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Contract* Mml« f»»r Connect In* HnwftilM
Islauile—I.nproty Experiment*.
HONOLULU, H. I.. Nov. 2o.—(via Vic-
ton a. B. C.. Dec. 4.)—Contracts have
been made for connecting all the islands
iff the Hawaiian group by the Marconi
IJ'stem of wireless telegraphy. F. J.
Cross, who went to New York for the
purpose of negotiating with the inven
tor cf the system returned on the steam*
•hip Australia. He states that he has
iecured exclusive rights to use the sys
tem here, with the agreement from the
inventor to provide an expert to put the
system in working order. Marconi, he
•ays, claims that perfect communica
tion between all the islands of Hawaii
can be established at a small expense.
Work is to begin at once. The apparatus
is to arrive here Feb. 1. and the system
will be in operation by March 1.
Experiments are to be made with a
new cure for leprosy which is said, on
reliable authority, to have actually ac
complished cures. The euro is a Ven
ezuela shrub of which samples were
forwarded here by burgeon General
Wvman of the United States. The
tlirubs are growing here under the care
Of Dr. Carmiohael of the Unieed States
iBarine hospital, who was asked by the
department at Washington to make ex
periments with them.
Headquarter* of Several Big
Moved to the East.
CHICAGO, Deo. 4. The Chronicle
Corporations with an aggregate capi
tal of $500,000,000 are preparing to
move out of the state of Illinois and es
tablish their headquarters in the East,
mainly in New York city. The chief
reason assigned for the radical change
of base of operations is that the legisla
ture and courts of Illinois have assumed
distinctly an anti-trust complexion
to legislation and decisions that the cor
porations have decided to retaliate by
withdrawing their interests to other
fields. The principal corporations that
•Je getting ready to quit their head-
in this city are the following:
he Federal Steel company, American
Steel and Wire company, American
Steel Hoop company. American Ti"*
Plate company and the Glucose Sugar
Refining company.
New Company Formed With a Capital of
Slsty 31 111 Ion*.
MADISON, Wis., Dec. 4.—A combine
of the thresher industry of the United
States has been effected with a capitali
zation of 0o0,000. The consolida
tion was effected after several months
effort, at a recent meeting in New
York, at which B. B. Clark of this city,
editor of the American Thresherman,
was the only press representative ad
mitted. He is authority fur the state
ment that the combine has been ef
fected. Seventy jer cent of the thresher
manufacturers cf the United States
have agreed to enter the trust. The
J. I. Case Thesliing Machine company
of Racine, Wis., is the largest com
pany outside cf the trust and it is pre
paring tc tight the combine. Hollins &
Co. of New York are the financial spon
sors for the new trust The plan is to
divide the manufacture of separators
and thresher# among the different fac*
tones ami no shut down of any plant is
Chamberlain'* I'ae of the Word Alliance
Vigorously Commcnleil on.
BF.KLIN. Dec. 4.—The use of the word
"alliance" in Mr. Chamberlain's speech
at Leicester has caused a general flut
ter in the German press. The Chau
vinist organs protest vigorously. The
Kreuz Zeitung, the organ of the mili
tary party, comments with scorn and
indignation. Other journals, including
The Lokal Anzeiger, assert that the
meeting of Count von buelow and Mr.
Chamberlain in London was productive
of results calculated to smooth away
some difficulties which had arisen in
colonial questions, but that no alliance
exists, although the conference L
tween thf- German and British states
men at Windsor castle left an equally
good impression upon all. As bearing
upon tins The Lokal Anzeiger adds:
"Germany and Great Britain are
guided by the same sincere wish to re
move in a friendly manner occasional
subordinate differences. At the name
time Germany does not intend to fight
other !e's battles."
ittonncsd That He Ifaa N» Octlga t«
Manage Another Cnmpalfa.
CLEVELAND, O., Dec. 2.—Concerning
the reports which have been in circula
tion for several weeks past to the effect
that Senator Hanna would not succeed
himself as chairman of the national
Republican committee, it can be stated
on the authority of Mr. Hanna's most
intimate friends that he has no desire
to manage another campaign, and un
less very strong pressure is brought to
bear upon him he will, in all proba
bility, decline to do so.
Notwithstanding the published state
ments that many leading Republicans
throughout the country are opposed to
Mr. Hanna's reappointment as chair
man of the national committee, it ia
known that he is almost daily receiving
from influential party leaders, repre
senting practically all sections of the
country, letters to the effect that he
has their fullest confidence and sup
port, and urging that l^e is the strong
est man available for the place.
Mr. Hanna's closest friends, and the
members of his own family believe,
however, that the condition of his
health i.s such that he should not under
any circumstances assume the responsi
bility of managing another presidential
It has been suggested that should Mr.
Hanna decide not to accept a reappoint*
ment as chairman, that he be made a
member of the executive, having per
sonal control of the campaign finances.
This would, it is pointed out, relieve
Mr. Hanna of the arduous duties de
volving upon hiin as chairman and at
the tame time fixe Jthe.national comr
in'n Ltw C? 1A*S bipt91iODC6il
and maraed success in raising campaign
Texan* Want the E*-Go*ernor the
Democratic Tlelcet With Mr. Bryan.
AUSTIN, Tex., Dec. 2.—While Will­
iam «T. Bryan and ex-Governor Hogg
and other politicians were making rear
end train speeches at Elgin, near this
city, a boom was started for ex-Gov
ernor Hogg for second place on the na
tional Democratic ticket and Mr. Bryan
warmly applauded the proposition. At
Elgin the party was received by almost
the entire population of the town and a
perfect ovation was tendered them.
The crowd demanded some speechmak
iug. Mr. Bryan was the first to respond
to the clamor and addressed his hearers
for some 10 or 13 minutes. He reviewed
the past war briefly aud asserted that
the pubii id not want nor would they
Saddling of a
Standing Army
onto the nation. He spoke cheerfully
of the campaign of 1W00. Upon the
conclusion of his address ex-Governor
Hogg spoke briefly along the same
lines. Governor Sayers followed in a
like manner and then the surprise was
sprung on the crowd by Attorney Gen
eral Smith. He extolled Mr. Bryan as
a great leader and assured the audience
that he would be president in 1900.
While the audience was enthusiastic
ally cheering this statement Mr. Smith
said that he hoped to see ex-Governor
Hogg occupy the second place on the
national ticket as he would make an
excellent running mate for Mr. Bryan.
This created great enthusiasm and Mr.
Bryan applauded heartily with the re
mainder of the crowd.
•galaaldo'a Mother Under tba Prnteo
tlon of Autoricaaa.
MANILA, Dec. 2.—Aguinaldo's mother
has arrived and has been given shelter
by ^enor Legarde, a prominent auiigo,
who was secretary of the treasury be
fore the outbreak aud who resigned
when it came. It seems that Buen
camino's party to*, k refuge in a bandit
village, which had offered Aguinaldo
an asylum iutendiug to sell him to the
Americans. The bandits assassinated
half of Buencamino's guard and pro
posed to keep Aguinaldo's mother for
Upholstery Weaver* Out.
pHiLAi'ELrHU. Dec. 3. —About 800
union uphoisterv weavers went on strike
today, closing 26 mills and throwing
uut uf employment nearly hands
engaged in various departments of the
factories. The strikers demand a con
siderable increase in wages. This city
and Paterson. N. J., are the centers of
the upholstery weaving industry in this
country, and there are about 1,100
skilled weavers iu Philadelphia. The
The Caperino company and Century
mills, employing about 700 weavers,
have signed the new scale.
Tramler Keaign*.
MELBOURNE, Victoria. Dec. 2.—The
premier, Sir George Turner, has re
signed. The governor. Lord Brassey,
has summoned Mr. A. McLean to form
a new ministrv.
To Work Among the Negroea.
Tenn., Dec. 2.—Com­
mander Booth-Tucker, head of the Sal
vation Army, has arrived here en route
from New York to New Orleans. The
purpose of his visit to the South at this
time is to inaugurate Salvation Arm)
work among the negroes.
Ea*y Victory for McGovern.
HAKTKDKI*. Conn.. Dec. 2.— T»-rryMc
Govern, cnimpion bantamweight of
the world, made short work of Eddie
Sprague of Streator, Ills., at the Nut
meg Athletic dub, disabling him in
less than one minute in the second
Deer Season Fatalitlea,
MARQUETTE, Mich., Dec. 2. The
deer huntiiig reason just ended resulted
in a total of 11 hunters killed and
wounded in Michigan and the Lake
Superior sections of Wisconsin and
The kindest and n.ost
neighborly tiling one worn
an can do for another in
case of sickness is to tell
how she herself was brought
out of trouble and distress
and urge her neighlxr
to seek the same rem
edy. Hundreds of
thousands of mothers
have cause to bless
this same
:ind, neigh
lorly spirit
which actuat
ed Mrs. Wm.
S. Vollmer,
of Concord,
Co., North
I Carolina.
"We moved
here to Con
m-T a month
she says, in her
communication to Ir. R. V. Pierce, of Buffalo,
N. Y. A little girl here was in dreadful health
We told her folks about
Pierce's medicines
I knew what they had done for us. Her parents
bought a Ijottle of his Golden Medical Discov
ery and of Favorite Prescription' and one of
Pellets.' The patient has improved wonder
fully after taking these medicines. I wish every
body knew the great virtue of Dr. Pierce's
medicines. I have t»een using them in my fam
ily for three years and always with success.
"I will be pleased to have my letter published.
If persons wishing to know more atout the
great benefits we have received from using I)r.
Pierce's medicines will write, enclosing stamp,
I will gladly answer."
Every mother of children ought to
possess Dr. Pierce's grand book, the
People's Common Sense Medical Ad
viser, a magnificent thousand-page illus
trated volume. It teaches mothers how
to care for their children and themselves.
It is the best doctor to have in the house
in case of emergency. Over half a mil
lion copies were sold at fi.50 each, but
one free copy in paper-covers will be
sent on receipt of 21 one-cent stamps
to pay the cost of mailing only or
sena 31 stamps if you prefer a heavier,
handsome cloth- bouna copy. Address
the publishers, World's Dispensary Med
ical Association, No. 663 Main Street,
Buffalo, N. Y.
Grant* Honda Bli Mine*
S. D., Dec. 4.—OttpP. T.
Grants bonded his rickiatae tet^QUO,
000 to Denver people.
Dnlnth Grain.
DULUTB, Deo. 9.
WHEAT—Cash, No. 1 hard, 63%e No.
1 Northern, No. 9 Northern, 00%c
No. 3 Northern, &0%o. To Arrive—No. 1
hard, 6jXo: No. 1 Nor thorn, 6J^o De
cember, May,
FLAX—To arrivo, «1.30 DeOembor,
$130 May, »1.83*.
Minneapolis Grain.
Minn., Die. 9.
WHEAT—In Store—No. 1 Northern,
December. tSlo May, t'4?£d6c. On
Track—No. 1 hard. 04 *£0 No. 1 Northern,
08 He No. 8 Northern, OOF^O.
Ilooi City Live Stook,
Siot CITY, Deo. 3.
CATTLE—Market steady.
Sales ranged for beeves
|S.00vi£3.25 lor cows, bulls and mixed
|3.50vi£4.23 for stockers aud feedors $ .:o
43 tj for calves and yearlings
HOGS—Market 5sJ10o higher. Range
o' prices, fci.TiJ.Vj J.
Receipts: Hogs, 3,400: cattle, 000.
St. Paul Union Stock Yard*.
HOGS Market &o higher. Ran^c
Of prices.
CATTLE—Uood demand for cattle.
Not enough here to make a market
Range of prices, stockers, £3.54X93 00
cows. $2.4034.00 bulls, v2.U0«lU0
heifers, •^.Toyfio.lO.
SHEEP—Good demand for sheep and
Sales ranged at I3.09QJ.03 for sheep
9il0id4.t£for lambs.
Receipts Cattle, 50 oalVSS. 10 hogs
70o sheep, hone^
CWMI* Union Stook Yarfta,
CHICAGO, Dee. 8.
CATTLE—Market steady slow.
Sales ranged at 9440tfl.tk for beeves:
t8.10£5.00 tor cows and heifers fft.OOqft
4.75 for stockers and feeders
for Texas steers 4.0o#5.&> for Westerns.
HOGS Market steady to a shade
Sales ranged at for mixed
and butchers 00lor good heavy.
S3.65d).tA) for rough heavy $&76$d.:>0
lur light. Bulk ul sales, $ii.80.^8,W.
SHEEP—Market steady.
Sales ranged at ft.0Jd4.78 for sheep.
l4.10«ftj.00 lor lambs.
Receipts) Cattle, (W0 hogs, 14.000
sheep, -,0X1.
Chicago Grain and Provisions.
WHEAT—December, May,
08$c July,
CORN—Decoiuoer, 3Jc January, 8.
OATS December, SSW May, Mfe
23 »o.
PORK December, 8.2) January,
|9.4o May. tluS**.
FLAX Cash, Northwestern,
Southwestern. *1.39 December, il.ttsv*.
May. #1.^4.
BUTTER—Creameries, lsnt-'jc dairy,
POULTRY—Dressed, chicken* 7ut
ic turkeys. »«{yic.
EGGS— Fresh, lao.
WANTED—Trustworthy persons to take
orders for "War in South Africa and the
Dark Continent from Savagery to
Civilization," by William Harding, the
famous traveler, cable editor, and
author. Press says "wonderfully com
plete," graphic descriptions," "britlinntly
written," "sumptuously illuetriited
demand remarkable salea unprecedent
ed prices low. We shall distribute
£100,000 in gold among our salespeople
be first don't miss this chance also
highest commissions books on Hi* days'
credit freight duty paid eample case
free. Address the Dominion {jeuipany,
Dept. V, Chicago.
Mrs. Thomas Riddlf»man,t*ari»lia'ilville,
Mich., writes: I WHS troubled WITH
Salt Hheuu for over thirteen years, had
tried a number of doctors without relief.
My husband bought a box of Hanner
Salve, which I applied two or three tirn»»e
and my hands began to get better. IQ
a short time they were entirely cured.
A smallpox epidemic is reported at
Dixon, O., where some 100 person*
have become ill.
John I. Blair of Blairstown, N. J., a
millionaire many times over, and one
of the oldest railroad builders and own
ers in the country, is dead.
Charles J. Potter,
press inventor, died at his homo in
Plaiufield. N. J., Saturday. He had
been *ick some time, with
Line steamer
The American
which sailerl tor New York Saturday
had among her passengers »0 iiuitsian
sailors and two Russian officers. They
will take charge of the Russian
A. II. Thurneea, Mgr., Wills Creek
Coal Co., Buffalo, Ohio, writes: I have
been afTeoted with Kidoey and Bladder
trouble for years, passing gravel or
stones, aocompanied by excrnoiating
pains. Other medicines only gave tern
porary relief. After taking Foley's Kid
ney Cure, the result was surprising. A
few doses started the brick uust, little
fine stones, etc,, and now I have no pain
across mv Kiddeys and feel like a new
man. Foley's Kidney Cnre has done me
fl,Q00 worth of good.
the printin
Dr. W. Wiion, Italy Hill, N. Y., says,
"I heartily reeotnmend One Minute
Cough Cure. It gave my wife imradi
ate relief in suffooating asthma." Plea*
ant to take. Never fails to quickly cure
all oought, colds, throat and lung
resentatives, Telia the
People how He waa
tion of diseases.
The high duty on woolen manufac
tured goods has had the result of deter
mining several German mill owners
who have customers in the United
States to establish manufacturing plants
in this country.
now building in this country.
The directors of the American Bell
Telephone company have voted to turn
over the assets of the company to the
American Telephone and Telegraph
company. This is the first step in the
removal of the company from Massa
chusetts to New York.
Good Home in
Dairying &
iMcnr* tte* 1'aatporta.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 4.—Application
was made by Gustav Thielkuhl at the
department during the day for 1MH.
for members of the thitd ex
pedition to be sent from this country to
tlie Transvaal by the piomoters of the
Duchess d'Uzes Legion. He was told,
that they could not be prepared
before Dec. yi, the day the third expe
Forty If or Cremated.
BOONK, la.. Dec. 4.—The livery stable
of I'ayne Sc .Sons has burned and 4'«
iiurseh were cremated. The loss is es
timated at f'jo.ouo, with insur
ance. The tire was started by an in
Hon. Alva Merrill
Member from the 24th
(Peoria Co.) District of
the Illinois Bouse of
Northampton, III., Aug. |J, 1899.
The Dodtfs Medlclaa Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Ocatlamn:-! had (Men Mifferlag froa Rhea
natlc pains in my body aad had tried maay raaa
dies with little satisfaction until I r'fthisui
Dodd's Kidney Pills. The rellel was something
fceyond my expectation and I am now cured and
heartily endorse Dodd's Kidney PIIU to any eae
with damaged Kldaeys or Rheumatic pains.
Dodd'a Kidney PilU cure all
°f the Kidneya.
Soldby all dealers iu medl
5 t?Lcent«a boa or ali boxea
for $2.50. Seat oa receipt of
Notice to Ownera to Build Htdewalk.
Notice ••hereby »iv«n that at a nieetlnir of the
city conncll of the city rf Madison, Month i-ako
ta, held on the !»th .lay of October, lM»g, at
o clock, in the city hnll, it WM considered and
determined by said city council that the public
oereaeUy and convenience demand thutaalde
walk of the character and kind reoolr.-d hy the
the city,'^ be built along the street,
and in front of the lots, blocks and premises
hereinafter mentioned and described arid on the
date and at the time and place i.fornsaia, thesnid
city conncil aforesaid in due form pasaed and
adopted a resolution orderini? said sidewalk to
be bnllt Ip conformity with Mi ordlnancesof the
city now In force snd which resolution was after
wards spproved hy the mayor and Is now ol rec
ord in r»y ofllcc and which said slde«ak was
ordered to be bnllt and completud and rendv lor
LAND Is the Basis of All Wealt
and the demand for Lake County farms Is increasing. |f
Sfearch of a
where yon can raise Wheat, Oats, Barley, Com, Flar, Potato
in fact everything adapted to this latitude, and
where you can successfully carry on
jChas. B. Kennedy
cwnianci- wiih oriltnaiica No V, of the ordinance*
.•f Ihi* city of Mftdifot., S mtfi Dakota, IIMW iu
torn', slid nm«» he cotnplrtfd vliMii tMrtv !»•.
thr ,1 t.m, ,.f Ihl« rn»t re, In
thr difTfrem property owi.rr*. at ihdr o#» it
pi-n-i' niirt o »t, ai if n«t »o i.i.rl
witlnii Ihol timo the »ai wi:| he imiit hv Hie
city aixl iln- thereof mwiid agalDnt
thr aSiitttii^ |r—
II* orrW nf the rity roancl!.
IaU'J thi* J" h«la of Nuvotnher. 1
Auditor of the
.. f,
•"it after the completed
poblicailou of this notice and If not done
then the same will he bnllt by the city of Mad
1i#tt jod the exptnuA thereof MIAMOH ftwinpt
theabuttliiff premises, and which ssld «idewalk
Is to be on the west side of Lincoln avenue ard 11
front of th«i following lots, blocks and premise's
to wit:
Commencing at the southeast corner of block
(1) of North Madison, thence north aloinr the
east aide of said block to the aortbe
"st mraw of
the sane.
Tbst sal* sidewalk Is to be coastroeted lo sc-
r"r..V hy s»|d ,r,i'r
a Good Climat
Stock Raising
and where your family will have the advantages of.
Good Society,
Good Schools,
Good Church Facilitie
then come and see me, and I will show you just what you want. if
are renting land now, paying
Correspondence Solicited.
show you Just as good land and sell It to you at what you
wUI pay out in rental, where you are, in three years,
and will give you easy terms of payment.
If you want a good location in Madison I have such for you. A large nu
ber of substantial buildings have been built in fladison the past sea
son and the city is steadily growing in population.
Votice to Owner* to Betid tMdvwrl*.
Nolir, l« hrr« !.y riven hit at a rn-etini the
111 V cm nil (if ttn- 11 V of Mll!l«nli, I'll
kot«. held on the !Uti*lav of N.vexit»r, isv«, at s
O'CIIM k i.m..lbih.'ciiv liall.it waa con* Mcr.-'l «nt
det.-rinllifil I.) KHld citv coiitirt! that tin ptiMn
iier ««|(v nnd roiivfiiicnre demand that a #tde
walk of tin- rhamrti-f ami kltxl r«-iiiir.-c1 y the
ornl! »nr'# of th^ rt*y, he litl'lt i'n|tlie vfrcrt
atnl iii f'l/tit of the liluck* aiul uri-uiiprw
h. re n*ft. met:tl«.ii. ai..] di-.rri!,( 1 end r, t),,.
date and at th- time
within thirty
to |ir on the
north pule nf Tenth atr.-et ai In lrent« the
follow inc lotn, tilncka and (iretnlri'*, to wit:
oninienclinf at the utlieant corner of block
el«v«-n (lli, of North Madicon, thencn we«t
mmhii: tnv poiitli ftffU* nf Morkt n-* (tii ntjl Uir«e
*»«dl«on to \Va«hliiKton avenue.
I hat faid atdewalk ia to he constructed in ac
cordance with o-dinai.ee No. 41 of dip ordmar.rea
of till* City of Madiron, houth Dakota, now In
rorn and mu»t he fully rompieted within thutv
dny* afti the conip|i*t«-il ptilillcatlon ol Ihla 110
tlce, hy the different protM-rty owners at their
own exp.na-and
aud If not »o 1.11,It and
competed within that time th." Mine will he
hu It hy the cr.y and thu eipenae thereof a*
seMed at»nln»t th«" ahnttliii( prtfinlavs.
Hy rder of thr city connrll.
fated this joth day of November, l'-T'O.
Andltor of Ihe City of Madlaou. 8outh'l)a
Notice of Chattel Mortgage Hale.
Whereas default has been made in thr ronrtl
tlons a certain chattel irnrtkaire, dated the
V. i.rtV
A' n- lhlc'.
Klveti by Han*
I. Hllden and Peter .1. Huen, mortgagors, to The
^reaher Manufacturing Company of
nil Vn'' mortgage and
the debt thereby secured n«w being owned by
h.tuwI'T JL*?jnortgeaee, and said mortgage
SfJ 'M of the register
7^w,e conntT,
wh chT«irf
Month Dakota, oa the
A lK 1Hur, Vo
per acre annual rental, I will
place itfnreaaid, t?i-
f«id lt\ootif,rii af.-re.ald In d*ie form 1
I Mid adoj t»-d a resolution orderlnc »m! aiilewaik
I lie l.uilt In ruiiform.ly with the oidirar.rea
the rity li.iw forr.- and whlrh rr«o tttn.t waa
nflcrw%nU a|i|irived hv the mayor uiid in |,,)W ,,f
reront In my oftli-e, and which i»ai! 1, »nlli wn«
ordered to he htillt and (timplcted and rea«ly ?«-r
after the couiti.etr.J
Meat,on of thi* notice aiul If not »n done then the
aftn.e uill he hnilt l.y the «lt» ol V.adli-on and the
oxiierife thereof •. .«(•! n^itlimt 11,•• iit'iittiriir
raid (iidew»l|
You never know wlu'
of hlcoil poison will
stipntion. Kwp tin 11 v
l»v u*ina DoWitt K Lui
Ki^rs nml j-nu will avmd trou
«ro fanioo% little pl!h for c:
and trouble#.
Notice of Forcclossre
Whoreaa, l»av«d W. leluM
l.et^htoti, ids wife, and Orian-lo I
ain/ir, of l.ake Ci tu.|), i.tlth 1'-h
irorr. gave to A. i. Mchnnet of I.
nth lnkots, trortga^ee, th«'t
•lat.uury '.1st, »nd !'.!••for
Ore 01
the rstfi«(
of d'^iU
I'akota. on the 1«! Oay 11
at lo n tu »n.( n-cifiicd in
», on page IKI. ujinti
•cr h, d, to s« cure one prinilas«ry 1
datril Jar.tinrv !.|, iw*, «ii»i ir.t»t'
cent per ntu. 11 after lm-, i»tu! da---
HI year* fror) brnary I,
said r.iort^rtgors aliove tit-Llloued, I.
Schtn'ilt iriii], u ht rex*. It
«ald niort^aga that ifdefai. shu«l«l
nt.y of the prov Isioiis of »%Itl n
'"••lit of principal int. r.-t when
came due, It Shall h« law ftiI for 111'
»11, I ta hena or assign*, th«" »h'
.unt*. .,11th Uakots, to fo:«c»
by advertisement, anil set1 tt'
ga^'ea at ptihli- atlcnon as :r
and, wh-r-as, said mortgage
sik'ned hr an instrument '!l
said A ^chmi^lt to lVter
l.»l»e county, *ouih luko*a, in
of November, A. I) lhlt», ubirh
which said mortgage was given upon the follow
wTTnih' i "bribed In said mortgavt, to
«ln,e h.-^ ." 'e JlHnt
!, '.rtrengine
No. IJAH, the
trot e tv s."m"W "with other
Is now standing In the
ft, Hsasoo's machine shop
may'lll.TxIiml. V I" °f '",'1 H""""1. "1
Whe ai^h., J'y *5y purchaser.)
the rt*i?t i 1 '"h"* «lue on ssid mortgage snd
I be S !.i
5rw'»nd interest,
"i-t. ln th w 'i." V Ju**" said defaalt con
nr«iresaid Inm
,n lbc
P'-vdcd and
,„0ltJ'y.. /J1*/ ,®f owner of said
I Wilur,?' ti ttbd Will
l-or ',M luL r,,ry'i"11'ln.,U*
lav Dakota, on Aatnr
i :i ,V^r?M' l-^'n^mber, A. D. ISMi, at ths
Ji rsThirt^/'
a 111 l0,,,
P'V th*
'0 mortgage gnd an attorney s lee of
filed for record in the office of
deeds of I.itke count r, Soutll
il i of November, I•!'.». at the
nnO luly recorded In book of
1'ai'o I, I and, whereas, defaiil1 »:1"
In the pay m»ht of the pr.t i lpal »l
said mortgage w hen due, to wit
Kehuary 1st, |sw, and there i«
i a a 1 i 1 i n
at law to recover the debt srcnre
tane or at.y part thereof. I'nhlK"
J-'* c„
by given that aaid murtgatiw
a sale at pulnlc auction hy the .,
rouily, J»oulh I»ak«ta.of the -,.S
,sea which are situated in
Dakota, and described In n
lows,lo Wt: The south" "*t ii'J*'"
twelve (1-J), In township one
(l"V), norm of range fifty one 1 1
a e o n o o o e o u e
Madison, l.ake county. Mouth
day of January, l!«f, et «be
In the afternoon of that l«y. ,t„ff
amount of said indebtedness,
Dated Madison,
D. D. HOI. DIM DOR & W(»,
Attornejs lor Assignee jjvKA^*
Bhtria Uke
B,l,-P»y®eDt of the
money now long past due.
hereby given thai by
In pnrsuant to the statute
by he „fr
4,0B, ,#
Dinests what you «4/'
It artiflclhlly dljreatH the foo
Nature In strengthening^J
fans Itw the latest
Atteraey foe Ae*t«i«ee.
structlng the exhausts
•uotloti 10
aot and tonte. Wo othj'f In ™it
ean ajpproaoh it in
ert,r e

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