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Hero we are again with
Take 40 bars
By hi*.i, 1 jr«»r $6.«XJ
Bv mail, fi mouths 8A*1
By mail, S months
Dail, ty carrier, per week 1"'
THK IJAILY LBAUEK maW^e A ial ft*atur' of
(urciHUiiU' information concerning the advantages
•D(] resources of the city of Madieou and of the
SUte at lartjw enuUlm it to the patronage otaa
•rertUero of every class.
J. P. STAHL, Proprietor.
In the hearing of an application for a
mandamus before Judge Campbell at
Aberdeen to Compel the board of can
vassers of Brown couuey to count, the
V3te of two precincts thrown out, Judue
Campbell denied the application. It is
tally sheet in the case tested was eou.
plete and duly certified by the judges of
election, whose oaths of office appear in
due form on the book, but the summary
iu the back part of the book WHS omit
ted and the judge held this fatal to the
legality of the returns. How different
Judge (Jaffy's ruling in the case of the
OaDning precinct in Hughes county)
vnbe.e he issued a peremptory writ com
pel ling the board to canvass the precinct
after they had refused. Judge Camp
ball, too, was an aspirant for United
•States seuator on the republican side
had it won, but should the fortunes of
'the party change in the future and
Judge Campbell come before it for their
suffrages for such a high office, there
may be even republicans who would
hesitate to cast their votes for a, man
who would thus highly deprive his fel
low citizens of the right to have their
votes counted. We waut no Southern
tactics in a free North/
Pierre :iispatch, 23: It is probable
that the amendment to the state consu
lt Jtion changing the control of the state
educational institutions from two boards
to a single board in charge of ail the in
Pierre Free Presa, The injui
prjceeJings heard lefore Jud^e (laffy
Friday, to refrain the county cauvBsing
boaid from throwing out the Cannu.g
precinct, resulted in an order from ti e
court for the board reconvene and
luut the vote aud make due return
thereon to the secretary ot the state.
The board accordingly convened to-day
and did as ordered.
The Aberdeen Daily Star, with its
issue of last Saturday suspended publi
cation. It has held the tield and battled
against great odds for the past two
years, but one dai'y is ail the city cf
Aberdeen can support and the Star suc
cumbed to the inevitable.
Senators Pettigrew uud Kyle and Con
gressman Pickler have returned to
Washington to be on baud for the open
ing of congress, next Mouday, but Mr.
(•amble still lingers iu South Dakota
wondering what might come out of a
republican cauvuss of the late vote.
The Urandent Hewrdy.
R. B. Greeve, merchant,
Shoes at §1.10, «i"d £1.05 formed iriet $1.50. 91.75 and S2.50.
58 pair of Ladies Lace and HuttoiipKiil Shoes at $1.55,
worth $2.50.
Feather Hons mul Collarettes from $1.2*) up.
Muffs of all kinds from 50 ts. up.
quite probable that the election of t«ojniHteiH Tickets furnished, including all
state officials hiiig* s on tins steal. The expenses. Tickets furnished for the
pair «f 'liildren'rt and Missed
Over Gaiters, wool ssoles, silk ami kid mitts, faoiiiat.«»rs,
hoods, and lon forget our (invcry Department.
Sample oor pure Apple Cider.
Try a quart of our Maple Syrup for 25 cents.
Get a 3 gallon can of our Sugar Drip Syrup for $1.00 while you can.
of as good Soap as you ever used for $1.00, and so it
goes from cellar to gallery. luring in your list and lit us
fill it for you—everything nice to make a good
Thanksgiving Dinner.
-&M0RSE & MUNRO.x*
TL'HSDAV, DEC. 1. 18C6.
Noniflliliic to Know.'
It may be worth something to know
that the very best medicine for restoring
the tired out nervous system to a healthy
vigor is Klectrie Bitters. This mediciue
is purely vegetable, acts by giving tone
to the nerve centre in the stomach,
gently Humiliates the liver and kidneys,
and aids these organs in throwing off
impurities in the blood. Electric Bitters
improves the appetite, aids digestion,
and is pronounced by those who have
tried it as the very best blood purifier
and nerve tonis. Try it. Sold for 50c
or £1 per bottle at C. II. Wood's Drug
Kvrry-Way K*cur»lont»
To all parts of the world cau be arrang
ed fur any day in the year, for one or
more persons, upon application to any
piiuripal ticket, agent of the Cnicago,
Milwaukee St. Paul railway. Itiner
aries carefully prepared foi* excursions
to California, Florida, Mexico, Chu a,
•Japan, and to any part of Europe. Estt
complete journey. It is not necessary to
wait for any R.-called "Personally Con
ducted Excursions." In these days of
progressive enlightenment, with the
Euglish language sjoken iu every land
under the sun, one does not need to de
pend upon the services of guides for
sight seeing, but can go it alone or in
small family parties, with great oomfort
and security, and at one's own conveni
ence. Apply to the nearest agent of tbe
Chicago, Milwaukee fe St. Paul railway,
or address (ieo. H. Heafford, General
Passenger Agent, 415 Old Colony Build
ing, Chicago, III.
medical referenoe book
to any person atUicted with any special,
chrouic or delicate disease peculiar to
their sex. Address the leading
physicians and surgeons of the United
States, Dr. Hathaway & Co*., Corner
Nebraska and Fourth streets, Sioux
City, Iowa.
To cure all old sores, to heal an indo
lent ulcer, or to speedily cure pile?, you
need simply apply DeWitt's Witch Ha
zel Salve according to directions. Its
niajic like action will surprise you
Wonderland 'U®.
stitutions has passed. Ihis may cause i will be Pilly up to he standard of its
many changes tu the personnel of the predecessors. One of its principal char
.. i..r»i^^, u,.i. ..i^ i.v I acters recounts a hunt after the well
iaiMiut at ti.e Hinte nciiuoto l»
ii ii I Know'U y*t rare, ICocky Mountain or
Hit ueI'oputint governor, lie will ue, White (rout. imido by the author in
I'lijpovvereil to appoint a board who will Septemler, 189o, in the detiles of the
have fud control of the institutions, i Bitter Koot Range. One at ail inclined
wi& H.t help or interference or i «!4"- hun^nfe will want to read
Is the name of the Northern Pacific's
new tourist book for IH'.Mj. The eovor
design will prove a happy surprise to
lovers of the artistic, and its illustrations
i about that hunt. An account of a trip
through Yellowstone Park on horseback
I wdi also prove interesting. Six cents in
•t ion stamps sent to tJhas. Fee, General Pas
senger Agent, Ht. Paul, Minn., will
secure the hook
feowie, Va.,certities that he had ennsump
Won, was given up to die, sought all med- i
k'al treatment that money could procure,:
tried all cough remedies he could hear
of, but got uo relief spent many nights
setting up in a chair was induced to try
L)r. King's New Discovery, aud was cur­|Mum.,
ed by use of two bottles. For past three
years has been attending to business,
and says Dr. King's New Discovery is
the grandest remedy ever made, as it has
done so much for him and also for others
iu his community. Dr. King's New
Scaley eruptions on the head, chapped
hands and hps, cuts,
Jjiscovery is guaranteed for Coughs,Cold
and Consumption, It d«n't fail. Trial
bottles free at C. H. Wood's Drug Store
burns are quickly cured by I)eWitt's
Salve. It iB at present the
article most used for piles, and it always
cures them. FRANK SMITH.
The old lady was right when she said,
the child might die if they waited for
the dfKJtor. She sayed the little one's
life with a few doses of One Minute
Cough Cure. 8he had used it for croup
before. FRANK SMITH.
Huutiuic the Wild liott.
The White Goat or liocky Mountain
Goat as it indiscriminately called, is a
species of big game rarely hunted by
sportsmen. This is not so much because
of the difficulty of killing the
animal, nor because of its actual
rarity. It is a stupid animal, easily shot
when once found. It i« not, however,
found in the usual huntiug grounds, as
are l»ear, deer, elk, etc. It is remote from
the common localities, but where found
is in goodly numbers. It ranges very
high up in the mountains, above timber
line usually, among rocks and cliffs.
This requires great labor to get to it, but
once there the hunter will get his game
i nine times out of ten.
If you care to read of a goat hunt
made in the Bitter Root Range in Mon
tana, in the fall of 1895, send six cents to
Chas. S. Fee, General Passenger Agent,
I Nertherd Pacific Railway, St. Paul,
for Wonderland '90, which re
i counts such a hunting expedition
The lild way of delivering messages
bj poBt boys compared with the modern
telephone, illns»rntes the *jld tedious
methods of "breaking" oolds oompared
with their almost instantaneous cure cy
ne Minute Cough Otoe.
ti-iltl 1st rfirt Left Will OppflM the
Kaiser'* Nrw M'lirma*.
BKKI.IN, l)E*. 1.—The debate on the'
Ivulget has nmmenced in the reiclistag.
Count Von Pasodowsky, the secretary
of th" treasury dwelt uyon tho favor
able financial ]u .-it-en and stated that
the surplus 1MM-7 would probably
be 'J4.?."4,WH) marks, from which would
have to le deducted 5l.000.tHK) marks ^o
cover the supplementary estimate.
The current year, he added. Was the
first since in which there had
lieen no increase in the ])nblic debt.
Preceding, the secretary demonstrated
the necessity of increasing the salaries
of the public officials, as provided in
the estimate' (Cheers from the
Criticised by lrit«en.
Herr Fritzen, Centrist, criticised tho
estimates of 1SU7-8 as being less favor
able than those of the current year. In
so doing he referred to the dissatisfac
tion felt by the people at the excessive
military pensions. He dcqjired that
the increase in the naval expenditures
was exorbitant and insisted that reduc
tions were absolutely necessary. He
added that the sum demanded for an
ironclad to replace the Koeuig Wilhelm,
and for the new cruisers would not be
voted, as the reichstag was not favor
ably disposed to the 'illijnit&blo
schemes of the government."
Continuing, Herr Fritzen said "We
will not allow our very life blo& to'be
drawn, nor will we be allured by the
phantom of a world /nnbracing policy
which once before tTove the German
empire to its doom." [Centrist and
Leftist cheers. 1
Mad leal Science Will Kecelve MiWW Tal
uable Assistance.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 1.—Commercial
Agent Sawter reports to the state de
partment from Glauschau on recent ex
periments of Professors Ptiopper and
Kaille with "typhus anti-toxin." If
the hope of the professors is realized,
science will receive a valuable assistant
through their experiments. They be
lieve that typhus germs, like many
other germs, may be traced back to ex
istence ill tho blood of anti-typhoid
substances. Tho typhoid bacillus" is
known to exist largely in well and spring
water, and the fact that they are fre
quently the direct causes of infection is
recognized by bacteriologists. Conse
quently the experiments, the report sets
forth, tend to trace the existence of
these gertns, and by locating them,
preserving numberless lives. It is
shown that between the ages of 20 and
25, porous are most prone to the devel
opment of typhus ^erras. It is claimed
that tho typhus anti-toxin can easily
and quickly be inoculated, proving of
great benefit, especially in time of epi
demic. The entire result of the exper
iments will soon be published for .the
benefit of the medical world.
Deathbed Weddln* In WlieoMla At
tacked by the Relative*.
KENOSHA, Wis., Dec. l.—A sensa
tion has been caused in this county by
tho announcement that stops were to
be taken by the relative(#of the late
Carl Stewart of the town of Salem,
about 1«5 miles west of here, to annul
his marriage to Miss Ada Johnson,
also of that town, which took place
Nov. 155 last.
The young couple were engaged and
the date of their marriage had been
placed at Dec. 2, but Mr. Stewart was
taken seriously ill with typhoid pneu
monia, aud Miss Johneon insisted on
an earlier marriage. A very few days
after the ceremony which united them,
Mr. Stewart died, leaving considerable
of an estate and life insurance policies
aggregating several thousand dollars.
The relatives of the deceased now
claim that undue influence was used
upon Stewart to hasten the marriage.
F.i-f^nator Scott Dead.
PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 1.—Hon. John
Scott, ex-United States senator from
Pennsylvania, and formerly general
solicitor of the Pennsylvania Railway
company, died at his residence in this
city after a brief illness, at the age of
74. Mr. Scott was a momlier of the
senate from 1S69 to 1875, being suc
ceeded by William A. 'Wallace.
Considering Demand* of Miners.
PlTTsni Ki. Dec. 1. —The committee
of 10 railroad coal operators and miners
appointed to consider the demands of
the miners for an advance of cents
per ton for mining, is iu session here.
If the advance is granted, it will prob
ably result in the increase of the min
ingrate of Ohio and other Western
I an at a Fete.
Dec. l.—A fete organized
at Flaroda iu honor of the visit of the
Karl of Elgin, viceroy of India, has had
a terrible outcome in tho killing of 2fl
persons and the injuring of many oth
ers by a great crush of numbers or a
panic which occurred iu the course of
the fete. Nothing is known as to how
the panic developed.
Rouilnf Keception to Hediuond^
NEW YORK, Dec. 1.—Hon. John E.
Redmond, leader of the Parnell forces
in the English parliament, was accord
ed a rousing reception last night in the
Broadway theatre, when he formally
opened his l«5ture tour in this couutry
on "Fifteen Years in the Britttfti Par
liament." '1 he capacity of the theutei
was taxed and numy peopiu ware
turned away.
Drown* W Inle Savin* H*i Brother.
ViRoyUA, Wis.,
skating .on the miil oud at Hdlstfoio,
Bernard, oldest son of Jpdgo and Mrs.
O. 11 Wymauof thisciiy, was drowned.
He ,ost his lifo while rseu,ng hi*
younger brother who broke through
the ice.
Wfanted-An Idea I
Missouri National Hank Suspends.
KANSAS CITY, Doc. 1.—The Mis
souri National bank has closed its doors
owing to heavy withdrawals oi one of
its principal depositors. Dejosits are
#J,.-00,000, but a statement of the
bank's assets and liabilities is not yet
obtainable^ The bank was classed as
oue of the strongest in the Southwest.
A Birthday Present
Dr. M.
Who MB think
some simple
tbiaf to patent?
Protect rour Idw they may briag wealth.
C.. (or UMlr nju»
FRKPONIA, N. Y., July 1.1801
Dear Sir:—When
i( 1
I was eleven years
old I had a weakness in my kidneys and
back which Ix'came so distressing that
serious consequences were feared.
I was treated by two eminent physicians
but neither seemed able to reach my case,
and I continued on In this distressing con
dition without hope.
Finally a friend pive mo as a birthday
present a bottle of your Kidney and Hack
ache Cure. I realised its benefit as soon
as I began its use. Improvement
steady and by the time two bottles
been taken I was well. Six yea
have now elapsed and I have not ht
any return of the disease."
Frank Smith, bruggi it
Why, yes, there
in it
at present prices.
Lake County Real Estate as good and
better than the lands of Iowa and Illinois
can be bought for half the price per acre.
There is speculation in it for the sale in
vestment of money.
Prices cannot long remain at the pres
ent standard. An immense increase in rice
must come at .a very early day.
Do you want to make money
by making investments in Lake
County Lands
Do you want to make monev
by making investments in Mad
ison City Lots
Homeeeeker, do you want
cheap home in the best
of South Dakota
Fa rm
is money
Then call uoon or correspond with
l.ftivriri)boxes sold, .w ieo euros provo its power 10 destroy tbndesir" for tobacco in any
loroi. No-t/^li:ic is the
In tho world. M.-iny «iin i« ^oumts in
falls to m:iko the we ik i ::i pi dt rim n rnnif. vigorous ami rnawrnetio. Just iry a l«it. ou will
lighted. Wc expect you to N.'h. ve what we :,ay. lor a cine is absolutely itM.trauleed ty druggists every-bod«*
rtaere. Hend tor our'tiookle' ••Hoii't
Cre® sample. Aildrowi Til K MTIlilLl.MU
State Bank,
iladison, S. D.
Loans at Lowest
it I
AND 11nevuf
ajid^ Jvnufc*• Yuur I.ite AwayJ written gu&rautM
£1IV CO., Chleutto or Slew V«rk»
Vice President.

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