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For the Next 30 Days
I will dell pirtnms at practically
your own price na I have a great
many on hand, they will go fit legs
than cost.
Come in and let me give
prices on carpet. 50 an ra pi
OS to
select from.
I also sell the Stan.lanl Rotary
Shuttle sewing machine,
Geo. Beck,
The Up Town Furniture flm
Ed. Shilstad,
Flour, Feed,
Grain and Seeds,
Gasoline and Kerosene.
Madison Opera House
You see the Light theres a Show.
Wedneg., April 5
Triump of Enterprise
and Ingenuity
Play of Intense Interest
Cast ofUnequaled Excellence
Stupendous scenic production
Thrilling Climaxes
Startling Effects.
First6rows 75c.
Balance *f Lwer Fk«r 50c.
Gallery 35c.
Children 25c.
Seats on sale ilonday Horning.
®lje UrtUiT jmbet*
WKDN KSDA V. A I'l 1 \j i», 1*105
Weather Forecast.
Fair tonight and Thursday
Stock wanted to pasture.—E. A,
For Hale. Thoroughbred Rhode Is
land Red eggs. J. H. Williams*11.
For Hale or Rent. Six room house.
Also four lots for sale.- E. B. Davis.
Drs. Gtegg & Gregg osteopathic
physicians. Office in postoffice block.
Deceased hal resided with nis son
James iu bake county for the past thiee
Farmers am Invited to examiae Min
nesota grown cora at the foick Hyland
For Kent. Five room house and 5
acres of land. Inquire of J. J. Fitzger
For Kent. Furnished rymnn on®
block ^ast of Bapti.-it church.— Mrs L.
A. Stevens.
Any person wishing to buy a piano
will find two bargain-i with 8. B.
MiswH Abbie and Ruby Beardsley
were ret urn in if passengers by the north
traiu thin morning.
The most i«)pular styles of ladies'
hats are being shown at
H. A.
Mtahl & Co.'s parlors.
F«-r Rent. Suite of living room8
over my tailor shop.- C. W. Nichols.
For Hale. Building lota on Harth
avenne between 9th and 10th street*.
Also two lots on East 4th street, south
front. A. J. darner.
All persons having framed pictures at
ui v shop, call and settle for wine at
once or they will be sold for cost of
work.—A. Archer.
ES F. Alveron has a car load of seed
corn on sale at the Brick Hyland build
ing. This corn
J. E. Cole has resumed baking at bis
store and patrons will le provided with
everything fresh in the line of baked
For the largest stock, the best goods
and the lowest prices go to McCallister
for furniture and house furnishini
Mrs. Jones of Muscat i Iowa, was
an arrival by the wet tr*«iu and is a
guest in the families of her coupons, the
.Tone* brotueis.
For Sale Cheap. 1 horse, buggy,
bedstead. All kinds work done cess
pools cleaned. Will buv all kinds old
iron. Phone 47. -—W. H. Grenell.
Mrs Hill who has sjent the winter
in Minneapolis and other points in Min
nesota. returned home by the north
train this morning.
We have several exclusive styles of
onr own vreation. Don't select your
Easter bat until you have seen them.—
Mrs. H. A. Ktahl & Co.
For Hale. Two sewing machines.
S'ood as new: one o drawer Hartford,
one New Home. Price #5 each. Call
and see them. -A. Archer.
The Lake CDnnty hank has moved to
the room adjoining its former place of
business 011 the south, where they will
be pleased to accommodate their custom
I have two good bargains in high
grade pianos. Easy terms. If you are
thinking of buying a piano in the fu
ture it will pay you to look at
B. H. Stoddard.
The Girl from Kays, Charlotte Cor
day and polo turban are Ix'ing worn ex
tensively this season. See them at Mrs.
H. A. Htahl & Co. 's parlois.
Friday evening, I. O. O. F. hall:
Fc illoped salmon, deviled eggs, potato
salad, cottage cheese, horse radish pick
les, bread, butter, jelly, cake, dough
nuts. coffee, tea. Price 25 cents.
May wheat closed in Minneapolis
yesterdy at 1.081, opened today at 1.08*,
closed at 1.104 cash, No. 1 northern,
*1.124 No. 2, $1.09J. Local, wheat.
No. 2. 92 No. a, 84 No. 4, 79 flax,
$1.19 oats, 21 corn, 33 barley. 80.
Maj. Chas. Bryne, U. S. A., will
visit Madison Tuesday, April 11, at
which time the inembeis of company I,
S. D. N. (J., are ordered by Capt. Rob
ertson to rejjort at the armory at 7:30
p. in., iu dress uniform for inspection.
Methodist Ladies' Aid Saturday din
ner. I. O. O. F. hall: Roast jKirk.
brown gravv. brown potatoes roast
beef, brown gravv, mashed potatoes,
cabbage salad, pickles. Imad, buttei,
jelly, doughnuts, pie, coffee, tea. Price
25 cents.
Mitchell Republican, 8: County
Judge Abbey received a check a few
day ago for $50 from State Treasurer
Collins with which he paid all bills in
connection with the funeral of Alonzo
Jeannelte. who died aloat a month ago.
The state has a fund for this purpose
where an old soldier's family is unable
to meet the expense. The deceased was
buried on a lot belonging to the O. A.
R. of this city.
James Morrison, aged St years, died
at the Home of his son. James Morrison,
five miles south of Winfred yesterday,
the result of old age. Funeial will le
helil from the home Thursday at 10 a.
in. burial in Winfiel cemetery. De
ceased was born in Sligo. Ireland, in
1S'.M. Married to Martha Reid in 1H52,
he settled with his family in Iowa in
ISM. Four children survive, three of
whom are residents of New York City.
A verv pleasant social affair occurred
at the Herman Baptist church in west
Fourth street last evening, the occasion
being a welome reception to Rev. Mr.
flock and family. Rev. Hock comes
from flagensville, Mo., and recently ac
cepted the lustorate of the church. The
large church was well tilled last eve
ning, and resident clergymen present
extended in hearty words a cordial wel
come to the new pastor. Refreshments
were served by the ladies of the church
and the evening was one of much plea
sure and good fellowship.
fletland New Era The opinion ot
many is that the Cential Dakota rail
road will build this way dining the
coming summer but just their object ivt
point .is not yet known any farther
north than Madison. It is likely to
come 011 further 1101th but where it will
cioss the Northwestern it is not known.
Possibly here, or at Ailington. If it is
to come so near us, it is to our advan
tage to try, and try hard, to have it
come heie. We do not believe a cross
1* ad will do the town much goxl bv
coining here, but it will do as much
harm if it comes near us and does not
cioss at this j»oint. A crossroad is sure
to build a town 011 both sides of this
line of road and, therefore, will make
three towns in the same territory where
there now is but on®. If this road
comes this way thoagh, let's get it.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo,)
Lucas County,
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he
is senior partner of th« tirni of F. J.
Cheney & Co doing business in the
City of Toledo, County and Stateafore
said, and that said tirm will pay the
sum of One Hundred Dollars for each
and every case of Catarrh that cannot
be cured by the use of Hall's Catarrh
(aire. Fkank J. Chknky.
Sworn to before me and aubscribed in
my presence, thia 6th day of December,
A. I) 18SG.
grown iu Minne
sots in the Haute latitude as Ijake county
and would no donlit uiak.^ a sure crop.
The time has rotoa for cleauing
house.4 and furniture. Oo i Arcuer 's
for your furuitin. !i-». c'oauer.'
W. Glkason,
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internal
ly. and acts directly on the blood and
mueou -surfaces of the aysteoi. Send
for testiiiio iials free.
F. J. (ink.nkv A: Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by ail Druggists, 7fc.
Take Hall's Family Pills for con at
A wonderful spring tonic. Drives
out ail winter impurities, gives yon
stiength, health and happiness. That 's
what Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea
will do. 85 cents, tea cr tablets.-
Frank Sutitb.
Miss Edna Scatt Returns from
Country West of Chamber*
I tin Railroad Extension.
Miss Edna Scott returned this morn
ing from a point sixty miles west of
Chamberlain where she is homesteading
a quarter section of government land.
The weather during her stav was unus
ually rainv and travel by team difficult,
but many new people arc coming into
the country in emigrant wagons and
settling on claims. There is much in
terest among the homesteaders the
piospective extension of the Milwaukee
road west from Chamberlain. But the
cattlemen are greatly opposed to the in
vasion of theii domain by tne iron
horse, and are not very cordial to the
newcomers who are taking up the land
in quarter section lots. Miss Edna re
ferred to a ciitttleman who has a large
Ixnly of land fenced near her homestead
upon which he is grazing more than a
thousand head of cattle at the piesent
time and has made a fortnue out of the
business. Homesteaders have filed
claim to the large bcdv of land of
which the cattleman has had free use
for a number of years and his occupa
tion will be gone as soon as the claim*
ants make settlement. He feels very
indignant and seems to think Uncle
Ham ought to leave him in peaeeatle
these.— .possession of a larger chunk of the eaith
to the exclusion of less selfish people
who aie satisfied with a quarter section,,
No active work toward the extension
of the Milwaukee ioad is being done at
Chambeilain, but that it will be extend
ed is a settled fact. A number of rail
road officials have filed on claims along
the proposed route and their families
are now living on the claims. Miss
Edna says the understanding is that the
road will le built seventy miles west of
Chamberlain this year. In the railroad
yards at Mitchell she saw a large
amount of piling and bridge timbei
which will be taken to Chamberalin for
the purpose of bridging the Missnuii for
the railroad extension.
Mis* Scott says the frontier country
at the present time is wild as one could
desire, but tacinating. About all that
can be seen is the endless plains, claim
shanties, herds of cattle and men riding
on horseback in every direction. The
crossing of the Missouri at Chambei
lain is made by ferry, and standing on
a stranded boat in the middle of the
river from 9 o'clock in the morning 1111
til 4 in the afternoon was one of the
luxuries she expej ienced.
Delegates of Camps in Lake
County Meet in Conven
The Modern Woodmen of America
hold biennial camps—county, state and
national and this is the year these
camps are held. The head camp meets
at Milwaukee in June, the state camps
at Dead wood in May, all county camps
in April, and the local camps elect their
piimary delegates in March. These
latter in Lake county met today to se
lect two delegates to the state camp.
Tho delegates present in convention to
day from local camps were:
Winfred—E. S. Dobson, W. II.
Thompson, Robt. Yuill.
Ramona ~,Tas. Spear, D. J. O'Cob
nel!, Plazi Deruuj{8.
Wentworth—C. N. l^adei. J. J. Cas
Madison -W. A. Rothschild, Chas.
Roberts, A. L. Rankin, Henry Neill.
Denver Barnes, A. P. Harling. E. B.
Davis, C. L. Wolloston, C. A. Angle.
C. N. Fader was elected chairman
and W. A. Rothschild cleik of the con
vention. and after several ballots W. A.
Rothschild and D. J. O'Connell were
elected delegates to represent the county
camp in the state convention which
chooses nine to represent the state in
the head camp. J. J. Casserly and E.
S. Dobson were elected alternates, and
the convention adiourned.
Police of Hitched Have
Trv)ub!e With Night
Prowling Girls.
Mitchell Republican, 8: A few eve
nings ago three young ladies, they were
girls abcut 17 years old, cut up a caper
that perhaps would bring the blush of
shame to their cheeks were their names
given to the public. They are of the
gay and frisky order, though rather on
the quiet. The evening iu question,
without any trouble, they got in with
three traveling men and for an hour or
more roamed the streets, lning arjund
stnet corners and finally the bunch
went to a room on lower Main street.
The chief of police saw where they went
and in a few moments he followed the
crowd thither and demanded that the
giils come out. Caught where they
were they came out trembling and tear
ful, protesting that they were only out
on a little lark. The chief escorted
them nome and told them plainly that
if they were caught out again he would
inform their parents ot their actions.
It was supposed that they would be
more moderate in their desire for a lark,
but on the verv next evening they were
out on the streets again, seemingly just
as anxious and eager for another eve
ning of sport as the first niuhtl The
chief had his eye out for the bunch and
he canarht them going on the same road,
but before they got far he accosted them
and warned th^m to go home. True to
his promise the chief informed the pa
rents of the girls the following day. and
it is presumed there was a scene after
that. It can be said with trutn that
larks of taia kiad as* art eoefinad
these three girl' but it has reached a
larger stage.
Wny it is that parents permit then
daughters of that age to roam ti^
streets at any hour of th* night, to 1111 n
gle with utter strangers is more th
can be understood, and the case ii rj-*t
infrequent where girls of high moral
character who would scorn to knowing
ly follow such a plan, a^ unwitting I
enticed into affairs of this kind to their
soirow. So it can be seen what inffi
ence associates of this swift kind hav.
on girls who not given to hunt up
strangers. The parents are to blame in
permitting their daughters so much lib
erty at a time when they ought to
under the guidance of a hand that
knows bow to control.
If there is no improvement in the sit
nation as outlined alxne the authorities
declare they will take matters in their
own hands and steps will be taken in
place the girls in the reform school at
Plankinton. and if such is done then
names will be given to the public
through the newspapers.
Gen. Ballington Booth was the speak
er. Gen. Ballington Booth, the creator
of the Volunteers of America, one of the
most uniqae and at the same time lore
ful characters on the charitable and n
ligious stage of the world. He arrived
in the city late in the evening and ad
dressed a very large audience at the
First Presbyterian church phortly lt
fore 9 o'clock.
An inteiesting talker is the general
His personality is distinctly of the win
ning order, and his smile, which courier
and goes as an April sunbeam, is very
lovable. Tall and slender and graceful,
this head of a gre^t nation's great char
itable and evangelical movement givs
the impression of much reserve force
and jwer. I Dbably his only failitv.
en first sight, would seem to be a love
of display. And yet when the surface
is scratched the true metal is Drought
to light.
Royal looking is this king of the Vol
unteers. He wears a long Irock coat
a daru blue, with military corded fast
enings. It fits his slender figure close
ly, revealing strong and graceful lines.
On nis breast, rather prominently dis
played. is a golden star with the Volun
teers' insignia emblazoned thereon.
Glistening patent leather shoes complet
ed the personal adornment.
But one sees little of Gen. Ballington
Booth after the fiist look but his face.
It is strong in its religious fervor, al
most the face of a fanatic. It is lon£
and clean cut, his noae prominent and
his chn setting with a squareness which
denotes tbe practic ality of nis life. A
high and full forehead is crowned by a
waving mass of dark bair. a forehead
bulging prominently over his eyes.
And these are full and deep and thought
ful and tired, their limpid azure betray
in" ''good will 011 earth and peace to all
Cheated Death,
Kidney trouble often ends fatally, but
by'--boosing the right medicine, E. H.
Wolfe, of Bear Grove, Iowa, cheated
death. He says: "Two years ago 1
had Kidney Trouble, which caused me
great pain, suffering and anxiety, but 1
took Klectrie Bitters, which effected a
complete cure. I have also found them
of great benefit in general debility and
nerve trouble, and keep them constantly
on hand, since, as I find they have no
euual.' Stoddard &
lialstead, 4rug
guarantee them
Little Touches of Human Sym
pathy Are What the World
Sioux City Journal,
touches of human sympathy are what
the woild wants!"
Six feet of lithe, sinewv humanity
urled forth the words impetuously ami
accentuated them by an earnest Hash
from large, tired, blue eyes which were
stamped in every light wave with the
conviction of his asset tion.
at 50c.
Y'ou can apply ManZan inside, right
where the pain is. It is put up in cul
lapsable tubes with nozzle attachment
for introducing it. ManZan stops pain
instantly and cures all kinds of blind,
bleeding, itching and protruding piles,
to Sold by tttoddaad 4 H*lali*d»
It is a pleasure to take Dr. Dade's Lit
tie Liver Pills and enjoy their tonic
effect upon the liver. Sold b' Stoddai 'l
tfc lialstead.
Miss Grinager
invites tho IiuiliiiB
of Madison and Vicinity to
oall and see her New Stock
Street Hats
Tailored Mat*
Pattern Hats
Her Stock is complete
and Styles Perfect.
ajA hL/ff
t-1!, WHAT to
you are in need of anything in our line come and see us. We will positively guarantee
you can buy no less anywhere, if so we would like to be shown.
Come in and see
Cr up iB quickly rolieved and whoop
ing Cough will not "run its course" if
you use the original Bee'e Laxative
Honey and Tar. This Cough Syrup is
different from all otherB because it acts
on the bowels You cannot cure Croup
and Whooping Cough until you rid the
system of all conjestion by working oiT
tne cold through a copious action of the
bowels. Bee's Laxative Honey and Tar
does this, and cures all Coughs, Croup
Whooping-Cough etc. No opiates. Sold
by Stoddard &• lialstead.
ings and Wash Goods. Extra Large Sizes.
A full lineol Percale Wrappers.
to 44.
Vu STo -j
V. !Y thoroughly and
An artirtic and iixividua I home ia *ot to
ii a QUMtion pockrtbook u of IKiriMtl
and ktuwUd«r. Thr Rooklct BVM Sm
xmuay ioiunuauoa
5). Dak.
CMMPFlya -jy r.v?i!-owyou howl«
Carry u.t ii with
We wish to announce that we have added
a complete line of Staple and Fancy Grocer
ies to our present stock of Dry Goods. If
also with to announce that wc have a SWELL New Line of Spring Dry
We have the Famous A 13 Worth 19 Dozen of the Swe'licst balk under
Skirts and Shirt Waist Suits in Mohairs
•tid Panamas.
our Mohair Suit­
skirts ever shown in the city.
Has an Elegant Assortment of Ladies'
Ask to see the A«c«.4MUi pfte4 Mes.
We have the Celebrated Peerless Undermuslin*
and gr.ve us a trial, our aim is always to please.
Line of Lace Curtains, Carpe s,
S^raw Matting-. Tapestry Curtains,
Spreads, Ru#s and Art Square?.
are nicer than ever. When you
have a Du Brock you know it is
right and the Latest Style. We
can sell you a silk waist for $3.00,
think of it. A gingham waist for
$1.00 Why buy an ill fitting,
scanty cut waist when you can
buy a Du Brock for less money.
All ladies interested In Embroidery work will be shown
a very instructive display ot worked pieces sent out from
our silk house, Wednesday, March 15th.
Satfafted with the Stareh that you a*e twlng? Does
it give you perfect satisfaction?
you use a starch that wili. CELLULOID Starch
always gives perfect satisfaction. It is a cold water
starch, and can also bo used as a Hot Water Starch if
so desired. Many people do not like a powdered
starch for this reason, but you need not fear any more
the Celluloid starch can be uaed either way and
gives the best of Satisfaction.
The Price, 10c. 3 pkgs. for 25c,
We offer yon on this starch is the lowest ever offered,
and we are sure yov will appreciate the sane. We
are only enabled to offer this for a short time,. «e the
amount we purchased was limited, and we are giving
yon the benefit of the asape* REMEMBER
Tbe Pries is 10c., 8 packages for 2B~centa.
not, why don't
Phone 114

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