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Fonr Hundred Prisons Perished
by the Wreck of the
Which Went on the Corrobodo
Hocks, Off the Coast of
En Rente From Bremen to Bt e
Ay res—Mostly
LONDON, Dec. 13 A special dispatch
front i.'.'.im, says tln.l ihe North C»tr»
man L.oyd steamer Salier, wa
wrecked on the night of Dec. 7, four
nines north of Vil.ugareia, Spain, and
214. nii.es from land. The dispatch
further says that she must have broken
up almost immediately, .s parts of the
steamer have already washed ashore.
She ha.l on board '^10 passengers,
mostly steerage, and a crew of tt5 men.
All on board were drowned.
The Corrobodo rocks, on which it is
believed the Salter was lost, are situ
ate" oil the southwest coast of Cor
cnna. and should have been given a
v:de berth before the steamer headed
last ward and then in a northeasterly
direction for the bay leading up to
CORUKNA, Spain, Dec. 12.—The Sai
ler, which was lost off this coast Dec.
7, was commanded by Captain Wempe.
The steamer had a general cargo. The
disaster occurred during a dense fog
and very heavy weather. The Salier
had a fearful passage from Bremen to
Highest of all in Leavening Strength.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
mi mis n Mil nuts fn in mi
.ii'll.tinniwl'h iWtti' 'H!-,ii'.. v |M' u» ..Ihlih.,
this port. Two of her boats were
swept overboard by the heavy seas
which beat over her, and she sustained
other damages from the same cause. It
is believed that about 400 persons per
ished. The steamer struck during the
night of Monday last on a ledge of
rocks about two and a half ntiles off
Cape Carrubedo. on her way from this
place to Villagarcia, bound for Buenos
Ayres. A large amount of wreckage is
reported to have washed ashore. The
search made for possible survivors of
the wreck has so far been without
result, and but little hope is
entertained of rescuing any of
of the passengers or crew. The Salier
was an old vessel, which the North
Lloyd company had agreed to sell to
an Italian firm, trading between Italian
and American ports. Imt owing to
some slight disagreement as to the
terms, the deal was not conipletod and
the steamer was sent on r. not her voy
age. She was consideied to be in
every wny seaworthy. and the only
reason the North l-erni.n Lloyd com
pany had for selling the Salier, was
that there were more modern boats of
the same line in miciiness to take her
place. Her last trip across the Atlantic
Was n.ude in iast September, when she
left Baltimore for Bremen, arriving
there sately on Sept. The Salier
was of 3,000 tons gross register, wa«
S51 feet long, brig-rigged, and had a
wngle propeaer.
Of the steerage passengers, there
were over 100 Russians, about 25 Gali
cians, some Germans and about 'i00
Spaniards, according to the estimates,
all on their way to the Argentine Re
public, looking for ndw homes for them
selves and families. If the disaster had
occurred after the Salier touched at
Villagarcia, the loss of life would have
been much greater, as it is understood
there were nearly 100 more passengers,
men, women and children, awaiting at
that port to embark on board the Salier
for Buenos Ay res.
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Captain Wempe has commanded the
steamer for a number of years.
the Uucan Mine at Hedges,
Cal.—C»vetn the Ctuw,
Los ASUELES, Cal., Dec. 12.—A spe
cial dispatch from Yuma says that
news has reached there from Hedges,
16 miles distant, in San Diego county,
of a terrible disaster in the Queen mine
at that place, owned by tho Gold Cross
Mining and Milling company. Some
time during the night a cavein oc
curred in the main shaft and as a re
sult several miners have lost their lives
and more are injured. Reports are
meagre and conflicting, but the gener
ally accepted one is that four miners
are entombed at the bottom of the shaft
with no chance of escape and four or
five have been rescued, badly injured.
Killed Several Stoker*.
MARSEILI^S, Dec. 12.—The boiler of
Messageries Maritime steamship Sug
halien exploded shortly after she left
Hong Kong, recently, killing several of
her stokers. The Saghalieu succeeded
in reaching Saigon.
I'ontmtitcr In the Pea.
HELENA, Mon., Dec. 12.—In the
United States court Judge Know lea
sentenced F. J. Nesbitt to three years
in the penitentiary. Nesbitt was post
master at Bozeman, and was arrested
on the charge of stealing $9,000 in
stamps and meney orders. His defense
was that others who occupied the same
building d.d the stealing.
Mrikt* Will Probably Follow.
Pirisiiinu. Dec. 12. —The joint com
mitter railroad coal miners and oper
ator* reported to the convention thai
they were unable to agree on a rate and
wen*« i.-charged. A strike will probublj
follow. jj.n«tel.u.|,1,nn(i lr*w.
NEW YORK,, Dee. 11.—Tom.i Y W:-«t
of Boston toi.t lit a l!?-rou:id draw UMth
Joe Wai.'-tt'' li ft mor.s ireu wel
terweight, ui ... .. j»it Athlatic
British house o. commons.
Over K Hundred Pel Bnrled
lebrU »t Jerea, bpwin.
MADRID, Dec. 13.—A dispatch from
Jeres announces that a large building
has collapsed there, burying over 100
persons. Eleven bodies have already
been recovered.
tbirtt iiis.
JoU f. Elliott, Brother of Peer* and Gov
ernors Arretted For Forgery.
PORTLAND. Or., Dec. 12.—John F.
Elliott, a man with a remarkable his
tory, whose brother is a peer of the
English realm has been arrested in
Pendletou for forging a check for $250.
Elliott was found almost nudo and suf
fering from deiir.um tieinens, and
while in jail tried repeatedly to com
mit Buicide. His brother, Sir Henry
Elliott, is now governor of one of the
British possessions in Africa where are
located enormously rich void mines,
recently developed. lie w is formerly
English ambassador in Madrid. Iri.n.
Vienna, and was ambassador in Con
stantinople when the Turuo-Russian
war broke out. Elliott's-brother-in-law
is now lieutenant governor of .Mani
toba. His uncle, S«r Gilbert Liliott..
was many years ago speaker of ll.e|
Attorney (ietiprtil of r*nii»jrl**ni» May
tiring Action.
HAKKISBIKO. Pa.. Dc?. 12. Attorney
General McOormick may bring suit
against the reorganized Heading raii
road to determine whether it is a bona
tide corporation. The Reading com
pany claims to act under a charter
grauted by special act of the assembly
in lbTl, with large and unlimited pow
ers. By the constitution, which be
came operative Jan. 1. 1S74, all private
harters under which lona lide organ
izations had not been effected and busi
ness commenced at that tiui^, were de
clared void.
The attorney general has been led to
believe that the charter of flte Reading
company fell under that provision ot
the constitution ami that possibly an
attempt was being made to avoid an
other provision forbidding joint owner
ship or control of mining corporation*
and railroad corporations.
LUIOII»1MI tilvri N'.» Heuon for
Unexpected Vint to America.
SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 12.—The unex
pected arrival of ex-Queen Liliuokalani
from Honolulu evoked much interest
and'gave rise to no little speculation as
to the object of her trip. Her only at
tendants were a man and woman serv
ant. and even het Sah Francisco agent
and former chamberlain. Colonel Mac
not know of the ex-
queen's arrival until he received a sum
mons from her on the arrival of the
Liliuokalani declines to be inter
viewed ami will give no information
regarding tli-* length of her visit here,
nor her future plans. Her feliow pa—
senycrs ou the steamer gathered the
idea that she wi.l go to Washington
and call upon President Cleveland
the hope that the United States wih
take some steps looking to the rettora
tion of the Hawaiian monarchy.
Ire urge Mpy ("suite Su t*.
Waua^u, Minu., Dec. 12^-rThere is
a prospect of much war in the courts
over the ice rge in the Mississippi
river below Heeds Landing. It is
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S. R. Montague & Co.
claimed that when the Mississippi Lon
ging company saw the logs going down
the river it immediately closed the
boom at West Newton, and that was
the whole cause ot the ice gorge. This
matter is being looked up, ami if it is
found that the company boomed th
river and thus formed the gorge there
is no que,iicu e.S to the xr.it*.
t'onfenaed to Ml lowtt Morder.
DEC ATI R. 11'R.. Dec. ]?.—Orman Mc«
Phersou, alias Charles Murphy, hu
confessed to-tlie Decatur police that toe
killed the marshal of Morning Sun, la.
He says the marshal was clubbing hia.
son and he shot the marshal twiq*,,
That was Sept. 20 last and the marshal
died three davs later.

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