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©Ijv* jprtini &eai>er
mail, I ymir..,
?y mull, fi moimw....., IMW
By :imlI, a months I .INI
runt), 1 month
By currier w.'&h I"
.1. K. sTA I! T. Proprietor.
II. A. 4 l',\ il
Hi'in o Man i|*f
Fierie dispatch, 14: Koyal 11.
Stearns. one of the leading business
men of Fort Pierre, and the nouiinnee
& the republican party for the state
senate last lull, was today arrested by
Deputy United .States Matnhal I.anghliu
on a com plaint sworn out in St. l\»nl
charging him with connection with W.
T. Horsuelt of that city, in extensive
land frauds. Stearns was taken before
United Statis CoininiHsiontr Moore at
Fort Pierre this afternoon and given a
continuance until the '.isidot' this month,
when be will be given a hearing on the
cblirge. It in alleged that the method
of action was for Horsnelt to secure tlie
signatures of girl* and clerks in St. Pai 1
to a document purporting to be
lease of their homestead right*, but
which were, in fact, tiling applications
These would be sent to Stearns at Fort
Pierre who would have them executed
befoie local otlicials of Stanley county
and they would be sent to the United
States land office in this citv through
the mail, showing regular on thier fa
By this means over 100 tilings were
cured on choice tracts, and while no
proofs were evei offered on any 1
them it is*t bought that the plan was to
get the proofs through in the same innri
"We believe they deuetve to wis and
have a country," said Speaker Cannon
in praising the Japanese. "And it
Meatus that they are going to win, l.e
concluded amid the applause of a gath
ering in which he was the central fig
ore. The occasion was the thirteenth
annual banquet of the Second Arinv
Corps association at the Hhoreham ho
lei in Washington, and more than too
veterans were preseut. Hjteaker an
non s subject was "Oar Country."
The speaker said there were other great
nations England, for instance, from
which the United States derives its lan
gnage. But. he added, "Uod lie prsis
1,1 believe we have improved on sill
Of them."
After being pronounced (toad b§r two
physicians and a nurse, Mrs. Charlee A.
Hweet, of St. Louis, was revived by nn
infusion of salt solution into the veins
and she is now beieved to be recoverii
her health Five weeks ago Mrs.
Sweet, suffering from gastiitis. went
to Arkansas in the hepe of lecoverv.
On the night of February 1-5 she seemed
to be dying, and eventually tbe heart
appeared to cease beatiag and respira
tion became undetectable She was
pronounced dead. A third physician
decided to try a salt solution infusion,
and there followed signs of animation.
The operation'was continued and Mis
Sweet leVivetl. She has returned to
her home in St. Louis and is impiovirg
in Health.
Former Governor and Mrs. Ilerreid
have returned to Alier.hvu from a trip
of alxmt ten weeks to the south and Pa
cific coast and have taken up their pet
manent residence in Aberdeen, Mr.
Herried becoming a menilier of the law
firm of Taubman, Williamson & Iler-
$100 Reward, 1100
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tutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure
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the blood ami mucous surfaces of the
system, thereby destroying the founda
tion of the disease,and giving the pa
tient strength by building up the con
stitution and assisting nature in doing
its work. The proprietors have so much
faith in its curative powers that they
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& Halittead.
'J-iB "A •S*
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When Mrs. Chadwick had finally re
gained her composure she began a
tour of the house, selecting such art!
ties as she desired to keep. Shortly
after beginning this task she encoun
tered Dr. Chadwick. Husband and
wife at first merely smiled and nodded
and then in a formal way shook hands
Only a few words t.rnchm.igud 1m.
tween the couple.
Woman Called "Monkey Face" Gets
Damages in 925,000 Suit.
Chicago, March 16.—Alleging that
she was called a "monkey face" Mrs
A. P. Johnson was awarded a verdict
of {50i against Max Con wisher, her
landlord, by
The suit was for |25,000.
Former Senator Cannon Expetled From
Salt Lake City, March 16.—Aa the
result of editorials assailing the pert
icy of the Mormon church former
United States Senator Frank M. Can
non, editor of the Salt Lake Tribune,
has been excommunicated by an or
der issued from the Weber stake.
Mr. Cannon previously had been ex
cluded from fellowship on charges of
apostacy and disloyalty to tho ccuroa.
A Chicago Alderman Owes Ilia Elec
tion to Chamberlain's Cough
can heartily and conacientioualy
recommend Chamberluin'sCough lieine
dy for affections of the throat and
lungs," says Hon. John Hhenick, "J*J0 So
Peoria St., Chicago, "Two years ag
during a political campaign, I caught
cold after being overheated, which irra
tated my throat and I was Hnally com
pelled to stop, as I could not hpeak
aloud. In my extremity a friend ad via
ed me to use Chamberlain's Cough
itemedy. I took doses that and could
not lielieve my senses when I found the
next morning the inflammation had sub
sided. I took several doses that day,
kept right on talking through the cam
paign, anil I thank this medicine that I
won my seat in the council." This
remedy is for sale by Stoddard & llal
Croup ia quickly relieved and whoop
ing Cough will not '"run its course" if
you use the original liee's Laxative
Honey and Tar. This Cough Syrup is
different front all others because it acts
on tin-bowels. Ye»i cannot cure Croup
and Whooping CoTgh until you rid the
system of all conjestion by working off
the cold through a copious action of the
bowels. Hee's Laxative Honey and Tar
does this, and cures all Coughs, Croup
Whooping Cough etc. No opiates. Sold
by iStoddard JL Haistead.
A bracing spring tonic. Cores all
spring disorders. Makes red Mood,
bone and muscle. A wonderful remedy
for making sick people well. Holils
ter'a Hocky Mountain Tta. cents,
tea or tablets,—Frank Smith.
Mr*. Chadwick Breaks Down In Cleve
land Residence.
Cleveland, March 10.—Mrs. Chad
wick, accompanied by two deputy
?"!.|iooj United Btates marshals, left the coun-
ty jail during the day in a closed
carriage and was driven to her old
home for a farewell visit. With tho
exception of $500 worth of personal
effects exempt from the claims of
creditors all of the furnisblpgs and
other personal property in tfi? house
will be sold at public auction by Trus
tee I.oeser next. Friday. Mrs. Chad
wick was granted permission by Judge
Ta.\ ler of the federal court to visit
her home to decide upon what prop
erty she would retain. It was evidently
a trying ordeal tor the convicted wo
man. Immediately upon entering the
sumptuously furnished residence she
broke down and wept bitterly. It was
her first visit to the house since last
November, soon after which she left
for New York, where, in the following
month she was arrested.
jury In Judge Chetlain'a
The epithets were said to have been
applied to the woman March 28, 1902,
in a dispute between Mrs. Johnson's
hu.'-baiitl and the landlord. Mrs. John
son testified that Conwisher turned to
her, su)ing:
"You are
monkey face, an Irish
Mick, and a fit subject for
Gov. Elrod Finishes the Work of
Approving Legislative
Pierre disnatch. 14: (*ov. Elrod has
completed action on all laws of the ses
sion by today filing without anv action
the senate bills which authorize a cii
cuit judge to. at his discretion, appoint
an Assistant state s attorney when the
regularly elected attorney is in any way
disqualified, the appointee to tie mid
from the salary of the regular officer
and allowing a guardian of an incvtmi*
tent )ter*in to mortage the property of
his ward l»oth of which became laws
by limitation and without hi "«ignaTnre
He vetoed the act authorizing the
calling of sttecial meeting* of Uiards of
county commissioner on minest of two
members of the hoard, on the cnnntl of
imperfect title the act providing f,.r
consolidation of wards in cities ou the
ground that it was useless and min'bie
vous legislation the act placing flow
age of water acrot* highways from pri
vate arteisan wells under control of tbe
road overseei. on account of in.perfect
title and tne act raising the age of
compulsory school attendance from it
to 16 years, as adding BO nlw to tbe
present law.
Bills vetoed which paiMfil inttepHeatr
through both houses and which remain
as laws, either from the bill iutrodu»vl
in one house or the other, were thi
providing for Working of railroad taxes
at any place in a township increasing
the jurisdiction of justices of tbe (teace
in assault and tetty larceny cases, aud
regulating fishing in boundary waters
of the state.
Tbe*e vetoes cot tbe chapters of tbe
session laws down to 177 or. forty aiae
less than for two years ago.
Startling Mortality.
Statistics show startling mortality,
from appendicitis ana peritonitis. To
prevent and cure these awful dit**a*)ee,
there is just one reliable rented) Ir.
King's New Life Pills Flannery. of
11 Custom House Place. Chicago, says:
"They have no equal for Constipation
I?.'*:, at Stoddard Jt Haistead. druggwta.
Champion Liniment for Rheumatism.
Chas. Prake. a until carrier at Chap
iiuille. Conn, sas: "Chamberlain's
Pain Halm is the champion of all lini
ments. The past year I was troubled a
^reat deal with rheumatism in my
shoulder. After trying several cures
the storekeeper here n-cotuuiended this
remedy and it completely cured me."
There ia no uae of anyone suffering
from that painful ailment when this
liniment can be obtained for a small
sum. One application give prompt re
lief and its continued use for a abort
time will )roduct a permanent cure
For sale by Stoddard A Haistead
Important Measure Passed by Wtecon
sin Assembly.
Madison. Wis-, March 16.—Disposed
to safeguard to the utmost tbe inter
t'sts of the Wisconsin policyholders
and In a frame of mind not s\niia
thetic with the gigantic expenditures
of the old line life insurance compa
nies of the Kast the state assenthlv
has passed the Metzler bill to cornpcl
all old line stock insurance coni|a
nles to mutualize after they secure as
mm as $20.(ky,oiK) of ins-urance in
force. Opi'oiu tits of the measure de
clare It is drastic, uncalled for and vio
leut, that it merely will drive some of
the best companies out of Wisconsin
and will not cauac any stock company
to mutualize.
The bill will la no way affect ex
isting policies, but all new business
must be done according to the mutual
Colds cause congestion and costive
neas. Fluids which should pass through
the liowel.s and kidneys are secreted bv
the nose and throat. Hollister's Hocky
Mountain Tea will po-dtiviriy case. $
cents.—1? rank Smith.
It ia a pleasure to take !r. fade*B Lit
tie Livdr Pills and enjoy their tonic
effect upon the liver. Sold by Stoddard
If it is a bilious attack take Cham
berlaic's Stomach and Livsr Tablets and
quick cure is certaia. For aale by
Stoddard & Haistead.
Colorado Governor Would Then Hand
III Hie Resignation.
Match hi. immediately
after assembling the joint legislative
convention took a recess until 2:20
p. m. The motion was carried on a
viva voce vote The Peabody and
anti-Peabody representatives then con
ferred on a scheme to seat Peabody
as governor with an understanding
that he will immediately resign, leav
ing the office to Lieutenant Governor
Mac Donald.
One of the leaders of the anti-Pea
body Republicans said after adjourn
ment that Peabody s resignation had
already been prepared and would be
placed in the hands of the opponents
if they would agree to this proposition.
Cut of Ten Per Cent by Several Wis
consin Firms.
Marti son. Wis., March 16.—Following
a ut in priie of print paper made by
an independent representative at Fond
du l^ic there has been a 10 per cent
cut in the price of print paper by the
Plover Paper company and the Wis
consin River Pulp and Paper company,
both owned fcy tleorge Whiting of the
General Paper comp.iny. It is under
stood that the demand for print paper
is less than the supply.
Ceosul Dleo ef Pneumonia.
St. Thomas, Ont., March 16.—Colo
Bel M. Burke, United States consul
h^re since IS}.7. died during the day
of pneumonia. lie was a native of
Carlton county, near Ottawa, but went
to i he States at an early age and en
*.atred in newspaper work. His last
journalistic work was on the Chicago
Int* r-Ocea*. Bo was forty-eight years
of age.
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low. It it* peperiMlly valuable for colds,
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dog.H»d if u take King's Dyspepsia
1..H. ts Sold bv Stoddard A llaltd* sd
Sheriff s Sale ou Execution.
State of Soatb Dakota. Connty of
Lake.^—a*. Notice is hereby given that
by virtue of special execution to me
directed and delivered and now in my
hands, issued out of ami under the seal
.f the circuit court of the 2nd judicial
citcuit of the state of Suth Dakota, in
and for the county of Lake, upon a
in said court in
favor of Frank Malloy, plaintiff, and
against Alouzo M. Barnes, Emeline
Bari.es. his
Denver I). Barnes,
K i»-n P. Barnes, Sadie D. Barnes, his
w fe Milton Barnes and Peail Barnes,
his wife, defendants, for the foreclosure
of a oMHtgage described in tbe com
plaint in said action to laise the sum
=f .4!T U». with interest thereon from
-tb day of March. 1WT, which said
judgment was entered and docketed in
of the lerk of said court
i ?th day of M.aich, 1SHIG. I have
levied n|*n the real estate described in
sanl judgment of foieclosure, to wit:
Tbe east one half i of the southeast
one quarter i of section twenty-one
121). the southeast one quarter (i) of
secti »n thirty ihree (S3), and the south
west one quarter i of section thirty
four all in township one hundred
aud six (I0B. north of range fiftv three
west 5th P. M. in county of Lake
and state of South Dakota. And 1
shall, on Thur-day, the 1Mb day of
April. A. D. iyr». at the hour of one
o'clock p. m.. of said day at the front
door of tbe coart home in the city of
Madison, in said county and state, pro
ceed to sell all the right, title and in
tcrest of tbe above named defendants
in and to the above descrilied pro|erty
and all interest they nad therein at the
date of the execution of said mortgage
to satisfy the said judgment ami costs,
amounting to three thousand four hnn
dred ^eventeeu dollars, together with
all accruing Cdst-" of sale, and interest
on tbe same from the 8th day of March.
19U"i. at the rate of 6 per cent, per an
nuiu. at pnblic anction, to the highest
oidder for cash
Dated Madison, Soatb Dakota, March
n. i»r
-T. J. Bliss,
Sheriff Lake Co., S. D.
J. Porter.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
In order to prove to yon
I that Dr. A. W. Chase's
mm I I MJ O.utmeut is a •crtain and
I I I nbnolute cure fr any form
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brought on an attoi k of piles. They itc hed
uad they protruded and bled. Nothing hel^ied
thc-m until I ustnl Dr A. W. Chase's Ointment
That eur»*l llii'iu Sile a tiox at nil lii-alers, or
A W II \SK I- |i!( INK ll.irT. NY
The Colonel's Waterloo.
Colonel John Fullet, of Honey
Grove. I'exae, nearly met his Waterloo,
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recent letter he sas: ''I was nearly
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I tried niy family doctor, he did me no
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Electric Bitters, which cured me I
consider them the best medicine on
earth, and thank (iod who gave ou the
knowledge to make them Sold and
guaranteed to cure, Dpspepsia, Billioun
nefs and Kidney Disease by Stoddanl
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rhoe. Assimilates the food, regulates
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j| you
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viuced that we can iatisfy
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Having just received
over 10,000 ROI LS of Wall
Paper for tlte
SEASON, 1905.
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ne treatment can be goad for
1 liing. Is not pure air and pure water
I lieneficial to the system? If so, w|l|
it not lienefit every organ of the sys
tem to purify the blood, and elimi
nate the large amount of poison th$t
collects in the system? Is not reguht^
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