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Eoerybody needs
This time a year
and we call your
attention to two of
our own prepara
Cough syrup, 4 full oz. $ .25
Sarsaparilla and Blood
purifier 1.00
6 Bottles for 500
These are otir "OWN"
and we make them.
Try them and yon will
always keep them on hand.
& Odee
For £ale
A few
residence lots at bargain prices.
Investigate these before buying.
©Ije gtotly $mi»er
FKIDAY, FEB. 19, 1004
Weather Forecast.
Generally cloudy tonight and Sator
day: warmer tonight and east portion
Five living room* for r«nt.—H. M.
For Rent—One six room IrotiSB. In
quire at F. Q. Mitcnell's feed barn.
Foi sale. My residence li blocks
east of Garfield school.—G. T. Lyons.
F. D. Mitchell returned home from
JEhookiiigs by the moraine train from
the north.
For rent—Six room house immediate
possesion. Inquire of Warren Aldriuh
steam laundry.
Mrs. Leslie Bnroetl entertained a
piirtv of ladies at her hniae in west
Fifth street, this afternoon.
Mrs. Klotibacn and Mrs. Westell
were morning passengers to Wentworth.
They will retarn this even inf.
Several good fxeah cows lor sale,
come and see them milked any evening
except Sunday.—E. R. C. Gross,
Geo. E. Cochrane, cashier of the
Lake County bank is expected to return
home from Battle Creek, Mich., thin
evening or tomorrow.
Bay the Casino Girl from Peter Heiu,
and hundreds ot othei pieces of sheet
music at liij cents per eflfp or four
copies for So centf.
Henry Hundemer has on sale Ben
Hur flour, and it ianks way np among
the best grades of flour on the market.
Try a sack and you will be sure to have
good bread.
The parent#* and teachers' apeting
for the 26th inst. will be held in the
MthOdist church at :80. There will
be special music and the subjects for
discussion will be helpful to everyone
in the education of children.*
Dr R. R. Stevenson, the well known
eye. ear, nose and tin oat specialist ot
Sioux Falls, will make his next legulai
visit to Madison on Thiusday and Fii
day, March 3rd and 4th. Instead of
lieing at the hotel he will use the offices
of Dr. Files and Dr. Jenks. "Hue doctor
also fits glasses scientifically.
Dollar wheat is here. The Minne
apolis quotations received at the Coe
Commission offices aie as follows: May
wheat closed yesterday at 98. opened
today at 98|. closed at fl.OOij cash.
to $1.00f. Wheat in the local
market advanced
cents over yester­
day's quotations, as follows: Wheat,
84 to x? barley. i2 to 34 oat* 86 to 33
corn, 28 to 30 tlax, 08.
Volga Trioune. 18: A. J. Lee. one
of the most substantial farmers of
Prairie QueeD, was in Volga last Fri
day and reported that a move was on
foot to interest the farmers in tbsit
neighborhood in a railroad. The plan
i to have each fans** al r.g tl e pro
or «rabscrib* lor stock. Toe load is to
start flora Sioux Fails. Mi. Lee
seemed to think that tha project would
prove successful
All those who prophesied that the
golden toned Schiller and the Schaff
Bros, pianos were too costly for this
part of the country, missed their guess.
Over forty of these fanioun pianos have
been sold tiere in the past three month's
by Petei Hein, the general agent. This
goes to show tnat the time has gone by
when cheap and inferior pianos can be
palmed off on the public. The Schiller
and the Schaff Bros, pianos sell readily
while the cheap ones are Ml wanted at
any price.
Sioux Falls Argus Leader, 18:
Policeman John Tracey had an un
enviable task to perforin yesterday.
Mr. Tracey and the late Owen Mc
Cairier have been the be-st of friends
for many yeais, and about eighteen
vearts ago Mr. Tracey promised Mr.
McCarrier that when the latter died
the former would dig the grave for bis
body. Last summer when Mr. McCar
rier was in bad health he called the at
tention of the officer to the promise
When Mr. Tracey learned of the
death of his old friend be stood by his
promise, and notwithstanding the froz
en condition of the ground and the
severe weather shouldered a pick and
shovel and went to the burying ground
and made his promise good.
Miss Bertha Esplund, aged 18 years,
died at the home of H. P. Hoidal in
east Fitfh street at 3 o'clock this morn
ing. She bad been suffering from a
severe cold and last Sunday night scar
let fever developed, the premises being
oiiarantined Monday. The young wo
man's parents settled in Moody county
northeast of Wentworth. about two
years ago, and this winter she came to
Madison to learn dressmaking witn
Mrs. Reise, making her home with Mr.
and Mrs. Hoidal. Her mother was
with her at the time of her death. No
funeral services will be held at this
time and the remains will be buried in
the Lake Madison cemetery. Mr.
HoiJal refers to the deceased youni
lady in the highest terms and mncb
gret is expressed by her friend1!for ber
untimelv death.
How They Have Viewed the Pro
gress of Diplomatic Events in
World's History.
Collier s Weekly: Cultivated China
takw a view of current incidents which
is very persuasive to persons who are
tempted to apply moral standards to
international affaiis. The doctrine of
Confucius includes reliance upon justice
rather than upon foice. and China is
deeply imbued with the doctrine of
Confucius. Wnen the western powers
began to worry ber her mandarins, or
men of scnolarship, began to study in
ternational law. They found in it no
justification for much that had happen
ed. Germany sent missionaries, who
bought land, sold by the individual
without the consent of the clan, which
in Chinese law is precisely equivalent
to our law in reference to the sale o
stolen goods. The Germans ret used
to accept the law of the country and
insistal upon retaining their stolen
goods. Tnen came murder and Ger
manv's opportunity to seize territory
and a port. The cultivated Chinaman,
in puzzling about the new conditions,
tries to see why we object to Russia's
claiming control of Manchuria for ber
railway, while we are controlling the
isthmus for oni canal. He remember*
not only that the opium traffic was
forced upon China by England, but
that that traffic is still maintained.
He knows that China is a tradiug na
tion, but wonders if hand made beauty
in articles of commerce reed, by any
divine law, be killed by the onslaught
of machinery. He naturalh compares
the Ding ley tariff and the Chinese ex
elusion act with the open door. He
knows that we are entirely ignorant of
his literature, except his bible, and
that we are taught in our early educa
tion to think of him as a person who
builds a wall around his country and
eats rats. He can no longei turn away
in silent scorn, and is beginning to or
ganize. and to learn from the opposite
policy of the Japanese, confident that
they intend to remain truly oriental in
spiritual standpoint, while using the
westerners to teach them all the tricks
of temporal power. He i« sad to be
forced into such a sordid struggle, but
he sees the necessity now of fighting
and scheming for the privilege of re
taining the essence of what he has.
through centuries of cuttma, believed
to be beautiful and true.
Olljr UK
for rest' eno#
IUI lonr
2vX) E. ai eridan.
tor Mia, tlfile
Work ft the Sanitarium—"The
Sum of $645,000 to fit
Hot Springs, dispatch, 17: Word
reaches here from Washington that
Congressmen Martin and Burke, togeth
er with Capt. Palmer, representing th e
national home board, nave been assured
by the apprpriation committee that the
bill will bo reported favorably asking
for an appropiiation of f7.",000 to com
plete the various wards and the gov
ernors' home as originally planned by
the architect ft the national sanitarium
at this place. This will bring the total
appropriation thus far made by congress
up to f64r,000. This amount will nearly
all be expended during the coming
The wcrk has already progressed in
excellent shape a comparatively small
force of men having been employed all
winter, in fact the contractors
regret that they had not put
on more men. although with the uncer
tainty of having working weather dur
ing the winter the contractors have only
had about 100 men employed during the
winter. Yet they have lost less than a
week's work on account of the weathei.
The foundations are mostly laid and the
walls well staited on the ward build
ings. Everything is therefore in excel
lent shape for crowding the work as
soon a# settled spring weather comes,
when a large force of masons and
laboring men will be set to work.
War News Unobtainable Follow
Instructions of Their Leaders
Tokio dispatch, 17: On the surface
there is almost no indication here
about* of the serious crisis which the
nation is facing. Five weeks ago th
newspapers were printing every day re
ports that the preparations for war
were goinir forward rapidly. Then
$ame an imperial ordinance forbidding
any reference to the movements of
troops or war vessels.
A conspiracy of silence has been
formed with the whole Japanese pqpp!
as the conspirator*. Reference to "tne
war" produces a smile and a depreca
tory wave of the band: that is all. ,The
manner la which the nation has re
sponded to the social injunction of
silence is extraordinary. The secrecy
begun officially has become popular and
now a dragnet would not turn up a
Japanese who knew anything. It
populnrily believed that the entire
army is ready for any emergency.
A curious effect of the Japanese can
tion is to be found in the book and
picture shops. Only a little while agi
photographs of Japanese warships wen
on common sale, and pictures of nava
and military men could be had in most
of the photograph shops, as well a
many views of the reviews, drills, and
sham battles. Now not one is to
had. all having been withdrawn by
order of the government, as if it wen
possible ror the Russians to obtain any
information from such a source of
which tbev had not long ago possessed
So secretly has tbe government acted
that it is doubtful if half a dozen men
in all Japan know today exactly what
all the row is about or could detail the
course of negotiations with Russia
sine the situation became dangerous
peace. No statement of any sort as to
the causes of the difference with Rust-ia
or their character has been made by
any one in authority.
The nation is at war because of de
mands upon Russia, the nature of
which it does not pretend to know nor
does it care much. The fundamenta
causes of the general hatred of Russia
are well known to every Japanese. Th»
extraordinary patriotism of the .Japan
ese will lead them to support a war
whatever the cause i*.
Deafness Cannot be Cured
by local applications as they cannot
reach the diseased portions of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deafness,
and that is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by an inflamed con
dition of the mucous lining of the
Eustachian Tube. When this tube is
inflamed you have a rumbling sound or
imperfect hearing, and when it is en
tirely closed, Deafness is the result, and
unless the inflamation can be taken out
and this tube restored to its normal
condition, hearing will be destroyed for
ever nine cases out of ten are caused
by Catarrh, which is nothing but an in
flamed condition of the mucous services.
We will give One Hundred Dollars
reward for any case of Deafnessicaused
by catarrhithat cannot be cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars,
F. J. Cheney A Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the beat.
Blew Flame on Iroquois Stage Into
Faces of Audience.
Chicago, Feb. 19.—The cause of the
deadly wave of fire and superheated
air which swopt over the Iroquois
matinee audience, bringing instant
death to hundreds, has been discov
ered by investigators employed by Cor
poration Counsel Tolman.
The investigations of Alfred C. Mace,
a public appraiser, covering a period
of over three weeks, led him into a
large air chamber above the east wall
of the building. Within this chamber,
into which l^d ventilating ducts from
every part of the theater, Mr. Mace
found a large electric fan which, when
in operation, produced a draft of great
He declares that he has convinced
himself that this fan was operating
during the fire and that the draft it
produced sucked the fire from the
stage across the auditorium and
against the east wall. This theory is
based, Mr. Mare says, on the fact that
he found the iron leaves of the fan
melted in places, which could have
been brought about only by intenso
heat. He believes that the draft pro
duced by the fan was great enough to
draw the fire itself into the air cham
Woman's College Destroyed.
Charlotte. X. C., Feb. 19.—Fire has
destroyed the buildings of the Greens
boro Female college. Ninety pupils
and the faculty cscaped with most of
their personal effects. The loss will
total $125,000. Greensboro college 1?
one of the oldest chartered colleges
for women in the South.
Destructive Sleet Btorm.
Huntington. W. Va., Feb. 19.—The
entire southern portion of West Vir
ginia is beneath a sheet of ice an in?li
thick, the result of twenty hours' sle?t
Railroad traffic is delaved and tele
phone and telegraph wires are down
in every direction.
If yu haven't time to prepare Hoi
lister's Rocky Mountain Tea, it is now
made in tablet form also. Get a pack
aire already to use. Makes you well:
keeps you well. Itocents. Frank Smith
The Pleasure ot Eating.
suffering from
And Carry a Full Line of
Self Inking Stamp Pads
Numbering Stamp**
pepsia or other stomach trouble will
find that Kodoi Dyspepsia digests what
you eat and makes the stomach sweet.
This remedy is a never failing cure for
Indigestion or Dyspepsia and all com
plaints affecting the glands or mem
branes of the stomach or digestive tract.
When you take Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
overything you eat tastes gond and
every bit of the nutriment that your
food contains is assimilated and approp
jiated by the blood and tissues. Sold
by Cook & Odee.
Wanted—Faithful person to travel for
well established house in a few counties,
callrng on retail merchants and
The Genuine vs. Counterfeit*.
The genuine is always better tbaa a
counterfeit, but the truth of this state
uient is never more forcibly realized or
thoroughly appreciated than when you
compare the genuine DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve with the many counterfeits
and worthless substance that are on the
uiaiket. W. S. Ledbetter of Shreveport.
La., says: "After using numerous other
remedies without benefit, one box of
DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve Cured
We* For blind, bleeding, itching and
t\otruding piles no remedy is equal to
DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salue. Sold by
Cook Odee.
Local territory salary $20.00 per week
with expenses additional, all payable
cash each week. Money for expenses
advanced. Position permanent. Busi
nes? successful and rushind Standard
House. 3:10 Dearborn St.. Chicago.
Dating Stamps
Stamp Ink Call colors)
Automatic Numbering Machines
Solid Kuller Type
writer Kiblxns
Typewriter Paper
Manifold Paper
Carlion Paper
Everything in this line for
Bank and otfice use. Our prices
meet all competition.
fcgTW rite for catalogue and
price list.
oooosooo eoeesooo
l^ewalt'$ jllajjajitje
You may read 12 leading 10c
magazines at 20c. per month
8 leading 15c. and 25c. mag
azines at 10c. par month ad
3 leading 35c. magazines at
10c. per month additional.
Call and look over our List,
and the cheapest.
not be undersold
Dray Line.
All kinds of Draying done
promptly also moving
household goods. Piano &
Safe rioving a ipecialty.
Why shampoo yonr own hair
when you can have it done with
soft water, thoroughly dried and
dre»wed for fifty cent«v Have your
hair treated with electricity and
Hinged to make it grow.
Have your nails manicured to
make your hands look nice and
vour face ma-waxed to remove
blackheads and pimples. AIho
vour scalp treated for dandruff.
Ladies c..n couie all dreHHed for
partien and have tneii hair dress
ed ready to go. The haiidre^sing
narlorn will be oi*sn every evening
wbeu there in a dance.
We carry a full line of grey and
anv other shades of switches, rolls
and pompadours, and all kiudB of
hair ornaments and toilet articles.
Rooms over poatofflc®
plan by which wo will sell Storting silver spoons* fork# and other flatware. Dollar far Dollar
or weight in Sterling silver spoons for its weight in silver money. We put both Ott the scaled
and whatever coin it takes to balance the goods Is what you pay for them. This is buying Ster
ling goods right.
baby is brought to our store to be fitted. There are no other conditions nothing else for you to
do but bring the baby with proof tfcat it to not over six month* 44 ami was born ia lake County
and we will do as we say.
1 a I LJJ ill A 1 Jlj I
Frank Smith
n i i lAirv a i rA
1 mi III l/ll 4x 1 tl 1
I ilt 11 vv•
We Will Not be Undersold
This is our motto-we buy right-our expenses are small~we
are not expecting to make our fortunes and retire in a few years,
but we are here to stay-we want the trade iif tlie purchasing
and we will do our utmost to get it.
We do not advertise 25 per cent discount, our prices do not
need such a cut to get them down where they belong, but we do
give you better goods for the same money than you can buy else
1 where. We are not offering odds and ends or shelf worn goods
shipped in from defunct stores for sale, but good strong lines, at
prices that will make you buy.
Why patronize catalogue houses? Merchants at home are only
to glad to fill orders at the same prices as the so called catalogue
houses, plus the freight. Try them and see.
We are now receiving our spring stock of Wall Paper and will
have as large a stock as their is in the city. These goods are for
sale and we are going to sell them. The prices will be as cheap
1 Druggists & Jewelers.
Compare us with catalogue prices. We will
...Stoddard & Halstead...!
F*er Cent Off
Winter Cloaks
We make tMs Great Slaughter ill
order to turn the goods into money. You
can find some extraordinary values|at our
store on all
Hamm's Beer
W. F. GIOSS1, Prop.

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