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\ii- i!ii:i: .ii,rA^ i, -a
In Our Cut Glass and Hand Painted
China Stock there are pieces that
Can't Be Duplicated
elsewhere in this locality at the price
Have you a Student Friend?
You will make no mistake in send
ing him a Good Fountain Pen.
Does Your Friend Smoke?
Chances are he does. You ought
to see our smalll boxes of Cigars
From 50c to $1 Each
Also Meerschaum Pipes
and Cigar Holders
Why Not Perfume?
There is no more popular pres
ent for the refined woman
of today than good perfume
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The one that he or she will appreciate most
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Cut Glass, Hand-Painted China, Silverware,
Mantel and Gold Clocks, Umbrellas,
fountain Pens, Fobs, Watch
and Neck Chains
and everything else in First-Class Jewelry Stock.
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Holiday Gift Goods
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Look over our Xmas Suggestions
Hat Pins
et al
made out of
Real Rose Hat Pins
I does not seem possible, yet it is true,
11iiit these Hat Pins arc made out of r«\il
live roses, liaiiEi'd entirely into metal
hy a secret proi ess.preserving every de
ti I of the rose from which each pin is
i!uide. They can not break,
and will last
forever. This discovery is without
doubt one of the lost arts of the ancient
1 (tvptians. They are the most heautifu
»f al I Hat Pins. No two are alike. Fin
ished in five colors.to conform to the
prevailing fashions in millinery. Made
in six sues,from the smallest rose bud
to theful 1 blown flower These pins ore
made bv the genuine
secret process, the only process by
which ail open rose can be perfectly
nu t.ilized. I)ori't buy an inferior imita
tion. All genuine "DIXAMOTH
[jEWELRY^^j May your Christmas Stocking be
filled full, packed down tight, full
up, running over, with presents from 5
our stock.
Metalized Real Rose Iiat Pins" have
the name stamped on the pin.
We have the exclusive
«le of "DELAMOTHE"
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the exhibit in our win
dow of this wonderful
The Old Reliable Drug and Jewelry House
Weather Forecast
Fair touignt and Friday colder to
Miss Hortense Lewis was a morning
passenger for Flandrean.
Mgr. Flynn made the round trip to
Flandrean and return today.
Roller skating at the opera house
Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and
Mayor Waakey and Peter Marquart
were returning passengers from Sioux
Billy McKinnon who has been in
town a day or two, departed for Bis
marck, N. D.
Twelve photographs will make
twelve Xmas presents We have all
the latest styles and finish. Come
now.—The Nelson Studio.
Mrs. A. H. Wright of Wentworth
was an evening srrival, callling on her
daughter. Miss Nellie Wright, of the
State Normal school faculty.
The funeral of the late Mrs. H. A.
Fowler was held from Grace Episcopal
chnrch this afternoon and WHS largely
attended by sympathizing friends.
The Madison police force appeared
today in new regulation caps, adding
to the dignity of the city, and in keep
ing with toe growth of metropolitan
customs which are being assumed by
South Dakota towns generally.
The baby daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Oliver,eight miles north
west, died last evening of tonsilitis,
aged one year and eight months.
The funeral will be held from the
home at 1 p. in. toiuot$ow« jhntel fff
Uraceland cemetery.
A Watch and Chain
is most acceptable for your boy,
girl or wife, or even yourself.
Get Our Prices
Get yourself one of our
New Souvenir Spoons
have more than a dozen difier
kinds to select from.
For a Good Investment
Buy a Diamond
We carry them right here »«tock
all the time.
Prices from $12.50 to $250.00
Everything you could
wish for or think of
as a gift is here at its
best Our stock was
bought for discrimi
nating people.
1 1 s
yt y
The Catoolic ladies were pleased
with the liberal patronage they re
ceived at their dinner last evening.
The receipts amounted to |14r.C0.
The general remark is that the refresh
ments were awfully nice."
Dowdell of Artesian wan a
through passenger this morning for
Sioux Falls. Plans are being made for
the midwinter meeting of the State
Editorial association which wll be
held in Pierre about the first of Febru
To all Odd Fellows and Rebeccan:
You are requested to be pnaant at I.
O. O. F. hall on Saturday night,
December 12th, as the Grand Muster
of the order will be present with us
and a good time is anticipated.—J. P.
Modil, Noble Grand.
Earl Pfouts, the violinist, appeared
at Normal auditorium in this city
last evening. The audience was not
as laige as it otherwise weuld have
leen owing to other attractions in the
city. But those who attended the mu
sical were highly pleased with the ar
tistic work of the violinist and his as
The Daily Leader is carrying a fine
line of holiday advertising and it will
be a matter of profit for purcnasers to
consult our advertising columns freely.
It is not always an easy matter to se
lect Christmas presents, bnt Madison
dealers through The Daily Leader ad
vertising columns are placing their
Christmas articles before the people
and the matter of selection will be
made easy by reading what the mer
chants have to say.
Chester dispatch, 9: Dr. Schroyer
last Friday morning reported two more
cases of diphtheria in the family of
Henry Doerr.four miles north of Ches
ter. All the patients, Dr.^Schroyer
•. i,-: .Sf.:
if s-
says, are afflicted with black diph
theria. However, they are all getting
ilong as well as could be expected, and
unless something unforeseen takes
place, will recover. Mr. Doen's peo
ple are indignant over the reports sent
from Wentworth, that the disease
that locality is not diphtheria,
thougn it is the same a? his family is
afflicted with in fact, Mr.Doerr's folks
'iiy they were exposed to the disease at
V\ entworth.
Sioux City Journal: William Con
nors, of Madison, S. D., at the police
station yesterday morning related the
'letails af an adventure which cost him
f-7. Mr. Connors said he lecame ae
'inuinted Monday evening with a
fleasant young man and was going
tn buy him a drink. Before they ar
rived at the thirst parlor the chance
urquaititance suddenly hit Connors on
the jaw. It was not a heayv blow,
hut the walk was slippery and Connois
ti ll down in the snow. While he was
struggling to regain bis feet his assail
ant transferred Connors' pocketbook to
his own pocket and disappeared down
he street.
"Lost. Gasoline stove. Finder
please return to Mrs. fi. J. Costello."
The business manager of this oFice was
somewhat startled when the above ad
vertisement was handed in today. He
had heard of well authenticated cases
of mothers leaving theii babies in de
pots. husbands forgetting their wives
at the theater, girls losing their hearts,
ung meu losing their minds, and on
rare occasions—very rare-wives losing
their temper. But to lose a gasoline
stove was the limit. Investigation re
vealed the fact that. Mrs. Costello loaned
her gasoline stove for use at the Catho
e. ladies' sapper last evening and when
he came to claim it this morning the
stove was nowhere to be found The
stove was a good, faithful cooker and
nighly prized by its owner, hence a
desire to have it returned to it's
family and friends. Later in the"day
Mrs. Costello 'phoned, "I have found
my stove." The very best evidence in
the world that it pays to advertise.
premature young lady was trip
ping along Egan avenue today, the
world in her eyes appearing a. mere
loke, carrying under her arm her first
personal possession of a corset, an arti
ia openly displayed in the show win
bnt which becomes sacred from
p'ying eyes when it reaches the lady's
boudoir. Humming a two step as she
heat a tattoo with her little French
le els on the pavement, thinking of the
beautiful form divine which would
st .on be encased in the corset, ner io
mantic reverie was much disturbed
when the package became disarranged
and the garters escaped from their hid
and trailed along behind. Upon
discovering the garters out for an air
on the avenue, she made an un
graceful grab for them, wiuding them
around her bands and her arms and
her neck in her confusion, and as the
awfulness of the scene took full posses
sion of her, she stamped her little foot
and cried out in offended modesty,
heavens's sake
An Apparent Lack of Enthus
iasm at the Tabernacle
Last Evening
There was something of an air of
apathy in the meeting at the taberna
cle last evening. The attendance had
fallen off to a considerable extent
compared with the previous evening
There were many vacant chairs in the
choir, the singing was less spirited, the
evangelist was labored in bis speaking,
and soruebow there was a lack of push
that ordinarily characterizes the meet
In making his announcements, Mr.
.lohnson complained of the smallness
of the audiences at the day meetings.
He said the afternoon meetings were
for the purpose of praying for "your
hoys and girls who are on the road to
hell." It is a sad commentary on the
parents of Madison that a stranger
takes more interest in the welfare of
their children than they themselves,
else patents would turn out better.
The evangelist announced that this
evening he will speak on the subject of
Popular Amusements, but unless the
audience is larger than laet evening
the seimon will be abandoned. If the
weather is good a town of the size of
Madison should pack the tabernacle,
but if the weather is bad and the peo
ple do not turn out, he will conclude
that God does not want him to deliver
the sermon. Friday will be a day of
fasting and prayer and three services
will be held in the tabernacle—morn
ing, afternoon and evening. "Now,
don't stay away from the Friday meet
ings, thinking you have a Pullman
ticket for heaven—you may get stopped
on the way by a hot box."
In announcing the collection, the
evangelist said it didn't look as if any
body had become bankrupt by giving
toward the support of the revivals.
"Some people who give a dollar to
God stop and sing, 'When shall we
three meet again.'
Heretofore people who desired spe
cial prayers said have manifested it by
raisiag their hands at the request of
the evangelist, but last evening they
were required to rise and make their
requests audibly. A number arose
from their seats and requested prayers
for sons, daughters, sisters, brothers,
mothers, fathers, neighborhoods, etc.
In prononncing prayer, Mr. Johnson
recounted that in other towns than
Madison business was generally sus
pended for bis meetings—banks closed,
saloons, offices and mercantile estab
lishments closed and everybody attend
ed his afternoon and evening meetings.
He asked God's blessing on all classes
of aien.
Mr. Johnson^ seleoted his tost,
--VV/ v
1 1
^•4 1 *&*
We Have Everything
To keep you warm and com
fortable this cold weather.
OVERSHOES- "'duw1*Medium
Our UNDERWEAR LINE is Complete
Our CAPS and MITTENS can't be beat
Get an outfit and defy the cold
Old Santa Claus
Will tell you
if you ask
him that
Munro's is
the best plage
to trade
A nice mixed candy at 10, 15, 20 and 25c, per lb.
A special deal on our Marvel chocolates enables us
to sell them at 23c per lb., and they are fine.
Bitter Sweets and all extra fancy candies, the 49
and 50c kinds are 39c.
40c boxes of Chocolates and Bon Bons, nice fresh
stock, 30c, half boxes are 15c.
We also have a nice assortment ef Schraflft's Fruits
and Lillibridge Box Goods. ,,
New No. 1 Mixed Nuts, good ernes,Y20C.
Black Walnuts 5c per lb., Chestnuts 15c, Almonds,
Brazils, Filberts, Pecans, Walnuts. All new,
20c per lb. Best Roasted Peanuts 10c per lb.
Fancy Box Cigars, Briar Pipes & Fancy Tobaccos.
We are Headquarters for Fancy New York
Apples, Old Wheat Flour, and the best of
everything in Groceries and Fruits. Come in.
H. J. MUNRO, The Grocer.
"And ye will not come to me, that ye
mignt have life," St. John, 5-40.
The discourse was along tbe line of ac
cepting salvation which was freely
offered if any man or woman leaves
the tabernacle without salvation it
will be because they do not want life
God has done everything for you and
now it is up to you to accept that
which be offers you freely that you
may have life. But some people are so
narrow 1 "It might be well for some
Madison people to fix up a lunch and
go to Sioux Falls and see something
it would broaden their minds—go as
far as Egan anyway." We who have
accepted Christ bave a God to help
us—that's where we've got you
skinned. There are men in Madison
who think I have said things which are
offensive, but I believe there are men
in this town who could not be offended
if a polecat thiew bis perfume on
them. You cqp't get religion anlees
you give up certain things—money,
politics, lodges, can't save you—only
Jesus Christ can save. God tells you
to give things up—dancing, card play
ing, social amusements. Thoie is no
peace for the wicked. "He that coxn
eth unto me I will not cast him oat."
The usual invitation for converts la
come forward was responded to
several. ...
Holiday Specials.
Gillette safety razors, Xmas
cards and post card albums, collar an
cuff boxes. Hodnut's and Colgate's peiy
fumes, in holiday packages, Funke'i^
candies, band painted china, mnsicaj$:
instruments, Teddy bears, dolls laigi"
and small, mirrors, manicure sets
combs and brusbes. an elegant line ot
Christmas stationery,State Normal and
high school penants and arm bands.
Holliday & Porter, Lannon Block.
Piano Tuning. Fred Schrepol.gradif
uate in music, is prepared to tan*
pianos, and solicits patronage from tb*
citizens of Madison. All work guar**
anteed to be fiist-class. Phone, rural
line C. No. 6
A Valuable Tin-
After exposure or when
i "i»
J" V

sy '-u
For Cash. Hard coal delivered ft ft,
per ton.—Hayes Looaa Lbr. Oo.
\k *\\:r
cold coming on take a few dosee of Fol
ey's Honey and Tar and it will expel th*
cold from your system. It cures th# .**'*•
moat stubborn coughs and oolda, in4
prevents pneumonia. J. H. Anderooo.
mmm I* 1 J,'* n
5"- (t'titf,

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