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pitals Are Dying and Physicians Say
That Others Who Inhaled Steam
Are Not Likely to Recover— Prcm-
inent New York Good Templar Is
Among Those Killed.
Kan^a- C.ty, July -.-The death
list r- i' *r«ir.iii 111
Alter. cSu n-ar Norton, Mo.,
grows viiii ta.i Lour. At tais time 2u
p€r.~ons LaVf !ied, cl are djing End tix&
ao.-pital physicians state that others
«rhu inhale-! steam from the wrecked
locomotives may not recover.
The dead are: Daniel MeAnna,
Slater, Mo., conductor of the freight
train: S. J. Anderson, Slater, Mo., en
gineer cf frei^r.: train Frank Briggs,
engineer of th- passenger train I. S.
Rogers. Chicago, United States Ex
press company messenger Daniel
Donr.^y. Mexico. Mo., fireman of the
freight train: Mrs. Oilman. Goodland.
Ind. I*. W. Hooker. Syracuse. N, Y.
j. L. RWilmington. His. bank
va J-jr.es. supl'v-^'l to be
tu n: C.«:-az j: Mrs. R. J. Curtis, t*en
•se.,. X. Y.: y.:ung w.'.man. supposed
o a s
Dii a- »-7 years
M:-s Lulu K-ri'.tland. Ills.
r- r- -s V o o k y n Y
Mr-. S. A, P.
tic..- Hoop*ton.
ag^-d woman,
ur.. r. i. r.v, -r.knr wr. men.
Sucdei and Awful Crash.
George S. Bosworth of San Fran
cis-.-o. who was condu-.ting a party of
fivf- Epworth Leaguers Vj San Fran
cisco. says:
"The train was making a fine sprint
and everybody was feeling pleasant
and happy, when all of a sudden there
was an awful crash and it seemed as
though a tremendous fist had struck
the train in the face. In an instant
the air was filled with cries and
screams cars were smashed into
splinters while several rolled down
the huge embankment. In an instant
that splendid train was reduced to a
mere mass_of debris, with banian be
ings crawling, screaming or lying in
mangled heaps on the ground. Fire
immediately added its horror to the
scene and above all the terrible ciamur
of our train were hoard the almost
human cries of the burning cattle of
the freight train."
The Marseilles French Opera com
pany, on its way to San Francisco,
comprising 17 people, lost every bit of
Its scenery and baggage. None of the
passengers "escaped with more than
hand baggage and were lucky to
away with that much.
y Was a Leading GoocJ Templar.
Syracuse. X. Y.. July 12.—Dewett C.
Hooker, who died from injuries re
ceived in the Chicago and Alton
wreck, lived in this city until Jan
uary. He was past grand chief tem
plar of the I. O. G. T. of the state of
Xew York and for 10 years grand sec
retary. !!e was active in temp'-rance
and chuich work.
Accident on Nickel Plate Road (pluses
Death of Ten.
Sprmylitid. Pa., July 12.—A local
Kicked I'late Height train, bound west,
containing two cars ot stone to be left
at a bridg undergoing repairs, went
through tii*.- bridge, which collapsed
from the weight of the train, carry
ing with it the entire train with crew
and gang of workmen. P. A. Moore,
conductor, of Conneaut, O., and Will-.
Jam Griffith, engineer, of Buffalo, were
instantly killed.
Repairs were b'-irg made oa the
bridge when the locomotive and the
cars went down, and a gang of Italian
laborers, working beneath the bridge,
were caught in the wreck. At least
seven of the Italians were instantly
killed and a number were badly in
The'wr'-f ked bridge is located seven
miles east of Conneaut, O. It spanned
a guliy 8m feet deep. The bodies of
the dead men have been taken to Con
Two Men Blown to Atoms Near Den
ver! Cole*
Denver Julv 1J.—A dynamite mag
azine near the Grant smelter ex
ploded du mg i e day. Two men
were killed and several hurt.
The two men killed were in the
magazine getting a supply of dynamite
for blasting. They were blown to
pieces and the fragments of their
bodies strewn over the prairie for
hundreds of yards.
Windows in the Union Stock Yards
bank, fully a quarter of a mile away,
v/ere shattered.
The explosion is believed to have
caused by the terrific heat.
Mrs. Justice Brown Dead.
v Detroit, July 12.—General H. M.
Duffield has received a cablegram
from Justice Brown of the United
States supreme court announcing the
death of Mrs. Brown at Riva, Italy.
Mrs. Brown had been an invalid for
pome years and the justice sailed for
Eui ope after the decision in tlM insu
&ti cases was handed down.
A. ®. Kittridge the New Senator From
South Dakota.
Pierre, S. D., July 12.—Governor
Herried has appointed A. B. Kittridge
of Sioux Falls to fill the unexpired
term of the late United States Sen
ator Kyle.
Three of Those at Present in the Hos­
The lew senator is distinctively a
gelf-maie man. He was born March
in Cheshire county, X. H.
His early education was obtained in
the public schools and by private
tutor. When IT years of age he en
tered Yale university and graduated
from that famous institution in 1&S2.
He then commenced the study of law
in the
Mrs. I' A p'-ston. Ills. Mrs.
ric- :t i"...
of Judge Yeasey at Rut­
land, Vt.. ar.d afterward studied in the
law office of Bachelder ic aulkner Oj.
the same place.
The study of the law was continued,
until 1884, when he entered the Yale
law school, from which he graduated
in the spring of 1SS5. In June of the
same year he was admitted to the bar
by the supreme court of Connecticut.
After reaching this goal he decided to
takp Horace Greeley's advice and go
West, He arrived in Sioux Falls in
ISSo and opened a law office. He en
tered politics at once and in a short
time became Senator Pettigrew's chief
lieutenant. When the latter joined the
free silver forces Kittridge broke with
him and became the leader of the anti
Pettigrew and anti-free silver Repub
licans. Kittridge was elected to the
state senate in 1SS9, being re-elected
in 1S91. At the Republican national
conventions of 1S92 and l£9fi he was
elected as the South Dakota member
of the Republican national committee.
Mr. Kittridge is unmarried.
The Stride at La«t Said "Obey."
In telling about "Some I-r»jne I Have
Married" in Ladies' Home Journal the
Iiev. 1. M. Ste.le says: "Being an
Episcopidi.-tn. I always use the formal
printed service of the prayer book. In
this the greatest stickler is 'obey.' One
day a couple came to me, bringing as
witnesses the parents of both bride and
jrroom. Everything proceeded smooth
ly to the point 'love, honor and obey,'
when the bride refused to say the last.
I repeated it and waited. Again sh«
refused, and I shut up my book.
"Then there was a scene. They talk
ed it over, and the more seriously they
argued and discussed the more stub
bornly she refused. The parents be
came angry, the groom excited and the
bride hysterical. To humor her, he
joined in the request to have me leave
it out. But I liked the fellow and de
cided that a little sternness from me
in the present might be a favor to him
in thej'uture._ So I told them I had no
authority to change it and would not
do so. I tried t«» sh|JV the foolishness
of her objection, but it was no use.
"Finally I said to him: 'Well, this
household must have a head some
where. I will leave it out for her if
you will Bay it.* Then it was his time
to refuse, which he did. lie gathered
up his hat and started for the door,
when, presto change, she sprang after
him, led him back by the hand, looked
meekly up at him and said it."
»*«*. Winning Touch.
The strong, manly voice was low and
intense as the handsome face bent
over the fair, bowed head by the fire.
"Darling," he went on eagerly, "there
are others here observing us. I must
see you a moment alone."
For an instant the listener was quiet,
and not a curl stirred on the lofty
brow. Then the blue eyes were raised
to the beseeching dark ones.
s what is it V" was the low reply.
V si „ljt red flush mantled the neck
and cheeks of the speaker, in striking
contrast to the cool, calm dijrtiity dis
played in every movement of the half
reclining figure in the big plush chair.
"The fnct is," he went on, mustering
up courage, the first embarrassment
giving place to a little more self con
fidence, "I have come to ask you some
thing I never expected would pass my
lips, especially after the last sum 1
borrowed from you. Darling, will you
lend me UV-"
Jack tiarling laid aside his paper.
"Of course, Id man," he cried hearti
ly. "Let's first get a drink." And the
two passed out of the elubroom togeth
er—Sao Francisco Xews Letter.
Only Snnljarned.
Last summer two little girls in a
College avenue family were repeatedly
remonstrated with by their indulg'-nt
mother for playing bareheaded in the
sun. "You will be burned so badly,"
said she to them finally, "that people
will think you are black children." Her
warning had little effect, however, and
she gave up trying to keep their ha is
One day she sent them to a neighbor
a block or so distant to make some in
quiries concerning a washwoman. Mrs.
S., the neighbor in question, mistook
them for the children of a Mrs. Black
who lived in another street nearby.
"You are the little Black children,
are you not''" she asked.
"Oh, no," came the prompt response
from the elder. "Only sunburned."—
Indianapolis Xews.
Wonderful Stonea,
The brain of the tortoise was suppos
ed to contain a wonderful stone which
was efficacious in extinguishing lire
and w hen placed under the tongue
would produce prophetic inspiration.
Another stone possessing the latter
property was to be found in the eye of
the hyena. The head of the cat, how
ever, was thought to contain what
Mould undoubtedly have been the most
wonderful and most desirable treasure
of all could it have only had a real in
stead of an imaginary existence, for
that man wfcp was so fortunate as to
possess this precious stone would have
all his wishes granted. Chambers'
A \»OMTM\ !»l
MfeHMrttiins |Xew
the *un."
All doctors have tried to cure catarrh
bv the use of powders, acid gasts. in
halers ar.d drugs in paste form, lheir
powders dry up the mucous membrane
causing them to crack open and bh-ed.
1 he powerful acids used in the inhalers
have entirely eaten away the same mem
branes that their makers have aimed to
cure, while pastes and ointments cannot
reach the disease. An old and exper
ienced practitioner who has for many
years made a close study and specialty
of the treatment of Catarrh, has at last
perfected a treatment which when faith
fully used, cot ('lily relieves at once, but
permanently cures Catarrh.by removing
th# cause, stopping the discharges, ami
curir.g all inflammation. It is the omy
remedy known to science that actually
reaches the attlcteii parts. This wonder
ful remedy is known as "Snutfles the
Guaranteed Catarrh Cure." and is sold
at the extremely low price of One !ollar.
each package containing internal and
external medicine sufficient for a full
month's treatment and everything nec
essary to its nerfect U6e.
"Sm ffles" is the only perfect Catarrh
Cure ever made ar.d is now recognized
as the only safe and positive cure for
that annoying and disgusting disease. It
cures all inflammation quickly and per
manently and is also wonderfully quick
to relieve Hay Fever or cold in the head.
Catarrh when neglected often leads to
Consumption—"Snuffles" wiii save you
if you use it at once. It is no ordinary
remedy, but a completetreatment which
is positively guaranteed to cure Catarrh
in any form or stage if used acoording to
the directions which accompany each
package. Don't delay but send for it at
once, and write full particulars as to
your condition, and you will receive
special advice from the discoverer of
this wonderful remedy regarding your
case without cost to vou keyond the
regular price of "Snuffles" the "Guar
anteed Catarrh Cure."
!Sent prepaid to any address in the
United States or Canada on receipt of
One Dollar. Address Dept. I)4!'d Ed
win Giles A: Company, li.'ilU and l' 3.32
Market Street Philadelphia.
A Phlloxopher,
Wife—There's a burglar down cellar.
Husband—Well, my dear, we ought
to be thankful that we are up stairs.
Wife—Hut he'll come up here.
Husband—Then we'll go down cellar,
my dear. Surely a ten room house
ought to be big enough to hold three
people without crowding.—Detroit Free
tttftplfloed Ability.
The young collegian snapped his
watch lid down with a sigh of relief.
"Preached 47 minutes," he announced
to his neighbor. "We ought to get a
man with wind like that on our track
team."—Exchange. ,,.
Duluth Wheat.
Do'luth, July 11.
WHEAT—Cash No. 1 hard 69!*c, No. 1
Northern W jo. No. 'i Northern
To Arrive—No. 1 hard 69?-^c. No. 1 North
ern O'jJsC, July Or-?. ?fept. 04-V-.
Minneapolis Wheat,
Minneapolis. July 11.
WHEAT—Cash July»j2\ Sep
tember c. On Tra^k—No. 1
hard No. 1 Northern &ic, No. 2
Sioux City Live Stock.
Sioux City, la., July 11.
CATTLE—Sales ranged at £4.-iO®a.OQ
for beeves. &J.50'c£i.o> for cows, balls and
mixed. #i.^5^4.0) for stockcrs and feed
ers. 1 15 for calves and vearlings.
HOG.— -•ales ranged at ?f».7? V.440.95.
St. Paul Union Stock Yards.
South St. Paul. Julv 11.
HOGS—Sales ranged at
CATTLE—S^tles ranged .at.. &">..lo '1~ A•
The law
Of health has no uniformed guardians
of its jieace. If it had there would be
arrests innumerable in every restaurant
every day of the year. Both in the
quantity and quality of the food they
eat and' in the manner of its consump
tion men and
women sin
each day
against the
laws of health.
Those w ho
will not heed
warnings can­
not escape her pun
ishments, and dys
pepsia or stomach
trouble'' is the inva
riable penalty of care
less eating.
There is no other
medicine for diseases
of the stomach and
allied organs of di
gestion and nutrition
which can compare
with Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Dis
cover}'. It cures
these diseases perfect
ly and yjermanentlv,
and enables the build
ing up of the whole
body into vigorous health.
"I took two bottle? Dr. Tierce's OoVIt.
Medical Discovery for stomach trouble." writ's
Clarence Carnes, Esq., of Tavlor^town, Loudoun
Co.. Va. ''It did me so much fjoort that I didn
take any more. I can eat nio^t anything now.
I am so well pleased with it I hardly know how
to thank you for your kind information. I
tried a whole lot of things before I wrote to
you. There was a pentl' man told me about
your medicine, how jt had cured his wife. I
thought I would try a lottle of it. I am glad I
did. for I don't know what I would have done
if it had not been for lr. I'ierce's Golden Med
ical Discovery."
I)r. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure con
tt«. Me.
Genuine stamped C. C. C. Never told In bulk.
Beware of the dealer who tries to sell
then come
prime butcher steers, 3I.UJfor
prime butcher cows ami heifers,
j.5o for choice veals, 13.
-IIEEP—Sales range at
COKX--July 1'JKs, September
•hoi'.e butcher lambs. for Jat
Chicago Union Stock Yards.
Cll.'c.v.o. July 11.
CATTLK—Sales r.tnaeU at &
for good to prime steers. for
poor to mediam, f(,r stockers
iiul feeders, s?-'. 1-j for cows and
heifers. for Texas steers.
HOGs—sales ranged at £.7oU5*i 25 for
mixed and butchers, i.j
trood to choice heavy, ft,?
rough heavy, &.»'J iJo.Pj for light, ftt.uO
1 i A
for bulk of sales.
SHEEP—Sales ranged at un
iheep, 5.90 for lambs.
Chicago Grain and Provisions.
Chicaoo, July 11.
WHEAT—July September
13/hC. O :tober Otie.
1 September
POKK—July September 111.45,
October £l.').'.u, January
FLAX —Cash Northwest tl.il, U«
Sept. *1.5 }, U.-t. 1.51.
POULTRY—Dressed chickens
lil'TTKU—Creamery 14® 182£cl da'JTf
EGGS—Fresh ISj^'c.
Is the Basis of All
and the demand for Lake County fams to increasing.
If you afc starch of a
Good Home in
a Good Climate
where *ou can raise Wheat. Oats, Barley, Corn, Flax, Potatoes,
in fact everythine adapted to this latitude, and
where you can successfully carrv on
Dairying &
Stock Raising,
and where your family will have the advantages of
Good Society,
Good Schools,
Good Church Facilities,
and see me, and 1 will show you just what you want. If you
are renting land now, paying $3 to $5 per acre annual rental, I will
show you just as good land and sell it to you at what yom
will pay out in rental, where you are, in three years,
and will give you easy terms of payment.
If you want a good location in Madison I have such for you, A large num
ber of substantial buildings have been built in Hadison the past sea
son and the city is steadily growing in population.
Correspondence Solicited.™
for choice
(ionii uKii
"I V
Start Girls Right!
Many beautiful jjirlj become invalid* I. life,
because at the crucial period of puKrty they
pay no attention to the lav» of health. Mother*
should prefect their daughters' health by giv
ing them necessary information and proper
treatment. When the mens?! come on a rl
unawares in her incxperirnce she it either
frightened into convulsions, or scared into try.
ing to check the flow. Many girls have checked
the flow and it has never started again. And
a» a result they have groun pale-faced, with
"crow-tracks" on their cheeks, and dark
moons under their eyes. A dote of
taken every morning after a girl is twelve year»
•Id will bring the menses on properly and keep
item regular. It will help her to develop intw
attractive womanhood ar.d equip her for the duties of wife and motherhood.
AJI druggists sell $1.00 bottles of Wine of-Cardui.
Haywood. Asburv Park, J., Kebrtianr S 1Mfl
I read yonr advert.se.n.nt r.^ar.l to Wine of Cnr.ini in tl^ l'.ui.Vn^
American, and it so fsivoral.lv unpriced me that on ntv visit i
sen. She took it ngularlv according to the di-iction^n
.Many thounamlH have been restored
to b»alth ami h«i|ipim*KK by the uw of
Chamberlain'^ Cnu^h Hemedv. If
alllieted with any throat or lii»^ trouble
it a trial for it ih eertaiti to provp
beneficial. Cou^hn that have refuted
all other treatment for yearn, have yield
to thin r-mrdy ami j.erfeet health
been refitored. Caw* that Keemed
hopoleHP. that the climate of famous
health ri-Korfn failed to beiudit, have
been permanently cured by itntMH*. For
Bale by all dru^iHtn.
To use IkTownwords, "It V JuogX
For atlviiv iihI liti rnli rc. n.l.lmi,
:rit, T:.o CJmtUu i •vmpt. -n,. -T',o J.VIv!,.,,y
i- Lou.jmi._v, r«ut.
Minute Cough
Cure Tor my preHunt tfood health ami my
lue. I waH treated in vain by doetorB
ror luiiir trouble following la grippe. 1
took One Minute Cou«h Cure ami re
'^vered my health.-' Mr. K. ||. Wi*e.
Madison, CJa,
Oook A Odes,
,n 1 n
Dyspepsia Cure
what you eat*
It,artificially digests the food audai'^
rsaiure In streamhviiiiig and recm1'
strutting the exhausted dlgeatlve«
K.ii.s. It
aut and tonic. Xio other preuarati"11
WiQ appmacU it in enieiciicy. It i"'
Htautiy relieves and {K'nuaut'iitlycurt'"'
[)yt4fK!psiaf IndigoKtinii, Heart l/tirm
rlatulence, Sour Stomach, JSau^il
Gast ial^ia Craiuj
aJi other result* of imperfect difrot U'"-
fnk«ilsim. %il about c!yrj*|
^itporetf ty C.
DcW'TT a

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