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Proceeding! of the Commissioners of Lake
County, S. D-, in Regulaf Oo
tober Session.
[Official Report.]
MAMSOH* S. D., Oct. S, 1899.—The
ttoard of county commissioners convened
)fli regular session at the otRo® of the
ebuuty auditor nt 1:30 o'clock p. m., all
Members and auditor present.
The following bills were audited and,
on motion, aUowed:
Arthur P. Allen, subscription to
Volga Tribune to Dec.31,1899. .$ 1.50
£. L. Biederetaedt, salary as coun
superintendent for Septem
ber 88.0o
Martin F. Berther, salary as treas
urer for September 12o.00
Anthony Berther, salary as dep
uty treasurer one week
Martin F. Berther, exchange, ex
press and burial of Aud-rson,
witness fee, stamps for auditor
and treasurer frrtn September 7
to October 1,1SP9
VVm. Bos well, overseer of poor
farm for quarter ending October
1, 1899
tember 300.00
M. F. Wadden, deputy register for
September 30.00
W. E. Kinney, examination of
horse with farcy, at Buntrock's. 5.00
G. R. Vedder, ooal for court house 12.45
G, R. Vedder, coal for poor farm
and MM, Bebritz, claimed 80.85,
allowed 4.40
Educator School Supply Co.,
blanks for superintendent,
claimed 63.70, allowed 80
Si* o'clock having arrived, the board
on motion, adjourned to meet Wednes
day, October 4,1899, at 8 o'clock a. m.
Wednesday, October 4, 1899, board
oonvened as per adjournment, all mem
bers and auditor present.
At this time the board took up the
matter of the appointment of judges of
election and, on motion, appointed the
following named persons as judges of
election for the several voting precinote
in Lake county for the year 1899:
H. E. Payne, chairman.
Art Tyler.
Henry Dilly.
Went worth—
S. N. Fader, chairman.
Ed Baldwin.
Wm. R9nner.
W. A. Orton, chairman.
C. D. Strang.
Peter Warns.
Ole Frislie, ch&irmM.
Ole Gunderson.
A. J. Lee.
B. B. Bowell, oh
A Buntrook.
A. C. Hammer.
D. B. Hollingswortn, chairman.
John Hun timer.
Chas. Nicholson.
D. Finnie, chairman.
J. B. Douglas.
James M. Matthews.
Wm. Lyons, ohairman.
John Rei.
A. J, Ramsey.
O. land-—
Wm, O'Connell, ohairman.
Wm. McBain.
Henry Venner.
C. T. Westaby, ohairman.
A. L. Rankin.
J. D. McGillivray.
Henry Mueller, chairman,
Thad Odell.
Fred Howard,
Wm. Drake, chairman.
Jake Mucgli.
F. VV, Butts.
JarnM Keegan, chiiiman.
J. A. Knrrer.
J. W. Crnmton.
Win red—
Thoe. McKee, chairman.
J. W. Chapin.
George Simmon?.
C. G. Laughlw, ohairman.
II. Pampeeia,
H. J. ThurQ*.
Thos. Ferguson, chairnMt.
Ed Knight.
John II. Groce.
llaJison, First "ward—
To five days' labor for man 6.25
Patent medicines for inmates.. 3.C0
0ty of Madison, lights
C. L. Col man, lumber for ootttf
hous? 42.52
C. L. Col man, lumber for poor
farm 21.75
Cook Odee, paint and oil for
court house 98.25
Mrs. £. B. Davis, washing for
prisoners 3.23
E. B. Davis, salary as jailor for
July, August and September... 45.00
J. M. Duff, service in oase of bona
with faroy at Buntrook's 6.00
It. E. Johnson, postage 4.08
L. E. Johnson, salary for Sept... 100.00
W. W. Cargill & Co., coal for poor
farm 2.20
Tim Lannon, coffin for Anderson,
inmate of poor farm 19.00
X. B. Stacy, salary as janitor for
July, August and September... 45.00
Chas. J. Porter, salary and office
rent 170.00
Jessie M. Pearce, salary as deputy
treasurer during September.... 20.00
W. E Daniels, salary as county
physician for July, August and
September. 25.00
Chris Schutz, paint and oil for
court house 43.70
Nellie M. Tierney, deputy auditor
for September 30.00
Lamb Lumber Co., lumber
court house 13.70
W. B. Toft, painting court house
and fence 7o}2 days at 82.50 per
day 188.7
J. F. Stahl, printing proceedings. 6.75
W. H. Orinnell, hauling lumber
and rubbish 2.35
E. C. Keith,
as county au­
July. August and Sep­
Wm. Metcalf, ohairman.
J. A. Johnson.
E. G. Ball.
Madi«oc, Second ward—
E. B. Stacy, chairman.
John Norton.
S. P. Hall.
Madison, Third ward—
A. P. Harling, chairman.
J. Sherman.
L. E. Farrand.
Madison, Fourth ward—
L. I-Fisher, chairman.
C. H. Roberts.
F. D. Palmer.
Town of WentworHfe—
Chas. Power, ohairman.
Robt. Zimmermann.
Chas. Thomas.
Town of Ramona—
as. O'Connell, chairmM
John Berther.
Samuel Bast.
On motion, the following places were
designated as polling plaoes for the sev
eral voting preoincts in the county, as
Madison, First ward, northwest jury
roam at court house.
Madison, Second ward, city hall.
Madison, Third ward, the old Murray
Madison, Fourth ward, Koehler's liv
ery office.
Town of Wentworth, at the office of
Bergstreser's livery barn.
Wentworth, at the town hall in the
town of Wentworth.
Ba lus township, at the school bouse
in Ramona, in the room downstairs.
Town of Ramona, at the school house
in Ramona, in the room upstairs.
All other precincts at the polling
places as fixed by the several townships.
On motion. Wm. Boswell was retained
at the poor farm for another year ou
the same terms and conditions as last
year, and the contraot extended for
another year.
The board, on motio®, adjaaf sd to
meet at 1:30 o'clock p. m.
Afternoon session—
Board convened as per adjournment,
all members and auditor present.
On motion, the auditor was instructed
to draw a warrant on the bridge fund in
favor of the treasurer of Badus town
ship, for $300, the same being the amount
the county agreed to pay said township
in aiding to build two bridges and a grade
The following bills were audited and,
on motion, allowed:
N. D. McGillivray, goodsfor Hines
girl, deaf and dumb $
Mrs. Birch, board and care of C.
C. Thompson, sick man, at @1.50
per day
J. F. Kelley, blanks and blank
books 58.31
Motion made by Commissioner Schus
ter and seconded by Commissioner Bux
ton, to allow the bill of G. Ii. Knapp for
work on the band stand at @24.45.
Amendment offered by Commissioner
Buxton to allow the bill, less $7 80.
Amendment lost, Commissioner Buxton
voting for and Commissioners Schuster
aud Bingham against said amendment.
Original motion carried, Commissioners
Bingham and Hohuster voting for and
Commissioner Buxton against said mo
The following bills were, on motion,
G. M. Farley, publishing commis
sioners' proceedings,and blanks 6
Wm. McGrath, salary us county
judge for quarter ending Sep
tember 30, and offioe rent, ol'md
8125, allowed 120.00
Wm. McGrath, attorney by order
of court in oaseof state vs. Fred
erick Ronenboughe Van Nor
da'e Van Lovenskjold
F. L. Mease, publishing proceed
ings, teachers' reports, oourt
calendar, etc 56.00
V. R. Wadden, one binder for poor
farm 12Q.OO
.State Publishing Co., school laws
and blanks, claimed 87.07, all'd. 5.57
E. Davis, boarding prisoners.. 67.50
Brown & Saenger, blanks and
county warrant®, claimed 968.29
allowed 67.70
So the falling of the hair tells
of the approach of age and
declining power.
No matter how barren the tree
nor how leafless it may seem,
you confidently expect leaves
again. And why?
Because there is life at the
So you need not worry about
the falling of your hair, the
threatened departure of youth
and beauty. And why?
Because if there is a spark of
life remaining in the roots of
the hair
will arouse it into healthy activ
ity. The hair ceases to come
•ut: it begins to grow: and the
glory of your youth is restored
to you.
we have a book on the Hair
and its Diseases. It is free.
If you do not obtain all the bnrdti
yon expected from the nse of the Vigor,
write the doctor about It. Probably
there la tome difficulty with your gen
eral tTstem which ma/ be «a
removed. AddrtM.
American Book Co., books to F.
C. Smith 18297
Amerioan Book Co., books to E.
P.Mueller 149.28
American Book Co., books to
Zimmerman & Harms 51.33
V-R. Wadden, 240 pounds twine,
and corn cultivator 4*5.00
Chris Rensoh, one lock, and labor 8.25
Six o'clock having arrived, the board,
on motion, adjourned to meet Thursday.
October 5, 18V*9, at 8 o'clock a. m.
President Greets Veteran* of Two Ana*
ies at ETaniritlf, Inil.
EVANSVILLE, Ind., Oct. 12.—President
McKinley and his cabinet came from
Chicago to attend the national reunion
of the Blue and the Gray. A heavy
rain was falling but, despite this, 10,000
veterans and visitors thronged about
the railroad station, and the veterans in
gray vied with the veterans in blue in
tendering a tremendous ovation when
the presidential party arrived.
Owing to the short stay of the presi
dent the party was at once escorted by
the Cleveland Grays and reception com
mittee to the fair grounds, where Presi
dent McKinley delivered an address.
After the speeches the presidential
party was escorted back to the train,
followed by a long line of veterans,
marching in army order, the Blue and
Gray shoulder to shoulder.
The tru n left direct for the' Twin
Cities where the president will welcome
Minnesota vulunters.
The love-charm still lingers,
last link
to the old days of ignorance and supersti
tion when charms were believed to be pow
erful to cure disease and defeat death. The
day of charms is
gone, although
Rome sweet miss
now and again
procures a love
charm, not know
ing t!i at the great
est love charm of
all is the beauty
of perfect health.
A n i s
charm is in
riach of every
woman. When
o e
drains caused
by feminine
i sorde s,
girls lose
the beau
ty of form
and fair,
ness of
face which men admire, they may cure the
trouble and renew strength and beauty by
the use of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescrip
tion. It overcomes all the ills peculiar to
women. It imparts strength to delicate
organs, stops the drains that sap vitality,
restores the color to the cheek and round
ness to the form. It brings health back
and health itself is beauty. It is Impossi
ble for the face to be lair or the figure
shapely if there are pains, irregularities,
displacements, drains, or weakness in the
organs of womanhood.
I had female weakness very hadly," writes
Mrs. O. 8. Adams, of Fargo. Ca» Co.,
I had to be in bed part of th" time. I was
tired all the time, could not do mv housewprk
had fainting sprits, nervous h^aI iLhe. backache
and pain in my left Hide, when I woula lie down:
had pains ana aches all over. I cOlAmeacfd
taking Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription and
bad not taken two bottles when I warfsbte to be
around again and to do my work, wfttl OO pain
lam now feeling better than for masgryears."
Don't you want a reliable doCter book?
By sending 21 one-cent stamps tO'Dr. ft. V
Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y., to cove# cost of
mailing only, you will get by retunt mail
a free copy of his great book, "The Peo»
Common Sense Medical Adviser,"
1006 pages, in paper-covers,
Cloth bound,
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets ease bil
Good Society,
Two Km pi ope* MlMlag.
CHICAGO, Oct. 12.—With a detona
tion that was felt in towns many miles
distant two powder mills of the Aetna
company's works near Millers, Iud.,
blew up. Two employes are missing.
MoDnfla Makaa New Raeorda.
and the demand for Lake County farms Is Increasing.
search of a
Correspondence Solicited.!
BROCKTON, Mass., Oct. 12.—Eddie
McDufiie broke the world's records
from one to five miles inclusive at the
board track here. He rode the first
two miles less thau three minutes.
Don't Buy Until You See Burnett & Oo.
i -.1* UJs,-c• v..
V Kyy f-n
Good Home in
a Good Climai
where you can raisa Wiieftt, Oats, Barley, Cora, Flax, p0tat
in fact everything adapted to this latitude, and
"where you can successfully carry on
Dairying &
Stock Raisin
and where your family will have the advantages oi
Good Schools,
son and the city is steadily growing in population.
Chas. B. Kenned
wMk'.jatt.' ttk, W
Is the Basis of All \y
Good Church
then come and see me, and I will show you just what you want,
are renting land now, paying $3 to $5 per acre annual rental, I wI
show you just as good land and sell it to you at what ym
will pay out in rental, where you are, in three years,
and will give you easy terms of payment.
If you want a good location in Madison I have such for yott« A
ber of substantial buildings have been built in fladison the
Knmb«r of Far mho MM aa! Much Other
Fropcrty Destroyed.
OCONTO FALLS, Wis., Oct. 12. -Forest
fires are rajriug in this vicinity to en DJ1i.i,A«J7P
alarming extent. The air is filled with r^HrUIlI^
smoke and the sky reflects a deep red Steam I
hue at night. Six farmhouses have Macli. I
been burned and a large amount of hay dry, a home in-tituu
and miles of fences consumed. Unless do better work
rain comes at once a large amount of
property will be destroyed. obtain from tn«
Real Estate,
loans s
large 1
past seaj
Manner l'"f
Is Banner Salve. It K1T*J
relief and will soon
dries, perfectly
convenient for
laundry can be deliv^
time deaired, any/
everything can ',e
satisfactory becau*6
rectly with the Pr0P*\
betidea it is a home
Cures Impotency,*0
wasting dlseases. a ,,.
J— abuse, V1
cretion- A" 1
Jfnk R'owjfiy
toe to core or
I 4

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