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Madison Opera House
HUNT !& COLGROVK, Managers.
Tuesday, December 15,
Big Band and Orchestra
PRICK: 25-35-50-75. Seats at Jones Bros. Monday Morning.
Basement Jack's Restaurant*
Having recently (located ]in Madison cor
dially solicit your orders. FIRST CLASS WORK GUARANTEED
Train Schedule.
Arrive—From the west, 9:20 a. xn.
tortb, 0.80 a. east, 3:80 p. m..
South, 3:40 p. in.
Depart—For the south, 9:40 a. m.
«aat, tt 55a. m. north, 3:65 p. m.
West, 4 p. m.
Night passenger- Arrive from the
#ast, 12:05 a. no. depart for the east,
Opportunity for Lake County
Farmers to Engage in
the Business
^twoagh the instrumentality 4( 4).
£. Jones, the aeedsinan, the farmers of
take county have "stiuck a snap" in
the generous facilities provided thorn
forpn culture. E. W. Anderson of the
jNniOM-Rice seed company of Detroit,
MloT, will spend the week in Madi
fn^t at Mr. Jones' ofBce, making eon
trsfts With farmers. He has already
tofliiSCted for the planting of 700 acres
•§t pass and desires to increase the
•icMlge to 8,000. Such men as Win
BqukBrmer, J. F. Feck, E. L.King«ley,
fiy Derange and W. R. Meynolds
tuff mtered into contract with the
isofe company. Mr. Kingsley will
plot 850 acres, Mr. Huntemer 120
:$em. etc.
fbe plan of the company ia to fur
piab seed for planting and take the
product at $1 per bushel. The seed
frttl top sacked in Detroit and shipped
|o JO. 8. Jones with the amount ef
aeed assigned to each farmer marked
In bis name. Three bushels of seed is
feqoired for each acre. The yield in
In the neighborhood of 20 bushels oer
•ore. The planting and threshing i»
fbeat the same as handling a crop
Of barley- The plants grow to tne
M«k of two feet and cover the
ggpnnd the same as a small grain crop.
Cutting is done with a mowei. The
Crop matares and in ready foi market
#he latter part of Joly. If there is a
loss of crop fioin hail or otherwise, the
tOBipeny Stands the loss of the seed,
straw from the crop makes excel
ll*t feed, all ainds of stock relishing
thriving npon it.
Mr. Jonas considers the opportunity
a aptadM one for the farmers. The
ting of peas is of benefit to the
as a rotation crop, and with a
bunch of money coming into the
of the farmers the latter part of
ty, the benefit is self-evident. Mr.
MS will distribute the seed and re
Ogive the product when it is harvested,
l^ng to the Detroit seed company.
Anderson will remain in the city
the week, or until he has made
«ontracts for planting 2,000 acres.
Pierrs-Articles of incorporation
Jure bsstt 01ad with the secretary of
'imte for the Mary Walker Home for
Cripplod Deformed Children at
"**1 a
K ,:
?Tf /J
This is without capital
aad Is founded by Mary Walker.
la.,its purpose being to care
fbf and educate such unfortunates.
foondtr reservtMl the right to select
41* trasloas for the institution. The
JtitortoMtMS MB Mary Walker of Le
la. Fred C. Walker. 8. L. Mc
and Lonb B. Call of Hot
ftoc Caah. Bud coal delivered 910
'V /V
tr i/ i~i
a? di
South Dakota Institutions Would
Like Big Money This
Pierre, Dec. 13. —Deep disappoint
ment is coming for the heads of most
of the sate inBtitntions at the coming
legislative session. Their aggregate
demand* upon the state tieasury will
for |1.000,0" for new buildings at
the 1 iflferent iuntitutions. In the latst
campaign the heavy appropriations of
the hut H*'»sion were defeuded 011 the
ground that it was necessary to pro
vide new buildings for the many state
institutions. Hut the beads of the in
stitutions want more. The state uni
versity thinks it could get along for
two years inore if it were given
$345,000 for that purpose: the ngricul
tuial college at Brookings will he sat
istied with $185,(MW, and the asylum for
the feeble-minded at Kedlield wants
#127,000 more. The rest of them are
willing to get along with from |100,
000 down to smaller sums, but all
want something.
This total does not include any
thing for the completion of the work
on the state capitol. The commission
•will ask for approximately |400,000,for
that work. They claim that as their
building is under construction and is
absolutely needed, their claim should
hold the first position before any new
buildings are commenced. Further,
their appropriation will come back to
the state in cash as soon as it is advis
able to place the rest of tbe state build
ing lands on the market. They wi'l
auk for a continuance of the |20,000
appropriation of two years ago. whirh
has not been drawn upon. They will
ask for tbe issuance of #100,000 of
building bonds for ten years: they will
iisk for authority to expeud #100.000
more from tbe sale uf lauds, and this
they estimate will complete the build
ing, furnisn it and fit i'p the grounds.
They have expended #2y3,li)/j to date
onathe work and have about #110.000
yet available in the way of mortgages
and deferred payments, and have dis
posed of all the lands east of the Mis
souri river.
Character and Food.
Eaten to excess or constantly, mutton
will causo melancholia veal causes loss
of appetite and energy. Too much
mustard cauees loss of memory and
salt causes indigestion. Eggs, grains,
ripe fruit and golden grain belt beer
are good for vivacity and health. This
delicious beverage is produced with
scientific care and epicurean judgment
and should have a place on your home
table. Order of your nearest dealer.
The old fashioned way of Hosing a
weak stomach or stimulating the Heart
or Kidneys is all wrong- Dr. Shoop Hrst
pointed out this error. This is why his
prescription— Dr. Hhoop's Restorative—
is directed entirely to the cause of these
ailments—the weak inside or control
ling nerves. It isn't so difficult, says
Dr. Bhoop, to strengthen a weak Stom
ach, Heart or Kidneys, if one goes at it
correctly. Eash inside organ has its
controlling or inside nerve. W hen these
nerves fail, then these organs mustsure
lv falter. These vital truths are leading
druggists evenrwhere to dispense and
lecommend Dj. Shoop's Restorative.
and see! Itn
and promptly
Test it a few days,
ment will su
Mxr«.^r• •&-/$*u.> iS,-
Public Sentiment Against Riley,
West South Dakota
Fairfnx, Dec. 13.—With the evidence
of the *tate in tbe W. A. Riley murder
case all in and the defendant through
his attorneys seeking to break down
the force of the prosecution, the case
will go to tbe jury this evening.
Riley is accused of having gone to
Lallaye's livery barn in Burke July 1
and picked a row with J. E. Ritts,
whom he accused of having stolen
from his house a piece of bacon. The
state has brongnt witnesses to prove
that Kiley knocked Ritts down and
kicked him several times, and expert
witnesses have testified to tne fact that
it was from injuries received from
Riley that the victim died.
The defendant's attorneys claim to
be able to show that Riley acted in
self defense in his encounter with
Ritt-». but the cross examination of the
state's witnesses by the defendant's
counsel gave no intimation of this.
Ritts, who had formerly lived in
Iowa, was living on a claim several
miles fiom Burke at the time the
tragedy O'-curred and his murder left a
family dependent u^»on him. He was
considered an honest and industrious
mas, and tbe tragedy aroused indigna
tion in the community and the feeling
is still very bitter against the man now
00 trial for murder.
Vessel Urns at Sea.
New York, Dec. 14.—The honey
moon trip of Captain Hudson, skipper
of the Hath (Me.) schooner Henry
Clausen, Jr., and his bride last month
was thrilling in the extreme, accord
ing to details received of their ex
periences on board that 111 fated ves
sel, which, after numerous vicissi
tudes, finally burned in midocean.
The newly married couple and crew,
finally rescued by a passing steamer,
were taken to Messina and it is from
there that an account of the experi
ences has reached this city. The
Clausen, a three-master, was bound
from Qulfport, Miss., to tbe Azores,
lumber laden. When some 500 miles
from St. Michaels, her port of des
tlnation, on Nov. 10, a hurricane be
gan to tear away everything above
decks and for three days kept the lit
tle company of eight in terror, re
lieved only by Mrs. Hudson's brave
singing of hymns and recounting of
Bible stories. The schooner sprang
a leak and all the food was uner wa
ter. .lust as it seemed that the vessel
must go to pieces a steamer was sight
ed. It proved to be the Snowdonia
and all were rescue in lifeboats.
Hardly were they aboard than smoke
began to pour from the Clausen and
soon the wreck was ablaze.
New York Central's Marine 8ervice at
New York. Dec. 14.—Because the
New York Central railroad's marine
superintendent refused to reinstate a
tugboat crew he had discharged when
they refused to work a half hour over
time without pay the twenty-three
tugs of the company are tied up. The
crows of all these craft, which handle
the company's floats on the East and
North rivers and in the harbor, re
fused to begin work and added a fur
ther demand that they be paid twice
a month instead of monthly as here
Fixes Weekly "Alimony Day."
Chicago, Dec. 14.—Beginning with
the new year every Friday afternoon
will be "alimony day" with Judge Al
bert C. Barnes of the superior court
of Cook county. Judge Barnes, in
making the announcement, declared
that there is such a mass of legal
business growing out of divorce and
divorce hearings that it interferes
with more important matters an re
quires a day or part of a day by itself.
Aakmunition for African
New Haven, Conn., Dec. 14.—Am
munition to be used by President
Roosevelt on his African hunting trip
has been prepared here and forward
ed to Washington, together with the
weapons which tbe president will use
and which were sent here to be ex
amined by experts. The ball cart
ridges are in varying weights, the
largest being deemed of the right cal
iber to bring down a pachyderm.
Canadian Jurist Ends His Life.
Quebec, Dec. 14.—Jean Gervais Pro
tals Blanchet, judge of the king's
bench here, blew his brains out while
suffering from a fit of insanity caused
by ill health. Judge Blanchet was six
ty-five years old and a descendant of
one of the old French families. He
served two terms as provincial treas
urer of Quebec and was a member o?
tbe legislature and reviser of
Quebec statutes
Quilty of Counterfeiting
Passing counterfeit money is no worse
than substituting some unknown worth
less remedy for Foley's Honey and Tar,
the great oough and oold remedy that
cures the most obstintte coughs and
hflllll thl hingli J- H- Aniinnnii
*1 j*wi y
'fX ••, w
We realize that Ladies' Ready to Wear Gar
ments are somewhat out of our line, but the temp
tation of giving the public
Something Cheaper and Better
than it was ever offered here before was greater
than we could resist.
To fully appreciate these
Extraordinary Bargains
we cordially invite you to visit our store and see
the line.
Remember the Place
and Date.
Come Early and get the
Benefit of First Choice.
Extra Special Until Xmas
Friday Morning, Dec. II, We place on
Sale these Extraordinary Bargains:
1AA C,'i/. Consisting of Black and Blue
Serge, All Wool Cheviots,
Cashmeres and Worsteds, ranging in price up to
$18.00, all Sizes, *1 1 CA
Your Choice y* eOvl
Lake County Clothing Co.
We have received a consignment of the entire "Sample Line" of
Ladies/ Misses' & Children's Goaks, Skirts & Furs
of one of the Largest Eastern Manufacturers in the Country.
The Line Comprises Nearly 200 Garments
NOT TWO ALIKE. The style represent Fur Lined, Lined, Plush Lined, Bearskin Lined with Fur
Princes Empire semi-fitting 54-inch lengths, loose fitting three-fourths lengths and Directoire Styles*
The Fur Garments Consist of
Cramer, Astrachan, Electric Sea!, Wambut & Siberian Pesnie, Hun
dreds of Fur Scarfs, Boas and Muffs.
We are authorized to dispose of the entire line at
in some instances at as low as
50c on the Dollar
Sale Begins at 9 a. m. Friday, Dec. 11
Lasting Until Thursday, Dec. 18.
Goat Sweaters
You will find more Genuine Values at this Store
than at any other Store in town.
Don't Fail to See Us.
JOSEPH HENKIN, Prop, MadisonJS. D.
100 Youths' Suits,up to $12 50 Values d^"7 'TIS
During tihs sale, Choice y®
20% Discount on Our Chil
dren's 2-Piece Suits
We have about 30 Fur Coats, which, owing le
the mild weather have not been selling as fast as we
We must turn them into Cash
Give ui what we paid for them and they are yourt*
20% Discount on Our Entire Line of
Fancy Overcoats
15% Discount on our Entire Line of
Blue and Black Overcoats.
Do Your Xmas Shopping Here
We Received an Immense Line of
Fancy Suspenders
Fancy Vests
Dress Gloves
and many other things too numerous to mention.

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