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Silverware Sale
4-PIECE TEA SET, Quadruple Plate,
Regular Price $12.00, sale price
4-PIECE TEA SET, [Quadruple Plate,
regular price $15.00, sale price
CHAFING DISH, including Nickel Tray,
regular price $10.00, sale price
BUTTER DISHES, regular price $5.00
sale price
price $6.50, sale price
price $9.00, sale price
SYRUP PITCHERS, regular price $5.00
sale price
On Flatware we will give a uniform discount of
25%. We want you to realize what this means:
Knives and Forks, which are as staple as sugar in a
grocery store, and which sell for $3.75 every day in
lb* year you can buy for 1
On Teaspoons, which we all have to use, it
means you can buy the $5.00 per doz. kind for
SJS.To and the $2J0 per doz. kind for
per doz*
Old Santa Claus
Will tell you
if you ask
him that
Munro's is
the best place
to trade
V nice mixed candy at 10, 15,20 and 25c, per lb.
A special deal on our Marvel chocolates enables us
to sell them at 23c per lb., and they are fine.
Bitter Sweets and all extra fancy candies, the 40
and 50c kinds are 39c.
40c boxes of Chocolates and Bon Bona, nice fresh
stock, 30c, half boxes are 15c.
We also have a nice assortrrusat of
and Lillibridge Box Good$.
New No. 1 Mixed Nuts, good ones, 20c.
Black Walnuts 5c per lb., Chestnuts I5c, Almonds,
Brazils, Filberts, Pecans, Walnuts. All new,
20c per lb. Best Roasted Peanuts 10c per lb.
Fancy Box Cigars, Briar Pipes & Fancy Tobaccos.
We are Headquarters for Fancy New York
Apples, Old Wheat flour, and the best of
everything in Groceries and Fruits. Come in.
H. J. MUNRO, The Grocer.
A Pre-Christmas Discount Sale, Dec. 4 and 5
In order to avoid the rush and hurry of the last few days before
Christmas, we have decided to hold a Two-Day Discount Sale on
Friday and Saturday, Dec. 4th and 5th. Read every word of
this ad. carefully and you will appreciate how much money we
can save you. You may select whatever you want and lay it
aside until Christmas if you so wish.
If you don't take advantage of these prices for these 2 days only, it must be
lecause you don't need them.
Every article we sell is fULLY GUARANTEED and EVERYTHING MARKED IN
Cut Glass and Handpainted
We carry an immense assortment of Cut Glass,
all the best American Cut. On Dec. 4th and 5th
This ought to be an inducement to you to select your
goods early.
We carry the Stouffer Handpainted China. This
line is a beauty and must be seen to be appreciated.
The same Discount applies to China
for these 2 days only.
Lots of Other Surprises in
Store for You
The space won't permit to enumerate all the
Bargains we shall have for these 2 days, but we have
lots more of them and we shall be pleased to tell you
about them when you come in.
The Old Reliable Drug & Jewelry house
Weather Forecnk
Fair tonight and Friday coHsr
Are yon going to The Devil tonight
Phone Simpson for bank sand or
Take your photographs tad pictures
to Ireland for framing.
Special sale on trimmed hats this
week.— Miss L. B. Morse.
Rev. R. M. Hard man returned from
Howard this morning.
For appropriate holiday gifts go to
Misa Bogen's
Normal school aoav«nir spoons, 80c.
:it Anderson's daring the removal sale.
Remember Abbott & Mitchell pay
cash fur poultry this week, until Fri
day noon.
pbotoa taken now and get
them for Christmas, at the Nelson
$2.75 bays a set of silver knives and
forks during the removal sale at An
There will be skating at the Opera
house Friday afternoon and Saturday
afternoon and evening, at the opora
Great reduction sale of bat* ia sow
goiug on at Miss Bogen's.
Pin tickets, string tags, gummed la
bles—all size for sale at Daily Leader
A social dance will be held at Hnn
demer hall Friday evening to which
everybody is cordially invited.
Regular meeting of M. B. A. lodge,
No. 599 Friday evening, Dec. 4th, at 6
2 Mother spoons, engraved, 85c at An
derson s daring the removal sale
Don't forget to bring in your poultry
before Friday noon, to Abbott &
Remember all electric light bills
must be paid at the Lake County Banic
on or before the 10th or a fine of |1 will
apply.—Wm. Rue, City Auditor.
L. T. Love was a morning depar
tore for Cherckee where be will fnr
nish the oratory for an auction sale to
For Sale. Two horaee, doable and
single barnew. Inquire at telephone
office.—Geo. B. Phifer, manager.
&i i
-V i V
i", if/
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-. .:
'.It.. Jfa ..
•*n tikJr
Don't fail to see Miss Bugeu'8 *reat
eihibit of fancy work and Christmas
Mrs. V. R, Waddeo entertained a
party of a score of Indies at her home,
Blanche avenue and Seventh street,
yesterdsy afternoon. The party was in
honor of Mrs. T. J. Lannon who will
soou depait for the PaciSc coast to
spend the winter.
Abbott & Mitchell will pay cash for
poultry. Spring chickens, 6J cents:
hens, 1 old roosters, tt ducks,0 geese,
turkeys, 12 cents,up to Friday noon,
Dec. 4th.
Get my prices on wall paper. I
carry largest stock in the city and
have some rare bargains to offer you
during the next 60 days.—Bert Staov,
the decorator, 3d door north Kennedy's
The Devil and company of play ac
tors arrived today and will appei*i at
tne opera bouse this evening. Tne
company is nighly endorsed ly the
press of the towns of the state woere
the play has been presented,and theatr
goers will be highly entertained this
Great, sale on ready to use pillow
covers, at Miss Bogen's Friday and
Saturday. Pillow covers worth 75c
to #1 for 48 cents. Also great reduc
tion sale ou all hats.
Mr. and Mrs. D. McKinnon ente:
tained a patty of young people last
evening in honor of tneii nephew, Har
rold Manndrell of San Francisco who
will depart for his home in a day or
two. The amusement of the evening
was progressive cinch.
The Christinas season is at hand
and dealers are availing themselves of
advertising space in The Daily Leader
to inform the people of the many
handsome gifts in stock. It is the
gladdest season of the year and the
most happy reading matter to be ob
tained ia Christmas advertising
Everybody likes to read of tnings that
make people happy.
The marriage of Mr.Frank Felts and
Miss Charlotte Hexom took place at the
home of the bride's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Claus Hexom at 5 o'clock last
evening, and the ceremony was per
formed by Rev. A. D. Thibodeau in
stead of Rev. M. K. A a
berg, as stated
in last evening's Daily Leader. Miss
Hannah Hexoiu, sister of the bride,act
ed as bridesmaid, and Mr. C. A.
My hers of Arlington, best man. A
three conrse dinnei was served after
the cetemony which was partaken of
by relatives and immediate ^friends of
tho family who witnessed the cere
mony. Mr. Felts is an employe ia Mr.
Hexom'8 marble works and the young
couple will continue residents'of the
Evangelist Johnson Depicts the
Roaring Lion of Sin Abroad
in the Land.
The tabernacle was fairly well filled
last evening although the spacious
building is sufficient to accommodate
as many more as were present.
The meeting opened with a song
service by the choir which was ex
cellent. The choir has been strength
ened by tbe addition of new voices, and
with the accompauiuient of an orches
tra the music is beautiful and inspir
At the conclusion of the song aer
vice, Evangelist Johnson gave oat the
appointments for the week, including
cottage meetings, young people's meet
ings, children's meetings, etc. He re
ferred to the published statement that
tne financial receipts of the meeting
had been only a little more than floo
and stated that never in his experience
in revival work had offeiings been so
small as at the present series. He
'"could nof. understand how anybody
could be a tight wad. Let's pray
about this collection to be taken up,'
said the evangelist, and in his supplica
tion he recounted the wealth of the
people of this community with their
broad acres of fertile land, and yet we
have to beg and lieg foi monev from
jjeople who have l»ecome like a hide
bound steer. Wake them up, oh, God,
before their hides Income so tight that
they will crack open. It is a curse
upon this city that money is withheld
from God. Pat it in the hearts of
business men to be more generous in
their contributions to the cause of
Following the prayer ushers passed
through the audience with the collec
tion pistes.
Mr. Johnson announced that he
would speak for the unsaved,and rend a
letter from an individual who repre
sented himself as a sinner, outcast and
drunkard, the father of two children,
and whe asked the prayers of the
evangelist and the congregation that
he mignt be saved. The name of the
supplicant was not given,but. the evan
gelist asked the prayers of the congre.
giition for the unfortunate man.
The evangelist took nis text from
St. Matthew, "Son, go to work today
in my vineyard." He depicted a
roaring lion of sin, malice and de
ceit abroad in the land, seeking to de.
vom the souls of children parents were
roundly scored for lack of religious
training bestowed upon their children,
and then if one ot their loved one*
die they biing the corpse to the
preacher's pulpit and with the shed
ding of pints and gallons of tears iai
plifie him to place them in heaven
with golden wings when he knew they
were in hell with horns ou them. He
insisted on the power of God to save,
but many people were too shiftless and
trifling to seek the saving grace.
Some tight wads stayed away from
the revival meetings because they were
afraid of tne collection box merchants
stayed away fearing the loss of a few
dollars in trade lawyers stayed away
because they bad so many clients tc
look after doctors stayed away Ixjcause
they must attend tueir patients farm
ers stayed away because the roads
were rough, but
a farmer could
buy a $100 steer for $:#) be would
forty miles over hobs as high
as a pulpit.
The dance and the play came in foi
a scoring, and the speaker recounted
instances where young people had at
tended dances when revivals were in
progress in their community who met
death and were paralyzed as punish
ment for their defiance. He gave po
lice statistics to show that 85 out of
girls are brought to degredation by
the dance hall. He referred to the
Huron girl enticed from her home by a
strumpet for immoral purposes, aod
picKed up in Madisou, as a disgrace to
thp laws of tne state which were suffi
cient to place a procurer where she
would play checkers with her nose be
hind the ten spot of diamonds, if the
laws were enforced.
As a climax to his sermon, Mr. John
son invited parents who desit*d the
souls of theii children saved to come
forward and he wonld shake hands
with them. Also tbosd who would
speak well of the revival meetings
were invited also those who would
uledge themselves to assist in killing
the roaring lion of sin were invited
to come to the pulpit. This brought
the congregation to their feet,and dur
ing the singing of a hymn a large
number went forward, and after a sea
son of handshaking tne meeting closed.
For Sale. 1908 "Bnick" automobile
in perfect order and fully equipped
with top. plate glasa wind shield,
lamps, tools, etc. Call or write—
Frank C. Smith, Madison, S. D.
We deliver hard coal at $10 per ton
cash. —Hayes Lacas Lbr. Co.
Piano Toning. Fred Schrepel,grad
uate in masic, is prepared to tone
pianos, and solicits patronage from the
citizens of Madisou. All work guar
anteed to be fhst-class. Phone, rural
line C. No.
Fot Cash Hard coal dettvwedi 410
per ton.—Hayes Lucas Lbr. Go.
Foley's Orino Laxative cures ehronio
constipation and stimulates tee liver.
Orino regulates the bowels so they will
act naturally and you do not have to
take purgatives continuously.
We have Everything
To keep you warm and com
fortable this cold weather.
Flannel an
Our UNDERWEAR LINE is Complete
Our CAPS and MITTENS can't be beat
HUNT & COLGROVE, Managers.
Thursday, December 3rd
"The Devil"
ERNEST FISHER producing the autlioriiid fiM^Otl Qji
this furore creating sensation.
Opera House, One Night, Thursday, Dec. 3.
Opera House, Thursday, Dec. &
"The Devil"
The now frorld renowned physchological comedy that is
crowding theatres the world over.
Sole Rights Reserved by Ernest Fishef* I
Opera House, Thursday, Dec. 3.
"The Devil"
The play of month. All rights reserved by Ernest Fisher.
Crowding theatres the world over.
Opera House, Thursday, Deo.
'The Devil"
"He must needs run when the devil drives."—Shakespeare
Produced by Ernest Fisher, presenting only
authorized version, Molnar's great play. fi
The whole world is discussing this play* XJ&
Prices: 75-50-35-25. Seats on Sale Wednesday at Jones Bros. Store
Ysu will find the suitable Christmas Gift
The one you are racking your brains for«
The one that he or she will appreciate inosi
and give a lasting remembrance.
We will sell from our entire showing of
Cut Glass, Hand-Painted China, Silverware,
Mounted and Gold Clocks, Umbrellas,
Fountain Pens, Fobs, Watch
and Neck Chains a,
and everything else in a First-Class Jewelry Steele.
Get an outfit and defy the cold
•si"*'. •.

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