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SATURDAY, JULY 24, 1897.
i3 Uin.M 1 year ffl.CO
t$v mail, ti months 8.00
By mail, 3 months 1.60
Daily, by carrier, per week 15
'1'iis DAILY LEADKU makee a special tf
lurui^blL1 ^formation concerning the advantages
aiid vi-.eonrces of the -city of Madison and of the
•-•i.ite at large eutltling It to the patroMag'.' ofad
vertwere of every class.
.1. F. SfAHL, Proyne'.or
Attorney General Grigsby has written
an opinion in which he holds that the
two joint resolutions passed by the last
legislature, creating a revenuejaw com
mission and an investigating commission,
have "no force or effect whatever as law."
Also that the appropriations made for
the luaintainance of these commissions
are invalid. The opinion was given at
the request of Auditor Mayhevv.
The attorney geueral states that the
appointment of a joint committee of
members of the legislature by joint
resolution, to sit during recess, with
power to send for persons aud paperp, is
a cotmnou practice, sanction by the
the highest authority. But the crea
tion of a committee to be appointed by
the governor with "power to send for
rsons and papers and to force the
giving of testimony" is an entirely
different question.
To hold that this could be done by
jjint resolution under our constitution
would be to hold that laws can be made
by joint resolution. This would nullify
many provisions of the constitution
Those providing for an enacting clause,
for reading bills three times and for ex
ecutive approval. The joint resolutions
were not approved by the governor.
The attorney general cites a case de
cided iu Colorado. The legislature pro
vided by joint resolution for the print
ing of a report and iu the general ap
propriation for legislative printing.
The court held that the appropriation
was illegal and that the joint resolution
was t-ot law.
The- attorney general then states that
in Lis opinion the joint resolution creat
ing these commissioners is without the
r^e und effect of law.
As to the appropriation the attorney
general says: "It is clear that the ap
prop::ations cannot be used to pay the
expenses of committees thet are not
lawfully created.
But even if the joint resolutions were
constitutional aud valid the appropria
tions are illegal because they are items of
the appropration bill. The constitution
strictly limits the items that may go into
the general appropriation bill nna the
expenses of these commissions cannot be
classed under any of these items.
Able lawyers dissent from the opinion
of the attorney general and it is probable
that the mandamus proceedings will
be instituted to co\iipsl the auditor to
pay out the expen.se money appropriated.
A sharp debate was held on the con
ference report of the tariff bill in the
senate Thursday, Seuator Pettigrew be
ing one of the chief speakers. Allison
tried to commit the senate to a vote cn
the report Friday but failed, and again
for a vote on Saturday, but failed
in this also, though it is probable the
vote may still be taken to-day.
Pettigrew anuounced his purpose to
vote against the conference report, al
though he expected the bill with aU its
iniquities would become a law. Its in
iquities would make it difficult to repeal,
as the favors it gave brought it such
tremendous strength that the republican
party would Leable to collect a fund of
twenty, forty or fifty million dollars if
they needed it in order to carry theeleu
tions. H« said, however that the con
test was not on the tariff bill but be
tween republican institutions and
i he senator closed with the declara
tion that wlieu he left the republican
party hs left it for good and that the
"caucus dictation in behalf of this ini
quitous bill" had amply justified his
Treasurer Dave Williams of the old
board of regents has poid out $10,000 erf
the (state's money on the warrants of the
old board since the constitutional
amendment which legislated thein out of
office, was declared curried. The su
preme ceurt has just said, at least, that
the old board has been holding oflice
illegally all this time and consequently
paying out this money illegally. And
yet Mr. Williams comes up smilingly to
the new board and asks them to take
his cancelled vouchers in settlement of
910,000 cash he ought to have turned over
last fall. A cleur case of republican
gull second only to that of Mayhew tad
President Anderews of Brown Univer
sity, R. I. one of the ablest exponents of
bimetallism in this or any other country
has at last felt the vengence of the gold
bugs. He has been forced to resign his
presidency, but his arguments are un
answerable and the influence of his
writings in behalf of the masses will con
tinue to grow all the more by reason of
this effort to stifle free speech. Great is
the money power, but it always works
out its own day of reckoning.
Sioux Falls dispatch, 22: To-4*y
Judge Jones recognized as valid the IHW
attaching Union county to the second
circuit by granting an application for an
order of publication sent op from that
county. An irregularity in the enact
ment of this law ig likely to tnke the
matter to the supreme court for settle
Geo. R. Lauuing of Egan, the Minne
apolis Journal representative in these
parts has severed his connneotiou with
that paper. George was a first class
The other side of the Klondike fold
tind is 62,000 graves in three years caused
by starvation and suffering from a rigor
ous climate.
Dr. Kins'* Xew DiscoVCtJ' I'nr
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covery, as they regulate and tone the
stomach and bowels. We guarantee
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Free trial bottles at C. H. Wood's drug
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It heals everything except a broken
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Hazel Salve. Piles and rectal diseases,
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Miners W ill Test the Ironclad
With Operators.
PITTSBURG, July 24.—Besides what
they term a battle for bread, the officials
of the United Mine Workers have ar
ranged to make a battle in the courts
for money. It will be for money in the
hands of certain operators in tho Pitts
burg district, kept from the wages of
the men who went on strike. In accord
ance with instructions received from
National President M. R. Ratchford
and the members of the National execu
tive board, the local district officials have
placed the matter in the hands
of their attorneys aud suits are to be
brought for more than 81'2,000, the
amount strikers have forfeited. The
suits will be brought on the validity of
ironclad contracts which the men
signed. In these contracts, it was
agreed that as a guarantee of good faith
on the part of the employe, the em
ployer should retain 10 per cent of em
ploye's wages. When the nu n struck
this money was declared forfeited and
withheld from them by the operators.
The plan is to get one of the men who
has forfeited the largest amount to
bring suit before a justice of the peace,
and it is expected that the employers
will take an appeal. The miners or
ganization will push it from one court
to the other, and the supreme court will
probably be asked finally to pass ou the
ftroat Damage Doue to the Lower l'ortion
of the City.
YOUNGSTOWX, O., July 24.—Thestorm
which struck this city and vicinty at 7
o'clock was very disastrous in its results.
Carl Henry Mayer was struck by light
ning and instantly killed, while his
sweetheart, who stood near, was badly
shocked. The Mahoning river rose two
feet in an hour, and washed away sev
eral bridges. Crab creek, an insignifi
cant stream, rose 15 feet in an incredibly
short space of time, doing great damage
in the lower portions of the city.
Squaw Creek park, a pleasure resort
near this city, was practically wiped out
of existence. Trains are beginning to
move after twelve hours delay. It is
estimated that the loss in this city alone
will approach 6100 Ouv. The storm was
local, in many respects resembling a
A great loss of life was narrowly
averted at the Spring Common foot
bridge. Men, women and children in
sistided upon remaining to watch the
angry waters belo- in spite of the fact
that the structure was unsafe. Finally
two policemen with drawn clubs cleared
the bridge, and none too soon, for a few
seconds later the bridge was swept
away, reports from the rural districts
show that the farmers .suffered greatly.
In Trumbull county 15 barns were
struck by lightning and burned. Crops
were destroyed and buildings generally
damaged, but no loss of life is yet re
Believed Leading Factories Will Make a
Chaiiilai* Wheel,
NEW YORK, July 24.—Three promi­
nent bicycle manufacturers have left
for Europe on the steamship Fuerst Bis
mark, and it is said that their mission
abroad has to do with.the style of next
year's wheel, which, it is alleged, will
revolutionize the present make. The
men are Colonel A. A. Pope, M. L.
Bridgman and A. G. Spaulding. They
were accompanied by W. A. Redding, a
patent attorney. It is said that when
the men return they will bring back a
patent for a chainless wheel which will
be the characteristic feature of the make
of 180S.
There are several new designs, aud
one in particular, which has given rise
to the old time "mile a minute" specu
lation, is causing a sensation in London.
It is known as the Barker gearing, and
is of the compound crank and sun and
planet style of gear.
Candidate for Ke-Kleotlon
as Gover­
nor of Iowa.
DES MOINES, July 24. Governor
Drake has issued a letter thanking his
friends for the honor conferred upon
him and withdrawing from the contest
for the Republican nomination for gov
ernor. He says his health is such that
he could not make an active campaign.
Immense Webs Woven t»y Yellow Spiders.
A Mysterious Disappearance Explained.
A Fruitlike Crab—Tricks of Nature Pro
tect the Defenseless.
Once, in attempting to force my way
through the thick bay cedar underbrush
of one of the smaller and outer keys of
the Florida reef I suddenly broke into
an opening which had the appearance
of a narrow street or trail. The brush
was six or eight feet in height and re
markably thick, and the heat was intol
erable. The branches and leaves which
were interlaced formed a perfect net
work aud gave shelter to innumerable
crabs, which had taken possession of
old birds' nests, while under foot tho
eggs and newly hatched terns almost
covered the ground.
Once in the opening or street it was
found to be about seven feet across,
winding away out of sight, but my way
was blocked by several curious obsta
cles—a succession of webs stretched
vertically across the pathway at inter
vals of five or six feet. They were of
extraordinary strength and were thrown
out aud poised in a marvelous manner.
In the center of each of these silken bar
riers clung a huge yellow spider, so ug
ly and conspicuous that I stopped be
fore the first doubting the evidence of
my eyes, and as I looked the first yel
low spider of the series disappeared.
There was no doubt about it. At first
so striking and gaudy, it 6lo\vly faded
away, and through the web I could see
other yellow spidy beyond, suggest
ing that it was no illusion.
While I stood wondering in the hot
snn the spider solved the mystery by
appearing again, first dimly, then like
many spiders quivering in the strong
light, finally resolving itself into cue
huge yellow fellow that moved like a
pendulum to and fro and then stopped.
I touched it gently with a switch I held,
whereupon it deliberately began to
swing its huge body, imparting to the
entire web a vibratory motion which
increased in rapidity until the body of
the spider began to grow fainter, and
in a few moments became invisible. It
was all very simple when understood.
The spider when alarmed began to
swing, gradually increasing the motion
until it disappeared or could not be fol
lowed by the eye. Thinking the case
might be exceptional, I again touched
the spider, and again it literally swung
itself out of sight.
Crawling beneath the web, I ecu-*
fronted the next spider, which also was
yellow or saffron iu color, with black,
velvetlike markings, hanging in the
snn like a great topaz, its web dotted
with the remains of many feasts—emp
ty skeletons of insects, bits of pearly fish
scales, perhaps dropped by some pass
ing bird, a delicate feather and a mot
ley array of flies and other insect folk.
At first the spider paid me scant atten
tion, then I saw a slight cqnvulsive
movement of its legs as if imparted the
first long swing to its hammocklike
web that put this wonderful life saving
device, for this it was, in motion. It
was the spider's defense and protection
from enemies.
Certain birds undoubtedly preyed
upon the spiders, and this faculty of
mysteriously disappearing had ou more
than ono occasion served it well. I
could easily imagine the astonishment
of the bird when darting down to seize
the plump and showy spider to find that
it had slipped away.
There was much in this street of yel
low spiders to distract the mind from
the intense heat that poured down from
the almost vertical sun. In the middle
of the path, beyond a turn, grew a
clump of cactus, with here and there a
ripe fruit rich in the purple of full ma
turity—a brilliant contrast to the green
leaves. As I stood watching the hermit
crabs dropping from the bushes and
scurrying away over the sand I thought
I saw a ripe fruit of the cactus move
then, to my amazement, it passed di
rectly out of sight, not after the fash
ion of the spiders, but by slipping around
one of the big leaves. I almost expected
to see the others follow it, but nothing
uf tho kind occurred. I walked along
and placed myself in a position to see
behind the Lroad, flat, p( ar shaped leaf.
There vi«s the purple object, now mov
ing cautiously around with the evident
intention of keeping itself out of sight,
and then I saw that it was a crab, a
crab with a purple back the exact tint
of the fruit, while its general shape,
when the legs were tucked up beneath
the body, made the crab a mimic of the
cactus fruit, a protective resemblance so
perfect that the crab was safe from
sharp eyed enemies, and I should have
passed it by had it remained quiet, but
the phenomenon of moving fruit at
tracted my attention and led to its dis
For some distance I followed this
Btreet of spiders, creeping beneath the
webs when I could, and everywhere
these tricks of nature to protect the de
fenseless were apparent. The eggs of
the gulls simulated the sand iu color
the little mantis,
clung to the
big cedar, was the exact tint of the
leaves and defied detection until acci
dentally brushed off. Over all life in
the secluded spot nature had thrown
her protecting mantle of
New York Post.
Medical Editor—This will never do,
Jones. You write here of "a pen dip
ped in gall." We've given up gall.
Make it "a pen charged with danger
ous fiepticecmia,"—Pick Me Up.
The man who tries to turn out to the
left always goes home with an impres
sion that the streets are filled by crowds
of boorish persons.—Milwaukee Jour
I have always thought that what was
good was only what was beautiful put
in action.—Rousseau.
Lillian Russell is at Fargo seeking
divorce from Signor Perugini.
Kid McCoy knocked out Dick Moore
in three rounds at the Olympic Athletic
club, Buffalo.
Emperor William has invited the sul
tan to send Turkish officers to witness
the German military maneuvers.
Dewitt Compton, a Chicago peddle®,
killed his 2-year-old boy and probably
fatally wounded his wife and himself.
President Andrews of Brown univer
sity has resigned because his views on
the silver question did not agree with
those of the trustees.
Edwin F. Uhl, formerly ambassador
of the United States to Germany, has
arrived at New York by steamer Nor
manuia from Hamburg.
A dispatch from Hamburg says that a
boat containing 45 employes of the
Hamburg Engine works capsized in the
river Elbe. Six persons were drowned.
Walter l$esant's Tribute to America.
Sir Walter Besant, the eminent Eng
lish novelist, said, when he went back
to England after a visit here, that noth
ing he saw in America impressed him
so deeply as the devotion of our young
people to their flag that nowhere ex
cept among British soldiers had he seen
such affection and respect for a national
emblem, and that a nation which as a
whole felt as we seemed to feel about
our colors from the time we left our
mothers' knees, was one that could
withstand the whole world in arms.-—
Charles Sydney Clark in St. Nicholas.
The London Spectator says 1,000 of
the Irish constabulary with rifles would
restore the worst mob of Constantinople
to comparative sanity iu ten minutes.
A Valuable Prescription.
Editor Morrison of Worthington, Ind*,
"Sun,*' writes: "You have a valuable
prescription in Electric Bitters, and I
can cheerfully recommend it for Coc
stipation and Sick Headache, aud as a
general system tonic it has no equal."
Mrs. Annie Stehle, Cottage Grove
Ave., Chicago, was all run down, could
not eat nor digest food, had a backache
which never left her and felt tired and
weary, but six bottles of Electric Bitte
restored her health aud renewed .^r
strength. Prices 50 cents and 8i
Get a bottle at C. H. Wood's drug 6tore
Vim, vigor and victory these three
are the characteristics of DeWitt's Little
Early Risers, the famous little pillF for
constipation, biiliousuess and all sto
mach and liver troubles.
Mxcitivsiou ilutew.
The Chicago, Milwaukee tfc St. Paul
rHiiwny offers at the Madison depot, the
following reduced excursion rate tickets
to national gatherings:
Fourth of July excursions, within 200
miles one undone fifth fare, sold July Tl,
4 aud 5, good to return on 0th.
Christian Endeavor convention, San
one way. Sold June
2'i to July 3.
National Educational association. Mil
waukee. one fare plus £2.00 for round
trip. Sold July 3,4 aud 5, good to re
turn July 10,11 and 12.
National Y P. C. r. Detroit, July 0 to
13 one fare for round trip.
National Photographers association.
Lake Chautauqua, N. Y., one fare, round
National Republican League, Detroit,
July 13-15, one fare round trip.
Epworth League convention, Toronto.
oue fare,round trip.
Baptist V. P. U. Chatanooga, Tenn.,
July ID 18, one fare, round trip.
Annual Convention Y. P. C. U.,
Indianapolis, August 18-23, one fare,
round trip.
National Encampment, G. A. R.,
Buffalo, N. Y., August 23-28, one fare to
Milwaukee plus 69.90, or one fare to Chi
cago plus $10.50 for rest of journey.
Sold August 21 and 22 good to return
July 21 to 'il.
National Encampment Sons of Veter
ans, Indianapolis, September 9 to 11, one
fare for round trip.
Burning, itching skin diseases in
stantly relieved by DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve, unequalled for cuts, bruis
es, burns. It heals without leaving a
Lunx Troubli'N and I'oimiunptiuu Can
be Cured. An Kmineiit New Y»rk
ClieiuiMt andHctciiitist Slake* a Five
Oder to Our Header*
The distinguished New York chemist,
T. A. biocum, demonstrating his dis
covery of a reliable and absolute cure for
consumption (Pulmonary Tuberculosis)
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wasting away, will send THREE FREE
BOTTLES (all different) of his New
Discoveries to any athicted reader of the
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Science daily develops new wonders,
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menting for years, has produced results
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sertion that lung troubles and consump
tion are curable in any climate is proven
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in his American and European labrator
ies in thousands from those cured in all
parts ef the world.
Medical experts concede that bronchi
al, chest and lung troubles lead to Con
sumption, which, uninterrupted, means
speedy ana certain death.
Simply write to T. A. Slocum, M. C.,
98 Pine street, New York, giving post
office and express address, aud the free
medicine will be promptly sent. Suffer
ers should take instant advantage of his
generous proposition.
Please tell the Doctor that you saw
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starts. Dou't wait till you have con
sumption but prevent it by using One
Minute Cough Cure, the great Remedy
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all throat and lung troubles.
Dated, Madison. S. D., July ®i, l^SC.
CO.Ml'ANY, Mortgagee.
Attorney for
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Notice of Mortgage Sale.
W hereas, default exists in the conditions of a
certain morteas*e, dated May io, lK!»4,and execu
ted May l»', IS'.H, by Julia 1. heeler rud David
II. Wheeler, wife and husband, of Lake county,
S. D., mortt:aKori, to Northwestern Loan and
Banking Company, of Lake onnty, S. D., mort
sagcc. upon the real estate described as follows,
to wit: From southwest (s\v corner of the
northeast [ne) quarter of section No. eix (t»),
township one hundred and six (10(i), north of
llfty-two (5J), run east twelve (12) rodsoa
south line of said quarter section, thence north
on a line parallel *ith west line of said quarter
section, nineteen (lit) rods, five (."0 feet trom
this point ns placa of becinuine. thence north
twenty rods eleven aud o&e-ualf (ll1. feet,
on a hi! p. .1U1 with west line of said quarter
section, t^enee east twelve (!•.!] rods seven (7)
ffc« t, on a line paritlltl with south lice of said
i,tiart» rsecticn, thence south twenty (-,'OJ rods
eleven and one half (1!
feet ou a line parallel
with west line of said quarter section, thence
west to place of beiMnr.h.i contaiiiiusr cue and
six U nt'iis (1 .tij acres, more or less, according *o
thel'nited States Lovtrnment sr-vev tbereol,
it ii
ate in the countv ol Li-ke and s'ate of Srirta
Oak. ta: «a i mortgage havinar heet wn to se
cure the payment of a certain »t:.' lient r..
dated May- in, ]*dl, und sinned by thelnortg&Kort*
for $1^ IT, with interest at 1. per cent per an«
nun: from il teonall unnaid installments: sad
mortnasie having been filed for record in the of
fice of the register of deeds in and for Lake
county, S. D., May li, l*:il, at 3: ii o clock p. id.
aud recorded in book 17. ou pane »o:i: and,
whereas, the said note and inurt ai e (ontained
a condition that in case of non-payment of any
instalment when due, the whole amount of the
n'?e then unpaid should at once become due aud
payable, and should (|raw interest at 1-2 per o '.it
froui datc and, whereas, the installments due
on said note .January 1, July 1, iSiiti, Janu
ary l, is 7, aud July 1, lvc, respectively, are past
due and unpaid, the mortyayee does hereby ex
ercise its option and declares the whole of said
note und mortgage to he due aud payable: and,
wl.eieas, there is now claimed tt be due on said
note and mort^me the sum of one hundred
thirtv-eiyht dollars atid thirty-live cents (§l."5s.
nrincipul and interest, and the further sum of
afty dollars (JS'i.iKt) attoiuey tees as stipulated
in said mortjra«'e in case of foreclosure, and,
wbereu-. there iias been no proceeding at law
or otherwise for the coll'ction of sain debt, or
any part thereof, now, aerefo e. the k!i ill'
said Lake county wi'.l sell the s above de
scribed premises at the south f. .Mit door of tlie
rourt house, iu the city ot Msd'-on, in said e
county, on the llh uay of September, A. I). l!-!'7,
at two o'clock p. m., to the highest bidder for
cash to pay said debt, attorney fees, Bt costs of
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Murmar. O. J. JTERMER
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TT Jti in

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