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1905 Spring Millinery 1905
At Mrs. H. A. Stall I s
Friday, March 31
I Saturday, April 1.
©l)o gaily £codec
TKIl Hi or S I)H9CHI t'TI ON.
By luull, 1 yn«r (4 Ki
mail, rt inoatlm «!.!*)
By mall, months I I*)
By mall, 1 month M.r
carrier |ii"f wwk lit
.1 8TAIIL Proprietor.
11. A. HTAUL. Botlnoo* Manta
attorney general of the state of
$orth Carolina has deposit**) with the
Clerk of the supreme court of the Unit
S(at«-s $-27.100, to bo turned over to
the proper auth»riti©4 of the state of
South Dakota in satisfaction of the
Jadgment obtained l»y this state against
Murth Carolina on railroad bomls guar
anteed by North Carolina The bonds
Were repudiated hy North Carolina an 1
ait original suit
brought in the su­
preme court to compel payment. Th
•money will bo held until the lionds are
Michael McDonough of
bus gotten himself into serious trouble
Mi account of the streuuous method he
adopted to collect a oill. He claimed
that a neighbor owed him a small suui
for breaking some land, tiud in an ef
fort to collect the amount he used a
shotgun as an argument in favor of the
prompt payment of the money. Hie
neighltor objected to having a shotgun
pointed at his head in so unceremonious
mauuer, and swore out a warrant f.
McDouough's anest. An the result ot
preliminary hearing McDonough
was required to furnish lionds to kee:»
the peace. The frustrated bill collector
claims the shotgun was not loaded, but
neighbor, of cotane, was not awar
Pierre dispatch. 2: At the tiuie
the Taylor defalcation flKUXKI of tho
money lost beonged to the state school
fond, and to make this loss good the
state issued bonds which were sold on
the market and the money ienlaced.
Yesterday .State Treasurer Collins call
•d in the last of this issue, $.r22,(JU0,
which was yet outstanding. With the
calling of this issue the state bonded in
debtedness is with neatly
$200,(KM) in the bond sinking fund to ap
ply on this debt if the holders of the
bonds can be persuaded to surrender
them before they are due. One issue of
bonds of $84,!00 is due May 1, 1907, and
another of 1152,100 will not be due un
til May 1,1909. If the holders of these
securities can be persuaded to relta.se
them by the 1st of January, 19U0, the
bonded debt of the state will be wiped
oat. In the past naif dozen years the
treasury has been able to secure the sur
render of a number of bondj befoie tney
•ame due, and by this reduced the
debt and the interest charges against
the state, but the holders at the present
time do not appear to be anxious to let
go of such securities as South Dakota
bonds as long as they can hold onto
tbem. The treasury is yet paying cash
on general fnnd warrants, but wtll be
gin legistering within the next two
weeks, with little probability of get
ting back to a cash basis within the
next year.
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blood. Makes you strong, healthy and
active. Tnat's what Hollister's Rockv
Mountain Tea will dm ar. *ntm tyu
tablets. Frank
Smiflk I
Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!
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because our standing as reliable shoe dealers is such that fV can't permit
manufacturers to leave any room lor inprovement in the
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Formal Opening
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Municipal Ownership of Street Rail
ways the Issue in Chicago.
Chicago, April 4.—One of the most
spirited political contests of recent
years was wound up In Chicago dur
ing the day. Municipal ownership of
street railways has been the issue.
The leaders on the opposing sides aro
the candidates who will be voted upon
for the mayoralty of the city. Judge
John M. Harlan, son of Justice Harlan
of the United States supreme court,
Is the Hepublican candidate. Judge
Kdwurd K. Dunne of the circuit court
hero is the Democratic nominee. Both
candidates stand pledged for munic
ipal ownership, but by different meth
ods. The Democratic party stands for
the immediate purchase or condemna
tion of the tangible property and un
expired franchises of the railway com
pany, involving an expenditure of ap
proximately $150,000,000. The Repub
licans advocate the reference of the
question to the people by a referen
dum vote, lloth candidates have been
actively in the field, addressing voters
at hundreds of day and evening meet
Cleveland Painters and Paperhangers
Out on Strike.
Cleveland. April 4.—Bix hundred
union painters *^nd paperhangers
struck in this city during the day be
cause their employers refused to ad
vance their wages from 37M to 40
cents an hour. More union bricklay
ers joined the ranks of the strikers
is estimated that 700 meu arc
idle as a result of the strike or
dered by the Bricklayers' union 011
Saturday last. The bricklayers de
niaiul an Increase from 50 to fr» cents
an hour. All work on many buildings
construction has
Sons of th* AatomoMlc.
IiOM of all moving things,
Speeding on brazen wings,
Oayly I dash through the highway's
bright Kl« am
8harply tho Iron rings.
Vital Its quiverings.
As I go flashing past meadow and stream!
Loudly my heart doth sing.
AM to wheel 1 cling.
Pulsing In time to the motor's swift teat.
Joyous, all care I fling,
Bidding tho ruahlng wind
Bear it away to some distant retreat.
Madly the horn I sound.
Daring. 1 dash around
Curves that may end In the ditch and the
Coursing like fleetest hound,
Hot on time'b fleeing trail.
Oh, could I catch htm, the life stealing
Wildly the people stare
As I dash here and tho re.
Shooting like comet with long talWof dust
Scarcely my Joy they share^
Judging from shouted prayejr—
"Hope your darned auto will dry up and
—KUlmond de Luosiln Outing.
Kntsckr'* Giftn For the, IhwiMest.
A jug of water from the Lincoln
spring on the farm In Uarue county,
Ky., where Abraham Liurerin waa born,
and a block of wood cut from a tree
which stands near the spring, will be
presented, says the Lqulsville.Courier
Jouroal, to President Roosev^^t when
o a i s a i
Preliminary Work for the Inten
sion of Chicaga, Milwaukee
and St. Paul Railway.
Chamlierlain dispatch, 12: For the
past two days a party of officials of the
Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Kail
road company has been in the city.
The officials are Superintendent W. VV.
Collins of Mason City. G. F. Loeth of
Chicago, chief bridge engineer of the
coui]Mtny District Chief Carpenter Mart
of Minneapolis, and Assistant Bridge
CariH'titer Drum of Aberdeen. The
party has been caiefnlly examining the
work of the party of Milwaukee survey
ors that has leen engaged here for the
past several weeks. The work has an
parent!y been approved, and it can I*'
stattd on the very best of authority that
the orders have been issued to forward
to Chamberlain immediately the scores
of car loads of bridge materials that,
have for some time been stored in the
yaids of various towns along the rail
road between Chamberlain and the Mis
sissippi river.
The plans agreed upon for the cross
ing over the Missouri river at Chamber
lain provide for a low pile treseel from
the east Iwmk of the river to the main
channel. Over the main channel a
large [ontoon boat, X»0 feet long by 40
feet wide, will be placed. This boat
will le operated as a draw, the opening
and closing to be done by steam power.
Piling will be continued from the east
end of the pontoon Ijoat or dtaw to
American island, and from the east
bank of American island tc tho east
bank of the river.
The work of constructing tho large
boat will be commenced at Chamber
lain as soon as the material can be
brought here. This plan will result in
an alsolutely secure crossing, combined
with Loth economy and briefness of
time in construction. It may lie stated
that the work of constructing the line
westward from the river will also be in
itiated imint diately, all necesasry ma
terial lieing taken acioss toe river on
the several commodious boats of the
Chauilierlaiu Pontoon Bridge company
until the railroad ctoesiug is completed.
Two weeks hence will see work com
menced in a substantial manner on
lH)th the crossing and railroad construc
tion woik.
1100 Keward, 1100
waders of this paper will br
pleased to learn that there is at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure in all its stages, and
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the only catarrh cure now known to the
medical fraternity. Catarrh being a
constitutional disease, requires a consti
tutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure
is taken internally, acting directly upon
the blood and mucous surfaces of the
system, thereby destroying the founda
lion of the disease,and giving tho pa
tient strength by building up the con
stitution and assisting nature in doing
its work. The proprietors have so much
faith in its curative powers that they
offer One Hundred Dollars for any ease
that it fails to cure. Send for list of
testimonials. Address l'\ J. Cheney A
Co., Toledo, ). Sold by all druggists.
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tion.—Stoddard A llalstoad.
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In buying a cough medicine for chil
dren never be afraid to buy Chamber
lain's Cough Ueniedy. There is no
danger from it and relief is wure to fol
low. It is especially valuable fox colds,
croup and whooping cough. For sale
by Utoddard A Halstead.
A wonderful spring tonic. Drives
out all winter impurities, givw yon
stieugth. health and happiness. That 's
what Hollister's Rocky Monntaiu Tea
will do. itd cents. In* cr tablets.
Incredible Brutality.
It would have been incredible brutal
ity if Chas. P. ljendterger. of Syracuse,
N. Y had not done the ln?Ht he could
for hia suffering son "My boy,'' he sajs
"cut a fearful gash over his eye, so I
applied Bucklen's Arnica Salve, which
•fuickly heal ed it and saved his eye
Good for burns and ulcers too. Only 25c
at Stoddard & Hasltoad's drug store.
••w li-( Tour KMa«r*
Bobba'Sparurn* Pillsnureall kidney 11a.8*1
lustra* Adl HU-'rlliMt lUimtxlv Co H.
Carneglf Sts*l Mill at SHafOft! to
Sharort, Pa., April 4.-—The Green«
viilR rolling mill of the Carnegie ilteel
company did not atart during tho day
as expected, but the management
states that the p!ant will resume
shortly. The Amalgamated Associa
tion leaders report but few desertions
from the ranks and It the plant re
sumes, they say, it will have to be
operated by out of town men. It is
said that the Carnegie Steel company
wilt import enough men to work the
mill. The merchants have promised
not to discriminate against any of the
employes the company puts to work.
Th.jre are ten policemen guarding the
works and #o trouble is expected.
Wife of Railway Magnate En Route
to Lakewood, N. J.
Washington. April 4.—The
car hearing James J. Hill, president
of the Groat Northern, and Mrs. Hill
reached here dmlng the forenoon
from Jekylls Island, Ga., attached to
the regular Florida and New York
limited on the Seaboard Air Lino. A
special train was made up at onco
and the car started to its destination,
l.a'vowood, N. J., ovar the Pennsyl
vania road. Mr. Hill stated that Mrs.
Hill had borne the trip well and was
somewhat Improved.
Oklahomans Plan a Stupendous Wolf
Lawton, O. T., April 4.—Although
the president seeks Isolation from the
world in planning to hunt wolves for
a week in the 690,000-acre reserve in
Southern Oklahoma tho citizens of
that section of the territory have de
manded that he Khali view and par
ticipate in one of those rousing, stu
pendous wolf drives for which the
Southwest country Is noted. To this
tnd arrangements are now being per
fected tor the biggest drive in the
history of ifcc West.
The president will be given a horse
and will take port in the final rush
after the wolves have been corralled.
In order that the plans may he car
ried out it will be necessary to get
consent of the president's manager,
who has decreed that during the pres
ident's seclusion amid the fastuesses
of the Indian reservation troops of
cavalry from Fort Hill will patrol the
fences sad
no n to
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prove that. Pincules is the best remedy
in the world for backache and all kid
ney and bladder troubles. If you have
rheumatism or any other blood disease
a single dose will give relief. Sold by
Stoddard & Halstead.
Sheriff's Sale on Execution.
State of South Dakota, County of
Lake. ss. Notice is hereby given that
by virtue of social execution to me
dincted and delivered, and now in my
hands, issued out of and under the seal
the circuit court of the 2nd judicial
citcnit of the state1 of South Dakota, in
and for the county of Lake, upon a
judgment rendered in said court in
favor of Frank Malloy, plaintiff, and
against Alon/.o M. Barnes. Emeline
Barnes, his wife, Denver I). Barnes.
Kulien P. Barnes, Sadie D. Barnes, his
wife, Milton Barnes and Peatl Barnes,
his wife, defendants, for the foreclosure
of a inoitgage desert lied in the com
plaint in said action to laise the sum
of 17.00, with interest thereon from
the tfth day of March, 1S)0,"», which said
judgment was entered and docketed in
the office of the clerk of said court on
the DUh day of Match, 1905. I have
levied upon the real estate descrilied in
said judgment of foieclosure, to wit:
The east one-half (A) of the southeast
one-quarter of section twenty one
('JI), the southeast one-quarter (j) of
section thirty three (& ), and the sonth
west one-qnart-er (1) °f section thirty
four all in township one hundred
and six (100), north of range tiftv three
west 5th P. M. in county of Lake
and state of South Dakota. And I
shall, on Thtir-day, the Wth day of
Apiil, A. D. 1905. at the hour of one
o'clock iu.. of said day at the front
door of the court house in the city of
Madison, in said county and state, pro
ceed to sell all the right, title and in
terest of the alNve named defendants
in and to the alwive descriljed property
and all interest they nad therein at the
date of the execution of said mortgage
to satisfy the said judgment and costs,
amounting to three thousand four bun
dred seventeen dollars, together with
all accruing cont?» of sale, and interest
on the same from the 8th day of March.
1905, at the rate of 6 per cent, per an
num, at public auction, to the highest
oidder for cash
Dated Madison, Booth Dakota, March
14, l«r».
-T. J. Bliss.
Sheriff Lake Co., E D.
Cbaa J. Porter,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Startling Mortality.
Statistics show startling mortality,
appendicitis and peritonitis. To
prevent and cure these awful diseases,
there is just one reliable remedy. Dr.
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14 Custom House Place. Chicago, says:
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tat Ibample length and haa vent In imrk. \nk
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Fancy Summer Shirts
Tho Colonel's Waterloo.
Colonel John M. Fullet. of Honey.
!rove, Texas, nearly met bis Waterloo,
from Liver and Kidney trouble. In aj
recent letter he sa s: '"I was nearly
dead of there complaints, and, although
1 tried my family doctor, he did me no
goodj so I got a f,0c. Iwittle of your great
Fiiectric Hitters, which curtd me. I
consider them the best medicine on
earth, and thank Uod who gave ou the
knowledge to make them." Sold ami
guaranteed to cure, Dpspepsia, Millions
net's and Kidney Disease by Stoddard
A. Halste id, druggists, at oOe a bottle i
Palace Market.
Angustat & Molumby of the Palace
market wish to tell the people of Madi
sun and vicinity that their prices on
choice meats are as cneap as can be
sold in Madison. They have always
given their customers the best for the
least money and will continue to do so.
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other markets.
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Filth Brfmp
Poultry Diseases
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ings sanitaiy. A little Zcnolcum
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wonders. Tho surest cure for
p/xilir Ir.rrq oil.] likrt Jrnijlilfxa
liee. mites, lli-as, »'to Si'i'iiyiiiiT roosts
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KotU five. nte for thrai.
for residenoe purposes.
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kin ot Susan
of 1906 Patterns Now Being: Shown
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ami other Colors novelty
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Notice of Heaiing Petition for Letters
of Administration.
State of youth Dakota, Connty of
Lake.- sa. In County Court. In the
matter of the estate of Susan A New
man, deceased. The state of South
Dakota sends greeting to Arthur B.
Newjian, Mary D. Brown and Helena
P. Newman, heirs at law and next of bcneficial to the system? If
Newman, deceased,
Notice ia hereby given, that t"n
Helena P. Newman has Bled with
judge of this court, a petition praying collects
Newtnan, deceased, and that
Monday, the 10th day of April, A.
pear and show cause why tho
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kidneys, Madder, awl
urinary organs.
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disease, gravel, dropsy,
rhaumatism, backache,
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Dear Sir:—For nearly a year I SuffeitA
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enred me entirely
and I can't
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Galesburg, 111.
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Tonsorial Parlors
The question is often asked how
one treatment can lie goad for every
thing. Is not pure air and pure water
tition should not l»e granted. ignorant of their condition. Yon call
Dated at Madison, S. D., this 28th'
day of March, A. D. IMS.
Judge of the Connty
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rhoe. Assimilates the food, regulates
the stomach and Bowels. Destroys'
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sw th,s
Porter, ,cnn
D. D. Holdrulge fc Son,
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R. Q. R.
If BO, w!H
and to all whom tnese presents may' j. ., ,, i n*..
of tho sys-
10tho n,,d
"ate the large amount of
for letters testamentary of the estate of inr the bowels beneficial to tho
lfltV). at one o'clock p. m. of said day, piopei condition of health? If BO,
being a day of a regular term of this why should it not 1m* just as necessary
court, towit of the April term, 190r, at to ojen up the seven million pores in
the office of the judge in the city of tho skin, which is the sewerage of the
Madison, county ot Lake, has been eet ,. ...
for hearing said petition, when and entire system, lotting off the deadly
where any person interested may
ap I*isou
said pe-
poison that
the system? Is not regulttt-
a^lutel, nvcvwxvy to
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T:T H,

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