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Convinced of Goilt of Dis
diarged Negro Soldiers.
In Transmitting Report of War De
partment on Brownsville Affair the
President Briefly Comments on Re
sult of Investigation and Makes Rec
ommendations for Rei nstat«m»nt of
Some of the Mon.
Washington, Dec. 15.—In transmit
ting the war department's report on
the Brownsville affair to the senate
President Roosevelt accompanied the
document with a brief message on the
subject. After the reading of the
president's message had been con
cluded the clerk read all of the state
ments and other evidence submitted
to the war department, for which the
president's message was merely a
letter of transmittal. This is contrary
to the usual course. The message fol
To the Senate:
I enclose herewith a letter from the
secretary of war transmitting a report
of the investigation made by Mr. Her
bert J. Browne, employed by the de
partment in conjunction with Captain
W. G. Baldwin to investigate as far
as possible what happened at Browns
ville on the 13th and 14th of August,
1906. The report and documents con
tain some information of great value
and some statements that are obvi
ously worthless, but I submit them in
their entirety.
This report enables us to fix with
tolerable deflniteness at least some of
the criminals who took the lead In
the murderous shooting of private
citizens at Brownsville. It establishes
clearly the fact that the colored sol
diers did the shooting but upon this
point further record was unnecessary,
as the fact that the colored soldiers
did the shooting has already been
established beyond all possibility of
doubt. The investigation has not
gone far enough to enable us to de
termine all the facts and we will pro
ceed with it but it has gone far
enough to determine with sufficient
accuracy certain facts of enough im
portance to make it advisable that I
place the report before you.
Has No Doubt of Their Quilt
It appears that almost all the mem
bers of Company must have been
actively concerned in the shooting,
tlther to the extent of being partici
pants or to the extent of virtually en
couraging those who were partici
pants. As to Companies and
there can be no question that prac
tically every man in them must have
had knowledge that the shooting was
done by some of the soldiers of
ttpop and possibly by o&e or twojgfctar
Corner Drug Store Book Emporium
•rs in one of the other troops. This
concealment was itself a grave of
fense, which was greatly aggravated
by their testifying before the senate
committee that they were ignorant of
what they must have known. Never
theless, it is to be said in partial ex
tenuation that they were probably
cowed by threats, made by the more
desperate of the men who had actually
been engaged in the shooting, as to
What would happen to any man who
failed to protect the wrongdoers.
Moreover, there are circumstances
tending to show that these misguided
men were encouraged by outsiders to
persist in their course of concealment
and denial. 1 feel, therefore, that the
guilt of the men who, after the event,
thus shielded the perpetrator. cf the
wrong by refusing to tell the truth
about them, though serious, was in
part due to the unwise and improper
attitude of others and that somt
measure of allowance should be made
for the misconduct.
Conditions of Reinstatement.
In other words, I believe we can
afford to reinstate any of these men
who now truthfully tell what has hap
pened, give all the aid they can to
fix the responsibility upon those who
are really guilty and show that they
themselves had no guilty knowledge
beforehand and were in no way impli
cated in the affair, save by having
knowledge of it afterwards and fail
ing and refusing to divulge it. Under
the circumstances, and in view of the
length of time they have been out of
the service and their loss of the ben
efit that would have accrued to them
by continuous long time service, we
can afford to treat the men who meet
the requirements given above as hav
ing been sufficiently punished by the
tonsequences they brought upon
themselves when they rendered nec
essary the exercise of the disciplinary
power. I recommend that a law be
passed allowing the secretary of war,
within a fixed period of time, say a
year, to reinstate any of these sol
diers whom he, after careful examina
tion, finds to have been innocent and
whom he finds to have done all in his
power to help bring justice to the
Meanwhile the Investigation will be
continued. The results have made it
obvious that only by carrying on the
investigation as the war department
has actually carried it on is there
the slightest chance of bringing the
offenders to justice or of separating
not the innocent, for there were doubt
less hardly any innocent, but the less
guilty from those whose guilt was
Falls to Agree on Verdict HiHfnehart
Waynesburg, Pa., Dec. 15.—After
forty-three hours' deliberation the
Jury in the case of J. B. F. Rinehart,
cashier and vice president of the de
funct Farmers and Drovers' National
bank, could not agree on a verdict
and was discharged. It was stated
that forty-seven ballots were taken
and the last ballot stood eight for
oonviction and four for acquittal.
Rinehart was tried on one of sev
enteen indictments charging forgery
and false pretenses. The bank failed
two yearH ago for $2,000,000.
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Railroad Man Wins Sweep
in Court Victory.
Highest Tribunal In the Land De
clares Union Pacific Magnate Can
not Be Compelled to Reply to Ques
tions of the Interstate Commerce
Commission Concerning Certain
Dealings in Stocks.
Washington, Dec. 15.—In an opinion
by Justice Holmes the supreme court
of the United States held that E. H.
Harriman and Otto Kahn, the latter a
Kt w York banker, should not be re
quired to answer the Interstate com
merce commission's questions con
cerning dealings in stocks between
the Union Pacific and other roads to
which they refused to make response
when the subject was under investi
gation in New York.
The case came to the supreme court
on cross appeals by Harriman and the
government from the decision of the
circuit court of the United States for
the Southern district of New York
holding that Mr. Harriman should be
compelled to make response to most
of the questions. It arose in connec
tion with the order of the commission
of Nov. 15, 1908, directing an inquiry
into the combination of the Union Pa
cific road with 3uch other lines as the
Southern Pacific, the Atchison, To
peka and Santa Fe, the Northern Pa
cific, the Great Northern, the Illinois
Central, the Chicago and Alton and
the New York Central. This order
was very sweeping in character and
Intended to develop the facts regard
ing the community of Interests be
tween the Union Pacific and other
roads, the practices and methods of
the roads, the rates received, etc. It
was also hoped that it would bring
out the facts regarding the transfer of
other stocks in the Union Pacific.
When Mr. Harriman was put on the
stand he declined, in response to a
question, to say whether he had
owned any of the Chicago and Alton
stocks which were purchased by the
Union Pacific and the price of which
Had Been Fixed by Himself
whether a portion of the stock of the
Illinois Central had been acquired by
a pool of which he was a member
with the view of selling it to the Un
ion Pacific and whether the Union
Pacific directors were interested in
the New York Central stock which
was acquired by the Union Pacific.
He also declined to state how much of
the stock of the Atchison, Topeka and
Santa Fe was owned by directors of
the Union Pacific.
The circuit court directed Mr. Harri-
•am la rta'r to itesa-wiHfcteBa. w*
flume 260
he responded by appealing to the
preme courts
The appeal of the government from
the decision of the court was based
upon the refusal of the lower court to
compel Mr. Harriman to answer a
question as to whether he had pur
chased stock In the Union Pacific In
anticipation afepn dividend.
There was also a proceeding against
Otto H. Kahn, a member of the New
York banking house of Kuhn, Loeb &
Co., who were the financial agents of
the Union Pacific, similar to that
against Harriman. Mr. Kahn refused
to answer questions covering the
points upon which Mr. Harriman de
clined to enter.
Much interest has been felt in the
cBse because of Its very great impor
tance and the announcement of the
court's decision was listened to with
deep Interest by those present lq the
court. The opinion reversed the de
cision of the lower court in o far as
it compelled responses and affirmed
the portion in which the court refused
to compel such responses. It was a
sweeping victory for Harriman and
his associates.
No Improvement Follows Operation at
Minneapolis, Dec. 15.—Senator H.
C. Hansbrough of North Dakota still
hangs between life and death at As
bury hospital.
There has been no improvement In
the senator's condition since Satur
day, when the operation was per
formed, say his physicians.
Senator Hansbrough was taken sick
in Minneapolis on his way to Wash
ington two weeks ago and Saturday
was operated on for mastoiditis.
Closing of Ferry Lines Without Pre
vious Notice.
New York, Dec. 15.—The New York
and Brooklyn Ferry company without
previous notice permanently discon
tinued the five ferry lines connecting
New York city with the eastern dis
trict of Brooklyn.
The immediate result by the con
gestion of trucks and passengers al
most developed a riot. Reserves had
to be called out.
Offloiat Status of Prince Chun.
Peking, Dec. 16.—Statutes fixing th«
official status of Prince Chun, the re
gent, have been published. The
prince is given an annual salary of
150,000 taels (about $105,000) and ia
made commander-in-chief of both the
land and sea forces of the empire.
The edict provides also that a palace
be built for him near the site of the
late dowager empress' winter
Purchased by Great Northern
Madison, WiB., Dec. 15.—Deeds of
transfer were filed with the secretary
of state whereby the Great Northern
Railway company of St. Paul and the
Allouez Dry Dock company of Supe
rior, a subsidiary corporation of the
Great Northern, purchases all the
property of the Duluth, Superior and
Western Railroad company for $2,
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House Committee on Message
Holds Meeting.
Washington, Dec. 15.—The special
committee appointed to suggest to the
housi what action, if any, should be
taken In view of the alleged reflection
on members of congress in that para
graph of the president's annual mes
sage dealing with the secret service
In.'Id its first meeting. Chairman Per
kins obtained an expression of the
views of the various members relative
to 1 lie language of the president and
suggestions as to what course the
house could best take in defending
tin- reputation of Its members. It was
announced that no decision was
reached and that another meeting
would be held.
Appeal of De Armond (Mo.) Laid on
th« Table.
Washington, Dec. 15.—When the
liouse convened Republican Floor
Leader Payne brought in a joint res
olution, which was agreed to, provid
ing for the adjournment of congress
from Saturday, Dec. 19, to Monday,
Jan. 4.
Mr. Payne also called up the appeal
of Representative de Armond of Mis
souri from the decision of the speaker
last Saturday, holding that the speak
er's vote which broke the tie on the
bill to protect aliens was legal. The
New York member moved to lay the
appeal on the table. In anticipation
of the proceedings both sides mus
tered their full forces. The appeal
was laid on the table by a vote of
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