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Scheme of a Connecticut Manu
facturer to Pay Off Old
Would Give All YVJjp Desire It
ThCir Life Expectancy
in Cash.
Amount to Be Computed From In
surance Tables—Advantages
of the Plan.
NEW YORK, DOC. 23. W. F. Rock
well, a prominent manufacturer of Mer
iden, Conu., lias in view the presenta
tion of a bill in congress through the
pension committee, looking toward the
finding of the pension appropriations.
This bill, according to Mr. Rockwell,
promises to be of great benefit, not only
to the government in the saving of
many millions of dollars, but to the
vast army of pensioners also. Mr. Rock
Well has talked about his plan to Presi
#bnt McKinley, Secretary Bliss, mem
bers of the ways and means committee
a&d to pension officials, all of whom, he
says, think well of it, but they have
not decided yet how it would be it
received by the country.
Pensioners who have been approached
Rockwell on the subject also
ink well of the idea and are inclined
to view it in a favorable light. He has
00n9ulted also, numerous bankers and
Commercial men, who approve the
scheme and admit its feasibility, belief
tag it to be entirely practical.
Give Tliem Their Expectancy.
"It has long been the idea of con
gress," said Mr. Rockwell, in speaking
of his plan, "that pensioners are de
pendent, whereas, as a matter of fact,
the great bulk of them are independent.
Thousands of them are owners of farms
in the West, which are mortgaged, the
mortgages bearing interest anywhere
from 8 to
per cent. My idea is to
issue negotiable bonds to the pension
ers, or to pay them the cash at their
option, to cover the amount they would
receive from the government, based on
life insurance expectancy. This would
enable them to pay off these mortgages,
thus saving to them the differences be
tween the lowest rate of interest in any
state, 6 per cent, and the interest on
the bonds,
per cent.
"This would relieve them from their
present entanglements. There are, in
round numbers, about 950,000 persons
on the pension rolls, and to those who
Me not owners of farms the payment of
the entire amount, which, according to
my table would be due them, would
enable many of them to start in busi
ness, and this in itself would put in
circulation a large amount of money
that wouid inure to the benefit not only
of the community in which tliey reside
but to the country.
"It would also be a great saving to
the government in the matter of sala
ries and expense,while the only expense
the government would incur would be
the issuing of the bonds. It would
also do away with pension attorneys,
Who receive from pensioners a good
share of the money paid out for them."
Kabbit* Responsible ^or Diphtheria.
Sioux CITY, la., Dec. 23.—Rabbits
are spreading diphtheria throughout
the central part of this state. Such, at
least, is the opinion of physicians.
Some time ago rabbits began dying of
a disease doctors pronounced almost
identical with diphtheria in the human
family. Soon after the epidemic com
menced among the rabbits diphtheria
began to be noticed among the families
in the locality. The conclusion was
reached that the germs were eonveyed
by the animals.
Game Liw Point Decided.
ST. CLOUD, Minn., Dec. 23.—Judge
Searie has sustained the demurrer in
terposed by Deputy Game Warden
Stephens in the suit brought by Julia
Selkirk of Detroit. The point was made
by the plaintiff that the game seized
wa:i killed by Indians on the White
Earth reservation. Judge Searie holds
that the Indians are amenable to the
state game laws, and especially so when
the game is designed lor shipment oat
side the state.
W. H. H. Graham of Indiana is to be
United States consul at Winnipeg.
Mr?. Charles R. Miller, a cousin of
President McKinley, is dead at Canton,
The next Pennsylvania Republican
convention will held at Harrisburg
June 2.
The Minnesota supreme court holds
that a husband is not the "next of kin"
to his wife.
Weighmaster Charles A. Bartlet of
La Cros9e is reported considerably
short in his accounts.
Opponents of annexation will try to
have this government establish a pro
tectorate over Hawaii.
Secretary Alger is confined to his
house by a heavy cold, but expects to
be out in a day or two.
A special issue of stamps commemor*
ative of the Omaha exposition will be
issued by the postoffice department.
The warehouse of the A. H. Andrews
Furniture company at Chicago, filled
with finished goods, has been destroyed
by fire.
General Weyleris quoted in an inter
view as stating that if Spain persists in
autonomy she will lose Cuba in a few
Captain Van Sant of Winon* an
a ounces himself &s a candidate for the
Republican nomination for governor of
Mrs. Ballington Booth, who is in the
Presbyterian hospital, I7ew Tori city,
suffering with heart trouble, is said to
be in a serious condition.
Mayor Josiah Quincy of Boston has
been re-elected. He received
votes to 85,991 for Curtis (Rep.) and
2,921 for Riley, (Bryan Dem.)
Assistant Cashier Kunztniller of the
defunct German National Bank of Den
ver has beet' ^ntenced to five years im
prisonment en' for making false re
ports to the v wiiiptroller.
Representative McCleary of Minne
sota proposes to insure depositors in
national banks against loss by bank
failures. A tax of one-twelfth of one
per cent, he says, would do it.
According to an Illinois supreme
court decision all but five heads of de
partments in Chicago are under civil
service rules. Tnis will nullify many
reappointments made by Mayor Harri
Tfhe Argentine chamber of deputies
has rejected the retaliatory tariff
against the United States, which was
substituted by the finance committee,
but voted to increase the tariff on
petroleum three centimes, gold.
Dr. Noah Fields Drake, a graduate
student in geology at Stanford univer
sity since 1893, has been tendered and
has accepted a position in the Tien ^sin
university, China. He will be major
professor of mining engineering and
Milwaukee Grain.
WHEAT—Xo. 1 Northern, 93s No.
spring, [email protected] May, 91 ^o.
CORN—No. i, 3(}?£(&2ro.
OATS—No. 2 white, 24^(324?£c.
BARLEY—No. 2, 40J sample on track,
Duluth Grain.
DULFLTO, Be?. 28.
WHEAT—Cash Xo. 1 hard, 93Jic Xo.
1 Northern, 93J^c No. 2 Northern. 84o
No. 3 spring, bO.- to arrive, No. 1 hard
V3/4C No. 1 Northern, 93c Decern ^"»r
No. 1 Northern, 93^o May No. 1 N
ern, yiic.
Minneapolis Grain.
WHEAT—December closed at
May, by%@^yj^c. On Track No. 1
No. 1 Northern, No. 2
1'oultry, Butter and Ecu*.
POULTRY—Dressel, easier for turk
eys, others firm turkeys, ll&ll^o
chickens, ducks, ti(g,8c.
BUTTER—Steady creauiaries, 15(£U1
dairies, i2gl9c.
EGGS—Firm fresh,20o.
St. Paul Union Stock Yard*.
HOGS—Market steady and active, qual
ity pour. Kiinge of prices. $3.10 0*3.37^.
CATTLE—Market about steady go.d
demand for butcher stuff.
Sales ranged at $3.7o(gi3.80 for stockers
12.70^,3.2o fur cows |3.65(g,4.30 for steers
[email protected] for heifers.
SHEEP—Market steady.
Muttons, £3.O.J.U,3.85 lambs, $1.55 a5.1&.
Receipts: Cattle, 500 hogs,2,000 sheep
20J calves, 1UJ.
Chicago L'n on Stock Yards.
CHICAGO, Dec. 22.
HOGS—Marine* moderately active
mostly 5c lowaf.
Sales ranged at $ :[email protected]}£ for light
.b-zy2 for mixed *Sj.35.^3.50 for
hej.vy jM.s&< or rough.
CATTLE—Best firm, others weak.
tales ranged at $3.6J fi.5.35 for beeves
ll.bu U.4U for cows and heifers $3.00®
i.li) for Itjxas stoer.* ijW.OJ ^4.20 lor
sto-'kers and feeders.
SHEEP—MarKet steady to strong.
Sales rarvjed at §i.75 for natives
$.o0^4.ii» lor westerns [email protected] for
-ceipts: Hogs, 47.003 cattle, 12,000
bheep, 10,0iX).
Moux City Live Stock.
Sioux CITY, la., Dee. 22.
HOGS—Market active and 5j lower.
Range of pricos, $3.20^3. 5.
CATTLE—Market lairly active steady
stock heifers weak.
Prices ranged at [email protected] for cows
$3.oo(44.1t) lor stockers anil feeders
«3,300i4.i0 for yearlings.
SHEEP—In fair demand at $10034.40.
Chicago Grain and Provisions.
CHICAGO, Dea. 22.
WHEAT—December, 08%c old, 88o
January, 02)^c May, 93c July, 83%c
•September, 77%c.
CORN—December, 23^@26j${o Janu*
ary, May,fiy%(&2y}$c July, 30c.
OATS—December, 22c May, 22%
PORK Dccembert $7.4i) January,
f8.G7&3.70 May, $8.93.
Bncklln Arnica Halve.
The Best Halve in the world for Outs,
Bruises, Horee, Ulcers, Salt Rheu.Ti, Fe
ver Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chil
blains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions,
and positively oures Piles, or no pay re
quired. It is guaranteed te give perfect
satisfaction or money refunded. Price
25 oents ntr box. For sale bjr O.
It is easy to catoh a cold and ust ns
easy to get rid of it if you commence
early to use One Minute Cough Cure. It
cures coughs, colds, bronchitis, pneu
monia and all throat and lung
troubles. It is pleasant to take, safe to
use and sure to cure.
Just try a lOo. box of CAsoarats, the
finest liver andbowel regulator ever
Mrs. Stark, Pleasant Ridge, O., sbys,
"After two doctors gave up my boy to
die, I saved him from croup by using
One Minute Cough Cu/e." It is ihe
quickest and most certain remedy for
coughs, colds and all throat and lnng
1 /N i )'i 1
Ikjri le
Candy Cathartic, the most won*
derful medical discovery of the age, pleas
ant and refreshing, to toe taste, act gently
and positively on odneys,
liver and bowfttfc
cleansing the entire system, dispel colds,
cure headaohe, fever, habitual constipation
and Mltoiiihmr gMMy bujr,«Adin a box
of C. C. C. to-day SOcents. Bold and
C"aNotMd to cure by al) druggist*.
Publication of a Threat of Wolcott to Be
lign Stirs Up Washington Politicians.
NEW YORK, Dec. 23.—The World
prints the following special dispatch
from Washington.
The publication in The World of Sen
ator Wolcott's threat to resign from the
United States senate created a sensa
tion here in political circles. While
many believe that his indignation may
sufficiently cool to prevent the actual
relinquishment of his seat all agree
that h'.s return to the advocacy of free
and uulimited silver coinage is certain.
The position in which Senator Wol
cott is placed is well understood by all
those who realize the peculiar situation
which has developed with respect to
the administration and monetary com
mission of which the Colorado senator
is chairnuu.
Some One Is at Variance.
Either President McKinley and Sec
retary Gage is at variance or Senator
Wolcott and his symatli.zers are utterly
deceived as to the president's attitude.
Mr. Woicott lius since his return from
Europe talked long and earnestly with
the president, and yet he defends the
president wnile taking a position of
open antagonism to Secretary Gage
The assertion is made by Mr. Wolcott's
sympathizers that Secretary Gage mis
represents the administration, and that
if it were not for the political disturb
ance it would cause, Mr. Gage might
retire from the cabihet.
This assertion, which is now made
privately, is likely to be made publicly
before long. If this is done the issue
will be raised and the public will know
the facts.
The result will probably be that Mr.
Wolcott will find that he has misunder
stood the position of the president and
will then dramatically announce his in
dignation at the administration. The
president can hardly be in sympathy
with both Secretary Gage and Mr.
Wolcott as Gage stands simply for gold
and Wolcott for silver alone.
As things are now tending the presi
dent will probably have to break with
one or the other of them and unless he
is misunderstood by the leaders of his
party aud persons closest to him, the
break will not be with the secretary of
Spanish figures of Insurgent Losaei.
HAVANA, Dec. »'8. —It is announced
from the palace that during the past 10
days the insurgents have lost 303 men
killed, aud that, in addition, the Span
ish troops have captured 17 prisoners
and 69 armed insurgents have surreu
dered. ___
Sew Mayor of Winnipeg.
WINNIPEG, Dec. 23.—Alderman A. J.
Andrews, barrister, was elected mayor
of the city over E. ¥. Hutchings, a
harness manufacturer, by 404 majority.
Moonlight on the
sea. There are pic
tures and dreams
and castles in the
air for the woman
who sits and gazes
out over it. Pic
tures of a happy
home, dreams of a
manly husband,
beautiful castles to be built by the loving
hands of mutual helpfulness and filled
with healthy, happy children.
Almost without exception these dreams
might become realities if mothers would
only teach their daughters the most com
mon sense facts about their own physical
make-up, and advise them how to protect
themselves from the perils of the three
critical periods of their lives—puberty or
maturity, motherhood and the "turn of
life." Women at these times suffer from
irregularities and weaknesses which, if
neglected, will develop into dangerous dis
eases and make their whole lives wretched.
The delicate organs that make wifehood
and motherhood possible, cannot be neg
lected with impunity. If they are neglect
ed the result is unhappy wifehood, and
motherhood will be a menace of death.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is an un
failing specific for alt diseases of these
organs. It restores theft to perfect health.
It promotes regularity cf their special func
tions. It fits for wifehood and mother
hood. It tones, invigorates and builds up
the nerves that have been shattered by
pain and suffering.
For years my wife suffered from what the
doctors called prolapsus of the uterus," writes
A!r. Harry Chant, of 211 Haskell Street, Dallas,
Texas. She was nervous, had cold hands and
feet, palpitation, headache, backache, constipa
tion, a disagreeable drain, bearing-down pains
and no appetite. She got so weak she could not
get around. I am only a laborer, and was always
in debt to the doctors, and all for nogood, as none
of them did her any good. She began taking
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription and it seemed
to work like a charm. She has taken about
thirteen bottles and is to-day as stout and
healthy as any woman in the United States."
Order for Bearing Petition.
In the matter of the guardianship of minor
heirs of Chester O. Selland, drceaeed: Peti'ioo
of guardian hiving been filed aeking authori'y to
mortgage teal estate in the matter of above es
tate, it i* hereby ordered that all pernons irter
ested in t«i(l e-taie appear before this conrt on
Saturday, tl.e 8th day of January, A. I). 1898, at
ten(10) o'clock a. m.. at the oflice of the coui.ty
conrt, in the city of Mndieon, in said comity,
then and there to show cause, if ary there be,
why authority should not he granted to Inuer C\
Selland. as guardian, to morteaire the salt! real
estate, for the purpose of obluining funds for the
payment of debts, charge?, tuxe«, assessments
and liens, and for the making of necessary Im
Dnted at Madison, R. D., this 10th day of De
cember, A. D., 18 7.
By the court:
WM. McGRATH, County Judge.
Attest: J. M. PRBSTON, Clerk.
Stateof South Dakota, county of Lake—s*. In
circnlt conrt, Second Judicial circuit. harlee
N. Fader and Fred S. Fader, pin! 11 tiffs,. vs. Eu
gene K. Newball, defendant. Summons, .etc.
The state of South Dakota sends greeting: To
the above iibmed defendant: You are hereby
snrnmoued and required to answer tbe com
plaint in this action, which was filed on the tttb
aay of December, Aw D. 181*7, in the office of the
clerk of the circuit court within and for said
Lake county, at Madison South Dakota, sndto
serve a copy of your answer on tbe subscriber at
his office in the city of Madison, South Dakota,
within thirty days after the service of tnis sum
mon8, exclusive of the day of service. If yqn
fail to answer the complaint within that time,
the plaintiffs will apply to the court for the re
lief demanded in tbe complaint, besides costs.
Dated at Madls n, 8. D., this tttb day of De
cember, A. D., 18J7.
Plaintiffs'' Attorney,
To the above named defendant: Von wjtl
please take notice that the comnlalut 111 this
action was ftleil In the ofttee of the. elerk of iw
circuit court !B and for tbe coo- ty of Lake,
Sco jnd cisl circuit, of the state of South
1 ako*". at bit office.00 the Hth day of December,
A. D. i807. J. II. WILUA MSOTf,
Plaintiffs' Attorney.
ESTA.Ul.ISa Kit 1H7H.
mm ami
A S-
A.LI* Nvrvou* \i j.u
or?, Itnpotency, Kleepleseners, I:HV r.:».
by Abuse or other nti ?.u .it
They quickly a not
Tablets, They
ttiX IK?#
Ivlft WVIMOBKliPAulM VO 9BMI Qttfl E|||pTB ift
refnnd the money. PrioeWV VI Wiper
six pkcea (fall treatment) for f&GO. By
teeeint of price. Ciroalar
rh 1»»i«rbera8U
OhiSn. I1L
P«r Mle In MMaloa, II .D. by
r. c. Hurra, Brinist.
Hubbell Bros.
tEe Best
s of
and th* demand M- lifts CWhi# farm* is Mcreastftg. If you arej in
search of a
Good Home in-—.
——a Good Climate
where you can raise Wheat, Oats, Barley, Corn, FlaX, Potatoes,
in fact everything adapted to this latitude, and
where you can successfully carry on
Dairying &
5tock Raising,
and where your family will have the advantages of
Is the Basis of All Wealth
Good Schools,
then come and see me, and I will show you just what you want. If you
are renting land now, paying $3 to $5 per acre annual rental, I will
show you just as good land and sell it t® you at what you
will pay out In rental, where you are, in three years,
Mid will give you easy terms of payment.
Correspondence Solicited.^
If you want a good location in Madison I have such for you. A large num
ber of substantial buildings have been built-in Hadison the past sea
son and the city is steadily growing in
Chas. B. Kennedy,
Good Church Facilities,
Primary, 8e»
red In 15 to
36 day
a. You
can be treated at
^^^flnhomeforBume price nnderBamegaaraa
ty. If you prefor to
coma here we
will eon
tract to pay railroad faroand hotel bills,
oocharge. If we fail to cure. If you have taken mer*
cury, iodide notaah, and etlli have achet
anv pan ox me ooay, nair or Kyenrowi ailing
OL* it lo tbia Secondary BLOOD POISON
vajcaaranteotoctire. We solicit tbo inost «batl«
Bate cases nnd ehauenffe the world tor
eaae we cannot, cure. This disesse has always
Milled the skill of the.most eminent physi
cians. 9500,000 capital behind our unco nut*
restore Lost Vitality in old or
fit amen for
study, ttusineaaor xvurriaKc.
Prevent Insanity and Consumption if
taken in time. Their nite shows immediate improve
ment and effects a CUBE where all other fail In
list upon bavins the («nnine
File your winter order now, The
est grades of hard aud sofl coal
Sfexdliid 'Soft Coal.- Sffiu
.TVmt Tobacco Bpit tad Bmoka* xonr JLue away.
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full of new life and vigor, take No-To-Bac.
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dnip-gist, under guarantee to mre, 60c
SaVe Goal
tins, ucoual'atchea in moutTi, Sore
Copper Colored 8pota, (Jleers on
part of the Dody, Hair or Eyebrows foiling
By buying the best
grades of Hard and
Soft Ooal, delivered
to any part ,.of the
city, ol
Third Elevator east
O' Egan avenue
fik byciohe and toriind
Insurance. Call at fa I
office and get rates.
tiyndioate blook1

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