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Absolutely Pure.
Cclebnit«d for it# li'Hvt ninu ftrtneth and
healthfulxe**. Atroref the food id'nrt alum
Mid a I form* of ndnlteration common to the
cheap brand*. ]{OY\L BAKING POWDER
CO., New York.
England's Change of Policy in
Regard to Greece and
lias Assumed Definite Shape-She
Will Not Help to Blockade
Tf the Grecian Blockade Is Un
dertaken Turkey Should Be
Blockaded, Too.
change in the policy of Great Britain
foreshadowed in these dispatches, has
assumed definito shape. The recent
massacre of Armenians at Tokat, the
danger of further outbreaks in Anato
lia, and the action of the porte in semi
officially pointing out to the Turkish
press and provincial officers that the
blockade of the island of Crete by the
fleets of the powers, and the support
given to the Turkish forces by the for
eign fleets was a triumph for the policy
of the sultan, have had their effect in
showing that the Christians in Ar
taenia are
In Dangar «f Eiltrnilaatloa.
Consequently, it is semi-offlcially
stated hero that the British admiral in
Cretan waters has been notified not to
send any warships of Great Britain to
take part in the proposed blockade of
the ports of Greece. At the same time,
however, in order apparently to avoid
an open rupture with tho powers.
Great Britain will acquiesce in the
blockade of the Greek ports.
According to tho reports in diplo
matic circles here, the powers have al
ready been notified to this effect and
the withdrawal of Great Britain from
the blockade is the one subject dis
cussed in court and other circles. The
sultan's advisers are making the best
of the situation by pointing to the fact
that Great Britain does not con
stitute tho wholo of Europe, and
that so long as the sultan has
the support of Russia, France
Germany and Austria, he has nothing
to fear from Great Britain. It is whis
pered that France will, in all probabil
ity, follow tho example of Great
Britain. France, it is explained, could
readily take this step without disturb
ing to any appreciable degreo her ac
cord with Russia, and it is added that,
in any case, the French government
Would not risk taking part in the block
ade of Greece, which would be an act
of war, without first consulting the
chamber of deputies, whose approval of
the coercion iolicy is regarded hore .as
being far from certain.
Hhould lllockade Turkey, Too.
|ilt|is stated that Great liritam ha*
Intimated to the powers that if Greece
is blockaded steps should also be taken
to blockade the principal Turkish ports.
This latest move of Great Britain in
the eastern game has undoubtedly
called a halt for the present in the co
ercive measures and may, it is said,
bring about their abandonment.
In the meanwhile, in view of the im
minent danger of a clash on the fron
tiers of Greece, which may bring about
a declaration of war between Greoce
and Turkey, Great Britain has defin
itely proposed to the powers that steps
be taken to induce both Turkey and
Grtece to withdraw their forces half a
mile from the actual frontier, thus
leaving a mile of neutral ground be
tween the opposing armies.
Greece, it is explained, had pre
viously made a similar proposal to the
Turkish government, but the porte
consulted with the ambassadors of Rus
sia and Germany, seemingly the fore
most of the friends of Turkey at the
present juncture, with the result that
the representatives of those powers
advised the Turkish government to de
cline the offer.
The Turkish squadron, it is reported,
has been ordered to cruise in the
^Egean sea.
LoH tal ikarr IH ttortad For Cfnim.
Will H»not»ux En Kout*.
LONDON, March 26.—The Marquis of
Salisbury ha* started for Ciiuiez. where
Queen Victoria is staying. The premier
vrill travel via Paris, where, it is ex
pected, he will have an interview with
ii. Hanotaux, the French minister of
foreign affairs, on the Eastern situa
tion. At this interview it is believed
the question of participation of France
in the blockade of Greece will be decid
ed. His lordship will not arrive at
Nice until Saturday.
New Chinese Minister En Rout*.
WASHINGTON, March 26.—Notice has
been received at the state department
that the new Chinese minister, Wo
Tinf? Fang, sailed for San Francisco on
the lbth iust., on the Gaelic, with a
numerous retinue and many tons of
personal belongings. The treasury de
partment has sent instructions to the
collector at San Francisco for the ex
tension of the usual courtesies to the
incoming minister.
IfftDjr Congressmen Aired Their Tlewa on
the Tariff—Jerry Simpson's Remarks.
'WASHINGTON, March 26.—The gen
eral debate in the house on the tariff
bill has closed. The last day devel
oped nothing particularly interesting
aside from the closing speeches. Tho
number of speeches made, however,
was large and included a few remarks
by Jerry Simpson who read from Mr.
McKinley's speech at the Minneapolis
convention the declaration that the
foreigner paid the tax. This state
ment, he said, was ridiculous. The
last congress, he proceeded to say,
had increased appropriations f50,000,
000, and now, according to Mr. McKin
ley's theory, the taxes on the foreign
ers were to be increased to pay for the
extravagance. The foreigner should
be glad, he said, that the last congress
had not been a two billion congress.
If tho taxes on the foreigner could be
sufficiently increased, he obsorved, sar
castically, the surplus could be distrib
uted among our people and every day
would be Sunday over here. [Laughter.]
He said he was himself a farmer who
farmed the farms, not the farmers. If
the Republicans had desired to do
something practical for the farmers,
why, he asked, had they left hides on
the free list? Mr. Simpson announced
himself a free trader.
Too Many Flood Refugees For Memphis
to Care For Alone.
MEMPHIS, March 26.—The Mississippi
river continues to fall, the gauge show
ing a drop of .1 in the past 24 hours.
The citizens relief committee has given
out an official statement, notifying the
outside world that this city is taking
care of o.ver (,000 pauper negro flood
refugees, and 3,000 head of stock.
This step was taken in order to show
that foreign aid is i^jnessary. Presi
dent Dickinson of the Little Rock
board of trade has arrived with $1,500,
the amount donated by the citizens of
Little Rock. The Memphis relief com
mittee took the sum and will apply
it properly. All levees are re
ported in good conditien and tho gen
eral situation is most encouraging.
The Mlaaonrl Receding.
PIERRE, S. D., March 26.—The past
few days of cold weather have allowed
the water in the river to about all run
off, and it is down to four feet, with
ice solid. The weather bureau reports
warmer weather and more water in
the river. Captain Vincent, head of
the government engineer work here,
says he expects very high water yet.
Flood Victim Near Rlou* City.
Sioux CITY, la., March 26.—While
endeavoring to escape through the
water which surrounded her house,
Mrs. Belle Maxsey, residing on a farm
on the Big Sioux between here and
Westfield, fell from a boat and was
River* Are Overflowing.
DELPHOS, O.,March 26.—A heavy and
continuous rainfall has been in prog
ress since Sunday. Sewers are unable
to carry off the water and the Auglaize
river and Jennings creek are higher
than for years.
The Lincolnshire Handicap.
LONDON, March 24 —J. G, Sullivan's
Wakefield's Prida won the Lincoln'
shire handicap.
Insurgents Born a Village.
HAVANA, March 26.—According to
official advices received here the in
•argents attacked and burned the
greater part of the village of Blanqui
sal, near Manzanillo. The insurgent
leader, Acostax, at the same time at
tacked the fortifications in the vicinity
nt Hovo Colorado but was r*po?atd.
Alleged the Great Northern and
the Milwaukee Will Mal&
a Deal
By Which *he Fargo Southern
Will 0* Into the Hill
While the Milwaukee Will Get
the Great Northern Branch
to Aberdeen.
ST. PAUL, March 26 —A Dispatch
special from Fargo, says: In a n
fidential letter to a Fargo business man
a prominent railroad official of St.
Paul, who, for obvious reasons, wishes
his name kept secret, writes that he
has full and authentic information that
the deal is practically completed
whereby the Fargo Southern branch of
the Milwaukee road from Fargo to Or
tonville, Minn., is to be traded to the
Great Northern for the Aberdeen and
Watertown branches of tho latter's
road in South Dakota.
Reasons given are that the control
of the Milwaukee branch here will
eliminate the competition in the south
ern part of the valley with the Great
Northern and Northern Pacific, besides
giving the Great Northern one of the
best paying lines in the valley. The
comjietition of this branch is an import
ant factor, not only for wheat busi
ness, but more especially freight from
Eastward, wnich can be laid down
here to jobbers without delay at tho
Minnesota Transfer, as is frequently
experienced over the Great Northern
and Northern Pacific.
The transfer of Great Northern
branches in South Dakota to the Mil
waukee road would eliminate competi
tion there and for a large territory
would give Milwaukee exclusive OOB
Supreme Court Deciaion Doei Not Worry
NEW YORK, March 26.—Russell Sage,
regarding the decision of the supreme
court against the Transmissouri Freight
association, said that a four to ftve |de-'
cision was not alarming after all. "It
is bound to come out all right in the
end," continued Mr. Sage. "There is
no question on that point. Brains aii^
capital have ruled the world since the
advent of man and natural laws have
not changed because of this one ad
verse decision. I think an amendment
to the present law will be asked of con
gress, whereby combinations of inter
ests can be legally effected. In the
meantime let the investing public keep
Will lie No Concerted Action.
CHICAGO, March 2t».—A mass meeting
of Western, Transcontinental, Ohio
River and Southern Passenger associa
tion lines is in session here, -indulging
in an informal discussion of the com
mission question. Owing to the deci
sion of the supreme court in the Trans
missouri case, it has been decided
beforehand that there will be no
definite concerted action result from
the discussion.
Thirty liritith Sailor* Injured While
i'ract cing Near Malta.
NEW YORK, March 26.—A dispatch
to The Herald from Malta says An
explosion which *ouM have had fear
ful consequences if it had happened in
the interior of the vessel, occurred to
the British first class cruiser Theseus,
while practicing outside the harbor
with torpedoes, which exploded as
they were being thrown to the ship's
launch, injuring 30 men. The Theseus
returned and landed |the injured at tho
naval hospital. While two men had
their legs carried off, miraculous es
capes are recorded, one man having his
garments blown away without hart.
Of the injured ones succumbed.
Plckcil Up the SnrrlTon,
BOSTON, March 26.—The steamet
Ontario, which arrived here from Lon
don during the day, brought into port
27 men comprising the crew of the
British ship Androsa, Captain Morgan,
which wa« abandoned at sea March 8,
800 miles west of Falmouth, Eng. The
Androsa left San Francisco Oct. 28,
last year, for London. She sprung a
leak in a furious storm, became un
manageable and was abandoned.
Could License Fight* in Missouri-
JEFFERSO* CITY, MO., March 26.
Closo investigation of the measure
known as the Horse Breeders' associa
tion pool selling bill, which passed the
Thirty-ninth general assembly, and if
now before Governor Stephens for his
approval or disapproval, discloses a fact
that under its provisions prize fighting
can be licensed in Missouri.
Due to a 'Jonspiracjr.
PORT LOI/IS, Island of Mauritius,
March 26.—According to advices re
ceived here from Madagascar the exile
of the queen of Madagascar, Roiiava*
lona III, to the Island of Reunion wad
due to the discovery of a conspiracy
against the life of General Galieni.
The in quiry into the matter is in prog
ress and many more arrests have been
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1 Venty-ftre Straight Kill*. I
ELKWOOD PAKK, Long Branch, N. J.,
March —Thomas A. Marshall, mayo?
of Keithsburg, Ills., won the grand
American hve bird handicap, with
straight kills.
Milwaukee Grain.
MILWAUKEE, March, 25.
FLOUR- Steady.
WHEAT—Xo. spring, 73J NO. 1
Northern, 77 %c May, 73(^0.
CORN" Xo. i, 21'i(u22o
OAXS-No. white, Is'^aSOa.
BAKLEY-No. 2, [email protected]'4c sample on
Duluth Grain.
Dun: rH. March 2&.
WHEAT—Cash, Xo. 1 hard. 74^o No.
1 Northern, 72,'^e Xo. 2 Northern. 70J
No. spring, rejected, 60',^
64'4C to arrive, No. 1 hard, 74)4o No. 1
Northern, 72 ,o May Xo. 1 hard, 73o
No. 1 Northern, 7Jo July No. 1 North
ern, September No. 1 Northern,
Minneapolis Grain.
WHEAT—May closed, 70 ^e July
711-to September, 07%. On Track
No. 1 hard, 73%c Not 1 Northern,
No. 2 Northern, 70^o.
Poultry, Uutter and ICggr«.
CHICAGO, March 25.
Dressed poultry steady turkeys, 12'^ $
13c hickeus, 7«27HC: ducks, ll«i 12c.
liuiter firm creamery. 10 183^c dairy,
W^alTc. Egg4 steady fresh, Wo.
st. l'aul Union Ktoclc Yards.
PAUL, March 8ft.
HOGS—Mar&et strong and active out
bide of a couple oi bu iches the quality
\v tB iiumou yards cleared early de
mand go id. K.info of prices, li.7Uvtf4.OJ.
CATTLE—Market firm and artivo.
Good deman i all around. Yards cleared
bet're noon.
Sak range I at 13.00 a3.15 for oows
$3.,)0 J.tti for stocKeri 13.30 J.60 for
SHEEP Market Arm good demand.
Lambs H75. Mutton*, $3.7j.
Receipts: Hogs, 400 cattle 80J sheup,
30J calves,
Chicago Union Stock Yards.
CHICAGO, March #5.
HOGS—Market now weakj early ad
van e mostly lost.
feak-s ranged at $^.9')(i4.15 for li^ht
$l.00i«4. -0 lor mixed |3.80ii.2o for
heavy I .SO t3.U0 for rough
CATTLE—Market steady.
Sales ranged at $3.70 a5.33 for leeves
$2.00 1-30 lor cows and heifers $.10^
4.40 lor Texas steers 3» a i. 30 tor
stoc-kers and feeder*.
~H hEP—Sheep and lamb markut strong
me highei
Natives $8.00(31-7 i Westerns, 83.70J
4.5)-, lamb.* *8 ttO «-".53.
iiooeipu: Hogs. ld.OOJ cattU, 10,0JJ
sheep, IU.OJJ/
Chicago Grain and Provlalona.
WHEAT—March. 71 May, 78%(tf
July, 71'40 Septembsr, 0
COiiN March, Hi May, 24
July, September, 26%
OA'IS—March, 16%c May, 17,l/#o
July, 1*
POKK-Uarch. 18.65 May. $3.7.3:
Everybody Kays 80.
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derful medical diseo* grv of af:e. p'eas
ant ami refivslnnff to the ti.sie.aci pently
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i_:ht, St-if iMelruet, Dcftctive Memory,
I'nu^ie* on the i-ai-c, Avcrtion to I lie rt"cieiy
Kmnalt-H, of Amtildoti, I,nek of Con
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owt .Manhood
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1 I
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Kidney and Urinary
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