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Report of BuaineRs Transacted in Special
Se8ftion, November 8. 1897.
Official Report.
Madison S. D. November 8th 1897
Board convened as per adojurnment, all
members and Auditor present,
The Board at once organized as a canvas
•Jfig board and proceeded to canvass the
vote with the following result.
For Judge of the circuit court of the
Olid Judicial Circuit.
Jiseph VV. Jones received 335 votes
William A. Wilkes received..... .368 votes
For County Commissioner 3rd Commis
sioner District
John Schuster received 119 votes
Plazi Derings received 118 votes
John Schuster having received a major
ty of all the votes cast for county commis
sioner in 3rd Commissioner District is de
clared elected county commissioner of
Lake County.
The board having completed their la
bors as a canvassing board, adjourned to
meet as a board of county commissioners
Tuesday Nov. gth 1897 at 8 o'clock a m.
Tuesday November gth IS97.
Board convened as per adjournment all
members and auditor present.
On motionJChas, Bingham|was instructed
to sell the oats and corn on the poor farm.
The election expense bills for the several
voting precincts was audited and on mo
tioned allowed as follows.
VV. F. Tibbets, judge of election, [email protected] after
booth and returning ballot box S 5 20
Lewis Spawn, judge of election 2 00
F. L. Monroe, 2 00
W. H. Costlow, clerk of election 2 00
H. E. Payne, 2 00
S. N. Fader, judge of election and return
ballot box 3 60
A. H. Wright, judge of election 2 00
E, W. Greenhagen, judge of eleettofi 2 00
C. N. Fader, clerk of election 2 00
Willard Packard, 200
A. P. Hull, judge of election and
ballot bcx 4 30
P. A. Johnson, judge of election 2 00
Joseph Knox 2 00
C. D. Strang, clerk of election 2 00
S. P. Hall, 2 00
O. O. Overskei, judge: of election and re
turning ballot box 5 60
Lars Johnson, judge ot election 2 00
Ole Frisli e, 2 00
George H. Allen, clerk of election 2 00
C. O. Egge, 2 00
C. J. Miller, judge of election and returning
ballot box 4 00
Frank Hammer, judge of election 2 co
E. Kelley, 2 00
J, H. Bagley, clefk
«t electiM
2 00
C. E. Bagley, 1 00
D. B. Hollingsworth. iudge of election and
returning ballot box 2 80
William Cuitis, judge of election 200
J. W. Thompson 2 00
J, J. H. Gillis, clerk of election 2 00
D. M. Finnie, judge of election and return
ing ballot box 3 40
J. B. Douglas, judge of
2 so
L. T. Crow, 2 00
E. R. C. Gross, clerk of election 2 00
W. F. Richards. 2 00
Andrew Ramsey, judge of election and re
turning ballot box 5 00
Thomas Hoidal, 8r. clerk of election 2 00
Mike Tobin, 2 co
Thomas Hoidal Jr. clerk of election 2 00
Mike Tobin 2 00
Win. Blankenburg, judge of election and
returning ballot box 4 40
Peter E. Olson, judge of election 2 00
George P. McQuillin 200
Win. O'Connell clerk 2 co
Henry Venner 2 00
H.J. Hammer judge of election and le
turning ballot box 340
W. R. Reynolds judge of election 2 00
C. G. Westaby 2 00
j. B. Johnson clerk 200
W. H. Boyd 2 00
Abel Mitchell judge of election and return
ing ballot box 2 So
Rob't Oliver judge of election 2 00
T. H.O'Dell ,.. 200
H. G. Muller clerk 2 00
Earnest F. Kruger 2 00
J. C. Cassutt judge of election and return
ing ballot box 4 40
J. W. Schnell judge of election 2 00
E. R. Olmstead 2 00
B. A. Bronson clerk 2 00
H. B. Howard 2 co
J. A. Kaner judge of election and returning
ballot box 5 .So
John Donahoe judge of •lection 2 00
C. W. Shirley 2 00
J. W. Lander clerk 2 00
C. W. Reynolnr, 2 00
David Theophilus judge of election and re
turning ballot box 460
?. C. Pond judge of election 2 00
C. B.-'Ames 2 00
G. T. Pond clerk 2 00
John Davis 2 00
F. F. Knight judge of election and return
ing ballot box 4 60
August Rcidei judge of election 2 co
C. G. Laughlin 2 00
Henry.Borchardt clerk 200
Herman Pamoerin 2 00
John H. Groce judge of the election and re
turning ballot box 560
Thomas Ferguson judge of election 2 00
C. Hathaway 2 00
J?ani'jl Currie
William Power 2 00
William Tierney office rent 20
The noon hour having arrived the board
on motion adjourned to meet at 1 o'clock
p. M.
The afternoon was spent in consulting
the physicians in regard to the two Bau
masters who had applied to the County
for aid to send them to a hospital, the local
physicians having failed to give them any
On motion adjourned to meet Wednesday
November 10th 1897 at 8 o'clock A. M.
Wednesday November 10th 1897.
Board convened as per adjournment all
members and auditor present.
The following bills were audited and on
motion allowed.
Wm. McGrath fees in the Insan
I ity case of Mary Jane Bond and
Lena Sandstrom $ 8 83
J. M, Duff examination of Lena
Sandstrom charged with insanity
and milage in the same. 13 20
J. Duff services rendered in glan
dered horses of G. Pesch el
Wentworth township 00
A' Archer making table for RegisiSf
of Deeds office $ 00
G. M. Farley publishing proced
ings notices and stationary 33 3°
Martin F, Berther witness fees
paid E. Sheridan on Cert. .... 1 10
Martin F. Berther stamps, freight,
express and exchange paid 7 95
Martin F. Berther salary as county
treasurer for October ».... 12500
Brown & Saenger tax receipts, cash
books, tax sale certificates and
"X" stamps. 6920
J. F. Stahl,publishing proceedings,
notices and stationery 43 18
C. W. Daugherty, salary for Oct.. 90 75
C. W. Daugherty. express and post
age 1 50
C. Thurow. salary as register
of deeds 125 00
C. H. Thurow, postage for October 2 20
Nellie Tierney, clerk in auditor's
office SJ 00
J. J. Fitzgerald, goods for cottrt
house 12 10
J. A. Allen, publishing notices afld
blanks, claimed $6.30, allowed.. 00
J. M. Walker, one day's work OD
auditor's vault 2 35
H. J. Stott, publishing proceed
ings, ballots, Mtices and sta
tionery 67 00
D, A. McGillivray, distributing
ballot boxes and mileage 4650
D. A. McGillivray, serving notices
on judges of election, claimed
$34.35, allowed 92 83
Perkins Brcs., eleeticn supplies... 50 00
On motion the quarterly statement
of the hospital for the insane for the quar
ter ending Septamber 30th, 1S97, was ap
proved and ordered on file as follows:
Edward L. Perry $ 48 00
J. S. Johnson 4^ 00
James E. Goggins 48 00
Ole Marthison 48 00
Geo Ryan 48 00
Margaret Deveraux 48 00
Clara Thompson 48 00
Augusta Borsce 4$ 00
Anna Morse 48 00
Amelia Weidman. 4800
On motion the bill of S. M, Jenkn
consulting with county physi
cian in Baumaster cases was al
lowed 5 co
J. M. Preston,clerk cf the courts having
filed a requisition for the names of thirty
five persons to serve as jurors, the com
missioners apportioned the same as fol
lows, and ordered the auditor to notify the
several town clerks of the same:
Summit 1, Franklin x, Orland 5, LeKoy
x, Herman
2 00
E. A. Knight 2 00
Win. Metcalf judge of the election and re
turning ballot box 2 20
G. R. Knapp judge of election 2 00
S. E. Baldwin 2 00
J. B. Jones clerk 2 00
H. H. Holdridge 2 00
E. B. Stacy judge of election and return
ing ballot box 230
JaiiH.s H. Garry judge of election 2 00
J. A. Norton 2 00
J. R. Jones clerk 2 00
C. E. Tyrrill 2 00
Pat Tierney judge of election
ing ballot box 2 20
A. P. Harling judge of election 2 00'
Chas. Bingham 2 00
Mat. Roiifch clerk 2 00
Chas. An( le 2 00
J. B. Keohler office rent 200
Sam Colgrove judge of Election and return
ing a lot I ox 2 20
N. A. Fox judge of election 200
L. J. Fisher 2 00
F. D. Palmer ci erk 2 00
C. H. Roberts 2 00
Joe Power judge of e'ection and returning
ballot box 280
Chas. Elhottjudje of tVeelection a 00
Geo. Hare 200
Mseauley clerk"
3 00
Rutland 1, Chester 2, Lake
View 1, Wayne 2, CtartSo 2, Nuoda 3,
On motion the following bills
W. H. Buxton, per diem and mile
H. A. Davis per diem and mileage.
Chas. Bingham per diem
10 10
11 00
9 00
On motion the auditor was instructed to
deliver to the Treas., Reg. and Supt, of
schools their salary warrants for the month
of November on their filing their bill for
the same on or after Dec. 1st 1S97.
On motion the bill of Vedder & Howlett
pounds of Hocking and 17895
of nut coal was allowed
148 48
On motion Chas. Bingham is hereby
authorized to purchase tickets for the two
Baumasters to go to the hospital and for
that purpose the auditor is instructed to
draw a warrant in favor of said Bingham
for the amount necessary to take them.
These minutes read and on motion ap
On motion board adjourntd,
Chairman Board Co. Comr's.
County Auditor and Clerk of said Board
W oinen Suffragists in Wisconsin.
MADISON, Wis., Nov. 17.—A national
womans suffrage conference, intended
to open a vigorous campaign for equal
suffrage in Wisconsin, will begin in
this city next Wednesday and continne
two days. Among the prominent
speakers will be Susan B. Anthony and
Carrie Chapman Catt.
Argentina's Crop.
BUENOS AYRES, Nov. 17.—Argentine's
coming wheat crop is estimated at
1,500,000 tons. Deducting home con
sumption, there will remain at least
1,000,000 tons for export. The flax crop
is estimated at 400,000 tons. The maize
crop will not be abundant unless there
comes a good fall of rain in December.
Milwaukee Grain.
WHEAT—No. 1 Northern, 910 No. 9
Spring, 86c May, 89%a
CORN- No. 3, 26*@37c.
OATS—No. 3 white, 23}4988J0.
BARLEY—No. 2, 42®4to sample on
track, 82$42c.
Dulnth Grata.
DDLUTH. Nov. 16.
WHEAT—Cash No. 1 hard, 91$£o No. 1
Northern, Wl^o No. 2 Northern,
No. 3 spring, sO^c rejeoted, [email protected] to
arrive, No. lhard, »l%c No. 1 Northern,
•91^o November No. 1 Northern, 91c
December, Nj. 1 Northern, 87%o May,
No. 1 Northern, J.
Minneapolis Grain.
WHEAT—Novembar closed at 90J^c
December, 38%c May, 87%o. On
Track—Xo. 1 hard. S)l%c No. 1 Northern,
90%c: No. 2. Northern, 86%c.
Poultry, Butter and Eggg.
CHICAGO, Nov. 16.
Live poultry, weak. Turkeys, 9s
chickens, 53 spring chickens, Gc
ducks Butter, steady. Cream
ery, dairies, [email protected] Eggs, firm
fresh, 18c.
St. Paul Union Stock Yar^S.
HOGS—Market 6c higher. Quality
good. Range of prices, [email protected](X
CATTLE—Market steady. Good de
Sales ranged at [email protected] for stack
ers $3.00(3:3.15 for cows [email protected] for
steers $4.7oyj5.00 for calves.
SHEEP—Market strong and active
Sales ranged at $3.80S4.00 for muttons
14.75(^5.20 tor lambs.
Receipts: Hogs, 1,600 cattle^ 1,000
calves, 150 sheep, 4000.
Sioux City Lire Stoek.
Sioux CITY, LA., Nov. 16.
HOGS—Market active and steady.
Range of prices, f3.15(38.35.
CATTLE—Market generally active
Prices ranged at $3.00(33.95 for heifers
$3.45 for cows $4.40 for calves [email protected]
for stockers and feeders $3.40(3)i.80 for
SHEEP—Market in fair demand at
Chicago Union Stoek Tarda.
HOGS—Market slow and shade lower.
Sales ranged at I3.35S3.50 for light
$3.35(^3.55 for mixed $3.15g)3.50 for
heavy $3.15(^3.25 for rough.
CATTLE—Market steady at yester
day's decline.
Sales ranged at [email protected] for beeves
$1.80 a4.40 for cows and heifers $2.7o(j
3.80for Texas steers [email protected] for west
erns $2.90(34.40 for stojkers and feeders.
SHEEP—Market strong to a shade
Sales ranged at [email protected] for natives
$5.25(^4.70 for westerns $4.1546.10 for
Chleago Grain and Provisions.
WHEAT—November, 93$£c December,
94c old, 88c January, 88%c May,
89}^c July, 83^o.
CORN November, 26c December,
26c May, 29%c.
OATS November, 19%c Decem
ber. May. 21%(321J£c.
PORK—November, $7.22 December.
$7.22 January, $8.20.
Pon't Tobacco Spit auci etoose isur Lue tutu.
It' vou want to quit tobacco usiusr easii
and forever, beu.uue well.strong- Magnet.'
lull of new life nud vitror, ta.ic
the v. onder-wonu r, that ni.iitps •,veuiru:c r.
B:ronir. ?»lnny pain ten pomms in ten days
Over 40",UU0eiu*ed. \v Xo To of yo ir
drurjrisr,. unri^r jriarar/ec to i:e. 50: or
tl.tv.' Bookletaau saw,*•..- uee. Art.
Sterling RemedyO. «.• :iew Vork.
ALL Kerroua IHsear,€-ii—Fr.ilicg Moc.
ory, Impottincy, Sleeplessness, ^tc., caus
by Abuse or other Excoscesi and Indis
cretions. They quickly and
restore Lost Vitality i:i old or
fit a man for
study, business or ir.nrriae.'
Prevent Insanity and Confutation if
taken in timo. Their use shows immediate improve
ment and effects a CURE where all other fail In
list upon having the genuine Ainz Tablets. They
have cared thousands and will care yoa. We give a pos
itive written guarantee to effect a cure
each case or refund the money. Prioe
ne give
package or six pkgea (full treatment) for (2.G0. 'By
il. In £laln_wrapjer^ upon reooipt of price. (ircalar
19 Dearborn KU
mailTTn i jlain wrapper, upon rvooipt of
Chlewu, 111.
For sal* In Sladslon, N .l. by
F. C. IOI1TM, Uragclftt.
limey ana MM.
JEZ. i -A."2\
will give faithful attention to all
entrusted to him—at Syndicate
Block, Madison. S. D.
in Cyclone and Tornado
Insurance. Call at his
office and get rates.
1 WW 1
Good Society,
Dynamite Monopoly Mot the Greatest
Curse of the TranavaaL
PRETORIA, South Africa, Nov. 17.—
President Krnger, in proroguing the
volksraad until February, made a
speech in the course of which he said
the dynamite monopoly was not the
greatest curse of the country. Greater
harm, he added, was done by the per*
tons who were trying to create dissen
sions among the people of the states of
South Africa.
Citv Meat Market
Keep & constantly on ban 1 a all
Fresh and Cured' Meats
Fish, Fowl and Game, o season,
tlarjrBLOOD POISON permanently
cured In
15 to85 days. You can be
treated at
home for same price under same fftiaraa*
ty»If yon prefer to come here we will coa
tract to pay ra'.
lroad areand bote
I bllls.and
Ulcers on
s falUn
case we cannot cure, THIS UBMUM noa always
baffled the skill of the most eminent phyil
eians. 8000,000 capital behind our uncowil.
ttonalgmranty. Absolute nraofi sent sealedta
and the demand for Lake County farms is increasing. If you are iri
Mfearch of a
uood Home in——.
where you can raise Wheat, Oats, Barley, Corn, Flax, Potatoes,
in fact everything? adapted to this latitude, and
where you can successfully carry on
Dairying &
Stock Raising,
and where your family will have the advantages of
Correspondence Solicited.,
n* so*
Is the Basis of AH Wealth
Good Schools,
then come and see me, and I will show you just what you want. If you
are renting land now, paying $3 to $5 per acre annual rental, I will
show you just as good land and sell it to you at what you
will pay out in rental, where you are, in three years,
and will give you easy terms of payment.
If yott wantft^good location in Madison I have such for you. A large mua*
ber of substantial buildings have been built in iladison the past sea
son and the city is steadily growing in population.
Chas. B. Kennedy,
a Good Climate
Good Church Facilities,
to R:|T
nUiiUiiUllJlil tfUAilHIULLi'
i ii".tinniiou.
caj'i» .~o.
V CulllUl'tK:. tilt' ivou
aerftil nii'Uic'.ii t'fv ot UKJ upa. eas
aiit ami rei'v -Hlunc t.«» t.b«i luiiie, u»'i gently
and positively u liiiluoyn. liver and howels,
cleansing tlie entire svstx in. dispol colds,
cure hcodoolie, fever, naliituul constipatioa
and biliousness. PlAte buy and try a box
of C. C. C. to-day 10,35,50 cents. Hold and
guaranteed to cure by all druggist*.
arc the
Wool Lnxn
:I.T cri}. ur snj.i.i.ut casf natural mult*. Sou
plo ami booklet free. Ad. STEI1MMJ lt&.ilt.i)\ CO.. Cliirmvi. Montrunl. Cnn.. or New York.

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