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©Ijy ©ally $eaicv
HiUIIOIt, toon
1:25 B.
Train Schedule.
'^Arrive—From the went, 8:2Q
Sttrth, 0:30 A. mat, 8:80 p.m..
Mtatb, :?:40 p. in.
Depart—For the Booth. 9:40 a. m.
Mnt, ». m. north, 8:55 p. m.
West, 4 p. in.
Night passenger -Arrive from the
«««t, 12:05 a. m. depart
Women Plan and Carry Out
1 little Moillt
Dallas, Dec. 9.—The little city of
llillaf!, popularly [deHcribnd as being
located on the edge of civilization,with
bornlreds of miles of Indixn reservation
lyini{ immediately to the went, has
jnit polled off a society novelty that is
well calculated to make the enterpris
ing ones in the eastern circles sit np
and take notice. The event here was
designated, planned and fitac-cens fully
carried out as "Little Monte Carlo
the idea for snch a venture coming as
a direct reflex from the recent big
land opening, when games of all
torts weie in operation.
As the games are only allowed to
ran here on state occasions the women
In charge of the function found no
difficulty in getting possession of a
large line of wheels and layouts. and
the 200 guests found the time passing
all too quiukly in mastering the mys
teries and testing the chances of rou
lette. faro, chuck a luck, keno, draw
poker, stud poker—and even craps.
All gnests were provided with as many
chips as desired to bock the games,
strict account being kept of the amount
diawn, and the winnings or losses fixed
the honors of the evening. The yonng
wouian who lauded the honors "got
right.' on roulette and played $*00 to
the good in chips, of course. She
tlidn't deny the fascination of the game
and admitted to a gentlemau friend
that it woald be fun to play for real
money—"if one dared, don't yon
Two local woinen were the origina
tors of the "Monte Carlo
"party. The
invitations to the function were print
ed on the backs of common playing
cards, and the room in which the
function was held was fitted "up to
the notch" in every detail. The nsual
standard lunch and coffee wus avail
able,only requiring the deposit of suffi
cient chips to cover the price of what
ever might be ordered.
In addition to the card games,
Wheels, In rich counter and other gamb
ling bouse accessories a number of
Clever signs helped to make appear
aiices. Two of these signs, at least,
are worthy of reproduction. One read:
may smoke if they've got the
ttakin's women may ernoke if they've
got the nerve." The other sign, best
appreciated after noticing a woman
drop about twenty plunks on the turn!
Of the wheel, read: "Ladies will
please not throw biscuits at the man
JVainng the game."
Mice and Religions Fanatics
id Fatal Qasji,
Kansas City, Dec. 10.—In the center
the wholesale district the police
ahd a band of religious fanatics head
ad by Jolui Sharp, who styles himself
"Adam God" and who says he il
Jtesus Christ reincarnated, engaged In
a fierce revolver battle.
Over luu shots were exchanged. Ad
result two persons are dead, three
Others near death and two more
i 'Wounded.
The dead are Albert O. Dalbow, pa
cinian. and Lola Pratt, aged thir
vJseen, daughter of Louis Pratt, com
panion of "Adam God." The fatally
•d are John Sharp, known as
"Adam God," a street preacher
JHichael Mullane, a patrolman, and
f»atrick Clark, a police sergeant
A woman and a girl in her teens,
fsembers of the fanatic band, partlci
-fated in the battle, firing many shots
St the police.
The woman fled from the scene of
the conflict, taking with her the chll
tfren, official solicitude for whom had
Caused the clash, and barricaded the in
on a houseboat, but sought safety
"from pursuers by rowing out into the
river alter a brief, armed defiance of
the riot squad.
A volley fired from shore fatally
wounded the girl.
Falling Off in Weddings Among the
"Four Hundred."
New York, Dec. 10.—Marriages
among persons in New York who are
jpodally prominent are on the decline,
according to statistics based on names
appearing in the social register for
!t89, Just out. A decrease of 20 per
over last year's marriages Is
for New York city, with a gen
of of approximately 7 per
the country. Pitt*
ami fulling
"social marriage#" this year, as
egainst sixty-five last year, and Chi
cago was stationary, with 135. Com
pilers of the fitatistifs declare that
tho financial depression was respon
sible for the de'rease. The figures
In New York last year were ViU and
for 1903 only U2. Philadelphia's wed
dinsH dropped from 242 to 224 and
I)oston from lf7 to 147. St. Ixniia
recorded only ninety-eight for 1908,
as against 1IU for 1907, but San Fran
cisco showed an increase from eighty
one to 119. In Baltimore there was a
decrease from 116 to ninety nine, in
St. Paul from sixty-seven to fifty-nine
and in Minneapolis from twenty-nine
to twenty-seven.
Witness Tells of Economic Develop
ment of Oil Business.
New York, Dec. 10.—Branching off
into a new line of testimony intended
1o show the economic development of
the business of the Standard Oil com
pany counsel for that corporation put.
L. T. Drake on the stand in the heal
ing of the government suit for its dis
solution. Mr. Drake said $250,(no
had been spent in educating the p'
pie in the advantages of using gaso
line. The work was so succ'«:-t».!
that in 1905 and 1900 the denials!
gasoline equaled the supply, said the
Frank 11. Kellogg, attorney for the
government, brought out admissions
from Mr. Drake that the company
ntver had patented a gasoline stove
or gasoline engine and that Improve
ments in that direction for the use of
gasoline bad been made by other pen
Mr. Drake denied that the price of
gasoline had Increased three or four
times in the last few years, but said
possibly the price had doubled since
Am«rican Minister Describes Incident
In Chinese Empress Dowager's Life.
There Is probably only one man In
the United States who has ever lived
In a palace of Tsze IIsl, the late re
doubtable Chinese empress dowager.
This is the Rev. Walter S. Elliott, who
recently returned from north China,
where he had charge of the American
Bible society's work in a region aa
large as nil of this country east of the
Mississippi. The palace which he
bought and lived in afterward was a
"travel palace," says the New York
Tribune. Wheu an Imperial personage
makes a tour in China envoys go ahead
and prepare a palace for him at each
stopping place. Sometimes tliese pal
aces are occupied only one night. Then
they are sealed up aud left to decay,
for no Chinaman may ever live in one
of them afterward. Usually they aro
built new for the occasion, but in this
case, being in haste, the imperial es
cort took possession of the home of a
rich man. It was already a very good
house, and it was renovated and re
furbished at an expense of several
thousand dollars.
After the empress had come and gone
the poor rich man was left with an
expensive house upon his hands in
which neither he nor any other China
man could ever live. So he was glad
to sell It to Mr. Elliott for a mission
school for ljDOO strings of cash. As a
string of cash Is worth 27 cents, the
missionaries got an Imperial palace for
the modest sum of $513.
It is interesting to know the sort of
bed upon which poor Tsze IIsl rested
her weary bones. It was a brick plat
form built new for the empress. Un
der It a small cavity was left, opening
through the house wall into the outer
air, and In this hole somebody out
doors kept a fire of cornstalks burning
all night to keep her imperial highness
warm. Even for an empress' habita
tion no stove or bathtub was put Into
Divided Into Eleven 8tones, One Five
Times the Kohinoor's Weight.
In the original state the Cullinan
diamond to be presented to King Ed
ward of England weighed 3,253% Eng-
jhh carats, or ovar ona and oaa-thlrfl
pounds avoirdupois. It is now divided
as follows: (1) A pendcloque, or drop
brilliant, weighing olGVi carats, dimen
sions inches long and 1.7U1
Inches broad (2) a square brilliant,
weighing 309 1-0 carats, 1.771 inches
long by 1.504 broad (3) a pendeloque,
weighing 02 carats (4) a square bril
liant, 02 carats (5) a heart shaped
brilliant, 18% carats (0) a marquise
brilliant, 114 carats (7) a marquise
brilliant, 8 0-1(5 carats (8) a square
briiliant, 0% carats (9) a pendeloque,
4 9-32 carats (10) 0(5 brilliants, weigh
ing 7% carats, and (11) a quantity of
unpolished "ends" weighing 0 carats.
The first and second of these stones
are by far the largest In existence.
Even the second Is much bigger than
the largest previously known brilliant
—viz, the Jubilee, weighing carats
—while beside either of them so fa
mous a Jewel as the Kohinoor sinks
into comparative insignificance since
its weight, 102% carats, is little more
than one-third of that of the smaller
or one-fifth that of the larger. More
over, the stones are not more distin
guished for size than for quality. All
of them, from the biggest to the small
est, are absolutely without flaw and
of the finest extra blue-white color ex
As regards the two largest, an in
novation was made in the manner of
cutting. Normally a brilliant has fifty
eight facets. In view, however, of the
Immense size of the two largest Cul
linan brilliants, it was determined to
have an increased number and to give
the first seventy-four facets and the
second sixty six. This decision has
been abundantly vindicated by the re
sults, for the stones exhibit the most
marvelous brilliancy that diamonds
can show. This fact is all the more
remarkable and satisfactory because
very large brilliants are apt to be
nomewhat dull nrt\ deficient in fir«.
Insane Man Kills Daughters.
Wakefield, Mass., Dec. 10.—Becom
ing violently insane Hiram L. Badger
killed his two daughters, Florence,
aged fifteen, and Catherine, aged
seven, and then ran amuck through
the town shooting at persons he met
and firing into windows. Fred Wheel
er was wounded in the leg. Badger
was pursued by a crowd of townspeo
ple, who finally captured him.
Notice of Teachers' Examination.
Notice is hereby given that a regular
teachers' examination will lw held at
the West, wing of the Normal in Madi
son Thursday and Friday, Dec 17 and
18,1908. Examination will begin at
S 3U a. m. the last day.
—L. C. Kellogg.
Co. Supt. of Scnocds.
The old fashioned way of dosing
weak stomach or stimulating the Heart
or Kidneys is all wrong- Dr. Shoop tirst
pointed out this error. This is why his
prescription- Dt. Shoop's Restorative
is directed entirely to the cause of these
ailments—the weak inside or control
ling nerves. It isn't so difficult, says
Dr. Shoop, to strengthen a weak Stoui
ach, Heart or Kidneys, if one goes at it
correctly. P^ash inside organ has its
controlling or inside nerve. Whan these
nerves fail, then these organs must sure
ly falter. These vital truths are leading
druggists everywhere to dispense and
recommend Dj. Shoop's Restorative
Test it a few days, and see! Iniprovo
ment will surely and promptly follow
Sold by Chris Schutz,
Cough Syrup
Relieves Colds by working them out
of the system through a copious and
healthy action of the bowels.
Relieves coughs by cleansing the
mucous membranes of the throat,
and bronchial tubes.
pleasant to the tart*
as Maple Sagar"
Children Like It*
MftlMaif Ml
the line.
We realize that Ladies' Ready to Wear Gar
ments are somewhat out of our line, but the temp
tation of
giving the public
Something Cheaper and Better
than it was ever offered here before was greadftf
than we could resist.
To fully appreciate these
Extraordinary Bargains
cordially invite you to visit our store
Remember the Place
and Date.
Come Early and get the
Benefit of First Choice.
Extra Special Until Xmas
Friday Morning, Dec. II, We place on
Sale these Extraordinary Bargains:
AA Quite*
Consisting of Black and Blue
mens dllllS Serge, All Wool Cheviots,
Cashmeres and Worsteds, ranging in price up to
$18.00, all Sizes, 1 1 CA
Lake County Clothing Co.
Your Choice ipIl.OU
We have received a consignment of the entire "Sample Line" of
Ladies,' Misses' & Children's Cloaks, Skirts & furs
of one of the Largest Eastern Manufacturers in the Country.
The Line Comprises Nearly 200 Garments
NOT TWO ALIKE. The style represent Fur Lined, Lined, Plush Lined, Bearskin Lined with Fur Collars.
Princes Empire semi-fitting 54-inch lengths, loose fitting three-fourths lengths and Directoire Styles.
and see
The Fur Garments Consist of
Cramer, Astrachan, Electric Seal, Warabul& Siberian
dreds of Fur Scarfs, Boas and Muffs.
We are authorized to dispose of the entire line at
50c on the Dollar
Sale Begins at 9 a. m. Friday, Dec. 11
Lasting Until Thursday, Dec. 18.
Goat Sweaters
You will find more Genuine Values at this Store
than at any other Store in town.
Don't Fail to See Us.
JOSEIPH HENKIN, Prop., Madison, S. D.
100 Youths' Suits,up to $12 50 Value* dJ'T "7C
During tihs sale, Choice
20% Discount on Our Chil
dren's 2-Piece Suits
We have about 30 Fur Coats, which, owing to
the mild wcttltf lwwiKit Imcb yi^"g a* fort aa w#
We must turn them into Cash
Give us what we paid for them and they are yours*
20% Discount on Our Entire line of
Fancy Overcoats
15% Discount on our Entire Line of
Blue and Black Overcoats.
Do Your Xmas Shopping Here
We Received an Immense Line of
Fancy Suspender*
Fancy Vests
Dress Gloves
and many other things too numerous to mention.

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