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.* Of
mail, 3 months
by carrier, per wWI
JH. iuo.., 1 year
y. mail, 6 months
.. 8.00
TH* DitLT LIADBB makes a special feature of
uruishit: ^.formation concerning the advantsges
au.l rteoorces of the city of MadUon and of th«
ae at large entitling It to the patro-iagj otaa-
e7rti«ers of
every class.
Parder Xe*v Era, IS: "W bat has be
come of the report of the Senators Tet
ti«revi-and Mantle, who went to Japan
eight months ago to try to gather mater
ial with which to offset the fact that the
have adopted the gold standard?
If they.were convinced that the tap
auese acted wisely, they ought to ha\e
the fraukuess to say so."
We believe Messrs. Pettigrew and
Mautle went to .Japan and China atth^ir
own expense and can report when they
piease or not at all if they dou want to.
But when the opportune time comes
tiiey will no doubt be heard and with
effective blows too. These gentlemen
also took a look at conditions in Hawaii
at their own expense and we believe Mr.
Pettigrew has been heard pretty effectu
ally on that question. At least Mr.
Pettigrew is credited by his colleagues
and the large journals of the country
with having made the ablest speech on
the question by any of the senators ami
it is gerally conceded that the prospect
ratitication of the treaty by the senate
is pretty effectually killed. Is the New
Era really anxious to hear from Mr.
Pettigrew ou the grinding effects of the
gold standard in Japau .' He is not with
out abundant proof of its advantage to
tlie government and the rich of Japau,
out all made up at the expense of the
toiler and producer. But, perhaps, the
New Era really thought that Mr. Petti,
grew had to make a report even though
he traveled at his own expense
There are twu Spaniards, big ae they
tbink themsei'-es to be aLd Lrutal too,
who will get their noses punched to a
deep claret red it' ever a jolly Yankee
tar gets a goo single handed tight lug
jtiauce at Ihetn, and that is ex Captain
General Wpyier of Spain and Lieut. J.
IT. Sjbrai.a uavai attache of the Spanish
legation at Washington. The former
said at Barcelona in reference to th«
cause of the Maine's explosion that it
was probably due "to the insolence of
the crew,'' Which is about equal to sa)
.tig that Weyler's followers in Havauu
are ^capable of any devili6hness that
would gratify their hatred of the Ameri
can. Equally as rabid and fir from the
trnth is the statement credited to Lieut.
Sobrai: "It was the result of an ex
plosion insiue the ship, which took place
one of the forward magazines. The
fact of the matter is that the discipline
and the watcn observed on the ship were
very lax. This, as an English uewspaper
*aid the other day, is the case ou Ameri
can warships generally. These sort of
things have oecured on previous oc
cas'ons ou Am-rican ar vessels."
Huronite, 1'J: The annual report of
t'ae civil service commission has
been issued and shows that dur
ing the past year iJ.U-j persons
were examined of which 28,
•v% passed the examination and of these
4,130 were appointed to life seivice in
office. About one in ten who take the
examinations secure appointments, The
i'lv.i service has doubtless come to stay
aud will soon create a life holding class
of olllcers which is one of the serious ob
jections TO TLIH IHW. Under a govern
ment of the people such a thing as an
oSlioe hold ng t'lacs is objectionable. The
spoi.s system had its drawbacks, but the
civii service law does not remedy ail the
evils of the spoils system and creates
others far more objectionable.
Secretary J},i-H h.s r-inlt-red a decis
ion as to the price to be paid for public
lands in Sisse'on and Yankton reserva
tions, S. D. The case came to him on
appeal of the agent of the stat- of South
Dak'.tn. who claims that the settlers who
imuiute entries should be required to
pay cl:2'j per acre in addition to the
stipulated price for lands under the
t-ea.j, I he land office decided against
this contention and the secretary affirms
the decision. It is held that the settlers
on the Si.ssetoti and Wahpeton reserva
tions must pay per acre in addition
to the usual fees and commissions. Set
tlers on the Yankton reservation are re
quired to pay $.}.(."} per acre under the
act of Aug. 15,1891. The state's inter
est arose from the fact that 5 per cent of
the proceeds of.tbe sales of lands is due
under the act of admission.
Pierre dispatch, 20: The state brand
commission will complete its
the present session tc-morrow and has
allowed 1,031 different brands. It has
been compelled to order a number of
changes, all of which have been accept
ed but three. The statute provides for
two meetings of the commission each
year, in January and July, but it will
take its option to meet oftener and hold
a session in April, just prior to the
spring roundup.
Ue are anxious to do a little good in
this world ond can think of
or better way to do it than by recom
mending One Minute Cough Cure as a
of reentive of pneumonia, consumption
and other serious lung troubles that
fuiiow neglected colds.
riiouendoscope, a French I
u vent ton, Telia
Many Things About Interoal Organs.
NEW YORK, Feb. 22.—The invention
is announced of the phonendoscope, au
instrument of wonderful value in
studying the condition of the internal
organs of the body. It is declared by
physicians to be a tremendous advance
on the old stethoscope. By its aid the
physician can not only ascertain the
condition of an organ, but trace its
shape. It has been discovered with the
phonendescope that the stomach as
sumes a different form when full of
different kinds of food and drink. The
rapidity with which various kinds of
food and drink are digested, can also be
studied accurately with the phonendo
scope. The instrument is the invention
of Doctors Blauchi and Bazzi of France.
American golf sticks
are being
in England and Scotland.
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch says
Jimmy Michael has left the bicycle
track permanently and will become a
jockey for Phil Dwyer.
The new wharf at Tainpico, Mex.,
constructed by the Central railroad,
under government supervision, was de
stroyed by lire Sunday.
Central and Southern New Mexico
are infested with cattle and sheep
thieves and trouble is anticipated on
ranges east and south of Albuquerque.
Mrs. Helen Hammond, widow of
George H. Hammond, founder of Ham
mond, Iud., the pioneer in shipping
fresh meats ill refrigerator cars, is
The sundry civil bill has been re
ported to the house. It appropriates
£44,?49,b(A8, being $13,234,541 less than
ilie regular and supplemental estimates,
and jfS.Stil.SSM) less than the appropria­
tor the current vear.
Great Military Activity Shown at Johan
LONDON, Feb. 22.— The Capetown
correspondent of The Daily Mail says:
The Transvaal government is mount
ing gnus at Johannesburg and convey
ing Maxims, shells, rifles and cartridges
to that point in an i ffensive and osten
tatious manner. During the last week
eight truck loads of war material were
paraded through the streets of Johan
ne «burg and carried, under escort of an
artillery detachment, to the fort ou the
hili outside the town.
The ancient ireeks believed that Pen
ates were the gods who attended to the
welfare and prosperity of the family.
They were worshipped as household gods
in every home. The household god of
to-day Is Dr. Kings New Discovery. For
consumption, coughs, colds and for all
affections of throat Chest and Lungs it
is invaluable. It has been tried for a
quarter ofacentuary and is guaranteed
to cure, or money refunded. No house
hold should be without this good angel.
It is pleasant to take and a safe and
snre remedy for old and youug. Free
trial bottles at C. H. Wood's drug store
Regular &ize 50c and £1.00.
A thrill of terror is expereinatd *heh
a brassy cough of croup sounds througn
the house at night. But the terror soon
changes to relief after One Minute
Cough Cure has been administered
Safe aud harmless for children.
Children and adults tortured by burns,
scalds, injuries, eezemw or skin diseases
may secure instant relief by using De
Witt's Witch Hazel Sa've. It is the
treat Pile remedy.
Ileal f'.Ntate Transfer*
In Lake county for two weeks ending
February 21. 1898.
Eben O Lord and wife to Cko
A Lord, lots 13, blk 3 and lots 0
and 10 blk 0, Village of Went
worth 100
E Soper and wife to Mt Vernon
Oolllege. Iowa, w*. of se^ sec
1-106-33 *. 1
Sheriff's deed to Barett ifld
Srtc.nei^ sec 33-10*1-53 1
James Cox and wife to Arbor
(ireen, lot 10. blk 1, Coburo'a
Add to Madison 75
Geo E Heardsley and wife to Al
pheus A Haner, blk 11 (12 lots),
Beardsley's Add to Madison 500
W A Mackay to Mackay, ne}^
soc I V107 53 and sw1^ see 2
100-T/l and n». sec 35 10C 52.. 3,000
Lilliac. 1 Wheeler to Mrs Grace
Manchester, 5 acres in oej.4 sec
1: ,500
Wm Barrett and wife to Tbos
Barett. ne1.^ sec It-105-52 2,500
Edmond Smith and wife to
Mary Smith, part of se}£ sec 8
106-52 100
Violet Blake and husb to Frank
Fint/.el, lots 7 and 8, blk 0, Town
Prop 1st Add to Madison 1,000
W Talpey to Belle Miller, nw)^
of 6eJ4' sec 4-108 54 175
Bnckllu Arnica Malve.
Th« Best Salve in the world for Outs,
Bruises, Sores, Uloers, Salt Rheu.n, Fe
ver Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chil
blains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions,
and positively oures Piles, or no pay re
quired. it is guaranteed te give perfect
satisfaction or money refunded. Prioe
25 oenta Mr box. For sale by C.
Whooping cough is the most distress
ing malady but its dujation can be cut
short by the use of One Minute Cough
Cure, which is also the best known
remedy for croup and all lung troubles.
When bilious or costive eat a Cascaret
candy cathartic, cure guaranteed, 10c, 25o
What pleasure is there in life with a
headache, constipation and biliousoess?
Thousands experience them who could
become perfectly healthy by uring De
W itt's Little Eai ly Iiieers, the famous
little pills.
Western ltonds AMUUIS the Aggressive in
the Kate Cutting Matter.
CHICAGO, Feb. —Western roads
have assumed the aggressive in the
war with the Canadian Puc ti road.
They haw thrown that road out of the
Western immigrant clearing house.
The effect of this action will be that
the Canadian Pacific will be shut out
from any participation in immigrant
traffic arriving at New York or Boston.
The Transatlantic steamship lines wiii
also stop selling tickets via the Can
dian Pacific.
The Southern Pacific road is^ also a
party to this boycott, so that the Can
adian Pacific practically has left it
self without friends.
As a result of this action, the Cana
dian Pacific will have to rely on traffic
arriving at Portland, Me., or Canadian
ports for its immigrant business.
The Western roads have also made
application at Washington to the in
terstate commerce commission for a
suspension of the long !#.l short haul
clause of the interstate commerce act
so far as transcontinental passenger
rates are concerned. This action was
taken to save their intermediate
rates in their conflict with the Canadian
Pacific road over transcontinental busi-
Mometliinx t.i Know.
It may be worth something to know
that the very best medicine for restoring
the tired out nervous system to a healthy
vigor is Electric Bitters. This medicine
is purely vegetable, acts by giving tone
to the nerve centre in the stomach,
gently stimulates the liver and kidneys,
and aids these organs in throwing off
impurities in the blood. Electric Bitters
improves the appetite, aids digestion,
and is pronounced by those who have
tried it as the very best blood puritier
and nerve tonis. Try it. Sold for 50c
or £1 per bottle at C. H. Wood's Drug
"l»r. feimer'H lt) Nprp«ia Care."
as the name implies, is simply for Dys
pepsia or Indigestion. It should he su
perior to the general run of preparations
and prescriptions because prepared by a
physician of many years' study and ex
perience, whose writings on medical
questions are .accepted as authorities.
If not satisfied after using one bottle,
your money will be refunded by Frank
Smith of Madison.
Cascarets stimulate livei, kMlMVs and
bowela. Never sicken, weaken or gripe.
licanty IH Itlooil Deep.
Clean bln«l
HUMUS a elean skin. X-»
beauty without it. Cascarets. Candy I'.rii.ir
t:- clean your blood and Ueep it clean, by i
stirring up the lazy liver and driving ali im
mirities from the bod v. Begin to-day to
banish pimples, boils, blotched, blackhead.-,
and that sickly bilious complexion by taking I
Cascarets.—beauty tor ten cents. All di ug
gists, satisfaction guaranteed, 10c, 25c,5o-.
DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve
Cures Piles, Scalds, Burn*
Citv Meat Market i
Keeps constantly oa band a full
line of
Fresh anf Caret! Meats
Fish, Fowl ani Game, season
Work done neatly,
promptly and reliable.
Basket leaves Madison
House every TUESDAY
Sa\te Goal
By buying the best
Hard and
Soft Coal, delivered
to any part
city, at
Third Elevator east^c' Egan avenue
File your winter order now. The
best grades of hard and soft coal
Good Society,
are renting land now, paying
Anvono sending a sketoh and donrrintinn may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
Invention i* prohnbly patentable. 'oniiinintrn
tionn strictly r-nnfldentiiil. Hmulbookon I'Htenta
•ent. free. Oldest airency for n i urin^ putenu.
Patent* taken through Mimn A (o. receive
rpeeial nnticr,
without charge, in the
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Largest cir
culation of any scientific Journal. Terms, S3 a
year four months, Hold by all newsdealers.
MUNN i Co.36,B'Md-» New York
Brucb Office, 626 If 8t., Washington, 1). (J,
JivervluMly Rays So.
Ciiscarete (.a»il v (Jut!i n-i w*. Mio tnoMt WMI.
aei'fiii iiK'dicul discovcrv of tlie a*^ jvrjts
ant and refreshing to the taste.
and positively on ki.lnuys. liver mid bowels
cleansing the entire Fvstm. dispel »ol»is.
cuic hcaiJaclie, fever, linl.ilii.il eoimtinatio*
of C. (. C. tn-«lny
Jfo}#u*ru/. *fj/i'usu/vr!,. fe.
''•'Wr. {4,/
and the demand for Lake County farms is increasing. If you
Good Home in
a Good Clirriati
where you can raise WUieat, Oats, Barley^ Corn, Flax, Potato^
in fact everything!* adapted, to this latitude, and
where you can successfully carry on
Dairying &
Stock Raisin
Just a woman's story.
o»«l trv a box
JO, "J.\
Ml rent*. Hold ant!
guaranteed to cure by ill druggists.
Is the Basis of All WealJ
search of a
and where your family will have the advantages of
Good Schools,
then come and see me, and I wiH sflow you fttst what you want.
If you want a good location in Madison I have such for you. A large nut
Correspondence Solicited.
ber of substantial buildings have been built In fladison the past sea
son"and the city is steadily growing in population.
Chas. B. Kennedy!
Good Church Facilitiei
show you just as good land and sell it to you at what you
will pay out in rental, where you are, in three years,
and will give you easy terms of payment.
per acre annual rental, I will
The Weakness
A woman who has suffered eighteen ycarst who ha
been cured after a life of misery and lives again in
swishitu of happiness, speaks to other women in u''
°f uncertain meaning.
vean, Sara E. Bowen, of
W\h^y^ouat l1^
^TJiat .he did not die isalmort beyond
MB. Bowen's trouble requires no d«crin
ton. What little I did St
Rested in my weakenrd
me4untold nUse^?
heavy.V I^as^zT"^]
lt vi
which every
woman will instantly recognize.
member but lilTlc!
and was reduced in
oi despaif. Day by my troubl'
worse, and dark indeed WA3 tbf
deliverance. n,
A friend of mine told me about L*
liams' Pink Pills for Pale PeopU
they had accomplished for others
It wai the first glimpw of the sun
piness through the dark clouds
Bowrn says:
wealtness ^culiTr to my
and ttused
Cycs were
R'edicine wL rfr™. without ivaiL
*«d time again I was
at tiwbrkk
I bought a box and took them*
then I felt their cffcct. I
bought tn
continued to them until I
and strong.
They liberated me from the most
bonds that ever tortured a woma11*.
brought me new life when
recommend them to my f«tfldi!i
do not hesitate to say to every
woman In the world that Dr.
Pink Pills will cure her."
Dr. William* Ffafc Pills for PjU
are a specific lot all forms of
The blood u vitalized and beco^
nant with (he elements of life*.
vous system reorganized* all W
arr corrected, strength returns an"
disappears. So remarkable have i
cures oerformed by these
UttU P1
*heif. fame has spread to the far'
civilization. Wherever you Jfp
wid the most important article f.
dmg atore to be Dr. WUIiMP'^
foe Pale People.

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