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Pmldtnl Dlti of Masleo l)Mtrw to Visit
the United StatM.
Some years ago a woman was re
turning late at night from a social
function down at the lower end of the
Old Colony railroad. She took to the
track as the shortest way home, but in
crossing a small trestle above the coun
try road she made a misstep and in
falling broke her neck. The next day
her husband called on the superin
tendent, and while not appearing to be
very deeply grieved over his loss, yet
he felt that he was entitled to some
compensation for the untimely ending
of his wife.
"She was trespassing," replied the
superintendent, "which relieves the
company from all responsibility."
"I know it," replied the man, "but
she was a good woman about the
house, and I hardly know what 1 am
going to do without her."
"Well, on what basis will yon set
"t?he fell how many feetf*
"About 12 I should say."
"Do you think a dollar a feet is too
And he escaped by the side door, still
coughing and sputtering.—i'hilalej§4ua
As She Viewed It.
The man was nearly out of breath.
When he could speak he said to the
wondering woman:
"I have just saved ycur husband
from a watery grave. He threw him
self into the river, and at the risk of
my own life I jumped in and saved
•^Well," she said, as she resumed her
ironing. "I always feared that you'd
try to be revenged for being refused
by me seven years ago, but I never
dreamed that your hate would lead
you to do such a tiling ns this."
Then she began singing a lullaby to
the bare legged little boy who was
rolling on the floor.—Exchange.
"Ever have jour hair singedV" asked
the barber of the luau who has a thin
thatching upon the top of his head.
"Occasionally. Once the furnace
blew out on me. once I mistook gaso
line for kerosene, and once the gas
range exploded while 1 was investigat
ing a leak."—Detroit Free Press.
More than half a million sewing ma
chines are made every year In the
United States, being nine-tenths of all
those made on the globe. About 200,
000 persons art employed in this in
business men find that the profuse quick lather of Ivory Soap
reaiily removes the dust and grime of the office.
Ivorv Soap is so pure that it can be used as often as necessary#
without causing chapping or roughness.
The superintendent nearly fell from
his seat. Upon recovering he paid the
man $12. which he charged to his own
account, as he felt that the experience
was well worth the price.—Boston
Got What He Called For.
The barroom of a well known hotel
was crowded with the thirsty the other
evening, and the overworked servers of
mixed drinks were beginning to grow
a bit testy, when the door swung open
and in walked one of those hardtacks
who grow fat on bad whisky.
"I want a drink of the pizenest liquor
in the lace," he said.
The bartender, weary from the con
coction of hundreds of high balls and
rickeys, languidly reached under the
counter, and, drawing out a bottle of
alcohol, ammonia and salt, used for
cleaning copper work, set it before the
human sponge, who poured himself a
liberal drink and gulped down the
nauseous stuff. His eyes bulged and a
half suppressed sputter escaped from
his lips, but he was game through and
"Thanks." he said, as he paid his
check. "I always did like this hotel.
You get here exactly what you call
Diaz has asked congress for 20 days
leave of absence to go to Chicago and
proposed that Senor Mariscal, secretary
of foreign relations, substitute him as
president during Jiis atjaenct.
Paid It In a Ha««*•
Li Hung Chang has been recalled tc
Florence Marryat, the novelist, is
dying at Brighton, Eng.
Every union tailor in Toledo, O., it
on strike. They ask an increase ir
piece work amounting to about 35 pet
A decision in favor of manufacturers
of oleomargarine has been rendered bj
the Michigan supreme court.
R. F. McClannanin, a well known
actor, fell dead at the supper tabl? of a
hotel at Hartford, Conn.
It is announced that the Minneapolis
and St. Louis road will in a short time
be formally turned over to DW Illinoii
Central system..
Destroy Spanish Fortification*
HAVANA, Sept. 21.—Governor Gen
eral Brooke has issued a decree order
ing the palling down and disposing of
all temporary Spanish fortifications, re
turning to the owners such material as
was confiscated by the Spanish govern
ment for military purposes.
Dalath Grain.
DULCTH, Sept 30.
WHEAT—Cash No. 1 hard, 7iy4- Not
1 Northern. 88?£c. No. 2 Northern, 06^c
No. 8, To Arrive— No. 1 harJ,
71J^c No. 1 Northern, 68%c September,
68%c December, May, 71 %c.
FLAX—To arrive, 91.11 September
11.12 October, $1.10^.
Minneapolis Wheat.
"WHEAT—In Store—No. 1 Northern
September, 67c December, 67%
May, 7u%c September, 69J. On Tra 'k—
No. 1 hard, new, No. 1 Northern,
67%c No. 3 Northern,
Sioux City Live Stock.
CITV, I»., Sept. 80.
HOGS—Market steady. Range of pricei
CATTLE—Market slow stockersabout
25c lower than high time last week.
Sales ranged at t'[email protected] for beevos
$2. ). for cows, bulls and mixe
13.50(^4.35 for stockers and feedora
^5.00 for calves and yearlings.
Receipts: Cattle, 2,000 hogs, 1,500.
St. Pan I Union Stock Yard*.
PAUL, Sept 2).
HOGS—Market steady. Range of pricei
$4.20(44 70.
CATTLE—Steady. Very few butchci
cattle here. Common stuff 23c lower.
Sales ranged at lor bulla
$2 75 43.50 for heifors |2.50&3£> foi
cows i3 20,tf4 50 for stockers 14.00
for steers: 16.75 for calves.
SHEEP—Market steady and activei
good demand.
Sales ranged at $3.70(3 *-90 for sheep
$4.75(^5.00 tor iambs.
Receipts Cattle, SJ,1QJ ealvea, 600
hogs, 1,100 sheep, 2,200.
Chicago Union Stock Tarda.
CAOO, Sept. 80.
HOGS—Steady to 5c lower.
Sales ian, ed at $4.30(^,4.74^ for mixed
and butchers $4.40(^11.70 good heavy
f°r rough heavy $L30^4.
CATTLE—Market steady to 10c lower.
Sales ranged at $4.502tt.00 for beeves
$1.752ft 15 for cows and heifers $4.00(3
6.85 for Texas steers $3.0J(gl5.00 for stock
ers and feeders.
SHEEP—Market weak, [email protected] lower.
Sales ranged at t3 [email protected] for sheep
$4.50(23 40 for lambs.
Receipts: Hogs, 27,000 oattle, 17,000
sheep, It),000.
Chicago Grain and Provisions.
OATS—September, 22 Decern*
ber, 2lJ4n May
PORK—S .ptembsr, *8.u5J^c October,
96.0ii4(aH.0o: Dejembor, $8.17){ Janu
a y 0 2
FLAX Cash. Northwestern, $1.18K
Southwestern, \i.U% September,$1.1
Octobor, II. 10^ December, $1.10^.
BUTTER—Creameries, 19028c diaries
POULTRY—Dressed, turkeys, 9Q10o
chickens, ducks,
EGGS—Fresh, 15)10.
"They are simply perfect,*' writes
Robert Moore, of La Fayette, Ipd., of
DeWitt's Little Early Risers, the "fam
ous little pills" for oonstlpation and all
liver ailments. Never gripe.
CHICAGO, Sept. 83.
WHEAT—September, 7l%o-, Decembet
May, [email protected]^o.
CORN September, 34}^c October,
31J£c December 29}[email protected]%o January,
kbitc Muy, .O^gc.
Hay Aeeapt mm Invitation Pay Slona
City a Visit.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 21.—The arrange
ments for the president's Western trip
are being perfected. The president
will go west even if the present difficul
ties in connection with the Chicago cel
eberation are not adjusted. He will bo
in Oalesburg, Ills., on Oct. ?. and at St.
Paul, to receive the Minnesota volun
teers returning from the Philippines,
on the 12th. From the Stb to the 11th
be will be in Chicago unless tbe cele
bration there, which is set for the 10th
is abandoned. There are a number of
other engagements in contemplation.
A committee consisting of Secretary
Don't Be
It doesn't pay to get angry. Anger
uses up the nerve forces of the body.
So does worry so does hate. A bad
temper wears you out. It makes you
needless enemies. It spoils your looks.
A man with a bad temper had better
tie a stone around his neck and throw
It Into a lake. If be doesn't. It Is liable
to drag him—but we won't speculate
about that.—Denver News.
"I am subject to cramps and oolic, and
have used many remedies, but tiod
Foley's Colic Cure beats them all." W.
L. Yeats, Bocfield, III.
There's always hope while there's One
Minute Cough Cure. "An attacK of
pnenmonia left my lungs in bad shape
and I was near the first stages of con
sumption. One Minute Cough Cure
oompletely cured me."writee Helen Mo
Henry, Bismark, N. D. Givee instant re
Do Mot be Imposed ra.
Always insist on getting Foley's Honoy
and Tar, na it is poetively, absolutely
nd u nqualitiedly the beet cocgh medi
cine. Accept no substitute.
Qnnlnt Dr. Colle*.
Golles, an eminent surgeon of
Dublin, who died in 1843, was remark
able for his plain dealing with him
self. In his fee book he had many
such candid entries as the following:
"For giving ineffectual advice for
deafness, 1 guinea."
"For attempting to draw out the
Stump of a tooth, 1 guinea."
"For telling him that be
unless she takes special jiaiie to
build herself up in a womanly way!tthis
unusual demand upon her strength 'will
result in a serious weakness and disease
of the delicate organs which distinguish
her from man. The encroachment of
these maladies are heralded by reieral
weakness and lassitude, headaches, de
spondency and irritability, weak Ssrk,
pains and dragging-down sensations. Neg
lect of these symptoms means invalilisin.
insanity or early death.
There is a remedy that will so stre
and build up woman's special orr
that she may withstand the strain ..
hours upon her feet, and escape the mlladic.
that would destroy her general heath and
her capability as a wife and mother It is
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, ijbnilas
up the muscles that support and strqigthe*
the organs peculiar to the sex. It Enables
her to stand without feeling pullet
and without pain
or extreme weari
ness. It cures all
womanly weakness
and disease. It fits
her not only for
work, but for
healthy, happy
wifehood and
Mrs. Claus Nelson,
of Pico Heights, Los
Angeles, CaC Box 31,
writes: I had fe
male trouble, and Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription, together
with the advice given
in his hook, cured
me of five years'
Or. Pierce's Pellets core cons ipatien.
Agriculture Wilcon, Representative
Perkins of Iowa. Interstate Commis
sioner Youmans and J. V. Mahony oi
Sioux City, la,, were at the White
House during the day and urged the
president to come to Sioux City after
his visit tc St. Paul. It is probable
that tbe president's arrangements can
be adjusted to accept this invitation.
more ill than I was, 1 guinea."
"For nothiug that 1 know of, except
that he probably thought he did not
pay me enough last timg. 1 guinea."
Further Details of tb« Wracking
«f tt*
Transport Morgan City.
YOKOHAMA, Sept. 9, via Victoria, B.
C., Sept. 21.—Interesting details are at
hand of the wrecking of the United
States transport Morgan City in the
Inland sea of Japan. It appears that it
came near being an appalling catas
trophe. Striking upon a reef at a
o'clock in the morning the ship re
mained fast until daylight, when by
adopting the expedient of putting the
men alternately from one sid to the
other the ship was rolled from the
rocks into deep water, where she at
once began to fill rapidly. She headed
for the island of Inoshima, .several
miles distant, sinking perceptibly with
every yard of p-ogress. She rtvirhed
the beach barely a minute before other
wise going under. The discipline of
the men was admirable and all were
erotten R.nilore in rifwtv
Weary Woman
Stands Lp.-The
hard-worked Bales
lady—the tired
phopper, the fcrorn
out mother with
babe in arms-^they
one and all ttand
op. Man, chival
rous man, tits
down. This ii the
daily spectacl^ in
modern streetcars.
A n y o e e n
physician will tell
you that woman is
peculiarly unjtted
to hear the strain of
long hours upod her
Good Society,
and the demand for Lake County farms Is increasing. If
fiarch of
Correspondence Solicited.
Good Home in
a Good Clima
where you can raise Wheat, Oats, Barley, Corn, Flax,
in fact everything adapted to this latitude, and
where you can successfully carry on
Dairying &
Stock Raisin
and where your family will have the advantages of
Good Schools,
then come and see me, and I will show you Just what you want,
are renting land now, paying $3 to $5 per acre annual rental, I
show you just as good land and sell it to you at what you
will pay out in rental, where you are, in three years,
and will give you easy terms of payment.
If you want a good location in Madison I have such for you. A large ni
ber of substantial buildings have been built in fladison the past sea*
son and the city is steadily growing in population.
Chas. B. Kenned
Pale« weak and helpless in
valid. She was afflicted with ter
rible headaches, and gradually
grew weaker, and more languid
apparently without cause. I tried
several doctors, but all without
avaii. Finally, to please a friend,
22 to thTH
Pink Pills for Pale People, and
,• A"v
i J/
LAJN U Isthe Basis of All Weal
Good Church Facilitii
Hon. J. H. Fr.ETCHHR, former
ly Governor of South Dakota, but
uovy a resident of Salem,Ore., says:
"For over two years my daugh
ter had been declining from a
strong, healthy, rosy-cheeked girl
our surprise, before it was used up
her headaches ceased, the color
began to return to her cheeks
her strength* began
rosy, healthy girl instead of
tired and sickly one."
assert itself. I bought five boxes
.and by the time she had
finished them she was completely
restored, and to-day she is
Dew lifc
neTle? Th
lood and
/Mtor® •battered
unking upedfle for
locomotor stazia/pertial
Sa ihd«ce, sciatica, neural.
hesdsche. the
hwt £3* the grip, palpitation of the
*H°W complexions, and all
form, of weakness either in malewfensJ*.
w turtrX. tort ahrays Is m«-
lism ulJlOi I**1'**,##l MM D» Ml-
Wordm for Oil
IT Hiwti
"My gratitude for
ine pfompti me to wrt
others may learn of tw
of this
gtind media**6*
fcred extreme
to work* My
be'on edge*
and I
lassitude. I beg*n*Z
Miles' Nervine
impioycd and now
inr good health.
Book on heart and nert«»
Jftk HHw KMlMrii CRP,P*nf'
"sjl- .-
vv.4 A#

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