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In Our Gut Grass and Hand Painted
China Stock there are pieces that
Can't Be Duplicated
elsewhere in this locality at the price
have you a Student friend?
You will make no mistake in send
ing him a Good Fountain Pen.
Does Your Friend Smoke?
Ghances are he does. You ought
to see our small! boxes of
From 50c to $1 Each
Also Meerschaum Pipes
and Cigar Holders
Why Not Perfume?
There is no more popular pres
ent for the refined woman
of today than good perfume
You will find the suitable Christmas Gift
The one you are racking your brains for*
The one that he or she will appreciate most
iftM jhrs i remembrance.
We will sell from our entire showing of
Cut Glass, Hand-Painted China, Silverware,
Mantel and Gold Clocks, Umbrellas*
Fountain Pens, Fobs, Watch
and Neck Chains
and everything else in a First-Class Jewelry
A Wonderful
Holiday Gift Goods
Such a Wonderful Lot of Select Holiday Gift
Goods we have seldom seen. Classy,
Nifty, High Grade Goods are now offered
at very low cost.
The Old Reliable Drug and Jewelry House
over our Xmas Suggestions
Hat Pins
made out of
Real Rose Hat Pins
It does not seem possible, yet it is true,
tlr.it these llai fins are made out of real
live roses, changed entirely into metal
by a seeretprocess.preserving every de
tailof the rose from which each pin is
made. They can not break, and willlast
forever. This discovery is without
doubt one of the lost arts of the ancient
t-Kyptians. They are the most beautiful
of all Hat Pins. Notwo are alike. Fin
ished in five colors, to conform to the
prevailing fashions in millinery. Made
in six sizes, from the smallest rose bud
to the ful I blown flower These pins are
made by the genuine "DKI.AMOTHE"
secret process, the only process by
which an open rose can be perfectly
melalized. Don't buy an inferior imita
tion. All genuine "DELAMOTHF.
Metalizcd Real Rose Hat Pin»" have
the name stamped on the pin.
We have the exclusive
sale of "DELAMOTHE"
productsforthiscity. See
the exhibit in our win
dow of this wonderful
May your Christmas Stocking be
filled full, packed down tight, full
up, running over, with presents from
our stock.
THE cm'.
Weather Forecast
Fair tonight and Tuesday cooler to
8m Thompson & Lee for electric
Anderson's stock of Christmas gifts
is the beet in town.
Phone Simpsou tsr tank wad or
Take your photograph! and pictures
to Ireland for framing.
Mother spoons, engraved 80c each at
Geo. Cook's.
Choice upland hay for sale, to be de
livered next week.—A. W. Holdrige,
Phone 187.
See Thompson & Lee for electric
For Sale. 1908 "Buick" automobile
in perfect order and folly equipped
with top. plate glast wind shield,
lamps, tools, etc. Call or write—
Frank C. Smith, Madison, S. O.
Don't forget to call for yoar tickets
on the tireless cooker when baying at
our store. —Jones Drug Co.
Anderson's line of bracelets is so*
See Thompson 4b Lee
A Watch and Chain
is most acceptable for your boy,
girl or wife, or even yoursotf»
Get Our Prices
Get yourself one of our
New Souvenir Spoons
We have more than a doz^n differ*
kinds to select from.|
For a Good Investment
Buy a Diamond
We carry them right here in stock
all the time.
Prices from $12.50 to $250.00
Everything you could
wish for or think of
as a gift is here at its
best. Our stock was
bought for discrimi
nating people.
Rev. R. M. llardman was a
ing passenger from Howard,
Alias Edith Fawkes returned
few days' visit with friends
Several candidates frojn Howard will
take degrees in Madison comuiandery,
K. T., this evening.
We deliver hard coal at $10 per Ion
cash. —Hayes Lacas Lbr. Co.
R. E.Dowdell was a thtongb passen
ger for Notre Dame Ind., to accom
pany his daughters, Misses Ethel and
Lillian, college students, home for the
^holiday vacation.
*«**9 A,,
i -':*w iiiA i
Joseph Oppurud is iiutuuiruii a
at Albert Lea, Minn.
All kinds of legging, rubbers
otrer shoes at Nick Bjornstaft,
A pair of nice shoes or slippern
will make a useful as well as n
handsome Christmas gift. We have
rnem in up to date styles.—Nick
yprcial conclave nf Madison corn
mandery, K. T.. this evening. Work
in red and black. Sir Knights, at*
many as possible, are requested to ap
pear at 7:30.—J. L. Jones, E. C.
B. Fowler of Slipboyg«n,atid En
tfene Cornell of Whitewater, Wis.,
brother nnd cousin of A. Fowler,
ltre to attend tlie funeral of the late
Mr*. H. A. Fowler, departed lor their
homes this luoruing.
Tom Kyne in Judge Sponholz's
oourt this afternoon was bound over to
li6 circuit court in the sum of f500
which b« was unable to furnish ami
will remain in thfe county .iail until
the February term. Kyne is charged
from a
at Old-
Will O. Clough who spent Sunday
in the city returned home to Sioux
Ihe real rose hat pins at Anderson's
removal sale are right in quality and
Col. Nighbert was a morning passe n
ger for Inwood, lows, and will return
Clyde Walker and wife departed tdis
morning for Tulsa, I. T., to make their
permanent home there.
ftuel A. Dana, grand master of the
Odd Fellows lodge, was an evening de
parture fjr Ramona.
Regular meeting of O. E. S. tomor
row evening. Business of importance
to be settled.—Mrs. Vidal, W. M.
The best present for a student would
be a college or high school penant
We have the penanta.— Holliday& Por
ter, Lannon Block.
A neat, cozy cottage on north side,
well located, mast be sold at once, $050
easy terms. See aDout this.—A. W.
Miss Weum, trimmer in Miss Morse's
millinery Btore, was a morning passen
ger for Sioux Falls, accompanied by
Mrs. Kelley.
Tbis section is enjoying delightful
weather. Temperature this morning
34 degrees above zero, with bright sun
shine and the balmiest kind of atmo-
keeping a gambling joint, and is
icing prosecuted under the state law.
Fred Cioisant, recently of Iowa, has
settled on his farm land near Ramona.
Hiix years ago he bought the land for
.•£27.50 per acre and has since iefns«*d
#15 per acre for it. He recently sold
his land in Iowa for #1 '25 per acn|
lie says Lake county land is equally a
ood as the Iowa land and he prefers
nvestniente in tbis section,
Ottumwa. Ia., dispatch, 18: Mayor
T. ,1. Phillips and twelve prominent
itizens today wrote Evangelist W. A.
iunday that they would assist next
Sabbath in making his free will offer
ug as large as possible if he would turn
ill but $1,000 and the expecses of him
self and party over to the Ministerial
iHHociation for Ottumwa charitable
The play cf "Old Farmer Hopkins"
s aa pure as the breath of mountain
lir. Not a single objectionable fea
ture can be found throughout tne per
formance. There is a play to which
you can take your mothey, your sister
or your sweetheart, with the assurance
that they will thoroughly enjoy every
moment of the entertainment. Opeia
house, Dec. 15.
Dell Rapids dispatch, 12: M. L.
Guild of Logan towntibip, has rented
the last of his H00 Hires and has come
the city. It is also reported that C.
B. Huntimer of Charles City farmir
listrict, will build a splendid home up
n some well located lots here. He
uas always had the greatest confidence
Minnehaha farm lands and kept
•Killing farm after farm until now he is
possessor of over 1,200 acres.
Local Odd Fellows enjoyed a
jf unusual good fellowship at their
hall Saturday, the occasion being the
annual visitation of theii grand mas
ter, Ruel A. Dana of Armonr. Appr
priate addresses were made by Mr.
Dana, Dr. A. E. Clough. Mayor Geo
H. Waskey, B. A. Bronson of Ramona,
and others. The ladies of the Rebe
kah lodge were present,and with mem
bers from adjoining towns, the atten
dance numbered about 250. Supp«
was served and the evening was one of
much social pleasure.
Large Attendance Last Even
ing— Freewill Offering
Next Sunday
The attendance at the tabernacle last
evening was decidedly the largest
the series of revival meetings. Every
si*at in the building was lilied to it
capacity, chairs were placed in the
aisles, and a large number were invited
to seats on the platform, and yet thei
were many people standing in rear of
the tabt-rnacle, unable to be accommo
dated y'itb seats
The choir chairs were filled with
singers, and with the young ladies' or
chestra of four pieces and the piann
an excellent concert of half an hour
preceded the regular services.
Rev. Thibodeau of the M. E. cbarch
stepped to the front of the platform
and presented remarks in regard to
financial affairs. He stated that he
feared his frequent collection talks
would become like the modern maga
zine—a small amount of superficial
reading matter between a great num
ber of pages of advertising. He felt
that the collections bad been like thin
slices between thick slices of religious
service. Mr. Johnson had come to
Madison without the slightest guaran
tee of financial remuneration. I will
not suffer it to be said that be is a
grafter, aiul I will defend him with
all my might as being a pure, Chris
tian gentleman. All he asks of you
for his services is a freewill offering,
and next Sunday has been set apart for
that purpose. Lay adde your preju
dices and give a rousing freewill offer
ing and thus show your appreciation
of the services of our evangelist.
Rev. Mr. Stockton of the Baptist
church stated that, the offering of the
evening would be placed in the hands
of the treasurer of the ministerial asso
ciation for use in charitable work in
the city during the winter.
Mr. Johnson announced that no
offerings will be asked during the week
-until next Sunday wnen the freewill
offering will be made a part of the
services of that day. He said the ex
penses of the meetings have beeu pro
vided for. and "we are out of the
The evening collection was then
taken up.
Mi. Jobnson published the announce
ments, and urged that the coming week
be made a full week for the work of
God. Services every day and evening.
Tbis evening "a talk on booze,"
at which special seating facilities will
be provided for men. Next Thursday
will be the great day of the revival.
Church oells will ring and the first
service of the day will begin at 7 a. m.
In towns in which I have held meet
ings banks and all other places of ousi-
dkj&f '^1
We Have Everything
To keep you warm and com
fortable this cold weather.
Fur, Fur-lin«4»
Flannel and
Our UNDERWEAR URE is Complete
Our CAPS and MITTENS can't be beat
French China Dinner Set
Given Away at H. 1. Munro's.
A Beautiful Set of Famous Limo
ges China, handsomely decorated,
with natural colored pink rose in a
delicate spray effect.
The Best French China Dinner
Set Value ever offered at $25.
and our store is full of Good Things for you. The
best line of Candies, Nuts and Fruits in town. Buy
of us anA
Get ticlcets on mis beautiful
set of dishes.
H. J. MUNRO, The Grocer.
ness have tx'en closed. Factories and
saloons close and business generally is
suspended. Jews and Uentiles, Catho
lics and prostestaLts, all attend my
meetings on this special day. Place
cards in your windows announcing
that your place of business will be
closed from 2:30 to 4 p. Thurs
day, and let's make it a wonderful day.
After prayer by the evangelist, he
faced the vast congregation with the
admonition. "Steady, now!"
Es ir. .hit
'Hell from
beneath is moved for thee to meet tbee
at thy coming." Isaiah, 14-9. Also,
"How shall we escapeH'' Hebrews,
2-3. Tbis question cannot be answered
by man, the devil, or the angels in
heaven I am not sure that I will
the sun rise tomorrow, but I am
there is a hell jails are made by
men wberein to punish lawbreakers
bell is made by God as a place lor the
devil and tbe punishment of men who
transgress hie laws hell is a place of
intense physics 1 anguish, remorse and
•hame and evil aaaociation. If yoo re
fuse Christ you choose bell for eter
nity hell is the bottomless pit into
wbicb men and women plunge. Often
taese meetings are tbe last oall from
God. Society women of Madiaon,
o 5 n
rn fv
s i
8. U.. when they are in bell will see
young people whom they have dragged
down and tbe fallen ones will cuise
in. In hell you'll remember my
face as I stood here and plead with yon
to seek God. In hell the Dlack-hearted
adulterer will remember the one he
dragged down. In hell the seducer
will remember the gweet, trusting one
he deceived, haunting him through
everlasting eternity. If yon go there I
cannot belp it—1 have warned yon.
Though your sins be as scsrlet, Jesus
can wash you white as snow. Salvm
tioon is only through Jeans Christ.
In hell yon'll recall these meetings,
but you'll be a lost soal.
At the conclusion of the sermon the
asual invitation to converts was ex
Holiday Specials.
Gillette safety razors, Xmas poet
cards and post card albums, oollar and
cuff boxes, fiudnut'8 and Colgate's per
fumes, in holiday packages, Funke's
candies, band painted china, nnsical
instruments, Teddy beats, dolls laige
and small, mirrors, manicure seta,
oomhe and brosnes. an elegant line of
Christmas stationery,Btate Normal and
high school penanta and ana bead*.—
i .t Vv Ay f*. 5 -.v. .1 ..Sc X- TiilmMMnr
\v' -t
Ifc Iff r'tr -w —/k»
I ^"4

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