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Nord Alexis Deposed as Pres*
ident of Hayft
Armed Citizens Take Possession of
the City Without Resistance on the
Part of the Government Troops and
General Legitime Accepts the Pres
idency of thi Provisional Adminis
Port au Prince, Hayti, Dec. 3.—The
people of Port au Prince have revolt
ed against the government. They are
SOW in possession of the city. There
has been no lighting with the govern
ment troops.
A provisional government has been
established and General Legitime has
accepted the presidency of the new
The events came before they were
•jpected. Uneasiness was noticed
throughout the night on the part of
the people, but it was not thought that
tbe outbreak would occur so quickly
Bjfr that the movement would be suc
cessful without the shedding of a drop
Of blood.
The deposed president, Nord Alexis,
1b still at the palace. The members
Of the diplomatic corps are in confer
ence for the purpose of taking meas
ures to facilitate and hasten the de
parture of Nord Alexis from the re
The coup has been remarkably suc
ORgsful. All the ministers, together
the high military officials under
Nord Alexis, have taken refuge in the
various foreign legations. These are
the same men who nine months ago
were protesting vociferously against
tlie granting of the right of refuge to
Unsuccessful revolutionists by the for
eign diplomatic and consular repre
sentatives. Now they are only too
fcappy to seek the protection of a for
elgn flag to escape the fury of the
The only man to remain loyal to
Nord Alexis In General Camllle Ga
briel, his nephew, who for the last six
Months has directed the policy of the
Alexis administration. Gabriel la at
Hie palace with Alexis.
The movement had beon well organ
fled. In the early hours of the morn
tog bands of citizens, organized and
armed, moved quietly abopt the town
•lid took possession of various points
Of vantage. The movement was di
rected by General Canal, a member of
tlie senate.
It is a remarkable fact that not a
ibot was flred. The soldiers of Nord
Alexis saw that the rebels had the
Vpper hand and they quickly let it be
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starting a fight that undoubted
would have resulted in much blooi
shed. The presence of the Ameri? i
cruisers Des Moines and Tacoina ami
the French ruiser Duguay Trouin un
doubtedly had a restraining influence.
Movement Well Organized.
The citizens are in possession of
the Central police station and all tlie
other police outposts, the arsenal arnt
the port. These bodies of men are all
well armed and well supplied with
ammunition. The fact that they are
thus prepared shows the thoroughness
with which the movement was organ
As soon as the success of the move
ment was established a number of
prominent citizens held a meeting and
formed a committee of public safety
and the maintenance of order in Port
au Prince is uow in the hands of this
Tlie fact that Nord Alexis' ministers
deserted him at the last moment did
not come as a complete surprise.
Their loyalty was suspected and the
defections of the last two or three
days showed clearly what might be
expected. General Jules Coicou, the
military commander of Port, au Princ e,
is among the refugees, as is also Gen
eral Hyacinthe..
is the man
who caused the assassination" of his
own brother and two of his cousins
last January for complicity in the un
successful revolutionary movement
that broke out at that time and
Hyacinthe is the official who presided
at the wholesole execution that fol
lowed the suppression of this out
break. He has taken refuge at the
German legation. General Leconte,
minister of the interior, and M. La
fentant, one of the personal advisers
of Nord Alexis, took refuge in the
French legation. General Marcelin,
minister of finance and commerce,
also is a refugee.
Later in the day the palace was
surrounded by an infuriated mob call
ing upon Nord Alexis to leave the
country. Almost everybody in the
crowd was armed. Haytian women,
beside themselves with rage, called
down curses on the head of the aged
man and hurled coarse epithets at
him and his family.
Sailors from the American cruisers
#re at present In the American lega
tion, where they are arranging a sys
tem of signals between the legation
and the cruisers in order that a de
mand for a landing force may be
communicated quickly should occasicm
Armed sailors from the two Amer
ican cruisers and the French cruiser
In the harbor have landed. They are
guarding th^ir respective legations.
Mouth Diseaoe Npw Under
i Control.
Washington, Dec. 2.—Secretary Wil
son has declared that the foot and
mouth disease among cattle, which
has been prevalent in the states of
Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania
and Maryland, was now under control.
Bvery animal which has been found
by the government inspectors to be
infected by the disease has been
killed and Secretary Wilson said no
new cases had been reported for
twenty-iour hours. It Is estimated
that 1,000 animals suffering from the
dlseaqft b&v^ b§en dfairoyejl
Archbold Asked Regarding
Purchase of Rivals.
Government Prosecutor 8eeks to
Show That the Standard Oil Com*
pany Did Not Secure Control of
Certain Companies to Increase Its
Volume of Business but la Reality
to Destroy Competition.
New York, Dec. 3.—When cross
examination of John D. Archbold was
resumed in the Standard Oil suit Mr.
Archbold was asked about the per
centage of business done by the
Standard interests in 1879, but said he
could only state that It was large.
Mr. Kellogg called the attention of
the witness to evidence given several
years ago by H. H. Rogers that in
1879 the Standard and its affiliated
interests produced 90 to 95 per cent
of the refined oil manufactured.
'If you had that amount of produc
tion do you still say that you acquired
the plants on the seaboard to Increase
your volume of business?"
"I cannot say what percentage Of
business we were doing."
Mr. Kellogg was seeking to show
that in reality the Standard did not
purchase certain seaboard refineries
to increase the Standard's business,
but to destroy competition. The gov
ernment prosecutor plied the witness
with many questions to develop this
Mr. Kellogg read a statement, pur
porting to give the percentages of
domestic business of the Standard be
tween 1894 and 1898, which averaged
about 80 per cent.
"Assuming that the Standard did
82 per cent in 1895 why did you ac
quire additional refineries?" asked
the examiner.
"That was done to succeed to their
The method of the acquisition of
several minor subsidiary companies
which had been taker over at the
time of the formation of the trust
and the disposition of them were the
subject of questions. Mr. Kellogg en
deavored to show tnat the Standard,
instead of developing its own business
by its own efforts, took over compet
itors and in that way increased its
own business.
Mr. Kellogg brought to the atten
tion of the witness several independ
ent companies in which the Standard
obtained a majority of the stock but
which continued to be operated by
their original owners. Mr. Archbold
said that J. C. Sibley organized the
Signal Oil coinpnny of Franklin, Pa.,
and General Charles Miller developed
n.lin« fill mmninr T,«tT thti
Standard bought Into both companies
and combined them as the Galena Sig
nal Oil company, which continued un
der the direction of Mr. Sibley and
General Miller, both of whom held
minority interests in the company.
General Grosvenor AppearsHfcf'Ohio
Washington, Dec. 3.—Th§ consider
atlon of the tariff on wool, woolen
products and carpets which was be
gun by the house ways and means
committee at the day's hearing devel
oped considerable interesting testi
mony. General Charles H. Grosvenor,
a former representative in congress
from Ohio, was one of the most im
portant witnesses. He appeared for
the wool growers of Ohio.
"You can't reduce the duty on wool
as it stands without destroying the
Industry," he told the committee.
"The Industry la now fairly profita
As an argument in favor of the re
tention of the present duty on wool
General Grosvenor said that under
the low rate of duty imposed on wool
by the Wilson bill the number of
sheep raised in one county of Ohio
decreased from 153,000 to 92,000 with
in four years. Representative Clark
of Missouri later secured the admis
sion from the former representative
from Ohio that this reduction w&s, at
least in part, due to the increased
value of land in Ohio. General Gros
venor claimed that the prod action of
wool increased when the Dlngley tar
iff was enacted.
Princess de Sagan's Side
^Paris, Dec. 3—The suit brought by
Count Boni de Casteilane against the
Princess de Sagan, his former wife,
for tbe? custody of his three children,
was continued in this city. The prin
ce ss, before her marriage to Count de
Casteilane, was Miss Anna Gould. M.
Clemenceau, in presenting the prin
cess' side of the case, emphasized the
fact that the courts of France always
had decided that a second marriage
diil not affect the rights of parents
with regard to their children, even in
cases where this second marriage was
with the alleged accomplice in adul
tery. M. Clemenceau then summed
up the contentions of the princess as
"The count had formally declared
that he would withdraw the suit if the
princess separated from her husband.
The facts that the count had offered
to prove were irrelevant and even if
the v were established they had no
bearing upon the education of the
children. Furthermore, these allega
tlons were denied by the princess.
The count was inspired less by solid
tude for the welfare of his children
than by personal hatred and financial
considerations. The princess, since
her marriage to her present husband,
has fulfilled in every way her duty to
ward her children. She had not
sought to alienate their affections
from their father. On the other hand,
the count luid committed the unpar
donable fault of bringing out tlie pres
ent scandal to the detriment Of the
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American Mining Congress Meets at
Pittsburg, Dec. 3.—The eleventh an*
nual convention of tlie American Min
ing congress convened here in Car
negie Music hall. The subjects which
are to be considered, the numerous
mine tragedies in this vicinity, the
geographical location of Pittsburg in
the mining world and the many men
of national prominence who will par
ticipate in the meeting all tend to
make the convention one of the most
Important ever held by the congress.
The convention will continue until
Saturday night. It is estimated that
about 2,000 delegates, representing
every state in the Union, are in at
In addition to the well known min
ing men present there are governors
of sixteen states, senators, congress
men and men of prominence in the
business affairs of the nation.
The convention was called to order
by J. 11. Richardson of Idaho, presi
dent of the American Mining con
gress. His address was followed by
five-minute speeches by delegates troux
all parts of the country.
Japanese Steamer Founders Off Chi
nese Port.
Kobe, Japan, Dec. 3.—The Japa
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