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Cream of Wheat.
Breakfast Food.
Quaker White Oais.
Wheat Wafers.
Sheddee Whole Wheat Biscuits
Clover Honey.
None Such Mince Meat.
31b cans Elegant Mi nee Meat.
Graham Biscuits.
Clarksville Apple Cider righr
If If
Aooordiutf to Uradstreet'e, the liabili
ties of failed business houses Novem
ber was twice the amount of ftilures in
October, lu the latter month the fail-1
urea amounted to over FIX millions of
dollars while in November they exceeded
thirteen millions. This inoreaee of
eourse must have been due to prosperity
according to Mr. McKioley'sThanksgiv-1
The Bank
Defaulting County Treasurer Petter
soti of Yankton has been heard of at
Kansas City, but not yet captured.
A merchant of George. Iowa, Albert
Mueller by name, came to Sioux Falls
last week with $2,6.30 in bis pocket to
transact business, sold his interest in a
•tore and got 81,300 more cash, went
around town some, took a few drinks,
played away nine or ten dollars only in
gambling dens, then went to one of the
smaller hotels and went to bed. Next
morning be found his empty pooket
taokson the floor when he woke ap and
found all his money gone. And yet the
robbery i* announced as something very
mysterious. The viotim has gone back
to George, Iowa.
President Heston of Brookings oollege
and State Supt. Collins are attending a
Blaok Hills teachers'convention at Lead
The populist state oentral oommittee
held a session at Huron, December 1, in
connection with the reform press associ
ation, and reoom mended to the national
•ommittee their desire of the removal of
H. ». Volkmar, editor of the Milbank
Good Things to Eat
First Prize Buckwheat Flour 5c per lb.
Pure Maple Syrup, $1.25 per gallon.
Pure Sugar Syrup, t0e per gallon.
White Sugar Drip, 40c per galkMt
Honey Drips, 35c per gallon.
Oatmeal Wafers.
Cheese Straws.
Cheese Sandwiches.
Saratoga Flakes.
New York Fult Cream Cheese.
Bulk Olives.
The finest Dried Fruits.
Canned Goods of all kiuds.
Wisconsin Hickory & Walnuts.
New York Apples.
from the pr ss, and 40c
Moolia cV Java Coffee at 35c—Try it and you wiU use no other.
Leave your next grocery order with us. W e can please you in
price and quality.
j. p. NISSEN & sort.
Having lought the Palace Meat Market, we will
take possession about December 1. W e will endeav
or to treat patrons in the future they have been
treated in the past.
Thanking you in advance for your patronage, we 1
are respectfully yours, 1
TUESDAY. DECEMBER -3. 189:». litical views no longer being in accord
By mail, 1 v»r i action looking to the selection of candi
By malu month#!!!!!!!.I.'W dates for the next state ticket. W. T.
mall, 1 month
By earner, per
«TAH!.. Proprietor.
Jog proclamation, and for which the peo-J Frank li. Mills of Milbank in circuit
pie were politi hl'.y to yive thanks. cjurt at that plaoe for being a party to
i a criminal
England rate
has been advanced to 6 per cent which
Wry nearly agrees with the rate being
paid in Wall street, showing that the
fellows who run the gold standard on
both sides of the water know what they
are about. The tendency in this coun
try is to a little stiffer figure than the
above but the advance is held in check
by Secretary Gage catering to the de
mands of the banks, speculators and
•tock gamblers with the government
treasury. He had purchased eighteen
Bullions of poverument bonds at a good
liberal premium out of the public treas
ury up to Thanksgiving day at whioh
lime the bnying w.ie to cease, but he has
iin'.'e extended the time as long as it is
aeceesary to buy up the remainder of
ef the twenty-five millions of 4 aud f»
cent bonds, so that this will probab
IJr keep New York interest rates ruling
•t 0 per cent the same as the Bank of i Francisco and Vokahama, and was form
England. And yet the republican con- erly occupied as a supply station by the
tvntion in the face of all this government Pacific Mail Steamship company. It
boUtfring is that the gold standard kept a store of coal and provisions there
furnishes an abundant supply of money. I 'or the benefit of any of its steamers
But, if it doea, why does the government
eome to relieve the ory of the Wall
street gambler and never the cry of the
people? I* the former the only on* who
thouid have plenty of money?
South Dakota, bis
with those of a majority of the populist
party. The oommittee discussed polit-
ical lines of aotion for the coming cam
paign, but declined to take any detinite
LaFoilette of the state ntilway commis
sion l* suggested as a populist candidate
for governor, and Thos. Ay res. present
secretary to Gov. Lee. is talked of for
secretary of state. The South Dakota
Reform Press association elected the fol
lowing officers: President, A. Snenn,
Watertowc Times vice president, Fred
Wright, DeSmet Indepeocent secretary,
Thoe. II. Ayres, Vermillion Plain Talk.
The sensational trial of Station Agent
operation upon Mary E.
Billsborow of Graceville, Minn., which
resulted in her death, closed in a dis
agreement of the jury. The physician
implicated in the matter, Dr. Robinson,
was tried last spring and the jury dis
agreed. Judge Campbell considering it
useless to further try these cases has
dismissed both from the calendar, and
thus crime goes unpunished.
Brookings has put in an electrio light
ing system which is meeting with great
Like Preston has just told its water
works bonds at par. They run fifteen
years and draw 0 per cent interest.
Chicago Record, 2: A year ago Uoole
Sam had but one little spot in the Pa
cific—the island called Midway, which
lies on the regular route between San
that should happen to become disabled
at sea, but fortunately there has never
been any occasion to seek relief of that
kind, and the coal and provisions have
been stolen by whalers that have cruised
around that way. Midway island is the
scene of Frank Stockton's droll storie6
about the "Remarkable Adventures of
Mrs. Ayleshine and Mrs. Leeks." Theee
women, passengers on a vessel that was
wrecked, drifted in a boat to Midway
island and lived there for a considerable
time under peculiar oiroumstanoee.
Midway island is about the center of
the north Pacific. About 2,000 miles
southeast is Honolulu, aboat the same
distance to the southwest is Quam
about 4,000 miles almost direotly south
ward is Tutuila, and 4,000 miles to the
southwest are the Philippines. Now, if
Uncle Sam could get an island or two off
the ooast of South America—whioh
would not be very difficult if he went
about it in the proper way—we wquld
be pretty well fixed for naval stations in
the Pacific ocean. Puerto Rico answers
the purpose in the northern part of the
West Indies, but we ought to have
another naval station down near the
isthmus, and Gorn island, whioh is in
dispute between Colombia, Costa Kica
and Nioaragua, would be just the thing.
Naught save Rooky Mountain Tea
ooald possibly do what Rooky Mountain
Tea does for Buffering humanity.
Goth Houses Organize and Ad*
journ Out ot Respect for
ft B. Henderson of Iowa, ®*If
Elected Speaker
of the
Roberts of Utah, Not Sworn in.
Formal Objection Was
WASHINGTON, Dec. 5.—The opening
of the Fifty-sixth congress at noon at
tracted the widespread attention which
always attaches to the aunual assem
bling of the national lawmakers. There
was added interest in the event this
year, for the many far reaching ques
tions awaiting consideration gave un
usual importance to the return of con
gress. Asidp from this, the Roberts
caso introduced a phase w)iicli prom
ised something outside of the ordinary
developments of an opening day.
Early in the day the throngs began
converging at the capital. The day WJW
bright and propitious and the thorough-
fares leading to the building presented
a gay an«l animated appearance.
Within the building all was bustle and
excitement long before the hour for
calling the houses to order. The out«-r
doors were open to all and through
these flowed continuous streams of hu
manity until the groat corridors, gal
leries and rotundas were fairly packed.
As early as 10:"0 the conspicuous
figures of congress began to arrive, and
this served to give the waiting throng*
a temporary diversion. General Hen
derson went direct to the speaker's
private office, where he shared his time
with the house leaders and with those
pleading for admission cards.
Representative liichardson of Tennes
see, the Democratic house leader, was
also early on the scene, conferring with
his lieutenants. Shortly before 11
o'clock Mr. Roberts of Utah, in silk
hat and black frock suit, made his way
through the crowd to the members,
private lobby. Here bechanced to meet
Mr. Richardson and the two held a
short conference as to whether Mr.
Roberta should seek to address the
house. A buzz of comment followed
the gentleman from Utah wherever he
went, but there was no disrespectful
As the minute hand of the clock op
posite the speaker's rostrum overtook
the hour hand at noon, the gavel of tho
clerk of the last house, Major McDow
ell, descended with a bang. The inde
scribable buzz ceased. The members
arose aud the spectators in the galleries
bowed their heads.
After the invocation the reading clerk
began calling the roll and a minute
later the buzz had recommenced, mak'
inga noisy background for the staccato
notes of the clerk as he called out the
names. Mr. Roberts sat listening in
tently for his name, and when it was
called he responded "Here" in a loud
voice. But he looked nervous and ill at
ease. There were no demonstrations
during the roll call. When it was con
cluded, Clerk McDowell announced
that members had answered to their
names, a quorum.
H«nd«rsoo bnljr Eltetad Speaksr.
The election of speaker was an
nounced as the first business to be
transacted. Henderson of Iowa was
nominated by the Republicans, and
Richardson of Tennessee by the Demo
crats. The vote resulted: Henderson,
177 Richardson, 153 Bell 4, and New
lands, 2.
General Henderson was escorted to
the chair by a committee and made a
brief speech of thanks and acceptance.
In accordance with the time honored
custom, the oldest member of the house
in point of service, Mr.Harmer of Penn
sylvania, administered the oath to the
speaker. The speaker then announced
that the oath would be administered to
the members by states. As the names
of the members were called they ap
peared at the bar in groups of aboat A
dozen, and with raised hands, were
sworn in by the speaker.
OIJMM to Mr. Roberta.
When the name of Brigham H. Rob
erts was reached in the house roll call,
the Utah member-elect proceeded alone
to the area in front of the speaker's
desk and awaited the administration of
the oath. At the same time Repreeen
tative Taylor of Ohio secured recogni
tion, and amidst breathless interest,
protested against the swearing ip of
Roberts, on the ground of his being a
poly gam is t, and not a properly natural
ized American citizen. Mr. Taylor
spoke calmly and dispassionately. Mr.
Roberts stood gazing intently at him.
You Can Always Get
and did not move a muscle throughout
the protest.
Mr. McRao of Arkansas, followed by
a protest from tho Democratic side,
saying this issue was one involving the
sacredness of the American home, a
eentiment that brought an outburst of
Speaker Henderson then addressed
Roberts, saying:
"Will the gt ntleman stand aside until
the roll ciill is completed':"
Mr. Roberts assented, with tho state
ment that in so doing he waived none
of his rights.
"1 can assure the gentleman," said1
tho speaker, "that he waive* none of
his rights."
Mr. Roberts resumed his seat and the
roll call proceeded. It was agreed by
unanimous consent that the considera
tion of the resolution should go over
until after the reading of the president's
message. The swearing in of the re
maining members was then concluded,
ttonat* S«Mloa Varjr Brief.
The senate session was very brief.
New senators were sworn in and then,
upon announcement of the death of
Vice President Hobart, the senate ad
The credentials of Messrs. Quay of
Pennsylvania, and Clark of Montana,
were referred to the committee on
privileges and elections.
Financial 11111 Introduced.
r».—The financial
bill drafted by a special committee of
republican members was introduced in
tho house by Representative Overstreet
of Indiana and accorded the distinction
of being Bill No. 1 on the records of
the house. The text is as given out
last week, and members say this will
be preserved as far as possible.
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