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4he mimic war plans
Land Forces at Portland Readj
to Resist Fleet's Attack.
thtrtlcalaf Attullaa Paid to Pow*
•rtal Wsarwfc Mi lllamlB«tla(
LlffhU-Hfaal Corps Will Hep
Ikarf Lookoat—Aroif OBcrri oa
Vt Da«r W—r Ttat Roar Admiral
Barker Will Creep la Valcr (....or
*of Foe.
1f "We
ready and waiting," said
friKid!er General George L. Gillespie,
'ihlef of engineers, who had recently
ftturned from an lnapK.*tlon of the le
lenses of Portland, Me., which will
the point of attack of the hoHtile for if
Slider Rear Admiral Altwrt 8. llurk»
tit the combined army and navy nitl
neuvera, beginning Aug. 23, anys 11
Waahlngtop correspondent of the Ni
liork Herald.
(jcncral (jllleaple spent several da.-.
Ml the vicinity of Portland and at hem
quarters. Inspecting every detail of tl
i »e.
"I found the men working entbasla
Ht'ally," continued the general, "an
everything In fine shape. Last year w
were working right up to the time tli
Maneuvers opened but, getting an cm'
Iler start this time, we tlnd ourwlve*
ready and waiting for the enemy. Two
power houses have been constructs at
Portland for the generating of all the
electric power netded In the various
electrical devices used In the forts that
defend Portland. This has put us to
aome expenae, hut It will prove of per
MMtncnt benefit to the army post there.
*Every gun In Forts McKlnley, Preble.
£tvett and Williams has been put In
excellent condition and Inspected by
the ordnance officers. The board of
submarine defense has come all tin
way from Its headquarters at Willet's
Point, N. Y., to su|erlntend person
ally the Installation of the submarine
Entirely to the board of submarine
defense has been left the mining of the
three channels leading to Port la nd.
Even to Brigadier General Wallace
Randolph, chief of artillery, the board
has not disclosed tho number or loca
tkn of the mines to be placed In the
channels, and on both these points the
greatest possible secrecy is being ob
served that the enemy may not l»e
able to avoid the mines in the ap
proaches should he succcHsfully elude
the guns of the outlying forts and get
close into the harbor. It Is known,
however, that several Important lm
provemeuts have been made since last
year lu the connection of tho mines
with the proper stations on shore. In
the concealment of their location also
the authorities have been more success
Important will be the work of the
search light In the defense of Portland
General Gillespie has ordered Installed
In the vicinity of the city twclvu enor
mous lights, with the aid of which
the watchers on shore can easily pick
up a vessel away out at sea. Last
year the search lights were not alto
gether a success, and tho result of
their employment In the defense proj
ect this year will be watched In engi
neering circles with keen Interest. The
trouble with the search lights last year,
according to naval officers, was that
they were not properly managed. Ex
tremc precautions will be taken in the
coining maneuvers to prevent the cross
ing of the various search lights and the
consequent destruction of their useful
Two kinds of lights will be In use.
the searching and illuminating lights.
Tlie former are considerably more pow
erful than the latter. The searching
lights huvo been constructed well In
side the line of defense and so dis
tributed as to cover every aveuue of
approach to Portlund ami give the
proper authorities there as noon as pos
sible the news of Itear Admiral Bar
ker's licet.
liuring the day It Is ordered that all
search lights shall effectively be hid
den from view, but that they shall be
located as uear the shore line as pos
sible. The Illuminating lights shall lie
hidden while the searching lights are
In operation. Special effort will lie
made to avoid the crossing of the
beams of light from the search lights,
which results in the creation of a dark
angle. When this beam comes between
the gun and its target the latter is
The Illuminating lights Installed will
be used to light up the advanced or
distant flank positions and in lllumlnat
Ing the mine fields. On the Inner lino
of defense will be placed reserve lights
which may come in well In the event
of interruption of communication with
tbe more advanced searching lights.
In Installing the searchlug lights an
rffort will be made to give them a high
position and one near the shore Hue.
What army otticers on duty In the de
feuse district dread^ however^ is a fog
or thicTmlsf at night, when Rear Ad
miral Barker would have an excellent
opportunity to make a dash for Port
land. The signal corps will have sta
tions In the vicinity of Portland and
elsewhere along the New England
coast, where a sharp lookout will be
kept for a sight of the enemy. Co
operating with the signal corps will be
the weather bureau and the lighthouse
service, and observers at tbe various
stations on the New England coast, as
well as the lighthouse keepers, will be
Instructed to wateh out for night or
newa of the hostile fleet.
Wireless telegraph stations are being
established on shore, and these, to
gether with tbe telegraph and tele
fpstems. will be used to acquaint
famdquarters of tbe defense force
at Portland wltb Ail ocvi
ft, i*
i? m,
.? 9»W »'"»im
i*'«pi J« i^w^JWB^Wip^piiww•»"* PSUm'«** mMqP *\J* IJ
Editor Starts a
Against Blacks.
Iwiporto, Intl., Aug. 24.—The war
against negro colonization In North
western Indiana, started by Kdltor
Howscr of Porter coui*y, Is taking
Hhape and advices are that tho move
la to extend thioughout the section.
A plan, backed by a New York cor
poration owning real estate ii) Porter
county, contemplates the location
there of at least 300 colored men for
farming purposes and some have a!
ready arrived.
In these conditions, Mr. Bowser de
cl ues, there Is grave danger, and he
urges the citizens to refuse to r«at or
sell piopeity to any blacks or to give
them employment.
New York Labor Leader May Go to
Prison for Five Years.
New York, Aug. 24.—Samuel J.
Parks, the labor leader, who has been
on trial for several days charged with
extortion in demanding and receiving
money from various employers under
threat that he would call strikes, has
been found guilty.
The penalty for the offense of which
Parks was convicted is Imprisonment
for uot more than live years.
H. P. Ricketts, editor of the Meal
phis Scimitar, was found dead In his
bed at the Kaiserhoff hotel, Chicago
He had been 111 for several days.
Menottl Garibaldi, eldest son of the
Italian patriot, is dead. He had been
suffering from a liver complaint, com
plicated by dysentery and due to ma
Rumors aro again in circulation of
the possible abdication of Emperor
Franris Joseph as king of Hungary
because ho is tired of the continued
political struggle.
Congressman Hemenway of Indiana,
after a conference with J. 0. Cannon,
the next speaker, announces that ht
will be chairman of the house com
mlttee on appropi iations.
Gould has secured valuable termi
nals and an entrance into Cincinnati
for the Wabash over the Chicago, Cln
clnnatl and Louisville railways, which
about completed into that city
Miss Bessie Anthony, tho Western
golf champion, proved her right to
the title again Saturday by defeating
Miss "Johnnie" Carpenter In the finals
for the OnwcntBla cup, 3 up and 2 to
Hoisting engineers In Pittsburg and
Allegheny, Pa., havo decided to call
another strike against contractors af
filiated with tho Builders' Kxchar.gc
league and with the assistance of the
building trades council expect to have
a strong general strike ordered.
National League.
At Brooklyn. 4 Chicago, t.
At Philadelphia.
ond game—Philadelphia, S St.
I.ouls, 3.
At New York, 0 Pittsburg, 3. Sec
ond game- New York, Pittsburg.
At Huston. 1 Cincinnati, 7. Set
ond game- Boston, 10 Cincinnati, 2
Standing of the Clubs—Pittsburg
.648 New York, Chicago, .544
Cincinnati. .538 Brooklyn, .490 Nos
ton, .430 Philadelphia, .347 Ht. Louis
American League.
Ai Chicago, Boston, 11.
At Cleveland, 10 Washington, 0.
At St. I/Ouis. 8 New York, 3.
At Detroit, 0 Philadelphia, 1. Sec
ond game Detroit. 2 Philadelphia. 1
Standing of the Clubs- Boston, .611
Cleveland, .558 Philadelphia, .657
Detroit, .S10 Now York, .505 St
I.oula, .465 Chicago, .452 Wa&hiug
ton, .311.
American Association.
AI Minneapolis, 5 Louisville, 7.f
At Milwaukee, 4 Columbus, 3.
At Kansas City, 9 Toledo, 5.
At St. Paul, 6 Indianapolis, 1.
Standing of the Clubs—St. Paul
.670 Milwaukee, .619 Louisville, .666
Indianapolis, .532, Kansas City, .4^)0
Columbus, .394 Minneapolis, .330
Toledo, .346.
tam Man Dies at Age of One Hundred
and Six.
Dea Moines. Aug. 24.—Isaac Jones,
aged 106, claimed to b« the oldeist
man in the state of Iowa, died here
during the night. Jones was horn In
England and came to America with
his parents in 1800. Fifty eight years
ago he moved to Iowa and haa since
resided on farms in Story and Polk
touuUe*. Ilia second Jirgc
family survive him.
wpin m..)ij hi
Crackers With
A Kerosene Flavor
They are known as the common bulk soda cracker,
grocers don't have them in this flavor—some of them do.
It's no fault of the grocerman. He sells bulk soda crackers
because a few customers still buy them as a matter of habit. He
also sells kerosene.
Between measuring out kerosene and putting bulk biscuit in
things will get mixed.
If you do not fancy the kind with the kerosene flavor ask for
U need
a Biscuit
in the In-er-seal Package.
Made with the utmost care clean bakeries, clean
bakers, best material. Packed in an air tight, dust
proof package that does all that it was made to do—
keeps the biscuit fresh, clean and dry. They reach
you in perfect condition—just as they left the oven.
lor the best Ginger Snaps baked lay 29 29
Old-Time Friends of Cuba May Roap
Their Reward.
New York, Aug. 24.—During the
Cuban revolution the Cuban Junta,
which had headquarters In this city,
issued several million dollars of bond
to defray the expenses of the Cuban
army. Thousands of the bonds were
sold in this city to Cuban synipathtz
ers, many of whom never expected to
get anything for them. According to
a letter received by H. S. Sniythe from
the secretary of President Palma, how
ever, the Cuban government Intends
to redeem the bond3 at par and in
Ex-Senator Carter of Montana Calls on
the President.
Oyster Bay, L. I, Aug. 24.—Former
Senator Thomas Carter of Montana
was the only formal caller on Presi
dent Roosevelt at Sagamore Hill dur
Ing the day. He came to discu.se witt
the president appointments in his
si ite In which he is interested and
also to talk over some details con
cerning the Louisiana Purchase expo
sition, of which he is one of the na
tional commissioners. He was a
guest of the president at luncheon.
Minneapolis Wheat.
Minneapolis, Aug. 22.—Wheat—Wept.'
81Vs' Dec., [email protected]%c. On track
No 1 hard, 8t(£j87e No. 1 Northern
85®8Gc No. 2 Northern, [email protected] No
3 Northern. 82® 83c.
Duluth Wheat and Flax. I
Rttluth, Aug. 22.—Wheat—In store
—No. 1 hard and No. I Northern
899iic No. 2 Northern, 84%c. To ar
rlv?~ No. 1 hard and No. 1 Northern
89*fec No. 2 Northern, 84%c Na 1
Northern, new, 81 -%c Sept., 81 He
Dec.. 79&<• May, 82»/*c. Flax-Is
store, to arrive and on track.
Sept., 99 V4 Oct., Nov. and Dee.,
I1.0OV6 May, $1.04^.
Chicago Union Stock Yard*.
Chicago, Aug. 22.—Cattle—Good tfl
prime steers, |5 [email protected] poor to me
ilium, $3 75#5 00 stockers and feed*
iera, $2.5004.25 cows, [email protected] 50
heifers, $2.00^4 85 calves, [email protected]
(6 75. Hogd—Mlxod and butchora,
95.15ff5.85 good to choice heavjpj
$5 40^5.65: rough heavy, $4.90^5.30
light, $5,[email protected] 10. Sheep—Good to
choice, $3Oo£p3.60 Western, $j£.80{|
3.50 native lambs, $3.25#5.60 West*
em, $4.00®6.25.
Chicago Grain and Provisions.
Chicago. Aug. 22.—Wheat—SegU
tS%® 79%c old. 79%e Dec., 81c
old, 81 foe May, [email protected]«4,c. Corn—
Aug.. 51%c Sept. 51*,e Dec.. 51H
fP5l8ic May, 52c. Oats—Aug., 34^
@34 %c Sept., 34^f?34%c Dtw.,'
36 *4 May, 38 ©SS^c. Pork—
Sept., $12.87^ Oct. $13 Jan., It
May, 13.05. Flax -Cash Northwest
ern, $101 Southwestern, 97c Sept.,
97c Oct.. 98c. Butter—Creameries,
14©19c dairies, 13Q17c. Eggs—14fj)
15'ic Poultry—Turkeys, 12c chick
ens. hens, 10^10^,
tj l.ota
for residence purposes, for sale, |1.' to
f'JOO.- E. Sheridan.
8t. Paul Union Stock Yards.
St. Paul, Aug. 22.—Cattle—Good tc u i w ib
choice steers, [email protected] common tc Genuine stamped C. C. C. Never *oM In bulk,
fair. [email protected] good to choice cows Beware of the dealer who tries tc seli
and heifers, [email protected] 4.00. Ho::s—J l.Si "something l"«t at good."
All Records Surpassed!
& 83,790,300 Bottles
"Sing of Bottled Beers"
sold in 1902.
This proves the world-wide popu
larity of this famous brew.
The product of
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Assn
©5.6J. fheep—Choice yearling wet&
ers, $3.31)^3.75 lambs, $2.7,'@4.0®
good to choice lambs, [email protected],
I i i
IGood Home
Foley's Honey and Tar is peculiarly
adapted for asthma, bronchitis and
honrsencss. Xeliulz Kotcham. i
strengthens the urinary organs,
builds up the kidneys and invig
orates the whole system.
TWO SIZES 50o and $1.00
a n a O K E
Your Lifeawayl
oti v.:in \e ciircil of any form of tobacco usln#
eaiilT, oe liiailc* well, «trong, iii.iijnetir. full of
nyw life nnJ viRor by taking KO-TO-BAO,
tllat makes weak men tlron^. Many nin
e n o u n s i n e n i a a O v e O O O O O
cured. All ilrugj(lstR- Cure puar.mte»l_ Hook
iet arid advice l-Kl'K. Address STKR1.ING
HEMliUV CO.. Chicaeo or N-w York. 437
.-tic? I (m n
Correspondence Solicited*-
jry '--T"T- y
Tno liaya.
Roccnt experiments, by practical tests
and examinations with the aid of Ihe
ays establishment it i.-i a fact that
Catarrh of the stomach is not a disease
of itself, but it results from repeated
attacks of indigestion. ''How can 1 cure
my indigestion?" Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure scuring thousands. It will cure
you of indig stion and dyspepsia, and
prevent or cure Catarrh of the Stomach.
Kodol digests what you eat makes the
stomach sweet. Sold by Cook & Odec. I
Will positively cure any case of Kidney
Bladder disease not beyond the reach
of medicine. No medicine can do more.
and where your family will have the ftdva»tc ces cl
Good Society,
|J Good Schools,
I i v i u i i a
S U Z & K E A
Islhe I £sis of Ail Wealth
i v a i i s s n u i a
where *ou can raise VT heat, Oats, Barley, Corn, Flax, Potatoes,
in iaet eve ry thine adapted to this latitude, and
where vou can successfully carry on
Dairying &
Stock Raising,
Good Church Facilities,
then come and see me, and I ill sho* you Just what you want. If you
are renting land now. paying $3 to $5 per acre annual rental, 1 will
5huw you just a5 good land and sell it to you at what you
will pay out in rental, where you are in three years,
and wiSI
ii.i i
a Good Climate
easy term* of payment.
If you want a good location in MadiAon I have such for you. A large num
ber of substantial buildings have been built in fladison the past sea*
sen and the city is steadily growing in population.
Chas. B. Kennedy,
Doctor Strauglii (T. Ihe noted (iermaii
scientist says: 'The most beautiful
and well formed women ari Americans,
where JK) per cent, use Itockv Mountain
Tea. The great bcaulilicr." .T» cents.
Frank Smith. I
»wsk r»r.i£rirf»t foi
«2old tn.UiJiic Meuini -.Ml. rMuh. I
Tabf noolher. Kcriioo diiiiieerobtt huIniU'
tuCn»n«an 1 iiuliitlioaa*. I»u\ our lirii^i^l, I
or semi in !urll-ialitr«, 1atl- I
lutminl* mul "Kcllcf for (.ailirK."
•jy return .Hail. IO.•» i s ui.niiial.H. tSuld by
all WriKnista. I
CfllOl! 1T j. u CHKMII1AI, C«. I
1'IIIL.A., PA. 1
Pasttd Ston« and firavtl With Exoruolatlnf Pains
A. H. Thumcs, Mgr. Wills Creek Coal Co., Buffalo, O., writes:
*'I have been afflicted with kidney and bladder trouble for years, pass*
Ing gravel or stones with excruciating pains. Other medicines only
gave relief. After taking FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE the result was
Surprising. A few doses started the brick dust, like fine stones, etc.,
and now I have no pain across my kidneys and I feel like a new man.
FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE has done me $1,000 worth of good***
JOliK 801IULTZ' Propriolof
couatantly on bitud fai-
lint- of
Fresh ids Cured Ms
Ki«h, fowl and Gam® in «e«Bon
Ktran avenue.
Can Compara With It
Thos. W. Carter, of Ashboro, N. C., had Kidney Trouble and
one bottle of FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE effected a perfect cure, and
lie says there ia no remedy that will compare with it.

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