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Highln Ir« i
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.: C.Ug o li
wer" fir*--1,
i.i' iiber of
local railx
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on fr
Ask your doctor about soap?, soaps
:i y.^ soaps made of pure vegetable oils, r-
trained nurse- recom .\ :\l Iv y S
n i n s n o i n u v u i v- w
S 1! 1. •. T'". s '. i /'1 i 1 1
ItaVerl i!fmen!« n« to Qtt'iv**
atretic til Are All CiUrftte*.
Im iaNaT"•!.!-. IV e. '•is. —Senator B^v
eridg 1. i» r'.t follo-v r.g u
laent o-:. ..tor Quay:
"The tatk about t^nav* nut raving
votes enough to Boat him is nonsense
«o are the claims that he has enough
votes to seat him. Nobody knows just
what the situation is. Nobody knows,
for example, low I shall vote. I know
that many other senators are exactly in
the same situation. The whole matter
is a pure question of constitutional con
struction. All this talk about corrupt
flections, etc.. has nothing to do with
the case. Quay is not claiming there
was an election. He is claiming
through an appointment by the gov
ernor. The question is whether or not
the governor had a constitutional right
to appoint him. I have not had time
yet to give that question the speciaj
study which its immense importance
demands. When I have done so, I
shall know how I shall vote. That
consideration, and that alone, will de
termine the matter. This is also the
case with a great number of other sen
Siflk Thousand Earnuean Troops Ko*
kl Pretoria.
LONDON, Dec. —The Cape Town
correspondent of The Daily News, tele
graphing Wednesday, Dec. rju, says:
"Lord Metnuen, I understand, in
tends to remain at Modder River about
three weeks longer.
"From L5 t.-r sources, hitherto sin
gularly well informed, 1 learn that
there are (,000 European officers and
men skilled in modern military tactics,
particularly artillery, now in Pretoria,
us a reserve.
"Our administrative official in the
Cape service, who has just returned
from official relieving duty in the
Dutch district, says the news of the
British reverses has been received with
great joy, even in localities where there
is no open revolt."
Mr. Kryan H»« NO Intention of Abandon*
of Them.
AUSTIN, Tex., D-'\ W. J. Bry
an's attention was called to a dispatch
from Washington stating that he had
written Congressman Daly of New
Jersey that lie would make several
speeches in the East, discu.sr-.ing trusts
and imperialism, and he was asked as
to whether the report indicated an in
tention of abandoning the bilver ques*
tion. He replied:
"Congressman Daly has probably
been misquoted. I expect to make sev
eral speeches in the East, but I expect
to discuss the money question along
with other questions. There are three
questions now prominentjy before the
people: The money question, the trust
question and the Philippine question.
Whenever m.'ike n poiitic.-il «pe"eh I
dlSCU ill! ti.l'ee Ijlle-ti'
,. '.
a list* In.
'1H.—(Jiiir ook
''le be
-s, the
u. .jout 100
«'hinaman, a
faction, was
Bi| Fitrht on for t!i» Nattmi.il f"onven«
tion N»*t V«j*r.
WAK?iiNf?ToN, Dec. -Th r- prom
ises to be a lively content i' twe( a New
York, Kansas City, Chicago and St.
Louis for the next Democratic national
convention. Committees on ways an i
means have been appointed in the cities
mentioned and already the members of
the Democratic national committee
v ,i
.1 uf
... ii ii •o.-.ii v. n i •. r.Kv.re call
niion to the -p* cial claims of
each. New York Las thus far put up
the most tempting bid and New York
ers are even now claiming enough votes
pledged to
them the convention.
Their principal argument, besides their
money and hotel accommodations,
that New York is a pivotal state and
that the holding of the national con
vention there
cratic ticket.
i 'ip the Demo­
five Hritlge* Washed Away.
SEATTI.K. Wash.. Dec. —One of the
most disastrot'x ?!ools is raging along
the Noonack i Whatcom county. Five
of seven bridges over the river have
been swept awat, four of them being
i Uv n.
i n«n:« of M&gne Representative*.
NKW YOKK. Dec. 'JS.—U. De Week
lierlin, for many years envoy extror
dinary and minister plenipotentiary oi
the Netherlands in this country wilJ
act in the same capacity in Turkey,
and Baron Gevers, until now holding
this position at Bucharest, has been ap
pointed to till the vacancy in the Umtod
To Trotect State Pine.
ST. PAI L. Doc. 'J*.—The state staff of
cruisers will be doubled after the first
of the year. Auditor Dunn has decided
such action necessary in order to pro
tect state lands from trespassers. Of
late he has received reports from his
men that a keen lookout is necessary to
ward off the intruders and guard against
a heavv loss.
(Magna la Severe Tjpe.
SYDNKY. N. S. W., Dec. 2^.—The
British consul at Noumea confirms tht
report that the plague in a severe type
is raging and that many deaths from
that cause have occurred in New Cal
edonia. The governments of Austra
lia have taken stringent precautions fui
quarantining arrivals from Noumea.
Several Farmer* Burned Out.
EUREKA, S. D., Dec. 'JH.—A disas
trous prairie fire passed across the coun
try east of this city Tuesday. Several
families were burned out near Leola anl
Ipswich. Th»s tire started at
the North Dakota line and swept south
east, passing west of Leola and throsgh
to Ipswich.
One Hatfield Kills Another.
MATI WAN. W. Ya., Dec. 28.—Wayne
Hatfield, sun of Elias Hatfield, and a
nephew of "Devil'1 An-^e Hatfield, shot
and killed (ieorge Hatfield's son of
Benr Creek. The shooting occurred in
(jierge Brazeur's store. Wayne llat
fk«ii escaped to the mountains.
Charged With Stealing ei.OOO.
CHICAGO, Dec. 28.—Clyde-H. Wal
lace, a clerk in the United States sub
treasury in this city, has been arrested
on the charge of having stolen Jf-'hOOO in
gold from the office. The young man
is said to have made a full confession to
the secret service officials.
T! e man who re the railroad
.-tati ci two mimaes .-ire time and
sees the train stoamiiyr out of the oth
er lid derives no sati d" u tion from tl
proverb. "Better bite than never."
Bei !:n r.M li-
A 1 LL»' "II 4,
V! I' I i-. .. v will
i. tii.-i: moil-
i •).i
adnonnced in
i the Eastern
a the detcr
..fter dan. 1,
•Uonate rate
The li i
"It loo'
am! 1:
the .v.'.,.
tJirough .i.i
I «or
ngo t'» e I
i i in ofllee in
O-e. VOIJ ilOW.
an feU
•1 cn:e nlier."
i i!" I V- li.'llil
''i!i'• i1111ali llri
"I cm indebted tn Otut Minute Onij^h
Cure for my health l'.nd lif»». It cupt-if
'int of lung tr»i 11»}# foliowsri:.' gMpp»»."
ThoiiHundM owe th»*ir liven to the prompt
net ion of thin nev«»r failing remedy. It
eures coughn, noldp, erotip, brorchitie,
onpiinioinii, grippe itrid throat and lunr/
trouble. It ia the only harmless remedy
that gives immediate resultn.
COOK Jnr.it
Annual Convention* at Tea Molnet,
waukee and Water town.
DI s MOINES. Dec. 28.—The annual
convention of the Iowa State Teachers'
association opened with a meeting of
the educational council and other pre
liminary committee work. The legis
lative .committee has decided to report
resolutions demanding that the legisla
ture establish three new normal
The attendance will be fully 2,000.
exceeding that of any former year.
Leading educators from all over the
West will address the gathering.
WATKKTOWN, S. D., Dec. 28.—The
South Dakota Teachers' association
has commenced its annual session here.
About .100 teachers from all parts of
the state are present. The session will
last three da vs.
MIMVAI-KKE, Dec. 28.—Over GOO
teachers from all over the state are in
attendance at the the 27th annual con
vention of the Wisconsin Teachers' as
sociation. Acting President Professor
W. H. Klson of Superior presided.
Brew For Bond*.
ST. PAT-L, Dec. 28.—State Treasurer
Koerner lias made his annual drawing
of Minnesota funding bonds. He called
in for payment ,*0 of $1,000 each. After
their payment, which will be made in
a few days, there will remain outstand
ing $1.279,000, and they will be paid off
each year in lots of 100. They bear in
terest at the rate of o,ls per cent.
Indian* Republican Confnrenee.
INMASAPOI !s, Dec. 28.—Several hun
dred prominent Republicans are gath
ered at the Denison hotel for the an
nual conference of the 'party. Senators
Fairbanks and Beveridge have arrived
and five Indiana congressmen are here.
The contests for tho state nominations
arc very lively.
The main building of the trust tan
nery at Merrill, Wis., has burned.
The condition of Congressman C. A.
Boutelle of Maine is understood to be
Jurors in the Molineaux case com
plain of being constantly shadowed by
The strike of French miners in the
St. Etienne district has spread to the
Loire district.
Professor Elliott Cones of 'Washing
ton. the world famed ornithologist and
scientist, is dead.
An operation for cancer of the stom
ach has been performed on Roland
Reed, the actor. His condition is very
The consolidation of the sanitary
enameling interests of the country,
known as the "bathtub" combination,
has just been completed.
Fire did damage to the amount of
$2oo.o00 to the dry goods establishment
of (ieorge Dewald & Co. and the Kaag
crockery store at Fort Wayne. Ind.
Captain Jacob Jay Yandergrift. one
of the wealthiest aud most prominent
men of Pittsburg, and a pioneer of the
petroleum and natural gas producing
industry is dead.
Duluth Grain.
CATTLE—Good stock cattlo in de
mand common stuiT slow.
Halt's ranired at 10 for cows
14. 00 '0.0i 1 OP calves 00 for bulls
for st'wknrs '.H heifors.
bJIKEP—Martiet for sheep and laiahn
strong in d-mand.
liange of prices $3.00^3 ?j for theep
(5 (r tor lambs.
Receipts: Cattle, 100 hogs, 1000 ealves
sheep, 10
Chicago L'ulon Stock Vsrli
Di.Lt: tii, Deo. 27.
WIIKAT—Cash, No 1 hard. 8 So.
1 Northern. Oic^ No 2 Northern,01
No. To Arrive— No. 1 hard.
No. i Northern, 04'jc De.-embur,
64^o May, Juiy, Ow'^o.
FLAX—To arrive, e
11.41}*: May, 1.4:5.
Mioneapolia Wheat.
MIXN'SAI'OMS, l)i0. 27.
WHBAT—In Stor») -No 1 Northern,
De'-ember, May, July,
tij*4c. On Track No I hard, ii7o
No 1 Northern, Jfo. 2 Northern,
Sioux Citjr Live MM!I.
Sio' CiTV, la Dec. 37.
CATTLE—Market steady.
Sale* ranged at {4. jO(jC-).-"0 for beavei
.V) lor cow- lulU and mixed
|J.oo«44.4'J for stoekers and foulers
gi. f'ir calve* inl yearlings.
IlO(iS Market 5c lower. Range of
pri'-i's, $4 0ovd4.05.
lte eipts: ilogs 3,0tt) cattl«, 7i».
M. I*»iil Union stork Yarda.
SOUTH Sr. Pai U DOC. 8f.
HOfiS -Market shade higher. jUange oi
priees. '.s ttf4 0.1.
CATTLE—Market slow
S iles ranged at *120 '0.0)
for Btoeker.H and feeders $4
Keeeipts: Cattle, 12,500 hogs,
sle-cj), 10,0«JU.
htrnpo and Pro via I Ana.
CHTCAfio, Dec. 27.
11 Do:emoer Wie May, 693^ '5
0^%r: .)uly, I 00,
COit.N—De emf»er, '*),'*'• January,
iS0%E May,
O I \)••cuinOflr, 22o Muy,
Poiiiv -L» .scomber, »'J 00 January,
$10.17May, (1 47H
FLAX—Ca*h Northwe*tern, $1 4V}4
feouthwestern, fl.49^ December, $1.48
May, *1 4W
POLI/l'liY—Drossed, turkeys, flXo
chickens, (5}i'47
BUTT E li— Creameries, ifiT.
EGOS-Fresh, 17(^17^%
Good Home i
Good Society,
I.T.J tor cows and heifers
for Texas fed beeVIM.
HOGS Market steady to slow.
Males ranged at #l.«»5(a-4.ao tor mixed
and butchers
choice heavy *4.JUi4£* 10
I.oj far light, liulk of sales il 12i
Sll E EP—Steady.
Sales rang at «.4.0Oisi4.«a for sheep
14 0'*
Hear Arrives.
WASHINGTON. Dec. LH. —^Tho Dewey
bear, sent by friends of the admiral in
lien:i)ii, Mir ., arrived at Washington
hungry, fierce and unmanageable, and
he \va« taken in charge of by the keep
eta of the National Zoological park,
and is confined u the zoo
su«tlcl tot.ikc
H, Bogardus
The Champion
Wing Shot of the
World, Tells How
good to
rough heavy
Cured of
Clkhart, III August 30,1899.
TheD«lJ« Hcdlcino Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
a nnUerer from Kid­
for scverul yearn,
developed Into Hrl^hfn Diseu.ic.
and the demand for Lake County farms to Increasing. If
Correspondence Solicited
It ranirilv
w pcr^
l)..d'J'H Kidney
\«MT 11 *MM&'
•ay lliut they completely restored my Kidm-\*
to a li
onitition nnd I attribute my pr«
ent Jtfod health to Dodd'n Kidney Pills a-id
unhe»ilatinfcly recommend
to »uffercru
Khcumatiim or Kidney trouble.
Dodd't Rldner Pills enre all
Dlaeasesof the klduryH.
Sold by all dealers In medi
cine. 50 cents a box or sis boxes
for 92-liO. Kent on receipt of
search of a
where you can raise Wheat, Oats, Barley, Com, Flax, Pctatcc sJ
in fact everything adapted to this latitude, and
where you can successfully carry on
2* &
and where your family will have the advantages of
Is the Basis of All Wealth
Good Schools,
then come and see me, and I will show you just w hat you want. If you
are renting land now, paying S3 to $5 per acre annual rental, I will
show you just as good land and sell it to you at what you
will pay out in rental, where you are, in three years,
and will give you easy terms of payment.
If you want a good location in Madison I have such for you.
ber of substantial buildings have been built in Hadison the past sea­
son and the city is steadily growing in population.
Chas. B. Kennedy
Good Church Facilities,
Everybody needs Un«ed« BiftCUit.
Good Climai
large num­
Invalid who
qulrea oourlahinent the child of delicate digestion the worker of sie'J
appetltn, find in Un«««la BlACUlt lioth substance and «ustenance. »0,d
•'•'/where In 6 cent, dust proof, nlr tight packages. Always fresh.

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