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A Clever Ft rate Who Won Freedom far
Himself and His Companions by Forging
a Letter and Playing on Ilia Captor's
Mr. Frank R. Stockton, telling St.
Nicbclas readers about "The Bnccaneers
of Uui ust," describes the clever es
cape or Koc, the Brazilian, a famous
pirate, from captivity among the Span
ish at Cam poachy. .Mr. Stockton says:
When ho was coming into the Lay,
Roc had noticed a large French vessel
that was lying at some distance from
the town, and he wrote his letter as if
it had come from the captain ^f this
ship. In the character of this French
captain he addressed his letter to the
governor of the town, and in it he stated
that he had understood that certain
companions of the coast, for whom he
had great sympathy—for the French
and the buccaneers wore always good
friends—had been captured by the gov
ernor, who, lie heard, bad threatened to
execute them.
The French captain, by the hand of
Roc. went on to say that if harm should
come to these brave men, who had been
taken and imprisoned when they were
doing no harm to anybody, he would
swear, in his most solemn manner, that
never for the rest of his life would he
give quarter to any Spaniard who might
fall into his hands, and be moreover
threatened that any kind of vengeance
which should become possible for the
buccaneers and French united to inflict
upon the Spanish ships, or upon the
town of Cam peachy, should be taken as
soon as possible after he should hear cf
any injury that might be inflicted upon
the unfortunate nion who were then
lying imprisoned in the fortress.
When the slave came back to Rcr,
the letter was given to him with very
particular directions as to what he was
to do with it. He was to disguise him
self as much as possible, so that he
should not be recognized by the people
of the place, and then in the night he
was to make his way out of the town,
and early in the morning was to return
as if he had been walking along the
shore of the harbor, when he was to
state that he had been put on shore from
the French vessel in the offing with a
letter which he was ordered to present
to the governor.
The slave performed his part of the
business very well. The next day, wet
and bedraggled from making his way
through the weeds and mud of the
coast, he presented himself at the
tress with his letter, and when he was
allowed to take it to the governor no
one suspected that he was a person em
ployed about the place. Having fulfilled
his mission, he departed, and when seen
again he was the same servant whose
business it was to carry food to the pris
The governor read the letter with a
disquieted mind. He knew that the
French ship which was lying outside
the harbor was a powerful vessel, and
he did not like French ships anyway.
The town had once been taken and very
badly treated by a little fleet of French
and English buccaneers, and he was
very anxious that nothing of the kind
should happen again.
There was no effective Spanish force
in the harbor at that time, and he did
not know how many buccaneering ves
sels might be able to gather together in
the bay if it should become known that
the great pirate Roc had been put to
death in Cam peachy.
It was unu?ual for a prisoner to have
powerful friends so near by, and the
governor to.,k Roc's case into most ear
nest consideration. A few hours' reflec
tion was sufficient to convince him that
it would be very unsafe to take risks
with such a dangerous prize as the pi
rate Roc, and he determined to get rid
cf him as soon as possible. He felt him
self in the position of a man who has
stolen a baby bear and who hears
through the woods the roar of an ap
proaching parent. To throw away the
cub and walk eff as though he had no
id'-a there were any bears in that forest
would be the inclination
a man so
situated, and to get rid of a great pirate
without provoking the vengeance of his
friends was the natural inclination if
the governor.
.Now, Rcc and his men were treated
well and, having been brought before
the governor, were told that in conse
quence of their having committed no
overt act of disorder they would be set
at liberty and shipped to Spain upon
the single condition that they would
abandon piracy and agree to become
quiet citizens.
To these terms Roo aad his men
agreed without argument. They de
dared they would retire from the buc
caneering business and that nothing
would suit them better than to return
to the ways of civilization and virtue.
There was a ship about to depart for
Spain, and on this the governor gave
Roc and his men free passage to th»
other side of the ocean. There is no
doubt that our buccaneers would have
much preferred to have been put on
board the French vessel, but Roc made
no suggestion of the kind, knowing how
astonished the French captain would be
if the governor were to communicate
with him on the subject.
Coruiian iieitri/ oesertca.
LONDON, July 23.—A dispatch to The
Standard from Corunna gives a lively
account of the panic in the country,
owing to the fears of the approaching
American squadron. The correspondent
says there is a daily stream of bullock
carts with furniture and the town is
nearly deserted by the better class of
An Iowa Tragedy.
BEDFORD, la., July 22.—David Rid
dies shot and killed Dolph Adams at
Newmarket. The murderer was ar
rested and placed in jail here.
People's Parts* Platform.
Following is the platform adopted by
the People's Party convention of South
Dakota, at Aberdeen, June 22,1S98:
The People's Party of South Dakota
triumphantly reaffirms its allegiance to
the fundamental principles enunciated
iu the Omaha and St. Louis platforms
I We distinctly reaffirm our position in
favor of the free and unlimited coinage
of stiver at the ratio of 1G to 1 and our
unalterable opposition to the isene of
nterest bearing bonds in time of peace
or war.
We are opposed to banks of issue and
in favor of the issue of all money direct
by the government.
We demand the passage of the free
homes bill and condemn the opposition
is that measure by the national Repub
lican managers, and tbeir failure to re
deem this pledge in the St. Louis plat
form. We approve of the war now being
waged in behalf the oppressed people
of Cuba and the Philippines and demand
its energetic prosecutiou and that it be
terminated as quickly as possible after
the purpose for which it was inaugur
ated shail have been accomplished.
We denounce the infamous policy of
government by injunction fostered by
the federal courts and we demand the
election of such courts by the direct vote
of the people for a stated term.
We regard the life terms system in our
federal judiciary as subversive of liberty
and we demand the eleotion of members
of the United States supreme court for
stated terms by direct vote of the peo*
State Issues—1. No people can be
free wbo are denied the right to vote yes
and no on every law to which they are
subject and we therefore favor the initi
ative and referendum as the only meas
ure by which majority rule can be se
2. We are firmly committed to the
public ownership of natural monopolies
acd we favor an amendment to the con
stitution permitticg the state to engage
in public works.
3. W» favor the repeal ot the so
called fellow servant statute and the en
actment of legislation making employers
liable for injuries received by their em
ployes while in the discharge of their
immediate duty, when injuries received
are directly traceable to the negligence
of employers or fellow servants.
4. We believe in fostering the insti
tutions of the state and insist that
county and state supplies should be
purchased from home producers.
5. We are opposed to the employment
of convict laoor in competition with free
labor except to such an extent as may
be necessary to preserve the health of
convicts and maintain the institution in
which they are incarcerated.
6. We demand an equitable tax upon
the franchises and property of railroad
and other corporations and we condemn
the rm-jority of the state board of equal
ization for its refusal to assess railroad
property on the same basis as that of
the citizens of the state.
Resolved, That we heartily oomtnend
the course of Representatives Knowles
and Kelley.
Resolved. That we ccmmend the mag
nificent fight Senator Pettierew is uiak
ing against monopolies, enemies of the
people and we rejoice in the power and
influence which he has gained by his
able and courageous defense of the right
of man.
Resolved, That we commend the hon
est and fearless administration of Gov
ernor Andrew E. Lee and especially em
phasize our approbation of his courageou
policy in demanding the same standard
of official probity from members of his
own official fanniv that he exacts from
officers of the opposition.
Resolved, That we are highly pleased
and gratified over the proud fnct that
the silver senators and representatives in
congress enjoy the distinction of having
forced the national administration to a
just and proper punishment of Spain for
the destruction of the Maine and her 2CG
brave sailors.
Resolved, That we appreciate the ster
ling worth and patriotism of the brave
boys of this state who have gone to the
front and pledge to them our hearty co
Resolved, That we hereby grant to
the state central committee full plenary
power to transact all business which this
convention might do and instruct said
committee to till all vacancies which
may occur in the btate or national
We recommend that at the state con
vention of the People's Party to be held
in 1900 a candidate for United States
Senator be nominated to be voted for
by the legislators elected by the party
Steamship Linen Afraid Spain Will Gat
Part of the Price of Transportation
of Troops Home.
NEW YORK, July 25.—The World
says: A lawyer has been retained by
the steamship companies who were un
successful bidders for transporting the
22,009 captured Spanish prisoners from
Santiago to Spain, and will begin ac
tion to have the contract made by the
government with the Compagnia
Transatlantic Espanola set aside. The
ground taken is that the successful
bidder is a licensed corporation of a
nation with whom we are at war, and
that according to a measure passed by
the Spanish cortes, one-half of the re
ceipts of every corporation doing busi
ness under the Spanish government
mast be surrendered to the government
to help defray the expenses of the war.
By letting the contract to a Spanish
corporation, the United States govern-'
meat indirectly pays into the Spanish
treasury an amonnt equal to one*half
the contract stipulation. Also that the
government thereby releases from
blockade all of the enemy's Teasels to
be used in the transportation from the
neutral ports where they are now in
Want Roosevelt for tionraon
NEW YORK, July 25.—-The Indepen
dent Republican organization of the
Tnirty-iourth assembly district, this
•nty, has unanimoutly adopted resolu
t.ous lavormg the nomination of Col
mei Theodore Roosevelt for the gov
irnor of the state of New York.
transferrin Letter's Property.
CHICAGO, July 25.—A quitclaim deed
was tiled for record duriug the day
transferring two valuable pieces of
Levi Z. Leiter's ilown town property,
on Adams and Washington streets, to
John P. Wilson, trust for the Iil
lois Trust ard Savings bank.
f$outh Daliotans Sail*
SAN* FRANCISCO, July 25. -^trans
port steamer Rio de Janeiro, bearing
two battalions of South Dakota volun
teers, recruits for the Utah light ar
tillery, and a detachment of the signal
corps sailed for Manila.
Haytt Yields to Frssia
PORT AU PRIXCE, July 23.—Tlte gov
ernment has yielded to the French de
mand for the readmission of Mme.
Hermance, a French subject, who was
expelled as a menace to public safety
tfter an altercation with Mnwii Simon
Sam, the president's wife.
A magnificent ex
ample of what
care of health
will do for a
a n i s e
sented in the
i e o
W i.'J I V Gladstone, the
if hi 1'i greatest states
man of the
century. This
"Grand Old
Man at
years of age,
retained i s
vigor unabat
ed. and had
not lost the
sinewy grip
with which he
fattened upon any subject that interested
Nearly every man has it in his power to
live to a^Teen old age lite the great states
man of England, it is simply a matter of
a little daily thought and regard for health.
If, when a inan feels that he is a little out
of sorts, he will resort to the right remedy,
he will never have to submit to the more
serious ills of life. Most men, when they
have a headache, feel drowsy during the
day and are restless during the night, and
find their appetite falling off. pay little or
no heed to the-e warnings. The inevitable
result is some dangerous and possibly fatal
malady. The doctor may call it consump
tion, malaria or biliousness, or perhaps
some blood or siin disease. It makes but
little difference. These troubles all have
their inception in. the same cause im
proper and insufficient nourishment. Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery corrects
that cause. It makes the appetite keen
and hsartv, the direction perfcct. the liver
active and the blood pure and rich. It is
the great blood-maker and flesh-builder.
It facilitates the assimilation of the life
giving elements of the food, filling the
blood with the nutriment that makes new
and healthy flesh and nerve tissue. Medi
cine dealers sell it.
"Last summer," wrrtes
Laura Piersel.
of East Bethlehem. Washington Co.. Pa., I was
Roinif into consumption. I)r. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery completely cured me."
A man or woman who neglects constipa
tion suffers from slow poisoning. Doctor
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure constipation.
One little "Pellet" is a gentle laxative,
and two a mild cathartic.
Poor clothes cannot make
you look old. Even pale
cheeks won't do it.
Your household cares may
be heavy and disappoint
ments may be deep, but
they cannot make you look
One thing does it snd
never fails.
It i3 impossible to look
young with the color of
seventy years in your
permanently postpones the
tell-tale signs of age. Used
according to directions it
gradually brings back the
color of youth. At fifty your
hair may look as it did at
fifteen. It thickens the hair
also stops it from falling
put and cleanses the scaln
from dandruff. Shall ue
send you our book on the
Hair and its Diseases?
Thm Bmmt Advfom
It you do not obtain all the bena.
fits you expected from the use of
te ,e don,or
Probably thero is some difficulty
ma® hI I^iiffeneraI
1R. J. C. AYEK, Lowell, Mm*.
Good Society,
Notice to Creditors.
In the county court of the countv of Lake
state of utli Dakota. In the matter of
estate of Ole J. lionnlng deceased. Notice is
hereby niven by the underpinned, Ole O Molsk
ness, administrator of the eetate of Ole .!. Kon
nini deceased, to the creditor* of, and all per
sons having claim* against the said deceased, to
exhibit them with the neci'dPHrjr voucher* with
in four months after the tlr*t publication or thin
«t the offlcs
of J). 1). Hoidridire *on, city of Madison, county
of Lake, .South Dakota. vumj
Dated June-Ji, is«. ole O. MOLSKNESS
of the Eetate or Ole J. Kooning,
Attorney* for Administrator.
Stateof South Dakota, county of Lake in th»
matter of tb« estate of Bridget Hoean. deceased
Tu county court. Notice of settlement of final
account and order to show cause why decree
of distribution should not be made Notice
hereby jjiyen, that John Wadden, administrator
of the estate of Bridget llotran, deceased has
rendered and presented for settlement and filed
finftl 8CCoau
be dischMced D0i.a^hOrd,ntl
of this order be po^e,}
"n trie" publlc^SlaVs0^
By U?e co8|?rt °D*
Dakota June
i n°un!y'
Is the Basis of All
and the demand for Lake County farms is increasing. If you are j,
search of a
Good Home in
a Good Climat
where you can raise Wheat, Oats, Barley, Corn, Flax, Potatoes]
in fact everything* adapted to this latitude, and
where you can successfully carry on
Dairying &
Stock Raising
and where your family will have the advantages of
Good Schools,
then come and see me, and I will show you just what you want. If yoi
are renting land now, paying $3 to $5 per acre annual rental, I will
show you just as good land and sell it to you at what you
will pay out in rental, where you are, in three years,
and will give you easy terms of payment.
If you want a good location in Madison I have such for you. A large num]
ber of substantial buildings have been built in Hadison the past sea­
son and the city is steadily growing in population.
Chas. B. Kennedy
of his administra­
tion of said estate and filed therewith hia i.eU
t.oi, to the eflect that all debts and expensed of
administration have been fully paid, and aaid
estate is ready for distribution, and asking for a
t0 ,aw and th he
ne discharged. It is thcreiore ordered that nil
persons interested in the estate of Bridget Hoean
deceased be and appear before the couEtv court
of Lake county S. 6., at the office of the Judge of
Krii?»f0rk i Madlaon, Lake county
fiouth Dakota, on the :*ith day of Jnlv A 1»
l.«£, at the hour of one o'clock In the atternoou
nd tf,ere flle
exceptions Iu writing
if any they have to the said final account and
conteat the same, and then and there show cause
why an order of distribution should not be made
"£c°rd'DK to law, and said adminietrato® dis^
or* ii1! 'Urthc«'ordered that a copy of this
order be published once each week for four sue
ce*eive weeks in
i??!1D€*®I,aP®r printed and pubilebed In Lake
30:h, 1898.
41 PHp w\'!,udFc ?fKthri county court.
i ConuSK™)
tbe COUnty court
D" D«
Attorneys for Administrator.
Couch Syrup. Tastes Uootl. Use
In tirpp. ,«oi by druggists
Good Church Facilities)
o™ JWj & Mnokay b.Dfc
Itiuwg inn ciMr,
Here is one of those
who are either so prejj
udiceti against all adj
vertised remedies, 01
have become discourj
&cjed at the failure o|
other medicines to help
them, and who will
succumb to the grirr
destroyer withou
knowing of the won]
derful value of Foley'
Honey and Tar for al
Throat and Lung troul
For Sale bv FRANK SMI'
Citv Meat Mark]
Keep§ constantly on hand
fresh and Cured
Fowl and Sou,

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