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The interior of the opera house at Ips
wich was wrecked by an acetylene gas
•iplosion on the 20th and one man wis
bsdly hurt and others struck by flying
begins to
look as
Breaking the Record on
Canned Goods.
It was hard to do but the elegant goods
we are now selling at lOc
the work. You all use canned goods now
and we can furnish you in all grades at
such close prices so that you can afford
I to use lots of them.
The Grand Inland »fc Wyoming Ceu
tral railroud hub tiled a resolution with
the secretary of state at Pierre, an
nouncing the contemplated construction
of a number of small extensions in
Penningtou county this year,
Calis have been received at Pierre the
past week for 60,400 of the permanent
school fund. Sanborn, Brule, Aurora,
Jerauld, and Lyman counties sent in the
Republicans do ge. a populist idea
into their heads once in a while, but the
meeting of the party's committee at
Huron on the 20th got two such ideas.
One was to have but one state oonven
tion for the nomination of state ofiicers
and election of delegates to the national
convention which is an economy in time,
worry and money, the other idea is to
have a large convention and thus make it
popular, populistic, the will of the people.
These are two good ideas which have not
Ifcretofore prevailed in republican
politics and are thoroughly populistic.
has been the habit of the republican
party except on very rare occasions to
fe&ve separate conventions for everything
Mid few delegates so that the repre
sentation could be reduced to a select
few of the old ringsters from each
county, and these the machine operated
to a charm as well as the destruction
the party. Now an effort is to be made
remove tLi* curse and have
Try a pound o£ our Coffee with
your next order. We claim to have
the best for the money in Madison.
mail, 1 ypar .no
mall, n months sl.u)
mail, :i moiitha l.ttf
mail, 1 month 36
carrier, per week 10
J. P. tJTAHL. Proprietor.
Chas. Coaches of Yankton lost his
thumb and two lingers of the left hand
the other day by the explosion of a dyn
amite cartridge he was holding in his
hand and picking with
a pen-knife, a
very simple operation.
if President Me-
wish for free trade with Puerto
Rico is about to oarry. The oommittee'e
measure in oongress to lay a 25 per cent
tariff on Puerto Rican goods is strongly
opposed by a number of republicans.
The president's position is strictly in
line with the requirements of the con
stitution if we recognize the island as
part of the United States, and even a
§tw republicans respect the constitution,
very few. There may not be eight
but that number is required to defeat
the Puerto Rican bill.
feature of the confliot between the presi
dent and a majority who oppose bim by
supporting the tariff bill is that neither
of them stand on moral principle or con
stitutional grounds for their positions,
The president wants free trade because
it will bring the Puerto Rican business to
the United States and help us com
mercially the republican majority want
the 25 per cent tariff on the Puerto
Rioan goods to give it back to the
Puerto Rtcans to run their government.
On the principle that the foreigner pays
the tariff when soy is levied this is
•taiply taking (he money out of the
can is doing
Puerto Rican politicians' and
The new treaty with Great Britain,
like the Puerto Rican bill, is giving the
republicans in the senate no end of wor
ry. A side light is thrown upon the sit
nation and the truculency and lack of
manly statesmanship of the republicans
shown up by Wm. E. Curtis, a strong
administration supporter, in the Chicago
Record of the 20th inst. Speaking of
the Hay-Paunceforte treaty, he says:
"The report on the treaty will be
made by the sub committee to the full
committee at its regular meeting to
marrow, but there seems to be a diet o
sition on the part of several republican
senators to dodge the issue until after
the fall election. They are afraid to
vote in favor of anything that concerns
England one way or the other. There
has never been such a general intimida
tion of congress on any subject as ep
pears to exist to day. Although the re
publican leaders are predicting an over
whelming majority tor McKinley's re
election and the democratic leaders are
admitting the probability of such a re
suit, there seems to be a state of abjact
terror upon the republican side of both
houses on political questions. A die
tinguished seuator, whose reeleotion has
never been considered doubtful, went to
the white house the other clay and
begged the president rot to send in any
more treaties with any country, and par
with Eoglaod,
Hon of over 1,000 dttlegates at Sioux
Falta May 23, to nomiuate state ofiicers
and also eleot delegates. Another popu.
listic feature of this convention is that it
is called at a time that farmers are not in
the hardest field, something never before
done by republicans
in nominating a
state ticket.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in
my presence, this 0th day of December,
A. FJ. 1880. A. VV. Gleason,
I Seal] Xotary Public.
I [all's Catarrah Cure is taken intern
and aots directly on the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Send
or testimonals, free.
P. J. Cheney, Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by druggists,
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
H«w Lumber Mill.
holders' pockets. Both the president
and the house majority lose eight of the
fact that the real principle and question
involved in
or cot levying this
tariff is the determination whether this
oountry is to be an empire or a republic.
That is the real issae involved.
Minneapolis Jonrnal, 21: The repub
licans may make the mistake of putting
a duty on Puerto Rican imports into the
United States, but if they do they will
live to regret it, and we hope they will
live to take it off.
ttatU after the
State of Ohio, City of Toledo, Lncae
county, ss. Frank J. Cheney ninkep
oath that fie is the senior partner of the
firm of K .J. Cheney & Co., doing IMIHI
nees in the City of Toledo, county and
ttate aforesaid and that eaid firm will
pay the sum of one hundred dollars for
each and every ouse of catarrh that can
not, be cured by the use of Hall's
Catarrh Cure. Frank J. Cheney.
Minn., Feb. 22.—The
The Split Rock Lumber company is
building a large sawmill about 18 miles
north of here on the lake shore and ex
pects to be sawing lumber by June 1.
The promoters are the Merrill & Ring
Lumber company of Duluth.
General Bragg'* Birthday.
Wis., Feb. 22.—General
E. S. Bragg has celebrated his 73d birth
day. Old comrades and friends from
several states were present. The even
ing was given to the entertainment of
the G. A. R. post and Company E in
full uniform.
A MlHanderNtandinic.
Misunderstood symptoms of disease
lead doctors to treat something else
when the kidneys are out of order.
Foley's Kidney Cure will bring you
health when other medioines have fail
Be good to yourself and good to your
friends. When you treat a friend to
whiskey, give him the best. Harper
Whiskey is the beverage for your friends
and for yon. Sold by
Madison, S. D.
Senate Committee Makes a Unaa?
imous Report in It?
IfRt Redttt* Frencfi IHity on
Nearly Seven Hundred Anier
ican Articles.
House Continues the Debate
the Porto Rican Tariff
WASHINGTON, Fob. 32.—The senate
committee on foreign relations has or
dered a favorable report on the treaty of
reciprocity with France. No amend
ment was made to the treaty.
No opposition was manifested on the
part of any member of the committee
and the report in its favor will be unan
imous. The members of the committee
discussed the provisions at some length
but only for the purpose of becoming
familiar with them. The fact was em
phasized that if the treaty should be
ratified 609 articles of American origin
would be admitted to France at the
minimum rate and only subjected to
the present rate.
Two Night Se*Mobft Agr?eA To.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 22.—Before the
debate upon the Porto Rican tariff bill
was resumed it was agreed that the de
bate hereafter should begin at 11
in the morning and that there should bo
night sessions on Thursday and Friday.
Mr. Ray (X. Y.) was the first speaker.
He supported the bill in extended argu
Milwaukee and Kaunas City Hustling for
the Democratic Convention.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 22.—Delegations
from Milwaukee and Kansas City put in
a busy day advancing the claims
Strange Rumors Afloat in the Austrian
LONDON, Feb. 22.—The
Vienna cor­
respondent of The Standard says:
"Strange rumors are afloat in Vienna,
and still stranger things are undoubt*
edly occurring. Rumors point to im
pending hostilities between Bulgaria
and Servia. There is no doubt that
both are massing troops on the frontiers.
"It looks impossible, however, that
war should occur, because neither coun
try possesses tho necessary financial
means ami neither Russia nor Austria
would sanction such an outbreak."
Discoverer of I he Gold Care Kx]tlret Sud
denly Near Los Angt-lfi,
Los ANGELES, Feb. 22.—Dr. Leslie
Keeley of "gold cure" fame, died sud
denly at his winter home near here.
Dr. Keel* y came here recently from his
home in Dwight, Ills.
With Nearly Half a ThoiiMand Dead.
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 22.—The next
transport of importance from Manila
will be the Hancock, which is now due,
with a consignment of 4fJ2 bodies of sol
dier dead. The Hancock will probably
be kept in strict quarantine until the
bodies have been landed. There are 45
more bodies coming on the transport
Duke of Fife, expected to arrive about
March _5.
Appropriation Would lb- Ill. ^nl.
O., Feb. 22.—Attorney
General Sheets holds that the bill pro
viding for an appropriation of $1,00'),(MX)
for the Toledo centennial now {tending
in the legislature would be invalidated
if passed. He holds that the stat*- can
not create a debt for the purjjose of aid
ing the centennial as provided in the
Fought Over Temperance Question.
Feb. 22.—At I Jell
Center, James Porger, a stove dealer,
shot and fatally wounded Robert
Young, a whisky dealer. He escaped
and later came here and surrendered.
In his cell he shot himself in the body
and will die. The men had been adver
saries in the temperance agitation
which has long excited Bell Center.
Swore In More Crown Members.
Jamaica, Feb.
Canadians Lost Heavily.
Ont., Feb. 22.—A special
cable to The Globe says the first Cana
dian contingent was engaged at Modder
river all day Sunday and that 18 men of
the regiment were kiUed and 60 wound
ed. Among the wounded was Captain
Mason of Toronto. The Canadians
forded the Modderaftera night's march.
Government Majority Too Small.
B. C., Feb
British Columbian government has con
cluded not to struggle on with a major
ity of one, but will drop all pending
legislation when the redistribution bill
is passed, if it is not defeated npon this
Dr. Miles' Nervine has been before
the public a number of years and has
earned an enviable reput.it ion by
Its many wonderful cures of nervous
diseases. It is perfectly harmless,
as it contains no trace of opium,
morphine, chloral, cocaine or other
narcotics or poisonous drugs, and
may be taken by most delicate peo
ple without fear of contracting the
drug habit." Neither does it contain
alcohol cr other stimulating agents
which build up false hope for a time
and then let their victims down to
lower depths of despondency. Dr.
Miles' Nervine strengthens weak
nerves, rests tired nerves, quiets ir
ritated nerves and cures diseased
nerves. It is a brain and nerve food
as well as a medicine and induccs
Thieve* Secured the £7,000.
MEAP, Neb., Feb. 22.—L. E.
their respective cities as the place for
holding the next Democratic national
convention. Both oities have ample
headquarters at the Raleigh hotel,
where the national committee is to
meet. Probably not more than 25 of the
national committeemen have reached
here and they are widely scattered
around the various hotels and in private
residences. National Conimitteemau
Wall expressed the opinion that a ma
jority of the committeemen now in the
city are favorable to the Wisconsin city.
LONDON, Feb. 22.—A disi*itell to
HHH City.
KANSAS CITY, Feb. 22.—Jndge Stover,
in the circuit court here, declared that
labor unions have the legal right to put
in force a peaceful boycott against em
ployers of noil union laW and had a
legal right to try by ix-aceful and fair
persuasive "leans to induct* customers
of a boycotted person or firm to quit
that ix rson or firm and patronize union
The decision was made in the suit of
J. B. Llack, a veterinary, who asked
$20,000 damages for boycotting his uon
union horseshoeing shop.
is great excitement here over the polit
ical crisis. The elected members of the
legislature, as a protest against subver
sion of legislation, left the chamber in a
body. Additional members were then
introduced and sworn in, marking
resumption of crown government.
Dined by .Merchants.
Cin AGO,
Feb. 22.—Secretary of the
Treasury Lyman J. Gage was the guest
of honor at a dinner given at tho Audi
torium by the National Association of
Merchants and Travelers. More than
800 members of the organization were
Two Chicago Prize Fights.
Feb. 22.-Jack Root, the
elever middleweight, decisively defeated
Ed Denfassof Philadelphia in the fourth
round of what was to have been a 6
ronnd contest. In the Hawkins-Kenny
fight the former won in the fifth round.
i I Bevry, Loganton, Pa., writes, "I
am willing to take my oath that I was
cured of pneumonia entirely by the ura
of One Minute Cough Cure after doo
tore failed. It also our«d my ohildren
of whooping cough." Quiokly relievee
°1UirftH oolds, croup, grippe
and throat and lung trouble*, Child
ren 11keif. Ji)others indorse it.
Frequent Coaching
T«raT^t.h^U0*B- F,,ley'*
iunaf Th
tike Opium, Morphine, Chloral\ eta, which Enslave and
Are not Used in any Shape or Form in Com
pounding the Great Restorative
sold his hardware store and received the
cash in payment amounting to a little
over *7,0H). He put the money in his
trousers' {xx-ket and left it there when
he went to led. When he awoke in the
morning his tslotiw* MM! fcke money
were gone.
An t'ndcrground City.
Dr. Miles' Nervin
Daily Mail from Mafeking, dated Fri
day. Feb. 9, says: "All business hero
is In'ing conducted under ground. The
resident commander has sumptuous
apartnlents in a subterranean bomb
Transvaal Colors Displayed.
LONIW\, Feb. 22.—A peuce meeting
was held under the auspices of the Lib
eral-Radical club at Bethnal Green,
London. The hall was decorated with
Transvaal colors. Resolutions were
adopted protesting against the war ill
South Africa as unjust.
Said Frrrcreira 1* Dead.
LONDON, Feb. 22.—A curious dispatch
from Pretoria, dated
Feb. 20
announces that commandant Ferrereira
Was killed Feb. 1!* adding that his death
was said to le the result of an accident.
Congress Will IU- Asked to Eitrai (Im
Drainage Canal.
CHICAGO, Feb. 22.—The first step
toward a deep waterway which will
connect Chicago with th* Gulf .f Mex
ico will be tak* n in a few flays wheu a
special commission fr.m the drainage
board will go to Washington, there to
ask congress to appropriate sf2.j,ooo,x()
for a channel lx tween Lockport, Ills.,
and the Mississippi river.
The draft of the petition has been
submitted to the committees on fed
eral relations and engineering and
practically approved after a few changes
in the text had Iteen ordered. The com
mittees will hold another session Friday
to approve tho document. The dredg
ing contemplated covers a distance of
28!i miles.
Decision by Circuit
rest and sleep by soothing the weary
brain and assisting the nerves to re
gain their lost vitality. You run no
risk in giving this great restorative a
trial, for all druggist* arc authorized
to sell the first bottlt on a positive
guarantee that it benefits or money
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"I suffered for number of yean from
spinal trouble and extreme nervousness, my
sleep was broken ni^ht after night by those
dreadful spells of restlessness, and it seemed
impossible for me to get any relief at all
except by the use of powerful drugs. My phy
sician treated me but to no avail and at last
I began taking Dr. Miles' Nervine. I got
relief from the very start and in a few
months it had made me feci like a different
man in every way. 1 can cheerfully recom
mend it to anyone suffering as I did."
WM. MILLER, box 142, Daltun, Mass.
Stover at "rn-
.K• !.'
and heals the
oough medicines
whioh are simply expeotorsots, will not
I* ''••P the lungs irritated
in throwing off the phlegm.
It's always best to keep in view the
a saving to
"Some time ago our daughter v
beth Topping, was so badly a:*'-.
nervous prostration that she nearly*
mind. She was unable to do anv
suffered so much that she got into
of using morphine to quiet her ncn'*
condition lasted nearly three years,
was almost a total wreck in body
when a lady told us about Dr.
ine and we began giving it to hrr$
bottles of this wonderful remedy
of the morphine habit, and remove
look anead-to count the cost. Haying at the righ
drug store-where safety is assured-prevents any
possible risk in the consoqnence* makes it alwa\s
certain that you secure the particular remedy that
best suits the disease-obviates any possible risk
danger. Most reliable prices, as well-often quite
over that of others.
cook & ODEE.
Palace Meat narket.
Presh & Salt Meats^
State Ban
Hadison, S. D.
F&rm Lo&ns
City reeidenoe lots *aie,
anj town. Addr£l
ble which had been the cause of htr
Since then she has been a well
"The above statement rega:
wife is strictly correct in every de
LIZB Torn NO, MsKinney.Te
Dr. Miles' Nervine Is sold at ail
on a positive guarantee. Write
advice and booklet to
Orders promptly delivered to any part of tlx*
city* Call and try^ua.
J. H. WIN'
Vie* President.
lr^n £7^8BOD' W. MPMoody, and
b£t Hi«h
^hest end
Uighest protHs naid It i
oni„!.|, »utb.ctio, eojorwd lifi
A "tli°"Md by tb. f.rau. ',f*:
'•k«« .nd frtudi. Outflto fra. Idfl
0•• b"k
Th. Dominion Com pur,
J# Obiosgo.
a faH
Offlosin Byadioate blot*

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