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War investigation Commission
Asks for Information on Va­
rious Subjects.
Secretary Aljrer Is Requested
Through the Heads of Ue-
To Practically Give a Statement
All Operations During
the War.
Aljrer Himself Rrquested to Give
Reasons for Certain General
WASHINGTON*, Sept. 28.—The war in
vestigating commission resumed its
labors at 10 o'clock a. m. iu the Lemon
building and at the close of the morn*
ing session, gave ont a number of doc
uments bearing upon the work to be
undertaken. These comprise the letter
of Secretary Alger to the president, re
questing that the investigation be
made a brief address to the public in
the shape of a resolution a letter from
Chairman Dodge to the secretary in
closing a list of inquiries to the secre
tary aud to the various heads of the
divisions of the war department, call
ing for specific informaticn bearing
upon the conduct of the war.
Iofortuition Desired.
The commission's letter to Secretary
Alger is dated at the office of the com
mission and is as follows:
To the Secretary of War:
Sir—Pursuant to authority conferred
upon us by the prescient, we have the
honcr to request that you direct the
adjutant general, the quarcermaster
geneia', tlie commissary general, the
surgeon general, the chief of ordnance
and the chief of engineers, to furnish
us as scon as practicable information
as to the condition of their several de
partments at the time of the declara
tioe of war with Spam, and the opera
tion of thosj departments from that
time until the present.
We desire the information to include
the following, viz:
1st.—The times and places of the
mobilization of the regular and volun
teer troops.
2nd.—The organization of the«e
troops into the various subdivisions of
the army, the personnel of the brigade,
division, corps and army ccmmaudi-rs,
and of their staffs, wnether appointed
from the permanent establishment,
from the national guard, or from civil
3rd.—The amount and kind of camp
and garrison equipment aud other sup*
plies that ware on hand at the begin
ning cf the war, the amount subse
quently purchased, when and where
purchased, wLe.i and where delivered
to your depaitment, and when and
where actually issued to the troops.
4th. Similar information in regard
to furnishing the troops with arms and
otu. Which of the volunteers were
armed and equipped in the various
state camps, and which in the general
6th.—Upon whose recommendation
or judgment the various general ren
dezvous were selected, and the reasons
ior such selection.
7th.—Full particulars relative to the
transportation of troops by sea, giving
an account of the provisions made for
the|accommodations and care of the sick
and wounded.
8 b.—An account of the quantity,
quality and kind of food furnished the
troops, and in case that any of them
failed of being plentifully and season
ably ,-uppliid, state the reasons there
9th.—As to the proper tentace, beds,
linen, medicines, food and all neces
sary equipniout and supplies for the
use of the hospital corps of the army.
It' there was any lack of tlie-e things
at any time, state the reason therefor.
10tii. —Whether the medical staff
was efficient and sufficient at all times
fo: the prep ?r care of the sick and
w. uaded, and if not state the reasons
11th.— Such information relative to
the condition and operations of the
ordnance and engineering departments
as will be of vaiue US in our inves
We have outlined briefly a portion
only of the information that we trust
you will be ab.e to give us. It will be
satisfactory to have it communicated
to us in wiiting, or by the chiefs of the
several bureaus in person, with the sub
ssion of sach records confirming
tneir statements as they may be
pleased to hand us.
To aid you in complying with this
qiesr, there is submitted herewith a
list of special questions for which, as
|»r as is possible, answers are desired.
fjuentinna for Alger.
To Secretary Alger the commission
hai addressed six queries for his reply.
Information de.--.ired from secretary
Is'.— Plan of campaign proposed im
mediately after the declaration of war
was it intended to move a.t once en
Hav na or that a campaign should be
postponed until tho autumn?
X1.—When was the Santiago cam
paign determined upon?
a.i.—Why was Tampa selected as the
base of operations?
4th. Why were summer camps or
ganized at Fernandina, Jacksonville
aud Tampa?
6th. —When was the Potto Rico cam
pa gu determined upon?
Otn.—'Why were the troops held on
transports after embarkation at Tampa
Vnry Worst Part of the Season
so far as health conditions are con
cerned. The daily reports that come
to the department from Santiago make
it apparent that even among the im
mune regiments, made up as st.ine of
them are of negroes, supposed to Ic al
most exempt from climatic fevers,
much sickness prevails, and it is only a
fair assumption that the ordinary
troops wouid suffer more were they
now sent to Cuba. Therefore, while
the American and Spanish commis
sioners at Havana are still seeking to
reach an agreemsut as to tho time to
be allowed lor evacuating the island,
it may be said that the president ex
pects that the result will be a compro
mise between the dates mentioned on
each side, and that the movement
will begin towards the latter part of
October aud be
Concluded Soon After Ntv Y*aMb
This will acccrd very well with the
jlans of the war department, as it will
enable it to avoid sending to Cuba any
considerable number of soldiers until
the healthy season is well under way.
It is the present purpose to make the
replacement of the Spanish forces in
detail, not sending over any large ex
pedition, but establishing a garrison at
one point after another, beginning
probably at tho western end of the isl
and. The authorities have reached the
conclusion, in view of the spirit shown
by the Cubans, as reported to it, that it
will not be necessary to have nearly so
large a force to garrison the island as
was at first anticipated, and it is
thought now that no more than 25,000
men will be reauired.
Uncle Sam.— ''You're a credit to the nation!"
Every man who chews Battle Ax has the
faction of having helped the
pay the expenses of the warwith Spain.
by any five
and not permitted to sail for everal
The Rpftolntinn*.
The resolutions adopted by the com
InissL n were a* follows:
soived, first, T1 a: the secretary of
war, the adjutant general, the quar
termaster g.'ner il, the commissary
general and the surgeon general be re
quested to transmit to this commission
ail complain's that have been received
by them s.nce Arril 1, 189S, touching
the n luct of the war.
Resolved, second, That this commis
sion invites, and is ready and will re
ceive aud consider, any complaints
about the management of any of the
various branches of the war depart
ment from any person or persens. That
we respectfully request that such com
plaints be made in writing, stating
lacts that the pnrty may know of his
own knowledge, plainly and in detaii,
giving names of officers or enlisted
men who may be charged with mis
conduct or incompetency, addressed to
the secretary of the commission at
Wash n?ton. T).
Need For Hantn In Kraruatln Cuba In
Large Meature Kemovetl.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 2%. The author
ities here feel that by consenting to the
entry of the Comal with food supplies
the Spanish cfficials in a larsje measure
ridded the evacuation of Cuba of the
urgency that attached to it. Slong
as the Cubans, starving and naked,
were denied the relief that might come
to them from the United Sta'es gov
ernment aod Rad Cross there was a
powerful reason tor ins sting upon the
lmmeoitte evacuation of Cuba by the
Spanish government officials in order
that by taking jossession ourselves we
mi^'ht 6ucccr the distressed Cubans.
NvjW, however, that our government is
tree to do this under existing condi
tions, there is not the same necessity
for haste and the war department will
not be obliged to force Amerlean troops
in numbers into Cuba iu the
U. S. Government
pays four million dollars' tax into the U. S.
Treasury 1! I More than all the money
other brands of chewing tobacco.
It is QUALITY that does this real excel
lence actual superiority.
the name
when you buy again.
Cfcniidian Joint Arbitrators Adjustm
A.I l)i flert-iice*.
QUKBF.C, Sept. 1.7. The internation.i.
joint high commissioners are gettin.*
close together in the matter of adjur
ing the differences of trade between
the two countries, and in doing th.
tho industries of the United States ai
not to suffer. The assurances of a
member ot the American commissi i
are givea that tho nlustria! system of
the United States will not be sti.rje
and there is not the .slightest reason fm
apprehension ou the part of Americans
that any ot the great industries are
be sacrificed. It is practically sottli-1
now that the luinter question will be
disposed of in a manner satisfactory to
both Americans aud Canadian*-. It i
probab.e that the export
Kmiinrjii nn Ontitrio I,ri s
will be removed and for this coEC s
siou ou the part ot the Canadian gov
ernment several grades ot pine luuiU-r
will be admitted at 'dun rates or
free of duty into the United State
The grade to be admitted lreo or at
reduced rate will probably be the
higher grs.d of pine, of which there is
not a surplus in the United States
S far as the agricultural products
are concerned it is not likely that any
material diange will be made pres
ent duties. Hay is the y product
that Canadians are particularly de
sirous to get into the United States,
and they will probably not make a
strenujus effort for that.
Two hearts can make a love affair, but it
takes three, at least, to make a home, and
one of them must be that of a baby. The
young married couples that start out in life
the idea that children are nuisances,
and that they do not want and will not
have them, are the kind that you read
about every day in the newspapers—in the
divorce column. A home without children
is not a home, God and Nature never in
tended that there should be a place called
home that did not resound with the natter
of childish footsteps.
There are tens of thousands of homes
that are childless because of the ill-health
of the wife and would-be mother. There
are tens of thousands of other homes child
less because the little ones have died al
most as soon as they were born. In both
cases Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is
a sovereign remedy. It acts directly on
the delicate and important organs that
make wifehood and motherhood possible.
It makes them well, strong, vigorous, virile*
and elastic. It does away with the danger®
of maternity. It banishes the usual dis
comforts of the expectant period and
makes baby's advent easy and almost pain
less. It insures the little new comer's
health and an ample Rupply of nourish
ment. The prospective mother prepares
herself for maternity by taking the "Fa
vorite Prescription and gives her child a
fair start in life by giving it a strong and
well developed body. Thousands of homes
that were childless, to-day echo with
babies' laughter, and bless this great medi
cine. Thousands of women who were
weak, nervous, despondent invalids are
to-day happy, healthy wives and mothers
because of this medicine. Medicine deal,
ers sell it.
Constipation kills slowly—but it mi«
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure it.
Good Society,
Correspondence Solicited.
Kroelver Appointed fop tho New Eag«
and Truat
NEW YORK, Sept. 27.—Otto T. n.
nard of Broad street, has been a p.
pointed receiver of the Now England
Loan and Trust company by Jud^o
Shipman of the United States circuit
court, on a suit Ironght by tho lijal
Estat« Trust com puny of Philadelphia
and Sibillion Allen of Sr. Albans, Vt.
The company was a large louder of
money on western mortgages.
Tho company is said to hold $5,000,.
000 in debentures $5,000,000 in loa-is
and to have $175,000 cash on hand!
The receive ship is said to have been
forced by tho company's inability to
close on loans made in 1888 and 18sy on
Western cuy property, and which has
proven a loss. The extent of these
losses a e not known, bat are said to
be larg •. The firm has done a large
business in larm loans^and although
this is said to have proven profitable,
the loss 58 on city property is said to
have dragged the assets to a depth
where a receivership became necessary.
The company's home officers at Des
Moines, though its principal place of
business wag at New York
Last Organised lUmannt of the Khallfii'i
SUAKIM, Sept. 27.-The organized
remnant of the khalifa'H army was do*
feated and its last stronghold, Gedarif,
captured on Sept. after three hours''
hard fighting, when an Egyptian force
numbering 1,300, under command of
Colonel Parsons, routed 8,000 det*
vishes, of which 600 were killed. Three
Egyptian officers were wounded and
tbirty'Seven Egyptian soldiers killed
and flftv.nine wounded.
Is the Basis of
and the demand for Lake County farms is increasing.
search of a
Good Home In
a Good Climat
where you can raise Wheat, Oats, Barley, Corn, Flax,
in fact everything adapted to this latitude, and
where you can successfully carry on
Dairying &
Stock Raising
and where your family will have the advantages of
Good Schools,
then come and see me, and I will show you just what you waist. If you
are renting land now, paying $3 to $5 per acre annual rental, I will
show you just as good land and sell it to you at what you
will pay out in rental, where you are, in three years,
and will give you easy terms of payment.
If you want a good location in Madison I have such for you. A large num­
ber of substantial buildings have been built in Hadison the past sea-
|son and the city is steadily growing in population.
Chas. B. Kennedy,
luluth (.raiu.
.. ,,
Minneapolis iraln.
Good Church Facilities,
TH, Kept 87
WMr-A i—Cash No. 1 harl, Tl'.c
1 Whom, 07*,» Norths,,, «W
lo Arrive-No. 1 hml, 7)J£0 Nt).
Northern. 0,-i^u September, tW/vj Do
tember, OctuO.T, Altty,04,
K°Pt. -'7.
WHKAl-N.ptimber closod at'tWV*.
Dumber, May.
wn North-
01, 4
0, No. Northern, 01i4U,
I'ealtrjr, Butter and
Tw*.., CHICAGO, B#p|. 07.
I Ol 1,1 KY—Market for Jivo dull
E i i e s
WM* City I.Istock.
-Sept. 87.
lower* "low, HtL-iuly to 10c
8T* ,'*UL
''BIOB Stock Yard.
't""4 "J 'r
•a.7f»«4.:«) lor Ht,.ers' helforg
fl»000 ™tUu' '.»»1 ihMp
^wicaoo. Sent. 87.
HOGS-llost grades shade
othom Htoady.
Stilus runged at
!.().» for mlx*d
heavy $a.4vttf i.5o for rough.
CATTLK—limit grades steady
Snlf.n ranged at fcl.^or
•8.00 i{ |.7.'i for nows ami heifer'* t"
$-4 '."i tor 'ioxtiS HNHjr-i
t-i-'dM. 1.40 for westerns
Receipts: Hogs, 8(^000
sheep, 17,(Ah).
Westerns |»i. 10^4.ttO I«»r -t'»,*«,r*
Ireiter «.
SHKK1*—Market stead v.
ftaleg ran god at $3. UOut
tlu, 8,^
Chicago Grain and Fro*«
nucAo ., s.-pfcfl.
rtosiNU riacKS.
W'l'.KAT—September, flS.1*'
Decern bur, May."1
COKN St^ptomber,
ber, iiO''4uiao?ie May,
OATS Soptembei, ftie
21 *(4$ i i J^e May, 8 e.
l'OltK SepUMiibnr, |8.1.. jyjj,
It*.la Douuiubor, $H87 Januarv,
Uw Coaplalnts and
Cared. thu
No complaints are more o°",ut -y
the above you (eel dull an ®,1%
your bowels move irrejfularlj
hare a olumsy feeling about
As this oondition develops y,)U
to grow despondent. Try at »»n( :vfr
tie of Dr. Fenner's Blood
liAmmly and Nerrs 7^.
brighten the spirits aDtl ,• pattf"
tional vigor to the body. I"
tied after using one bottle, y0^ of
will be refunded by Frank
DeWitt'a Witch Hazel 8ah
Look out for the man who
largest sale of any SBIV* I" .JAIIODF*'
This fact and
merit bas
people to attempt to ooun:
deoeive you when you call for
Witoh Haeel Salve the g»»at p»
Cook e

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