Mou., Nov. 11.—Express
train No. 1 on the Northern Pacific
railroad was wrecked three miles east
of Plains at 10 a. m. The accident
vas caused by a landslide into which
the express plunged upon rounding a
curve. The engine was thrown over on
its side and four coaches were derailed
but were n»t badly damaged. George
Fajrrhild of this place, the engineer,
was instantly killed, and Frank Wal
don, the fireman, was seriously though
not fatally injured. The mail clerk,
baggageman and express messengers
hud narrow escapes but were only
slightly bruised. Not one of the pas
sengers were injured. Traffic was de
layed the greater part of the day.
New lepartur« in Knwnc Work by the
Salvation Ariuy.
ST. Loi'is Nov. 12.—An innovation
in the line of religious rescue work will
be inaugurated shortly by the Salvation
Ariuy. It is that of caring for persons
who are drunken on the streets. Lamp
st hangers-on and tho-e that cannot
navigat" from over indulg nee in
liquor will be picked up and
carried to the army barracks and taken
care of uutil sobered. Both men and
women will'receive the benefit, and
both men and women of the a -my will
do the work.
(•ue«t* of a Mlehiffitu lintel Mn
Lave teen mailc lo iii
will like.y i ucify ihei:.
their trochial jchoo.s.
TKAVKKSK CITY, Mich.. Nov. R„\
Foam-en buildings in the business por
tion of the city were destroyed by tire
during the night, entailing a loss of
jfciiO.OOO, partially insured. Ed New
berry, jxirtcr in the Front street hotel,
was burned to death and it is rumored
that others lost their lives, but no other
bodies have been recovered. The 30
guests of the hotel escaped through the
windows in their night clothing.
8t«iel Trunt in i'unTerence.
Nirvv~YoRK. Nov. 12.—The Steel Bil
let association, representing a capital
of f::»o.000,000, met in secret session in
this city during the day. While it was
said that nothing besides routine busi
ness was to tie transacted, it is ruinured
that matters of considerable imjiortauce
were under consideration.
•fudge Loch ran I'reHhl n«.
SK vro. Minn.. Nov. 12.— The No
vember term of the United States dis
trict court convened 111 this city with
Judge Lochren presiding. The case of
.Joseph Sorg of this county, charged
with counterfeiting, will be tried at
I-Hicl lor rami I ort*(W.
W HIM.ION. Nov. 12.—Secretary
Fran'-is has approved tlie schedule of
allotments of lands of the (irand Port
age band of Chij *e\va Indians in Min
nesota. There are 2o4 inenibers of the
tribe to whom these allotment* were
made, each oie of whom receives 100
tihut Tlirougti the Krain.
MILACA, Minn., Nov. 12.—-A sad ac
cident occurred here. A you tig man,
Charles Curtis, while crossing a dam
above here, on his way deer hunting,
al!ipled and fell and as he did so his
rifle wa.i discharged, the billet going
through his bfaiu and causing instant
CMCtWtODl Made Man toba Catholics la
ra of Separate Molioola.
WINNIPEG, Nov. IS!.—Official
the terms on which the
parochial school qufestijn has been set
tled is still delayed owing to Premier
Greenway's absence, but everything is
definitely arranged that his mi"«
H*rs are
not now
so closely guardiup (hi
Mm temnmi
eonee* cm
loss of
The chief cMice.-sum is ths in one of
the rooms of each s'ho 1 the rie^ts, for
hnif i:n l.our each day, shall have the
right of instructing the Catholic chil
dren. If the ith» denominations desire
t!ie same privileges they will be
granted. In disfri'ts here there is
any considerable percentage of French^
Catholic children the French language i
Fhall be taught as well as the English.
s n itori 1 tantlon in Kentm Uy i "li «'i
WAMMV.TON, Nov. 12.—A special dis
patch fr mn Frankfort. Kv.. says that
the candidacy of overnor Bradley for
the I'niteil States senate has led tins
followers of his enemy. W. Godfrey
Hunter, also a Republican candidate,
to seek an alliance with the sound
money Democrats to elect Secretary
Carlisle. The election of Carlisle is by
no means impossible. While the Ite
publicaihi have a majority of tin legis
lature 011 joiut ballot, it is an open
secret that one of their members is
pledged to Carlisle. The Bradley peo
ple say, however, that if the Hunter
forces go to Carlisle, the Blackburn
men will vote for Bradley and elcct
Notiee of Content Filed.
FRANKKOKT, KV., NOV 12.—Notices
of contest have been filed in the cases
of all the Republicans elected to fi 1
vacancies in the legis a ur This is
understood to have been done in the
interest of Senator Blackburn.
Deed of an Insane Coachuinn.
NEW YORK. NOV. 12.—Jonn Rogers,
a coachman employed by Richard
Brandies at White Plains, killed Will
iam Smith, a man who worked about
the place, and, after attempting to kill
Henry Weiss, coachman for Gustave
Brandies, blew out his own brains.
There is no known motive for the mur
der and suicide, and the theory is that
Rogers was insane.
Hlahop Convicted of 1'erjury.
FORT SCOTT, Kan., Nov. 12.—Rev.
W. Johnson, colored, bishop of the
Independence M. E. church, was con
victed of perjury here in the United
States district court. In attempting to
secure an increase in his pension he
eudorsed his own jiension papers with
the name of Wyatt Hogan. representing
himself as llogan, to be the applicant's
family physician.
New Coal Carrier* Association.
NEW YORK, Nov. 12.—The Ohio soft
coal carrying railroads have voted to
form a new association for a term of
three years. The Ohio soft coal oper
ators will meet at Columbus soon, to
form an association to last a period cor
respondmg with the railroad companies
Children of Miaalonariea Removed.
counselling the American missionaries
to remain at their posts in Anatolia,
the United States minister, Mr. Alex
ander W. Terrell, has induced the re
moval of the children of the mission
aries to places of safety.
Will Delay Hunking and Threshing*
OMAHA, Neb., Nov. 12.—Farmers of
Nebraska are complaining that the
heavy snow will seriously interfere
with the husking of the corn and much
wheat threshing which has been de
layed in Nebraska. This also applies
to South Dakota. Northern Kansas and
Eastern Colorado, where the snow is
quite heavy.
Will A*k a Kecount.
Dl'M'TH, NOV. 12.—An application
will be made to the district court for a
recount of the votes cast in the water
election. The propositions *o sell bonds
anl to build were carried by a narrow
margin. Mayor Truelson is opjiosed to
the project as carried, and is authority
for the statenent that an application
for a recount will be made.
Crime Wan Committed in 1R70.
MiLWAt KF.K. Nov. 12.—Perry Rich
ardson. charged with the murder of S.
S. Gates 111 Sauk county 2I years ago,
has been held f°r trial at Baraboo with
out preliminary examination. Rich
ard-011 belonged to a notorious gang of
early Wisconsin history* and was in
dnted for Tnar b'V iu 1N?0, but escaped
No Aiau'rt Heath.
The locality terna No Man's heath
is situated in four counties—Warwick
s-hiro, Staffordshire, Dei by*hire and
Leicestershire. It contains but nine
i.eres of laud and was formerly renown
td us a favorite rend* zvous of piize
fighters, because the police of one coun
ty were 1111:1 ie to make an arrest in an
Milwaukee Grain.
Mlt.WAl KKE, Nov. 11
1 l..)l 'B—Wrv i|titft.
W .•
O A i .»
bcr, iO .o
Hprlnsr. 7»^ ", No 1
Nnrt hern. *4o lbs-ember, 7i%C
COKV-Xo. :i, Jl,c..
OATS —X.i. 2 wlkita, 21a21'^c No. i
white, 18«J2MC.
HAIiUEY— No. 2, Sdc sample on trn I.,
ianmpotte 6r»lii.
I N N K O I .ts, Nov. 11.
WHEAT—Novemb obiswl. 7H-V4c 1
cemlier, May. »-"/$ On Trn k—
No. 1 hard, tili-^* No 1 Nor hern, so
No 2 Northern. 78^, •.
IMiluth t»r»in.
1)1 LIT H, Nov. 11.
,WHEAT— Cif.h No I hard, No,
1 Northern, M4c No. 2 Northern. 7i#'.t4c
No. 4 spring. 71 v4(a7.£e rejected,07^(s
71$?-io to arrive. No. 1 hard, Ni1* No. 1
Northern, 81
%e Dut» iub«r No. 1 hard,
fit. I'HUT Fnlun Stork Yards.
Sot TH T. PAl'l.. NOV. 11.
HOGS—Market steady. Quality fair to
good. I tan go of prices,
CATTLE—Market strong. Liberal re
ceipts ani good demand for everything,
eonim 11 stntf excepted.
8HEE1' Good mutton* Hint and in
guud di LO4 od welters and feetiars
1 strong. CuMmon
cattle 1 6o
*. 3,UtM,
cnl.es. A»
stuck Yarils.
0 i .\ o.
cly a.-t.vo li»-it
.v i-.
i ovis.oas.
., Nov, 1!.
\c Decern'.)
'J ti D-.ce
Teople are terri
fied if a lightning
holt strikes near
them, and pray to
IK- delivered from
sudden death yet
death by disease plays all
about them and they pay
no attention to it nntil it
tnkes them down. Con
sumption kills just as
MIT ly as lightning and it
is i great deal nearer all
tin time. l'eople never
rei.'.ize how near it is
1 mse it steals on so
gt i lually.
I ss of appetite and
fit sij poor sleep poor
digestion nervousness
a lack of energy and force
these are the begin
nings of consumption it
is festering the blood.
There is no ne»d of its
going any further, li can
be stopped right where it
is by I)r. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery.
The wonderful blood purifying and nutri
tive properties of the Discovery prevent
and care consumption by renovating and
vitalizing the circulation. It Arrests wast
ing processes and rapidly builds np healthy
tissue and solid flesh. It promotes perfect
digestion active strength and nerve force.
Mrs. Rebecca F. C.arctner, of Grafton, York Co.,
Va., writes: "When I was married I weighed
one hundred and twenty-five pounds. I was
taken sick and reduced in health. My doctor
failed to do me any Rood aud 1 fell away to 90
pounds. I hail dyspepsia so bad that I could not
eat anything. I thought 1 was not Ionfor this
world." Finally I (jave up and my husband nearly
went crazv. One day in one of your little Mem
orandum Books I saw where some people had
been cured bv Dr. Pierce's (Volden Medical
Discovery. My husband got me two bottles. I
bejfan using it and thank O.od and you 1 began to
improve. When 1 ix-jfan taking the Discovery'
my weight was 90 pound* and now I weigh 140
pounds and hive only taken two iwttles. I can
not say anything too much about the medicine.
Mv husband savs I look younger than I did the
first time he ever saw me. I am a"well woman,
and do all my house work, tend to my fowl ana
cow and do some work in the garden. It is a
miracle that I am cured."
Dr. Pierce's 1000-page book. "The Com
mon Sense Medical Adviser" is sent free
paper-bound for 21 cents in one-cent stamps
to pay cost of mailing only, or cloth-bound
for 31 cents. Address, World's Dispensary
Medical Association, No. 663 Main Street,
Buffalo, N. Y.
WID!tGi^n !fiillti£Wi
I" weekly Leaner
...IS BY
The ®est
paper published iu Madison
City and
County Local News
y*V VWy
4k liirge^ anumnt ol impor
carefulj compiled
rom oar daily iasaes
Hutiagthn Wild UMt.
The White Qoat or Hooky Mountain
Goat as it indiscriminately called, is n
specieM of big game rarely hunted by
sportsmen. This is not eo much because
of the difficulty of killing the
0 tor tight animal, nor because of its actual
.c-* u i ir I rarity. It is a stupid animal, easily shot
I when once found. It is not, however,
found in the usual hunting grounds, as
are bear, deer, elk, etc. It is remote from
the common localities, but where found
is in goodly numbers. It ranges very
h.igh up in the mountains, above timber
line usually, among rocks and cliffs.
.or ocov.'*
i U
I.IU for «vsi
This requires great labor to get to it, but
once there the hunter will get his game
nine times out of ten.
If you care to read of a goat hunt
made in the Bitter Root Range in Mon
tana, in the fall of 18!". send six cents to
Chas. S. Fe«, General Passenger Agent,
Nertherd Pacific Railway, St. Paul,
Minn., for Wonderland '1K, which re
counts such a hunting expedition.
For Orean Wtramnliip Ticket*
Via any steamship line crossing the
Atlantic, at lowest rates for first cabin
second cabin and steerage, both outward
and prepaid, apply to II. K. Wood, agent
of Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Rail
way, at Madison, S. D.
iSherlfT* Sale.
State of South Dikoi»i, second .Indicia!'Cir
cuit—«c. In th» Circuit Court" within and for
Lake County. L. Bsrtlett and O 'L. Birt'eit,
en-partner*,' d«injf bi:i»!»eei« under the Arm name
of' I,. Bsrtlett & Soil,"' plaintiff*, vx Francf*
Mi Hoy. detcudant. Notice in hereby ifiveu that
hy virtue of a judgment of foreclosure and file
rendered In the abovu entitled action on the .M'.b
day oWSeptember, A. D. ann an execution i«
*ued noon *aid Judgment, and to nie directed
and delivered and now in my hand*, the nun
*crlber. N. A. Fox, nheriff of I.nke county and
*tate ot South Dakota for that purpone appoint
ed, will sell at pnhlic auction at the front do
of the court hoa*e, in the city of Mi»'H*on, conn
tv of Lake, state of South Dakota, on the ••JXih
day of November, 1H!#, at two o'clock in the at
tcrnoon of that day, to tne highest bidder for
ca»h, the real eetate and mortuaired premise*
fituate in tlie county of Lake and elate of South
Dakota, and directed in said judgment and exe
cution to be sold, and therein described as tol
low*: The northes*t quarter of *ection nam
bered thirty-three in township one hundred
and sis (h*) north of ranje numbered tlfty
three (M) west of the Fifth 1'rlnripal Meridian,
In the county of Lake, state of South Dakota, or
*0 much thereof as nay be anfflcient to satisfy
said judgment and costs, amounting in ail,to
ne thousand seven hundred elirh'.y nine dollars
and lilteen cents, with interest thereon from the
dale of said judgment, and all accruing cost* of
Dated Madison, 8. D., October £1, 1H9H.
N. A. FOX,
Sheriff of Lake County, s. I).
HUB R. BltOV* N, I'laluiift'* Attorney.
.THB. •.
carefully edited,
48-columii piper
fanners of Lake County
at Ho
Bent to any address in
tlie Cnlred States. \m
At Three Oaks, Michigan, there lives a
woman with a most remarkable history.
The following story is given in her own
Schenectady, X. Y.
Gentlemen:—" There is so much to say about
•y case 1 hardly know which would lie
thought the most important. Seven yearn ugo
I had an attack of malarial fever, which turned
to the typhoid. After that 1 never felt as well
—my nervous system was completely 'iiistrung.
Five years ago last March 1 felt th" first symp
toms of rheumatism. The next March I had
la grippe, which left me with what the doctor
pronounced muscular rheumatism. I Weanie
Detter, but in November had another severe
attack. It settled in my back and right hip,
and was then called sciatica. I was blistered
•everal times without any relief. I spent all
of that winter in bed. The next spring 1 *as
able to l»e out a little, but in August had an
other attack and was blistered again. This
time they kept the blisters sore for over two
Weeks, but I received no benefit.
After this I had sixteen boils, or some
thing similar, on the rtetit side. I com
menced to get crooked and had to use a cane
when I walked. I again got a little better,
but in February became worse, bnd mv back
gave out completely so that 1 could not
•traighten. The doctor said it was the break
ing down of the bone structure of the vertebra.
I was nearly il ub',e. When I Iwcanie able to
Walk I was bent over that I had to walk by
pushing a chair, as I could not straighten. I
Could not sit and lean back in a ro -kT. There
was a large hunch about half-ua .\ i on my
back which, at times, paiu me terrii ly.
'"That fall I took two iwxes of l'ink
Pills, but because they did not help ine nt
once I stopped taking th a. The ne'vt win
ter I was ia bid. ••o:r,ih tcly h"lples. I
finally got so 1 could not sit up long enough
to have mv bed made. i MI ehilU every
niirht and my hands aixl feet were like ice
all the time. At last I lust :ill control of my
nerves and if I commenced to l:ui rii or cry
could not stop.
was also subject to severe pains in my
head and back which made me nenrly wild,
and would have sp-lls \v i-n it'seemed as it
I were falling and would Im-COUIC titfo'is •iou«.
The nights were the worst, as I con Id not sleep.
I was in --o inuch pain that thev gave tne anti
pain |«wders. i«nd I had to take four or five at
night as i would awake uearlv every hour in
terrible pain.
A Case Cited in Three Oaks, Michigan, that will
Interest Delicate Women.
The Effects of the Fever Were Felt in the Weakest
What can be more distressing than to see
a tfirl drooping aud fading in tiie spring time
of youth Instead of bright eyes, glowing,
rosy cheeks, and an elastic step, there are dull
eyes, pti'e, sallow, or greenish complexion, and
a languidness of step that bespeak disease and
an early death if prooer treatment is not
promptly resorted to ana persisted in until the
impoverished blood is enriched, and the tunc
tions of life become regular. I pon parents
rests a great res|Mnsibility at the time their
daughters are budding into wouianhiMsl. If
your daughter is pale, complains of wenkiiens.
Is tired out upon the slightest exertion, if
•he is troubled with headache, backache, or
pain in the side, if her temper is titful
and her appetite poor, she is in a con
dition of extreme peril, a fit subject for the
development of that most dreaded of all dis
eases—Consumption. If you notice any of
these symptoms lose no time in procuring
something tint will assist the patient to de
velop properly and re-rularly that willenrieh
the blood, and restore health's roses to the
cheeks bright eyes and a lightness of step so
that danger of consumption au'l premature
death will be averted. Wise and prudent
mothers will insist on this u|sn the approach
of the period ot' puberty, und thu« avoid all
chances of disease or early decay.
Prom the Prcn, Three Oaks, Mich,
The Inter Ocean
ua* attend© It:.
Office in Syndicate block over ilM
McKinnou'et utorw, Maoiaon, S. u.
A year ago last May I again commenced
1'iuk Pills. 1 could only lie on my
side and was so helpless that I coulu
After I had taken seven boxes I could
sit up. I gained right along after this, walked
with the assistance of a cane, and in September
threw that aside and have not used it since. I
am not strong enough to do hard work, but can
do light housework.
had also been a sufferer for sixteen
years with painful menstruation. Every time
1 would have to lie down most of the time, as
it was impossible tor nie to stund. At last
they nearly disappeared. Every time they
should come I would crump und would have to
use hot applications, and would take hot slings,
as and every known remedy, but of no avail.
After using Pink l'i!!s two months they came
on without any pain whatever. It had been
two years since there luul licen any color. The
doctor said it might be the turn of life, hut as
1 was too yoiitiL'. only thirty-three, he thought
it strange if it WHS. NOW 1 am just as anyone
mould be tit those times.
"Another trouble had was a weak stom
ach from a child. Every little while I would
have bad vomiting spells, consequently the
doctors found nie a very hard patient to
(treat. My physician said he had spent more
time in studying my case than that of anv
patient he ever had. Several physicians ad
vis'-d me to use an electric battery. We got
one ntsd I UM-d it for some time before I
commenced using the pills, and continued it
tor awhile after 1 began using them, but I
found on* I could get along as well without
it and just depended on the pills.
When I commenced using them I was
so discouraged that I hud given up the
thought of ever leing any better, as after
every attack 1 was so much weaker and
more helpless. It seems almost a miracle to
me that after trying so many remedies that
your medicine should have helped me so
much. 1 can now walk quite a distance
without getting very tired, and the bunch
on my back is much Miiallerthan it was.
1 can furnish plenty of proof that these
statements arc all true from friends who have
Hvn ine suffer and know just how helpless
I was when I commenced using yoar medi
cine." I have used in all thirty-two boxes.
I am perfectly willing to tell what has helped
me and have recommended your pills to several
persons who are now using them. 1 do not be.
lievc 1 would have leeii alive now had it not
leeii for lr. Williams' Pink Pills, aud am very
thankful thai there is such a medicine, for Uiey
have helped nie when everything else failed."
Is the Most Popular Repvbi'can Nj*4paper
ol ths West and Hasth** Gi c«* t'
•rtliMS BV MA!!..
DAILY (without Sunday) *4pe
DAILY (with Sunday) $6X? p..
The Weekly Inter Ocean—
As a llcwspaper THE INTER OCEAN keaps abreast of th n'
lespects. It spares neither pains nor expense s-ri-tir.
The "Weekly Inter Ocean
Primarr, Bao
ondAry orTer
tlary BLOOD i'OlSON
enrod in 10 to
S6 day
s. Too can be treated at
homo for Biime pruti UDOer tome run ran—'
ty. 1£ j(upnf"r tooomebere wowillooo
tract to t:iy railroad
fareandhotel blllt,a«l
any pari of tb« moaj
oat, MkUiata
As a Family Paper Is Not Excelled bv ny.
rvj^u his somethin' of interest to eaah 'mb-r of til1: i:wr.:\•. Its
YOUTH'S DEPARTMENT is the very bostot its kind, it 1,1 7L.i
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It ia a TWELVE FAGE PAPER and contains the News of th
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n o.cc jrd with the peop'.e cf the West in both politic- au
remember that the price ot "l iiE WEEKLY IKTLii v .1. s
1 could only lie on mi
taking 1'iuk Pills.
not turn or get up without leing lifted.
After 1 had taken four or five boxes 1 eould
turn over on my left side. 1 then com
menced to have some faith in the medicine,
and began to take three pills after each meal
1 did not have chills any more and my circu
lation was better.
Sworn and suliscribed to before me thia
19th day ot Oetoler, A. I)., 1M5.
.Xiitury Public,
Berrien ounty, Michigan.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain, in a con
dense! tie-in. all the elements necessary to
new lii'e .Mid richnes- to the blood und restore
"haltered nerves. They are an unfailing spe
cific for such diseases us ]«coniotor ataxia, pur
tial paralysis. Si. Vi.us' dance, sciatica, neu
ralgia. rheumatism.'' nervous headache, the
after efieet of la grippe, palpitation of the
heun. jmlc and sallow complexions, all forms
of weakness either in male or female. Pink
Pills are sold by all dealers, or will he sent
mis' paid on receipt uf price, .V) vents a box,
or six loxes for-SL'.jio 'they are never sold in
bulk or bv the lint', by addressing Dr. Wil
liams' Mii ciri l'f)iu|ieey, Sehenwlwiy, N.Y.
G*o. R. Firmer. C. J. Vnrnt+r.
Ottice iu Syndicate block1
MUTABLriUltr* Mis.
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raw (MM ka always

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