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Hundreds of Beautiful Hats-Charming
Combinations—Exclusive Models—At
a i v e
madison, tmiu dhoti.
TK»*i 0aUSWSUH«li.
Jly mall, 1 yeat $4 U
IIv m»U, 6 month* 3.00
ll mat I, 3 mouths 1-00
Uf mail, 1 month 40
By carrier per w»*»k 10
J. K. hTAtll. Proprietor.
Hl'AUL, Hn«liMiiuifr.
Yankton went democratic and wet ut
the city election Tuesday.
tier. JEIrod has received u tdeglSui
(hut the money, #27. KK), due the stale
of South Dakota on the judgment seem
ed ugainnt the state of North Carolina
on railroad lx»ndn had been paid into
court in Washington, and Co.I R. W.
Stewart, one of the attorneys for the
ftate. has gone to Washington witli
•.'Power of attorney to rective and rtceij.t
tor the aame. Thin judgment was
nred for payment of railroad Itond.-i
which were jueseiaed to South Dakotu.
State reports are to the effect thut
sending of small grain is nearly coin
jplcted. It in diftirult to estimate tin
wheat or other small grain acreage fct
Ihis time, but from what can be learn
#*l the wheat acreage will be aH laige.
and possibly slightly i i
eased, ovei la?t
year. Many farmers will use the iua
uroni for from one fourth to one half
the acreage. There is an ahuudant
ii[)ply of good seed to be had, and
Jtarmera are usiug the utmost caution
Jin the selection of seed -more than hen
0 Flandreau dispatch. 8: The 2-?eai
old daughtt of Mrs. Abe Hayes died
jfroiu the effects of drinking lye. On a
,|MMtmorteiu examination it developd
that the lye had eaten through the
-esophagus and the soft ftod given the
»4'hild to alleviate the pain while it was
-I'onscioQM and alive and suffering terri
lily was found lodged near the lungJ
tfSuspicion was aroused that there might
jliave been foul play and an inqueftt was
field, but no verdict returned. It was
}brought out on the trial, however, that
the mother of the child and her sister
lire bitter enemies, and that the chil
lit the time of its death was in custody
Of the sister.
Montrose dispatch, 8: Friends and
Relatives arc alarmeil over the mj steri
disappearance of Frank A. Fisher
this place, and it is feared be may
have leen the victim of foul plsy. His
wife is almost distracted over his dis
appearance. His family relations were
of the most pleasant and no reason is
known why he should have voluntarily
dropped out of sight. The missing man
Is about 25 years of age. slight build,
bas light brown hair and gray blue
eyes. He weighs about 160 pounds, is
ttbout 5 feet 7 incnes in height, and has
habit of stooping forward when he
walks When last seen he wore a shah
by mixed gray suit and had on laced
boots. He is accustomed to wesr two
photo buttons, one of his wife and the
other of two little girls. His wife,
Mrs. Ida A. Fisher of Montrose, is
making every effort in her power to
locate the missing man if he is still in
the land of the living.
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tablets, ~*Jfoenk Stottfc.
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Mrs. li. A. Stahl & Co.
Captain Charles J. Magill, one of
the largest vessel owners on the
Oreat Lakes, is dead at Chicago. He
was eight.v seven years old.
The Sheffield (Ala.) rolling mills
have broken all records In the Unit
ed States by making 85,960 pounds of
Iron from two coal furnaces.
The pope Tuesday received in pri
vate audience the Duke and Duchess
of Connaught and their daughters,
Princesses Margarla and Patricia.
Dr. Richard llelnzel, professor of
philology at the University of Vienna,
committed suicide by shooting. The
professor's action is attributed to ill
Under the will of Thomas H.
Wickes, vice president of the Pull
man company, the largest legacy goes
to Hugh P. Walden, a nephew. Thomas
H. Wickes. Jr., the only son, gets
1600 a year.
Countess Cassini, a niece of the
Russian ambassador to the United
States, sailed for Europe Tuesday on
the steamer Kaiser Wilhelm der
Orosse. She will go to Kussia for a
Ions visit with relatives.
Open Navigation April 10.
Detroit, April 5.—The report on ice
conditions in the Great Lakes issued
by Inspector Conger of the weather
bureau says that the ice has wasted
rapidly during the past week anil
that it is probable that navigation can
be opened by April 10.
Wolf For Presidential Cku«.
notorious black wolf that has baf
fled all efforts at capture aud has preb
bly beeu chased more miles In the last
three years than any other wolf In Ok
lahoma territory was re-ently taken
alive by J. It. A.bernathy and party
after a chase lasting eight hours, In
which fifteen dogs and some of the
fastest horses In Comanche county
we*e used, says a special dispatch
froai Guthrie, Okla., to the St. Louis
Globe-Democrat. Mr. Aberuathy is to
lead the wolf chase which will te given
for the entertainment of President
Roosevelt on his southern trip. The
wolf that has been caught Is the speed
iest one Aberuathy ever undertook to
capture. He was very anxious to se
cure him for the coming chase.
New Wrinkle# In Flowers.
There is a new wrinkle among the
young men who every morning send
violets and other floral gifts, says the
New York correspondent of the Pitts
burg Dispatch. Fifth avenue florists
are now doing a big business of de
Hverlng books neatly wrapped In a
•quare of loosely woven straw covered
Harbin Explosion Story False.
Harbin, April 5.—There la 110 truth
In the report that the explosion of a
bomb on Monday In the artillery de
pot here killed seventy-five men.
fttstiop Favlar of the Lazarlst mis
sion Is dead at Peking. He had re
sided in China for forty years.
M. liakhmetleff, the diplomatic,
agent of Kussia In Bulgaria, has been
appointed ltussiau minister ut Tho
Frank B. Harper, the breeder snd
turfman and owner of several famous
horses. Is dead at Nantura, Ky., aged
eigh I y one.
standing room
ee»»»»i#eeeeaeeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeao ooeeoeeessseeeis»eteoooesoeeoeesssteee»»e»»ee»#
Is Dead Canada Profits
Secretary Shaw's Draw
back Scheme.
Washington dispatch, l: In an auto
ori*ed interview Senator Hansbronj-h
ot North Dakota asserts that tariff read
just merit is dead. Senator Hunshroiigh,
while a strong protectionist, lielieves
ltie tariff should from time to time be
modified, but declares that it appears
that the stand-patters have carried the
lay and won over the president. He
says the extra session, if called in Oc
tober, will 1h* employed in reorganiza
tion, and that the leaders will see to it
that tariff legislation gets no chance
during the regular session, lie declares
there will l»e uo trouble in the United
States producing all of its own wheat
when new lands are under cultivation.
He says Secretary Shaw s drawb.ick
plan is a fantastic and unconstitutional
scheme of taiiff revision. Senatoi Han?
brough says:
"There is
chance of a
reciprocity treaty with Canada, that
Cauuda is now receiving greater bene
tils as the result of Secretary Shaw's
scheme than would be possible under
any reciprocity plan, and that undei
the drawback Canadian farmers get
#8,)00.000, which is practically takenv
from the farmers of the United States.
Under the drawlwck law, as now inter
preted, Canada gets free trade for her
greatest product. We get nothing in
return from a rnda, but we have the
glorious privilege of making cheap flour
for foreign consumers at the expense of
the American grain growers. It is not
surprising, tnerefore, that Canada,
about the time that Secretary Shaw an
nounced his tariff revision jiolicy, re
jected Vice President Fairbanks' invi
tat ion to reassemble the high ioint com
''Sir Wilfred Luarier. the Canadian
premier, knows n good thing when he
sees it."
Feel tired, no appetite, cannot sleep,
work or eat? That's spring tiredness
ami will disappear at once if yon take
Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea this
month. 85 cents, tea or tablets.
Frunk Smith.
Everything jou cut will taste good atd
dogoodifyou take King's Dyspepsia
Tbltk-lB. Sold by Stoddard it Hulttcad.
Vetoes Twine Plant Proposal.
Lincoln, Neb., April 5.—Governor
Mickey has vetoed the Ernest bill
authorizing a $200,000 bond issue for
a twine plant at the state prison. He
declared that the scheme was hud
business policy and the constitution
did not authorize a bond lssne for
such a purpose.
Trial of Grand Duke's Assassin.
Moscow, April 5.—The trial of the
murderer of Grand Duke S°rglus will
take place before a class jury, but
behind closed doors. The police in
quiry has failed to establish the iden
tity of the assassin. Grand Duke Ser
gtus was assassinated here Fob. 17.
Cincinnati strike Grows*
Cincinnati, April 5.—The inside
workers of the Ironworkers' union
have joined the strike here for an in
crease of wages. Over BOO men are
out aud work in the iron factories is
almost at a standstill.
Resume as an Open 8hdp,
Greenville, Pa., Arril 5.—'Tht« efgfit
and ten-inch finishing departments of
the Carnegie Steel company resumod
during the day on an open shop basis,
after having been shut down for flf
A Daredevil ride
often ends in a sad accident. To heal
accidental injuries, use Hucklin's Ar
nica Salve. "A deep wound in my fiot,
from an accident,'' writes Theodore
Schule, of Coluinbu.^ Ohio, caused me
great pain. Physicians were helpleng,
but Hucklin's Arnica Salve (juickly
healed it." Soothes and heals bums
like magic. 2."o. at Stoddard Jk llul
stead's. Druggist?.
Pinesalve acts like a .poultice. Beet
thing in the world for boils, burne,
cracked hands, tetter, etc. Sold by
Studtliitl 4 1
Loss of Sleep Means
Loss of nim!
Inability to Sleep in Nature'*
Plain Warning of an Exhaust
ed Nervous System.
When von overwork snr mnscle
set of muscles they tire and must hs
rest. What is true of a muscle is dot
I v true of the brain, as from it enu
at cs all power to work, to act, to think
The brain is full of little cells that dm
inu the waking hours are never qui*
in their efforts to furnish to every org
i he power to do its duty. Rob th
little cells of their rest at night—ke
them at work all the time, and so n
they tire, refuse to act, fail to genenM.
nerve force and the system yoes to ruin
1 Iron ides, sedatives, opiates only hast
iiie end they do not build up, th
rardown. The true remedy, theotiU
me. lies in'Dr. A. W. Ctuuse's Ner\
I'ills, a Hlicine that revitalizes, rein
•. i,'orat.es. and by properly nourish ii
:hese overworked little cells, give thnu
rest and quiet and enable one to sle i
naturally and easily again.
Mis. Fred Whole ben of Glade Ba:
IVarren, Pa., says:
"I was induced to ns Dr. A. V
liase s Nerve Pills fot excessive ner
"Usiiess. I was so mrvons I could n
bear a noise or much talking. I w
veiy forgetful—iny mind seemed du
I was listless and tired all the tim
The result of the ust* of the box I
was remarkable. They toned up tl
nerves aud system generally and I wot
well again, aui strong my mind
clear and noiae and talk no longv
Imther me. I am mncn pleased with
the piils and can recommend them
highly to anyone who fe»Ls as I did."
•V) cents a bos at dealers Dr. A. W.
('has Midicinu Co., Buffalo, New
York. Portrait aud signature of A.
W'. Chase, M. D., on every package.
For sale by Frank C. Smith, Pharma
cist, Masonic Temple. Madison, S. D.
Palace Market.
Angustal & Molumbv of the Palace
market wish to tell the people of Madi
son and vicinity that their prices on
choice meats pre as cneap as can be
sold in Madison. Thef have always
given their customers the liest for the
least money and will contiuue to do so.
They will meet all cash prires'given toy
other markets.
One night is ail the time necessary to
prove that Pine-ules is the best remedy
in the world for backache and all kid
ney and bladder troubles. If you have
rheumatism or any other blood disease
a single dose will give relief. Sold by
Stoddard & llalstoad.
Sheriff's Sale on Execution.
State of Soiith Dakota. Count)' of
Lake. —sh. Notice's hereby given that
by virtue of special execution to me
directed and delivered, and now iu my
hands, issued out of and under the seal
the circuit court of the 2nd judicial
circuit of the state of South Dakota, in
and for the county of Lake, upon a
judgment rendered in said court in
favor of Frank Malloy, plaintiff, and
against Aloiizo M. Barnes, Emeline
Barnes, his wifo, Denver D. Barnes,
Ruben P. Barnes. Sadie D. Barnes, his
wife, Milton Barnes and Peail Barnes,
his wife, defendants, for the foreclosure
of a uioituage described in-the com
plaint in said action to laise the sum
of $',-117.00, with interest thereon from
the .Sth day of March, lUOo, which sai
judgment was entered and docketed in
the office of the clerk of said court on
the l:5th day of Mai eh, 190T». I have
levied upon the real estate descrilied
said judgment of foieclosure, to wit
The east one half (i) of the soutbeaM
one quarter (S) of section twenty-one
('Jl). tho southeast one-quarter (1) of
section thirty ihree (:$ !), and the south
west one quarter (j) of section thirty
four (:51). all ill township one hundred
and six (100). north of range liftv three
(.• {), west Tith P. M. in conuty of
and state of South Dakota. And I
shall, on Thursday, the lttth day ot
April. A. D. 190T). at the hour of one
o'clock p. m.. of said day at the front
door of the court house iu the city of
Madison, in said county and state, pro
ceed to sell all the right, title and in
terest of the alove named defendants
in and to the above deacriled property
and all interest they n.-id therein at
date of the execution of said mortgage
to satisfy the said judgment and costs,
amounting to three thousand four bun
dred seventeen dollars, together with
all accruing cost- of sale, and interest
on the same from the 8th day of March,
190."), at the rate of fi per cent. ier an
num. at public auction, to the highest
nidder for cash.
Dated Madison. South Dakota, March
14, IKS
-Chas. J. Porter,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Frightful Suffering Relieved.
Suffering frightfully from the vlru
lent poisons of undigested food, O. 0.
(Jrnyson, Miss, took Dr. King's New
Life Pills, "with the result," hn writes,
"that 1 was cured.*' All stomach and
liowel disorders glvo way to their tonic,
laxative properties. 2f»e, at Stoddard Jfc
Halstead's drugstore, guaranteed.
The above cut shows shows the
"5AVILLE" 3 button sack the
mott tU'Birable stylo for HuBinena woar The
coat 1b amplf length and has vent in back. Ask
for i ur booklet showing different styles.
Fancy Summer Shirts
Mrs. Nation Needed the Money.
Wichita, Kan., April 5.—Carrie Na
tion, Myra McHenry, Liddia Mult^
aud Lucy Willioyt, temperance cru
sadera, #ho are awaiting trial foi
wrecking the glass front of a whole
sale liquor house some time ago, vol
untarily went to jail during the day
in order to release a $1,000 bond fur
nished by Mrs. Nation. Mrs. Nation
wanted the money to loan.
Smith Ca*e Again Postponed.
Cincinnati April 5.—The case of J.
Morgan Smith and wife, arrested here
in connection with the Nan Patterson
Caesar Young case in New York,
came up again in police court during
the day, but was once more adjourned,
this time until April 7, the postpone-
nient being required to await the ac
tion of the common pleas court on
the writs of habeas corpus.
Minister Conger Leaves Peking.
Peking, April 5.—Edwin H. Conger,
who has just vacated the post of
American minister to China upon his
appointment of ambassador to Mex
ico, left for America during the day
via Iiaukow. Representatives of all
the foreign legations assembled at the
railway station to bid farewell. The
approach to the station was lined by
Chinese troops.
Experienced Terrible weatner.
Bt. Johns, N. F., April 5.—The long
overdue steamer Jupiter from Liver
pool arrived here during the day after
a passage of twenty-seven days. She
experienced terrible weather during
nearly the entire voyage and was bad
ly damaged by ice floes.
Filth Brings
Avoid roV^nrsa anions bv
making housings and surround
ings Sanitary. A little Zcnolcum
in the whiU 'vash pail will work
wonder-!. Tin surest euro for
scaly 1'£3
like troubles is
A Bfnsrle quart wid ri«t 100 h^ns of
lice, mites, ll.'fis, etc Si):ayiur noMs
ati'l hot.si a (.ik'h in 30 w ill ki-ep
tilt lll Cll HU Ul:i l»' rf'Yt
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Disinfectant Dip."
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Troubles" show Its power
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with iH.ultry and all stock.
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for residence purj oftea, for
200 —E. Sheridan.
Dated at Madison, S. D., this 28tb
day of March, A. D. 10O"i.
—Chas. J. Porter,
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Suffered Intensely with Backache.
Dr. M. M. Fanner, Fredoaia, X. T.
Dear Sir:—For nearly
a day of a regular term of this
court, towit of the April term, 1905, at
the office of the judge in the citj* of
Madison, county of Lake, has been set
for hearing said petition, when aud
where any person interested may ap
I**ar and show cause why the s iid pe
tition should not be granted.
Judge of the County Court.
D. D. Holdrid^e & Son.
Attorneys for Petitioner.
R. 0. R.
Absolutely cures Wind Colic, Diur
rhoe. Assimilates the food, regukites
the stomach and Bowels. Destroys
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of the
kidneys, bladder, snd
urinary organs.
Also catarrh, heart
disease, gravel, dropsy,
rheumatism, backache,
I suffered
intensely with backache and could
hardly bear to stand on my feet. I
felt restless
when pitting clown.
the advice of a frier. 1 I tried
cured me entirely
too much
Sold by Druggists, 50c, and $1. Get Cook Book and Treatise on
the Kidneys—FREE.
Dr. Fenner'S
Kidney and Backache Cure.
R.J. Helseths'
Notice of TTfaiiiitf Petition for Letters
of Administration.
State of Sooth Dakota, Connty of
Lake.- as. In Connty Cqurt. In the
inattei of the estate of Bnsan A New
man, deceased. The state of South
Dakota sends greeti«e to Arthur B.
Newnau, Mary D. Brown and Helena
P. Newman, heirs at law and next of
kin of Snsan A. Newman, deceased,
and to all whom tnese presents may
come. Notice is hereby ^iven, that
Helena P. Newman has Gled with th«
iudge of this court, a petition praying
for letters testamentary of the estate of
Susan A. Newman, deceased, and that
Monday, the 10th day of April, A.
15Mi."», at one o'clock p. m. of said day,
and I can't say
thia remedy. I also find it pleas­
ant to take.
Galeabarg, HI.
Tonsorial Parlors
The question is often asked how
one treatment can lie goad for every
thing. Is not pure air and pure water
beneficial to the system? If so, will
it not lienefit every organ of the sys
tem to purify the blood, and elimi
nate the large amount of poison that
collects in the system? Is not regulat
ing the bowels Ixmefieial to the entire
system, and absolutely necessary to
the proper condition of health? If W),
why should it not lie just as necessary
to open up the seven million pores in
tho skin, which is the sewerage of the
entire system, letting off the deadly
poison whifh thousands of people are
carrying alxut in their bodies perfect
ignorant of their condition. You can
easily see this process of renovation
can not help but lienefit every part of
the human machinery.
CUKES: Rheumatism, LaGrippo,
Bad colds, Neuralgia, Kidney trouble,
Torpid Liver, Dyspepsia, Eczema, In
toxication, Throat Trouble, Malaria,
Pimples and Eruptions, NemxiMMM,
Insomnia, Catarrah, etc,
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