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High Water Encroaching on
Pine Bluff, Ark.
Citizens Continue Apparently Hope
less Struggle to Hold the Rising
Waters in Check and Save the
Town—Fate of Property Aggregat
ing Probably Five Million Dollars
Hangs in the Balance.
Pine Bluff, Ark., Dec. 2.—Citizens
continue the apparently hopeless
struggle against the encroachments ot
the Arkansas river. The fate of prop
fcrty aggregating probably $5,000,000
Is In the balance. All teams that can
be pressed into service are hurrying
willow and pine branches to the river
where hundreds of men are working
hard weaving materials and pushing
these into the river, hoping to form
temporary barrier against the flood
Unless this serves to check the wa
ter's force the Jefferson hotel, the
courthouse and other buildings are al
most sure of destruction when the
crest of the flood reaches this point.
To this is added the strong probabil
ity that if these buildings go and the
river remains unchecked nearly the
entire business section of Pine Bluff
will be destroyed.
A section of land north of the
courthouse walls, ten feet wide by
100 long, is moving slowly toward the
river. The kitchen of the residence
Of C. O. Brockway slid into the river.
The occupants fortunately had timely
warning. Several warehouses along
the banks, which have been partly
Wrecked, are tottering.
The entire river front is cracked
•nd unsafe even for pedestrians.
Secretary of War Wright has been
Appealed to by the citizens of Pine
Bluff, asking permission to change
the course of the river. Those most
frmiliar with the situation believe
ttiis step alone can be of permanent
Value in keeping back tbe ravages of
the stream.
Permission Is Refused.
Memphis, Tenn., Dec. 2.—A mes
sage of the war department refused
permission to citizens of Pine Bluff.
Ark., to cut a new channel for the
•fiver and property owners must rely
Upon brush "fastenings" to protect
fjhe river banks «It is doubtful if they
ill give the protection needed.
Sudden Demise of Woman After "See
ing Ghost."
New York, Dec. 2.—The death o!
Margaret Smith while she was
rig friends in this city has all
uncanny surroundings of a real
.story. Friends believe that she
ed after seeing an apparition,
S moment before she fell to the
the woman raised her eyes to
eeiling and exclaimed: "Why,
k, where did you come from?"
hi "5^
Food is
more tasteful,
healthful and nutri
tious when raised with
The only baking powder
made from Royal
f,u "•!•••.! ur-n.l.tn, Frank
Kane, haii dieu itt his residence in
West Sixteenth street, but Mrs. Smith
had not been advised of it.
Physicians who examined the body
pronounced her death as due to heart
failure, but those who witnessed th.'
dramatic scene think otherwise de
spite their non-belief in spirits or
ghosts. Mrs. Smith was a well to do
widow and lived at Seaford, N. J.
Break in Gas Supply Closes Okla
horns Factories.
Oothrte, Okla., Dec. 2.—Flood condi
tions in this part of the state continue
to improve and the Arkansas, Caney
and Verdigris rivers are falling stead
ily. So far two deaths have been re
ported, but there were a number of
narrow escapes..
As a result of a washout which
caused a break in the natural gas sup
plying Oklahoma City and Guthrie
both cities are out of fuel and prac
tically all the factories are closed.
Street car service was suspended un
til a change was made enabling the
power houses to burn coal.
President Will Reappoint Negro Port
Washington, Dec. 2.—It Is under
stood that President Roosevelt has de
cided to reappoint Dr. W. D. Crum,
the negro collector of the port of
Charleston, S. C. His term expires
this mouth. Booker Washington is
said to have requested the retention
Of Crum. There has been no com-
Charleston against the
plaint frttn
The president, it also Is said, has
decided to retain Martin Knapp as a
member of the interstate commerce
commission. Mr. Knapp's term will
expire the first of next year. He has
been a member of the commission
nearly eighteen years.
Burglars Get $5,000 in Cash.
Port Byron, 111., Dec. 2.—Burglars
blew open the vault of the State bank
and escaped on a hand car with near
ly $5,000 in gold, silver and currency.
A few residents were aroused by a
muffled explosion, but paid no atten
tion to it and the burglary was not
discovered till the bank was openod
for business.
Stock Yards Resume Buslnoas.
Buffalo, X. Y., Dec. 2.—Under tfel
closest restrictions, the East Buffalo
Btock yards, which have been closed
because of the foot and mouth disease
among cattle, have resumed business.
'4V V*
,,f -"4'
V A' Ay A ///.
lyylim iNyi
American and French War
ships in Harbor.
Momentarily Foar Attack fc|r Revolu
tionists, Who Are Expected to Bom
bard the City on Their Arrival—For
eigners Especially Relieved by the
Appearance of Vessels of Other
Port au Prinoo, Hajrti, Doe. 2.—The
American cruiser Des Moines has ar
rived here. Her presence augments
the force of foreign sailors and ma
rines that could be landed for the
protection of Port au Prince, and par
ticularly the foreigners, In case the
engagement between the rebels and
the troops of the government, which
apparently is bound to occur in a very
short space of time, results In turning
loose on the city disorganized and un
disciplined soldiers. The arrival of
the Des Maines was preceded by that
of the French cruiser Duguay Trouin
and the American cruiser Tacoma.
The British cruiser Seylla and the
Italian cruiser FUramosca are expect
ed shortly. With their advent the
foreign element will feel much more
Tht night passed without any seri
ous outbreak, but the government
showed by its precautions that it ex
pected aa attack at any moment. For
the people of the city th^ night was
one of alarm and fear. Occasionally
rifle shots were heard—evidently
some sentry firing at night prowlers—
but each shot was taken to be the be
ginning of the expected fight. All
night long patrols of infantry and
cavalry marched or rode through the
streets and the people kept carefully
within doors.
Revolutionists Nearlng Capital.
It is reported that General Simon,
the leader of the revolutionary move
ment. was at Petit Goave, about thirty
miles to the west of Port au Prince,
Monday morning. He has with him
an army of 6,000 men, well armed
with good rifles and well provisioned.
He has also several pieces of moun
tain artillery and some machine guns.
He is expected to reach Port au
Prince Thursday or Friday at the lat
est and it is reported that he un
doubtedly will make an attempt to
bombard the city if the government
forces put up a fight.
The government gunboat Nord Al
exis was at Petit Goave when Gen
eral Simon entered that town. Her
captain was all for resisting the ad
vance of the enemy, but the govern-,
ment commander on shore persuaded
him that such resistance would be
futile and would accomplish no good.
The captain finally decided to let the
rebels come in unopposed. The French
consular agent at Petit Goave, M.
Chariez, acted as an intermediary in
these negotiations.
Congressman Townsend Not a Candi
date for Speaker.
Jackson, Mich., Dec. 2.—Congress
man Charles B. Townsend of the Sec
ond Michigan district has announced
that he is not a candidate for speaker
of the national house of representa
tives and said that he would be a can
didate for United States senator two
years hence.
The present term of United States
Senator Burrows expires In 1911 and
the primaries of 1910 will recommend
a candidate for senator. Mr. Town
send said:
"I am a candidate for United States
senator and expect to enter the pri
maries in two years. I have received
letters from friends in all parts of
the state asking me If I was a candi
date tor United States senate? sad 1
have answered that I am."
Prospect for Settlement of Balkan
Dispute Brighter.
Vienna, Dec. 2.—It is held here that
the prospects of an agreement be
tween Russia and Austria-Hungary in
the matter of an international con
gress to settle the Balkan difficulty
are more favorable and consequently
tho political atmosphere has cleared.
Furthermore, It is declared In authori
tative quarters that Count Pallavicinl,
tho Austro-Hungarian ambassador to
Turkey, will not leave Constantinople.
As a result of this favorable news
prices on the Vienna bourse
Seat List Numbers 1S6.
Ptttiburg, Dec. 2.—The deatfr llst
at the Marianna mine now numbers
116. It is believed onljr a few more
bodies are still In the mine and that
these are buried under debria.
Four Desperates Hold Up Crowded
*|feet- Car.
New Yerk, 2.—Poor despera
does aTtttei! x^h revolvers field uji a
crowded street
avenue, thrott
ductor, terrori
escaped with
car in Lower Thir.l
nd robbed the con
the passengers tin.I
goodly collection
purses and ot »t valuables. A lu.riit»
number of me and women who ii.i 1
just left a dante ball crowded on tin
car at Third street. Every seat v i
taken and the aisle was filled.
before the car i«ached Houston str
and while the conductor was
collecting fares four men who
been scattered through the crow
started towards the rear door. Wli.
they had completely blocked the e\
the men drew revolvers ani|*cover
tho passengers. Two of Utem ai
tacked the conductor, one pressing
revolver against his head while Hi
other pushed him through a'wind
and rifled his pockets. In the men
time the other two had robbed
passengers of valuables of all descii'
lions. Their pockets were stuff
with women's purses, watches
small wads of bills when the scream
of the women so frightened them t)nr.
they bolted from the car and dasl .v
down a side street and disappeared
International Council Assembles In
Convention In Cincinnati.
Cincinnati, Dec. 2.—For ten da\s
beginning today, the fifth trienr ii
convention of the International Coun
cil of Jewish Women will be in ses
sion in this city. The convention r'
the council has called together lead
ing women of the Jewish race fr ai
all parts of the United States, at I
many problems of interest-to
growing Jewish population of th
country will be considered.
The council is an outgrowth of the
congress of Jewish women held in
connection with the international par
liament of religions at the Chicago
exposition in 1893. The activities of
the council are principally along the
lines of philanthropy, aid to immi
grants, peace, education, reciprocity
and co-operation.
Dles on urave ot WIfo.
New York, Dec. 2—Dr. Rudolph
Haas went out to Woodlawn eeme*
tery, in the Bronx, and killed himself
by jiwallrr-f-r on the crave of
ili.S wife.
Baking Powdei
What does this mean?
It means that Calumet has seta new Standard ia
Baking Powder—the standard of the World.
Becau*« this award was given to Calumet aft St
thorough tests and experiments, over all other bakiiy
It means that Calumet is the best baking powder
in every particular in the world.
And this means that Calumet produces the
best, most delicious, lightest, and purest
baking of all baking pow ders.
Crist Rensch,
i! v.
lor old and young, large and small
sizes and at all prices.
We still carry a large assortment of
Plumes, Feathers, Wings, Etc., that
we sell at very low prices.
All Pattern
Fifth Street.
After the Export Traffic.
Chicago, Dec. 2.—The Canadian Pa
cific railroad is making a strenuous
effort to capture the lion's share of
the export traffic from the United
States to the Orient and with every
prospect of success. This road has
filed a new export and import tariff
%-ith the interstate commerce com
mission which will become effective
on !)••. 1 which maintains the
Old srhe.!r!e nf rritos.
Highest Award
WorM's Pure Food Exposition
Chicago, November, 1907
There are many points
about the construction
of the Stewart Heater
superior to other
makes in [regard to
heating -[cousuwiosr
We have been selling
stoves for the past
thirty years, always
alert in buying the
best brands to recom
mend to our eustomers
The Hardware
A 4
.4" a
4 i"
4 i"
,. -MUSSl-
You Will Always Find What You Need and Want
Hal# will be told at Great
Here is only a Small List of Our Assortment Given:
Stomped Pillow Tops from 15c upwards. Stamped White and Colored Con tor Pieces, alt
sues, from 5c upwards- Stamped Towels, all qualities and designs. Stamped Linen and
Cotton Pillow Cases from 65c to 12.00. Stamped Dresser Scarfs, all sizes- Stamped Najji*
kins, Lunch Cloths, Table Cloths, in round and square designs. Stamped Aprons fro(ft
20i upwards. Stomped Corset Covers, Night, Gowns, Chemise from 35c upwaivlHk
Stamped Lawn, Linen and Net Waists in New Designs and Style. Silk Head ScarfA*
Coat Collars and Cuffs, Etc., Etc. XMAS NOVELTIES of all descriptions.
We of course have also a very large line of Ready Made Articles suitable for
Birthday, Wedding and Xmas Gifts. Attention is called to our Stamping Ddjp't.
fANCY WORK-Announcement
W2 have now*our entire assortment
of Needlework displayed and jean fully
claim to carry the Largest and Finest
Selection in the state. This early ex
hibit will enable the ladies to make
their Xmas Gifts in due time and all
necessary advice and suggestions will
gladly be given.
Kitchen Plumbing.
Good plumbing in the kitchen is a matter of great importance
because your health depends on the sanitary conditions existing in this
room where all food is prepared. Old fashioned sinks with closed
piping are lodging places for vermin, moisture and dirt which bring
•bant serious illness.
If the plumbing of your kitchen is old, unsightly and unheal
Ay, let us quote you a price on installing a snow-white tadmdT
Porcelain Enameled sink with open plumbing. Our prices are rea
sonable our work high class and what you pay for this modern kitchen
equipment may mv« you money doctor y
We have exclusive sale of
At 35c per pound
At 25c per pound
The Best in Good Groceries
of All Kinds
romsMiMtfuiKL 10]
Mssm KMmvi
t- ',
aad Otwtdar Right cMUnnii
?*s 5-*/
a* V
4" mi

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