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man—not even George
Bottl««i Oal? at As
Anheuser-Busch Brewery
St. Louis, U. S. A.
Work on Great Northern
Docks at a Standstill.
Superior, Wis., Aug. 10—The Great
Horthern ore dorks at Allouez are fled
«P by a strike among the laborers
employed in unloading oars and load
tag boats. One hundred and twenty
Ave of the day crew, upon being re
fused an increase of wages from $1.75
t» $2 per day. quit work and returned
to their homes. Twonty-flve of the
Sight crew were refused an increase
Of wages from $2 to $2.1!.". and struck.
An a result the entire night shift was
Isld off. With the stopping of the
Work on the part of the men all of the
Work at the docks is at a standstill.
If the Btrike is successful a general
4|eup in the ore business for the Ore it
'Horthern will result. At present
there are seventeen train crews pull
tBg ore into the Allouez docks. These
Will be laid off if the docks are not
lie Ordered Dismissal of the Colored
Oyster Bay, Aug. 10—President
Roosevelt in a statement just issued
made it clear that the entire responsi
bility was his for the Issuance of the
original order discharging the battal
ion of negro soldiers for alleged par
ticipation in the Brownsville (Tex.)
,Holing and the refusal to permit a
Klspension of that order.
The president was shown the inter
view which was had in Washington
With General Henry O. Corhin. IJ. S.
A., retired, in which General Corhin
stated that no credit or blame in the
matter rested with Mr. Taft. After
wading the interview the president
through his assistant private secre
tary, Rudolph Forester, gave out the
follow in g:
"General Corbin's atalement is ab
J|»lutely correct and it was entirely
i*oper that he should make \t. The
substance of the message from the
president which he quoted was made
public long ago. In the Brownsville
matter the entire responsibility for
tBsuing the orklnal order and for de
cerning to allow lis suspension was
tie president's."
In his interview General Corbin
Stated in substance that Mr. Taft was
to no way respoiHible for the order dis
cfeargi»K Ihe battalion of the Twenty
llfth iniantry and that In doing so the
then tecr '. ry of war had obeyed the
fejfuvr jttjjhe w$8l4«at.
higher laws and institutions than this romantic and handsome young Revo
liit ionary General and Statesman, who died so tragically in a duel at the
fcenith of his fame.
Upon every clause of the Constitution of the United States his individuality
Indelibly stamped. Daniel Webster says of him: *'He smote the rock of National
sources and abundant streams of revenue gushed forth he touched the dead corpse
of public credit and it sprung upon its feet."
He believed in protecting the brewing industry, and drank good beer all of his
BKFERCNCE.S: i['i-ioQ*a Eacpclopfrtwi stiouter'i History II, i. 7i. ri©, gunner's»«*et jyy
The Natural Drink of America
In every glass is health and what is health but efficiency and power? It comes to
your table a delicious sparkling food—a wholesome malt beverage exhaling the aroma
of hop gardens and the fragrant scent of new mown northern barley fields.
The little alcohol in it promotes cheerfulness of mind—which is the best at all
medicines. The 1-upulin in the hops soothes the nerves and acts as a digestive tonic while
tiie juice "of the
contains a high percentage of substantial
Turkish Ambassador to Franc* the
Latest to Be Dismissed.
Constantinople, Aug. 10.—Every day
there appears a list of Turkish offi
cials of the old regime who have been
dismissed. The latest list includes
Munir Pusha, ambassador to France
the governors of Itedjaz and Erzerouni
and many foreign office and palace
officials. It now appears that Raghib
Pasha, one of the court chamberlains,
who was reported to have been taken
Into custody, has not yet been arrest
ed, but his house is surrounded to
prevent his escape. Among others
arrested was Bishop Ormanfan, for
mer Armenian patriarch, whom Ihe
Armenians accused of maladministra
tion. A total of $2,500,000 has been
seized in the bousM of officials recent
ly arrested.
Drill Outfit Drops Into Well.
Houston, Tex., Aug. 10.—What Is re
garded as the most remarkable "blow
out" in the history of the Texas oil
:ields occurred at Hardy. The drill
of one of the wells had reached a
depth of 1,130 feet when the gas
came with such force as to tear up'
the ground and leave a hole into which
dropped beyond sight the derrick rig
and engine. Hot water, oil ami
boulders were blown into the air.
McFarland Defeats Brock.
Los Angeles, Cal., Aug. 10.—Packy
McFarland won from Phil Brock bo
fore the Pacific Athletic club in the
seventh round. There was no knock
out. Referee Eyton stopped the light
and gave McFarland the victory when
Brock was in the last stages of dis
(Me by an Olympic Competitor.
fA poem written by thp younp T'ntvcr
»lty of Virginia sprinter James Alcorn
H*.-otor just before departing for London
t» participate in the Olympic games.]
I've heard about the enchanted lands—
Vo fairy lands—and all,
But when 1 die Just let me rest
Way down In Arknnaaw.
Where may ye find such mountainst
Search ye Ions and far,
Te'll never find such fountains-
Such as spring from Arkansaw.
Name me a place in this big world
Where nature Is Its law,
Where plains and valleys SO beautiful
ly unfurl
they do in Arkansaw.
Majestic are her long leaf ptOMS
Her pearls are without flaw%
••autlful are the rivers that era
ly wind
Way down In Arkansaw.
Nowhere do flowers bloom ao bright.
And tnuslrul la the crows' caw
As they wing their way In rapid flight
Way down in Arkansaw.
8o I've heard about enchanted Is nils
Ye fairy land»—and all,
9St when 1 die Just lot me rest
tVay down In Arkansaw.
—Memphis Commercial
left a more lasting impression upon
Four Others Injured in a Train Wreck
in Texas.
Livingston, Tex., Aug. 10.—Four per
sons were killed and four others were
Injured, two probably fatally, when an
engine on the tram road of the Liv
ingston Lumber company struck a cow
and plunged into a deep ravine near
here. The dead are:
Watson Scott, engineer Fayette
Rogers, fireman, Finis Peebles and
Henry Young, colored.
Brad Hickman and a young man
named Clark are probably fatally hurt,
while two negroes are less seriously
Collision on Electric Lino
London, Ont.. Aug. li.—Two per
sons were killed and ten seriously in
jured in a rear end collision on the
Chatham, Wallaceburg and I^ake Erie
Electric railroad.
Minneapolis Wheat.
Minneapolis, Aug. 10.—Wheat—
Sept., $1.01*4 Dec., $100%. On track
—No. 1 hard, $1.23f?1.24: No. 1 North
em. $1.21 (J? 1.22 No. 2 Northern, $1.18
Sr 1.19 No. 3 Northern, $l,12f 1.13.
Duluth Wheat and Flax.
Duluth, Aug. 10.—Wheat—To arrive
and on track—No. 1 hard, $1.19 No.
1 Northern, $1.18 No. 2 Northern,
$1.13 Sept., $1 00% Dec., 98%c. Flax
—To arrive, on track and Sept., $1.-
Oct., $1.27% Nov., $1.27 Dec.,
*1.25*. _____
St. Paul Union Stock Yards.
St. Paul, Aug. 10.—Cattle—Good to
choice steers, $t.00'g6.75 fair to good,
$5.00f£f.,75 good to choice cows and
heifers, $4.00ii 5.00 veals, $3.7.rtJi r.75.
Hogs—$5.50ftr f.70. Sheep—Wethers,
$3.So!ft 4.25 yearlings, $4,251/5.00,
spring iamb.s, $5.75&<.35.
Chicago Grain and Provision*.
Chicago, Aug. 10.—Wheat—Sept.,
93% fa 9li*£c l)ec., %%c. Corn—Sept.,
77%c Dec., 66V4c May, 64%c. Oats
—Sept., 48^4ft48%c Dec., 48%c
May, 50»£c. Pork—Sept., $12.57%
Oct., $15.50 Jan., $16.27%. Butter
Creameries, 18%@2lc dairies, 17
19c. Eggs—18%c. Poultry—Turkeys,
lie ehlckens, 11%c springs, 15&l€c.
Chicago Union Stock Yards.
Chicago, Aug. 10.—Cattle—Beev
$3.75fl 7.65 Texans, [email protected]: We
era cattle,
stocked a
feeders, $2.40 i 1.50 cows and holt
$1.50^5.50 calves, $5.5Qfi «.35. 1
—Light. $«.«:,5/«.70 mixed, :s
6.80 heavy, lO-ft6.80 rough
@€.35 good o choice heavy,
43*6.80 Pigs, [email protected] Sheep,
$4.25 yearlings, $4,250-5.00 la
Aches, A Woman Finds All Her
Energy and Ambition Slip
ping Away
Madison women know bow the ache*
and pains that come when the kidneyw
fail wake life a burden. Backache,nip
pains. Headaihes dizzy spells, diatre°n
ing urinary tioubles. all tell of sii k
kidneys and warn you of the stealthy
approach of diabetes, dropsy and
IJrigbt 's disease. Doan's Kidney
permanently cure all these disorders.
Mrs. Kosie Minnick, living at 21 "J
N. Dakota street, Sioux Falls, S.
says: "I think very highly of Doan s
Kidney Pills as tbey completely cured
ine of kidney trouble. My back bud
pained me for sometime and I could
scarcely drag myself aronnd. The
pain across roy loins weiesosevein
that 1 could scaieely endure them and
tdey greatly broke my rest at night. I
tried a number of remedies but r^
ceived no relief from any of them. At
last I)jan's Kidney Pills were brought
to my attention, and I procured a box
at the Dunning Drug Co. The weak
net-* soon left my back and the pains
ceased." (From statement given Nov
2y, 1905.)
A Permanent Cure.
On August. 8, 1907, Mrs. Minnick.
said: "I am we'l pleased with tbe re
suits received frour tbe use of Doan 's
Kidney Pills two years ago and am
glad to re endorse them. 1 am hap]y
to state that the cure has proven n
permanent one. I recommend Doan
Kidney Pills at every opportunity."
For sale by all dealers. Price
cents. Foiter-Milbnrn Co., Buffalo.
New York, sole ageata for the United
Remember the name—Dow's—amd
take no other.
Taft Club of Fat Men.
The giants who shackle hogs and las
so cattle in tbe Chicago stockyard.*
bare organized the first "fat man'i
Taft club." No man Is eligible win
weighs less than 230 pounds. Frank
L. lt»«veridge, a commission man, win
weighs 285, is the president.
One member weights 300 and is stti
growing up and out. He is Everett
Jackson, twenty-eight years old. Thi*
is their platform:
"Realizing the heavy Importance oi
good and well bred men working
get her in harmony and in view of add
Ing weight to the political situation
and showing our pre
ponderous apprecia
tion of tbe greatness of our Republican
convention in nominating such a lar«
and manly expansionist as they did
we hereby organize ourselves in what
will le termed "a fat man's Taft cln!
of tbe T'nlon stockyards of Chicago."
New Position for Funston.
San Francisco, Aug. 11.—Brigadier
General Frederick Funston has turnei!
over the command of the department
of California to Colonel Marin
Maus and will leave this week I'm
Fort Leavenworth, Kan., where he will
take charge of the cavalry school.
The healthy woman strong men
tally and. physic-ally} whose ambi
tion and magnetic influence urge
men to deeds of grandeur and hero
ism such women are all-powerful.
eak, sick and ailing women
have little ambition their own trou
bles occupy all their thoughts. They
dwell upon their pains, suffer from
nervousness and Headaches often
are extremely melancholy, and
avoid society. For thirty years
has been saving women from this
awful condition.
Alls. Louise Jung, of 332 Chestnut
St., Detroit, Mich., writes:
I suffered from a very severe female
weakness for a long time. Lydia E.
I'inkham's Vegetable Compound, re
stored my health. I hope it will do other
women as mm-h j?ood as it has me."
Mrs. Emma
heatomof Vienna,
W. Va., writes to Mrs. Pinkham
"I was a walking shadow. My hus
band insisted upon my writing to you
and trying Lydia E. i'inkham's Vege
table Compound, which I did. It re
lieved all my pains and misery, and
made of me a verv different woman."
For thirty years Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound, made
from roots ami herbs, lias been the
standard remedy for female ills,
and lias positively cured thousands oi
women who have Ixjen troubled with
displacements, inflammation, ulcera
tion, irregularities, periodic pains,
backache, that bearing-down feel
ing, dizziness, or nervous pros
tration. Why don't vou try it
Mrs. Pinkham,
Lynn, Mast~
women to writ*
ber for ft&Ylo*.
_P*ln In the head—pain anywhere, hag its canafe.
rain is congestion, pain is blood pressure—nothing
'•M usually. At lenst, so says Ir. "ihoop, and to
prove it hi" hus cr«iit. ila little pink tablet That
tiihlet—called l»r. Stioop's Headache Tabl«*t—
('•axes blood pressure away irom pain centers,
itscrtectiaohariiiiiif?. pleasingly delightful gently
tl ough bafkily. it surely equalizes the blood circu
If you have a headache. It's blood pressure.
If it's painful periods with WTimcn, samn cauae.
It you are sleepless, rcstle»s, nerv us. it's hiood
congestion—blood pressure. That surely is a
certainty, for Ir. Shoop's Headachu Tablets stop
It In Ai minuten. and the tablets simply distribute
(he unnatural blood pressure
Brui.v your linger, and doesn't it get red, and
srtt'U. ami pairi you? Of course it dots, it's con
gestion. blixxl pressure. You'll find it where pain
U -always. It's simply Common Sonse.
We gall at 20 cents, %ud cheerfully recoi
Dr. Shoop's
Cough Syrup
Relieves Colds by working them out
of the system through a copious and
healthy action of the bowels.
Relieves coughs by cleansing tho
mucous membranes of the throat, chest
and bronchial tubes.
"As pleasant to the taste
as Maple Sugar"
Children Like It*
OaWltt s Kidney and Bladder Pills Sure and Sift
For Sale by Holliday & Porter
lii'CS Hlaniyi sad Bladder Right
Then come and see me, and
lor Good Things to Eat
Phone 42S
til© demand lor Lake County farms isn increasing. If you
are search of a
Home in a Good Climate
where you can raise Wheat, Oats Barley Corp, Potatoes and in
fact everything adapted to this latitufV and wheie
you can successfully carry on
Dairying & Stock
and where your family will have the advantages ot
you are renting land now, paying $3 to $5 annual
rental, I will show yuu iust as good land and sell
it to you at what you wil pay out in rental
where you are in three ye*\rs, and
will give you easy terms ol payment
ff you want a good location in Madison I have such for vou.
A lar^e number of substantial buildings have been built
in Madison the past season and the city is steadily
growing in population.
Correspondence Solicited
Chas. Kennedy
lloat prostrates the n* rvi'8 In sum
ruer one need* a tonic to offset the CUB
tomarv hot weather. Nerve and strength
depression. Vou will fet-1 better in IS
hours after beginning to take sueh a
remedj a» Dr. Shoop s Restorative. lis
prompt action in restoring the weakem
nerves is surprising. Of course, you
won't get entirely strong in a few das,
but each day you can actually feel the
improvement. That tired lifelesp, spirit
less feeling will quickly depart when
using the Restorative. Dr. Shoop's Re
storative will sharpen a failing appetite
it aidf digestion it will strengthen the
weakened kidneys and heart by simply
rebuilding tbe worn out nerves that
these organs depend upon. Test it a
few days aud be convinced. Sold by
Chris. Wchutz.
Get my -'Book No.4 for women ." It
will give weak women many valualle
suggestions of relief and with strictly
confidential medical advice is entirely
freo. Simply write I)r. Shoop, Racirn
Wis. The book A'o. 1 tells all about Tr
Shoop's night cure and how these sootti
ing, healing antiseptic suppositories c»
successfully applied lo correct th
weadn.)=»aes. Write for the look. TJ.
Night Cure is sold by Chris. Bofautz.
Rev. I. W. Williams Testifies
Rev. I.W.Williams, Hunting ton, \V.
Va., testifies as follows: "This
tify that I used Foley's Kidney Remedy
for nervous exhaustion and
Kennedy's Laxative Cough Syrup act
gently upon the bowels and thereby
drives the cold out of the system and i\
the game time it allays intlamation and
stops irritation. Children like it, tiol
by Holliday & Porter,
Whoal Whoal
will show *ou iust what you want
.Tain will depart inoxadly
at Doc. Beade's and get your Hones
shod with a man that will
Guarantee nis Work
NovTlocatedJi« the "tUotzbaca Shop
Madiao a
by I [o!! id
to cT
ble and am free to say that oley's Kii
noy Remedy will do all that you claim
for it. J. H. Anderson.
Man Zan Pile Remedy oomtn re.idy to
use, put up in a cellapsible tube wish
in zzle attached. One application prov
i!s merit. Soothes ami he«ls reduces in
Hamation aud relieves soreness and itch
ing. l.'or all forms of piles Price i
Cuarant«ed8oid bv S^hutz & Ketoliam
if one of Ir, Shoop's l'ink Pain Tablets
is taken. I'ain anywhere, remember!
Fain always means congestion, blood
pressure nothing else. II- adaehe is
blood pressure, toothache isidood pre s
ure on the si iiaative uerAe. Dr. Shoop's
headache tablets, al.-o called pink jain
tablets quieklv and safely coaz this
blood pressure awa from pain cenlers.
Painful periods with women get instant
relief. 'J(l tablet", 2"c. Sold by Chris,
Sc hutz.
ManZao Pile Remedy, Price
guaranteed. Put up ready to use.
pplieati' n prompt relief to any form of
Piles Son lies and heals. Sold
Schutz & Ketcham
Os« IeW rs
Knrly Risers, pleas
o easy to take, gold
little pills that r.i
Kemps Balsam
Will stop any cough that
can be stopped by am
medicine and cure coughs
that cannot he cured by any
other medicine.
It is always the best
cough cure. You cannot
aflord to take chances on
any other kind.
coughs, colds, bronchitis,
grip, asthma and consump
tion in llrst stages.
It does not contain alco
hol, opiuin, morphine, or
any other narcotic, poison
ous or harmful drug.
GHoir Training a Specialty
TERM:-$.75 per Lesson
of Forty Minutes.

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