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for man or woman
there is nothing more comfortable than
nice conch If you haven't'one come
and let me show a few. There in com
fort in every incn of them.
It' you want carpets or rugs I can
show the handsomest and best line of
carpets ever bronjfht into town. I have
.viiiittles to select from.
Geo. Beck,
The Up Town Furniture Han
MadisonOpera House
Hunt & Colgrove, Tlgrs.
You see Uij Light Tii&res a Show
Return Engagement
Mr. Sanford Dodge
Da Rimini"
The Greatest Historical
Tragedy of Modern Times
Complete Scenic Production
Magnificent Wardrobe
ir»t .Six Rows 75c.
iialance Lower Floor 50c.
Gallery 35c.
Chi'dren 26c.
Seats on Sale Friday.
Ym can order yout seats saved
now at Corner Drug 5tor«.
i)atht $ertier
Miitiaon, south D»ion.
Weather Forecast.
Fair tonight and Friday moderate
t« mperatme.
Kurnitnre at cost.—W&ite Bros.
Seamstress wanted. Apply to Mrs.
J. E. Cole wells two dosen fancy navel
i .r
a Hires for 25 cents.
Everything in the farnitnro line at
e«.st. at White Bros.
Two dozen fanoy navel oranges, 25
entsand up.—J. K. Cole.
For Kent. Four room house, cen
trally locate.!. -Walter Daly.
Leave orders at once for flowem for
harity ball.- Stoddard & Halstead.
Win. Tobin returned home last eve
ning fi'i in Chioa^o, very luuch iiupiov
e.l in tx alth.
Only sixteen days left of tue great
K iosisl^y sale which closes HatarJay,
M,.nh 1H. See advertisement.
The younj» ladies' society of tne
Lutheran church will meet with Mrs.
.T. Dahl morrow evening.
Twenty five cents will buy two dozen
fan-y navel oranges, at J. E. Cole s.
Drs. Oiegg & Gregg osteopathic
physicians. Office in postofflce block.
The chance will not come again.
Buy furniture now at cost, at White
Br h.
Did yon ever buy furnitnre at cost*
The price will surprise yon.-White
All electric light bills must be paid
by Saturday night, March 4, otherwise
le \ice will be diacontinned.—Wm.
R:ir», City Auditor.
The dumping of manure and rribbiah
iu the old sand pit in the east part of
*b' city i-i forbidden and innst be dis
continued.-F. Files, Health Officer.
Senator Larkin wired The Daily
liader this morning that the twine:
plant bill passed the sonate last night'
and would be signed bytbe governor
Fathers Martyn of flandiear, Dur
mody of
and their entire stock of fnrnitore
being sold at cost.
Murray Hockett who yefterday en
gaged in the notel business at Oldham,
was a morning arrival by the north
train. Mr. Hockett is very much pleaa
•'1 with his business prospects and pro
nounces Oldham a live towr.
Wanted. Partner with s:n ul niionnt
of money to engage witii me giving
mo ring picture entertainments. Big
money in this business. Ed. D. Van
Volkenbeiif. Commercial House.
Watertown Public Opinion. 24: The
worthy grand matron of the Eastern
Star, Mrs. Augie L. Williamson of
Madison. S. I)., is in the city aud i*
being entertained at the home of Prof,
and Mrs. Walker. A reception will 1**
teudeied her this evening at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. A. Rowe.
A meeting of the newly organized
Lake County Agricultural association
will be held at the court house. Satnr
day afternoon. March 11, for the pur
pose of discussing busine-s -natters con
nected with the association and formu
lating plans for a fair this fall. It is
desired that everybody attend the meet
fng and take interest in the enterprise.
Discussing the organization of an old
settlers' association, the names of many
former resident* are recalled an 1 more
or less information of their whereabouts
and present occupation is developed.
Peihaps the most startling is the state
ment that H. J. Patterson, former
mayor of Madison, is now a resident of
Kansas City and a high official of the
Halvat on Army, leading the army in
its parades every night.
At 8:15 Friday evening, March 10,
I loss Crane, humorist, cartoonist, clay
modeler, and pianist, will render a
varied program in tne Normal Auditor
ium. This is the third numtier of the
Normal Entertainment course aud hold
ers of season tickets can reserve seats,
without extra charge, at the Corner
drug store. beginning Wednesday,
March 8. At the same time and place
there will be on sale single tickets: ad
alts 50 cents students 35 cents either
reserved for 10 cents extra.
Every one is taking a great deal of
Interest in the charity ball and it i
hoiied that all will help. The parties
owning the hall have lieen very liberal
The orchestra have likewise lent a help
ing hand and if others do as they have
for other causes it will le a big huc««b,
It is the desire of the committees to
make the charity ball of Madison the
be of the season. Here is surely pleas
ure in giving. There will We all kind
of games at the Odd Fellows hall for
those that do not dance. A good sup
per is promised.
A deal was completed todav whereby
the local telephone system losses into
the hands of the Dakota Central Tele
phone Co., headquarter* at Aberdeen.
The system will be rebuilt, enlarged
and improved so that all demands made
upon it will be met. Charges for phones
will be collected monthly after service
is rendered instead of quarterly in ad
vance as at present. The long distance
rate will le reduced. The franchist
recently granted to CJeo. R. Fanner will
now be abandoned.
An immigrant giving hi* name as J.
George Frick passing through the city
today enrjute to Hazel, had an exp«T
ience at Sioux City. Coming through
Iowa he allowed a young man to get in
to his car at Coon Rapids. Arriving
at Sioux City Frick and his new found
friend had a few gla-tses of b*er and re
turned to the car. After the train
started the young man jumped off and
Frick found himself minus his i*xket
book containing $49 and a draft for
$200 He notified Chief M*4overn up
on his arrival here and a description of
the thief has been sent to the Sioui
City police.
The proposition to organize an old
settlers' association seems to have
struck a very nopular chord since in
vitations have leen issued to attend a
meeting for the purpose at Odd Fellows
hall next Monday evening The invi
and O'Farretl of Ca-
Your were the guests of Mgr. Flynn
lad night. They returned to their
homes by tne outgoing tiains today.
May wheat closed in Minneapolis yea
ter.lav at |1 12}. opened today at
I1.I2J. closed at |1.12i cash, No. 1
n irthern, #1.W: No. •1.10. Local,
nhe^t. No. 2, 94: No. 8,87 No. 4. 86
flax. *1.17: oats. 21 corn. 32: barley. 80
The Epwortli league of the M. F.
church will give a social at tlie church
Friday evening, March ti, at 8 o'clock.
Everybody i» taviM. Admission 25
e nts.
White Bro*. «N fiuiag o... o' brrfaesa
include only those who were
residents of the town of Madison in
1880. It is expected that the first meet
ing will le for the purpose of reminis
ctnse and to discuss plans upon which
to forniallv organize. The residents of
18^0 will of couise l»e charter memlers
of the association and it is to l»e deter
mined later what year 's coming to the
city after that date constitutes an old
settler. The plan of an old settlers' as
4ociation has leen tallied more or less
for several years and tnat one is to be
finally organized is meeting wita gen
era! pleasure.
leather's Examination.
Notice is hereby given that the next
regular examination for state aud grade
certicfiates will be held in the Practical
Teachers' study room at the normal on
Friday and Saturday. March 24 and 25.
The examination will begin Friday
morning at 8:30. All applicants are
required to l»e present not later than
nine o'clock.
Brine iens and pencils. Scratch paper,
ink and examination paper will be
furnished.—E. F. Krueger, Co. Stipt.
of Schools.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Ab«o
lutely HarmleBB.
The fault of giving children medicine
containing injurious substances, is some
more disastrous than the disease
from which they are suffering. Every
mother should know that the Cham
berlain's Cough Kemedy is perfectly
gafc for children to take. It contains
nothing harmful and for coughs, colds
and croup is unsurpassed #DT sale by
Stoddard & Halstead.
Greatly in Demand.
Nothing is more in demand thana
medicine which meets modern require
such as
a blood and system cleanser,
King s New Life Pills. They
are just what you need to euro stomach
•mi liver troubles Try them. At
Stoddard Jfc Halstead's drug store, 25c.,
Pres. Beadle to Be Succeeded by
Dr. Heston as President of
Madison Normal.
Todav President Beadle surprised his
faculty by announcing to them that Dr.
J. W. Heston of Brookings would suc
ceed to the presidency of the Madison
State Normal on duly 1. 1905. Di.
Beadle adds that in this matter there is
no sen^ati »n a-i it is fully as agreeable
to him as it can I*1 to Dr. Heston. The
announcement has been delayed some
time but today Di. Beadle received tel
egraphic i»ermission to miake it. In
his opinion the state could supply no
lietter man for the place and Dr. Hes
ton will win here an honorable and
most gratifying success. The regents
have requested Dr. Beadle to remain in
the school as a professor and he has con
sented as he can thus rest from the
hard labor that is too severe for him.
The general appropriation bills
jointly presented to the two bouses bv
their committees cut down the appro
priations somewhat seriously all over
the state. The bill gives to the Madi­
Normal $15,000 each year for sal
aries, the same as at present, aud Jfor
maintenance, library and repairs, $10,
2«* the first year and $7,000 the second
Pierre dispatch, 1: The house has
parsed the bill by two majority discon
tinuing the Springfield normal and or
dering its property distributed to the
other educational institutions.
The Springfield normal is taking pre
cedence in public interest over other
matters, and the sentiment in legisla
tive circlesjappearsto le turning toward
retaining and suppoiting the school.
Senator Stephens is making a heroic
tight for it. The bill undertakes to
apportion its property to other schools.
The site and one big building were
donated by Springfield, and this strikes
the members as unjust.
A Collection of News and Per
sonal Items from Southwest
Lake County.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Swanson were
Sioux Falls visitors during the weak.
James M. McDonnell, a Montrose liv
eryman, was in town Friday.
A boy was Ixirn to Mr. und Mrs. G.
W. Rej'nolds, south of town, la-it week.
Joe S. Schoebert is a frequent visitor
at Clarno lately, What's the attrac
tion, JoeV
Dr. Lofler of Sioux Falls made a pro
fessional visit to Clarno last week.
Mrs. Thos. F. McDonnell and baby
of Ramsey were brought home Satur
day to spend the rest of the winter with
her patents, Mr. and Mis. James Kee
gan. Mrs. McDonnell's health is much
improved and she will soon ue able to
be around.
Mrs. Vergal Evans was a Montrose
visitor Friday.
Mr. and Mis. John W. T«f«rilliger
entertained a laig^i number of friends
at their home Tuesday. Feb. 21.
Mr. aud Mrs. John Schoebert were
visiting with relatives in Bridgewater
this week.
Miss Frances Lyons of Madison spent
Sunday with her parents here.
Edd Keegan departed for Sioux City
Monday for a week's visit with rela
Prof, tiolden Travels Through
Iowa Talking to Farmer#
About Good Seed.
Sioux City Tribune: When he visit
ed Sioux City this week Professor R. (i.
Holden, apostle of good seed corn, was
starting upon a trip through the state of
Iowa, over every railroad, into every
county and to almost every hamlet, to
tell his story to 50,000 growers of Iowa
Provided with a special train of six
coaches, enjoying all the equipment
tendeied a president of the United
States iu touring the country, this man
will this spring travel practically as far
did Koosevelt in'hi* "swing around
the circle," and all to hold no two
giains of corn, one bad and the other
good, and explain to the farmers the
lifference letween the two.
Of all means of dl-seminating knowl
edge heretofore employed that placed
at the disposal of Professor Holden is
the mod remarkable. To travel over
every one of the Iowa railroads and car
ry his message to every county and al
most every hamlet, Professor Holden
cannot stop to deliver his lectures alto
gether at the towns, but invites the
farmers to fill up the two "lecturecars''
on his train, and, as the train speeds
along to the netx station, tells his story.
Arriving at the next point his audience
disembarks, another takes its place
while the professor talks from the rear
platform and tne performance is dupli
cated. Thus the apostle of good seed
orn is literally talking at fifty miles
an hour.
And so valuable is considered the
creed of thi quiet little man that Iowa
railroads are donating this year a ser
vice for which they would receive
at regular charges. $15,000. And they
are glad to do it. for they believe Pro
fessor Holden when be says that prac
tice of his teaching will add $50,000,000
to the annual crop value of Iowa's corn
"By devoting winter evenings to the
simple task of sorting grains of coin
and putting them in little piles, the
bushel com crop of Iowa will
be increased one third, or lt0.000.000
bnsbeH declares Professor Holden.
"Do you believe it At Pocahontas,
la., the Allen brothers, who plant from
5,000 to 6,000 acres every year, followed
this plan. They sorted their seed and
tested it thoroughly liefore they planted
it. The result was they produced from
to 40 per cent, more corn on the same
land than they had evei produced be
fore. Funk brothers, at Bloomington,
111., did the same thing, aud reported
an increase of from 12 to 16 bushels per
acre, and all of better grade.
"Though one third of the area of
Iowa is planted in corn every year, the
average farmer does not produce an av
erage of one 'nubbin' to the hill, woile
the poor farmer does not raise a half
Ex-Senator Pettigraw Tells
Washington Reporter Thit
President Is All Right.
Washington dispatch, 28: Former
Senator Pettigrew of South Dakota is
in Washington. When asked what he
thonbgt of the president's position on the
railroad rates and trust question he
"I did not vote for President Roose
velt. neither did I vote for Mr. Parker.
I believe, however, that it was far lct
ter for the country that Mr. Roosevelt
should le elected than that Parker
should succeed him, and I should un
doubtedly have voted for Mr. Roosevelt
if the contest had been so close that it
was necessary in older to elect him.
Since the election the president 's cour
ageous and manly attitude with regard
to tho trusts and railroads has won my
admiration and that of the great masses
cf the American people, regardless of
party, who are the producers of the
wealth of the nation. His clear knowl
edge of men and affairs enables him to
see that there is no remedy for the trust
evils as long as the railroads continue
freight discriminations in their favoi,
and he clearly saw that it was these re
i bates and discriminations, which have
aided and fostered the trusts and which
make every effort at their destruction
impossible so long as they are continu
ed. His broad national policy and his
endorsement of Lincoln's views mark
him as a statesman of great ability and
knowledge, and if lie continues in his
present course- and there is no doubt
that he will do so—even though he has
declared that he is not a candidate for
re-election, the demand will be so great
that he will be nominated and elected
even in spite of his protests. I have
heard many men say they did not vote
for Roosevelt, but would now do so.
and I think this is the position of many
thousands of voters in every northern
Faithful Wife of Russian Duke,
Guards liim Against the
Fatal Bomb.
St. Peteisburg dispatch, 28: Grand
Duchess Marie Pavlovna, whose bus
band. Grand Duke Vladimir, is high on
the list of those condemned to death,
is trying to shield his life with her own.
Since the "red" Sunday the grand duke
has not only l»een showered with threats
and warnings, but has twice received
abroad' formal letters signed by
difleient groups interiniug him of his
sentence to death, and of the assign
ment of men to execute it. At the
same time the Grand Duchess Marie
was notified her life and her son's life
would be spared, and she was apjealed
to not go abroad in her husband's com
panj*. The letters naturally terioiized
the family and household of the grand
duke, who has aged greatly during the
last few weeks under the strain of what
he insists is unjust criticism which
placed the lesponsibility for the blood
shed of Jannaiy 22 wholly on bis shoul
ders. Although the grand duke's
health bad been failing for over a year,
he is now almost a complete wreck.
For a time the entreaties of bis family
and the warnings of the police sufficed
to keep him within the walls of the pal
but hi nee the funeral of Seri-ius
Vladimir has shaken off the restrainJ.
declaring that he refused to show cow
ardice, and not only drives out in a
closed carriage, but on Sunday walked
for a short timft up and down the quay
in front of the winter nalace. At his
side, however, on each occasion was
the Gland Duchess Marie. Tne grand
duke tries to elude her, but she insists
upon Ijeing immediately apprised if he
is going out. donning wiaps and accom
panying him. Today Vladimir receiv
ed a letter from one group which had
previously warned him, eayinpt hit sen
tence was temporarily suspended.
Bee's Laxative Honey and Tar is an
improvement over all cough, lung and
bronchial remedies. It acts on the bow
els—drives the cold out of the system,
cures croup, whooping cough, wards off
pneumonia and strengthens the lungs.
Bee's Laxative Honey and Tar is the
best cough syrup for children. Tastes
good, ttflld by Stoddard & Haiatead.
Palace Market.
Augustat & Molumby of the Palace
market wish to tell the people of Madi
son and vicinity that their prices on
choice meats are as cneap as can be
sold in Madison. They have always
given their customers the best for the
least money and will continue to do so.
They will meet all casta prises given
other markets.
One of Ring's Dyspepsia Tablets after
eating even if you can eat but little, will
digest the little you do eat, and cure in
digestion. Dyspepsia, sour stomach,
belching and weak heart. Bold by Stod
dard A. II ain lead.
Pineules is the name of a new discov
ery put up in a new way. A certain cure
for all kidney, blood and bladder dis
eases, and every form of rheumatism.
Pineules relieves backache and kidney
permanently. If you need such a
remedy let us show you the wonderful
Pineules. Sold by Stoddard A Halstead
I File Your Winter s
order for
HARD and
i delivery.
now to insure prompt
We carry the best
at, lowest
a grades
§. Y. HYDE
Phone 31.
uBHMfl 1
in W w nnnn nn
Rushing in the New
Pushing out the Old
We expect a line of Groceries the last of this week and our
Dry Goods are on tho way.
We Bought our fweaent stock so cheap that we are in a position to
It jrou think we are going to be Undcrjold by others at Any price Try U.
We guarantee Prices and Goods as well.
If you want to WASTE money, buy of others. If you want
to SAVB money buy of us.
For the next 16 days
We must reduce this stock to a certain invoiced
amount and have only 16 days mere in which to do it.
Now we are not seeking a profit on these goods but are sel
ling them at
Actual Wholesale Prices
All we want is to turn the goods into money and we must do
this by Saturday, MARCH 18, the last day of this sale.
This is a fair and square bargain sale and you wOI miss it
if you don't make your purchases at once.
have 2000 yards of Beautiful Embroideries, Fine Nausook
and Swiss Edgings and Insertions which I will close out, and
have marked them at a 25 per cent discount.
I sell Groceries as Cheap as the Cheapest.
the mark.
Catsup is
Phone 114
All Bottled
of!' dor
flat and tasteless, and 00 (Ml. But everything in the Bottled
Una hemlled
is as good as the Best Manufacturers can prepare. If Good
ness is what you want, we advise you to try them. Our line is
full and complete, containing Relishea, Bauoes, Salad Dres
sings, Mustard, Chow Chow, Picalily, Horsoradiab, Catsup,
Olives and all kinds of Preserves and Jams etc.
Give them a Trial and Yon will be more than Convinced.
hero may be purchased with
out hesitation. We do not
care how particular you are.
In fact, we invite the most
nrarching examination. You
know, of course, that Bottled
goods are not always up to
or flavor. The relish is
Phonic 114
'"Viu »yiuw

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