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r-r.r^-w»/ few
In Our Gut Glass and Hand Painted
China Stock there are pieces thifc
Can't Be Duplicated
elsewhere in this locality at the price
Have you a Student Friend?
You will make no mistake in send
ing him a Good Fountain Pen.
Does Your Friend Smoke?
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to see our smalll boxes of Cigtrs
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Also Meerschaum Pipes
and Cigar Holders
Why Not Perfume?
There is no more popular pres
ent for the refined woman
of today than good perfume
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The one you are racking your brains for.
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land give a lasting remembrance.
We will sell from our entire showing of
Cut Glass, hand-Painted China, Silverware,
Mantel and Gold Clocks, Umbrellas,
fountain Pens, Fobs, Wateb.
and Neck Chains ,?
and everything eke in a Fint-Clu* Jewelry Stock.
i I*'***-
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•it these Hut Piiis
W?: it
made outof real
l.w roses, changed entirely in(o metal
I. ,i s-.-iTetprocess,preserving every dc
l.ii iof ih«? rose from wlikh each pin is
nvide. They can not break, and wi'l last
icver. This discovery is without
c!»,ubt one the lost arts of the ancient
1 nyplinns. They are the most beautiful
ot all Hat Pins. Not .vo are alike. Fin
i-.lu'il in five colors,o conform to the
|M vailing fashions in millinery. Made
in six sizes,irom the smallest rose bud
t. i h« fi»l 1
blown flower These pins are
m: de by the genuine "DFLAMOTHE"
s. ret process, the only process by
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u. n. All genuine "DKLAMOTHE
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May your Christmas Stocking be
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The Old Reliable Drug and Jewelry House
Weather forecast.
Fair tonight and Sunday colder to
night winner Sunday.
Anderson's stock of Christinas gifts
is the best in town.
Don McGillivray was a evening ar
rival from Sioux City.
Holler skating at the opera house
Friday evaning,Saturday afternoon and
Phone Simpson for bank Band or
Take your photographs and pictures
to Ireland for framing.
Mother spoons, engraved 80c each at
Seo. Cook's.
Choice upland hay for sale, to be de
livered next week.—A. W. Holdrige,
Phone 137.
Mr. and Mrs. Q. L. McCallister and
sons were evening passengers for Ra
mona to spend Sunday with friends.
For Sale. 1908 "Baick" automobile
in perfect order and fully equipped
with top. plate glass wind shield,
lamps, tools, etc. Call or write—
Frank C. Smith, Madison, S. D.
The annual meeting of Gen. Shields
Post. G. A. R., will be held Monday
evening Election of officers.— Joe.
Pulford, Com
Norwegian Lutheran church—Morn
ing service, 10:30 Sunday school, 12
no evening service.— M. K. Aaberg,
Don't forget to call for your tickets
on the fire lew cooker when baying at
oor store.—Jones Drag Co.
Anderson's line of bracelets is so
A Watch and Chain
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nating people.
The best present for a student would
be a college or high school penant.
We have the penants. Holliday & Por
ter, Lannon Block.
The real rosu bat pins at Anderson'h
removal sale are right in quality and
A neat, cozy cottage on north side,
well located, must be sold at once, $650
easy terms. See aoout this.— A. W.
Norwegian Lutheran Synod—Service
Lake Park church tomorrow morning
Sunday school at 4 p. m. and service
7 :3() p. m., in Madison,-H. W.Estreiu,
jhiifltian Science-Service
Service* Last Evening—
residence of C. W. Wood, Blanche
aveune and Eighth street,10:45 a. 111.
subject, God the preserver of man.
Rev. R. M. Hardnian was an evening
passenger for Howaid to lill hi.
preaching engagement tomorrow. Rev.
Mr. Hardman has been invited to
preach the Masonic sermon at Carth
age, St. John's Day, Dec. 97.
The city was thronged with farmers
today and business in all lines wan
lively. Farmers report improvement
in the roads, the mild weather having
softened and smoothed their rough
condition of a week ago.
Rnel £. Dana of Armour was an ar
rival by the west train this morning.
Mr. Dana occupies the position of
grand master of.tke Odd Fellows lodge
of the state and is in the city for the
purpose of making bis annual visita
tion to the local lodge. Great prepa
rations have been made for nis vHt
and the hall will be filled tnis evening
with members of both the Odd Fellows
and Rebekab lodges. Refreshments
will be served, and an evening of much
pl«Mtu« ia expected.
for thp Madison
There Has a good-sited' attendance
at the taberunele last evening, al
though the number was far shott of
the nreviona evening.
The usual song service was htld and
Evingelist Johnson mailt) the announce
ments for future meetings. He al«o
requested that every man present inter
ested in the success of the revival
meetings meet with hiui after tfte ser
vice on the platform to discuss matters
of especial business interest. In an
nouncing the collection, the evangelist
urged liberality. Itwasdesiied that
enough money would have teen raised
by Snndav morning to pay the full ex
pense of the meetings and after that no
collections will te made. Sometimes
iu my meetings men give as high as
•50, others $25, and lest-er amounts.
The evangelist suggested that a silent
collection would be very acceptable—
that is. place money on the plate that
does not make any noise as it falls.
At this point there was a loud
noise of some ungodly person throw
ing rocks against the south end of
the tabernacle where the platform is
situated. The evangelist called atten
tion to the stringency of the state law
igainst disturbing religious meetings,
md suggested that if anybody iu the
audience had a friend who won Id stoop
to throwing rocks againat the taber
nacle he had better be ordered to de
sist before he was incarcerated in a
place where he could play checkers
with his nose.
The evangelist stated that the col
lections wore to defray the expenses of
the revival meetings. Not a dollar had
been guaranteed for his services, and if
notning was givou hiiu he would pay
his own expenses out of town.
Mr. Johnson selected as his text, He
brew 9, 13-13-44—the atonement of sin
by blood. No man can be u Christian
until he has accepted the blood of
Christ. Settlements among men is on
fhc money plan-—with Christ on the
blood plan. The only way into heaven
is thiough the blood of Christ.
The spenkei here deviated from his
text and hotly criticised people of
Malison who speak ill of him. I
hear lots of contemptible things puked
out against me, but if I do not know
the man who does it, 1 know his father
the devil. How long will people go
on maligning a man who is trying to
save their sons and daughters from
iuv With God's help I will goon
saving the children of Old Madison. It
is said around town that I am a izraf
ter. Nothingcould be more conteinp
tibia. If you hear any man say I am a
grafter, tell him for me that ha is a
black-hearted liar. (Applause.) The
feast of the buzzard consisting of the
rankest carrion W ib portrayed and lik
ened unto the old hook-nosed she-hag
gossiper, and the old he-hag gossiper
is worse that a she hag. May Uod
have mercy on Old Madison. It is
hard to be a Christian but it takes only
a half man to serve the devil.
Resuming his sermon, the speaker
pointed out the unfortunate condition
of people of the slums of the cities and
credited all their misfortunes to sin
To drag people away from one church
to another is mighty poor religion.
At tne conclusion of the sermon,
and during the singing of hymns, the
evangelist made an earnest plea for
converts to come forward, and several
Three Victima Tell Their Trou
blea to Judge
Judge Sponholz opened couit at the
police station this morning with three
victims watching his movements and
•'playing checkers with their noses bo
hind thy ten spot of diamonds." Chief
Davis unlocked the checkerboard, and
naid, "Here, Sid, come out here." It
was Sid Marvin Yfho stepped into the
nresence of the judge, looking very
:uuch like he had made a mistake and
smeared the nose paint all over his
face. The judge greeted bim with
"What, you up here again, Sidv
This is the third time, isn't it,lately?'
"No, only twicj before." '"Well,
then, this would make three times,
wouldn't itv" "Yes," replied Sid, af
ter his benumbed mathematical facul
ties had figured out the problem
'You ought to cut this out, Sid. I'll
fine you $5 or four days this time
but if you come up here again I'll
fine yon $20 cr fifty days." Sid was
minus the price and was placed behind
the "ten of diamonds." Sid is a
helper at odd jobs alwut the depot.
Next in line was Lee Campbell
whom Chief Davis s*id was a corn
husker, Chief Davis said he was not a
bad fellow except ho seemed not able
to keep sober when he comes to town
He was employed by a farmer and
Judge Sponholz gave him bis liberty
upon promise of getting back to hiB
work at once.
Tom Kyne was the next victim, on a
more seiious charge than getting full
Kyne has been in the city several
months, coming here from Elk Point
He was arrested Nov. 4 for keeping
a poker joint over the Burrie saloon
prosecuted under city ordinance, con
vie ted and sentenced to thirty days
iu jail. He was liberated about two
weeks ago, and has fieqnently given it
out that he would again engage in the
poker joint business. The police have
been keeping watch of him,and about
3 o'clock tbi« morning Officer Walter
Winters detected Kyne entering the
alley in reacof the saloon, corner Egan
avenne and Fourth stient. Following
Ottcer Winter chaaed hit man to the
We Have Everything
To keep you warm and com
fortable this cold weather.
i i
Our UNDERWEAR LINE is Complete
Our CAPS and MITTENS can't be beat
Get an outfit And defy the cold
Old Santa Claus
Will tell you
if you ask
him that
Munro's is
the best place
^lo trade
nice mixed candy at 10, 15, 20 and 25c, per lb.
special deal on our Marvel chocolates enables us
to sell them at 23c per lb., and they are fine.
Bitter Sweets and all extra fancy gaudies, the 40
and 50c kinds are 39Si
40c boxe3 of Chocolates and Bon fions, nice fresh
stock, 30c, half boxes are 15c.
We also have a nice assortment of Schrafft's Fruits
and Lillibridge Box Goods.
New No. 1 Mixed Nuts, good ones, 20c.
Black Walnuts 5c per lb., Chestnuts 15c, Almonds,
Brazils, Filberts, Pecans, Walnuts. All new,
20c per lb. Best Roasted Peanuts 10c per lb.
Fancy Box Cigars, Briar Pipes & Fancy Tobaccos.
We are Headquarters for Fancy New York
Apples, Old Wheat Flour, and the best of
everything in Groceries and Fruits. Come in.
H. J. MUNRO, The Grocer.
top of the stairway in rear of Bengs'
restaurant. When the officer closed in
on him, Kyne ditched six partially
dressed chickens between the buildings.
Kyne was locked np and this morning
a charge wa* made against bim of
keeping a gambling joint, nnder the
state law, dating back to Nov. 4.
Hearing was set for Monday at 2 p.m.,
Kyne being placed nnder $500 bonds
which he was unable to furnish, and
tberefoie languishes in the county jail.
Kyne is an ''undesirable citizen," and
the police hope to eet nim out of town,
even if they have to send hiot 4» the
Holiday Specials. -5*
Gillette safety razors, Xmas poet
cards and post card albums, collar and
cuff boxes, flndnnt's and Colgate's per
fumes, in holiday packages. Funke's
candies, hand painted china, musical
instruments, Teddy bears, dolls laige
and amall, mirrors, manicure sets,
combs and brusnea. an elegant line of
Chriatmas stationery,State Normal and
high school penants and arm bands.
Holliday A Porter, Lannon Block.
We deliver hard coal at $10 par too
caah.-Hayee Laoaa Lbr.
Why Does a Man Knock?
Information has come to me that a
rumor is circulated to the effect that I
have gold beer to young boys and girls
and have permitted immoral conduct
in my restaurant. Now aa to this ru
mor, we not only brand it as the
"blackest kind of a lie'' but we openly
d»fy the onejjwho made this statement,
or any one else to Drove there ia one
word of truth in it, or that we have
ever in, our life sold intoxicating liqoor
in any shape or form. Now if we have
permitted this evil to exist we should
be prosecuted and its np to the one who
made this statement to produce the evi
dence or someone ia a falsifier. We
cannot imagine any one so contempti
ble as to deliberately aet about to de
stroy a man'a taurine* and reputation
and we will atake our lite that the
statement is the finished product of
that fiendiah "They say" and "We
heard" knocker that haa alwaya
in evidence in Madiaon.
Fmp. Jack's
twelve Xasaa
the lataat jtyiat MS
now.—The Nelaoa
.4'. '..S
v s
'*. *5"
)V ..Jr.
•Jv ,i
".w* i.-f
t. /'s
^4 4 *1
C: Y
a*'- -V'-

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