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In Our Gut Glass and Hand Painted
China Stock there are pieces that
Can't Be Duplicated
elsewhere in this locality at the price
Have you a Student Friend?
You will make no mistake in send
ing him a Good Fountain Pen.
Does Your Friend Smoke?
Chances are he does. You ought
to see our smalll boxes of Cigars
From 50c to $1 Each
Also Meerschaum Pipes
and Cigar Holders!
Why Not Perfume?
There is no more popular pres
ent for the refined woman
of today than good perfume
You will [find the suitable Christmas Gift.
The one you are racking your brains for.
The onl that he or she will appreciate most
and give a lasting remembrance.
We will sell from our entire showing of
Cut Glass, Hand-Painted China, Silverware,
Mantel and Gold Clocks, Umbrellas,
Fountain Pens, Fobs, Watch
and Neck Chains
and everything else in a First-Class Jewelry Stock.
A Wonderful Line of
holiday Gift Goods
Such a Wonderful Lot of Select Holiday Gift
Goods we have seldom seen. Classy,
Nifty, High Grade Goods are now offered
at very low cost.
Look over our Xmas Suggestions
Hat Pins
E W E Y a y y o u i s a s S o k i n e
#J filled full, packed down tight, full.*
up, running over9 with presents from
our stock.
made out of
ft jll
Real Rose HatPins
•too*, not sct possible. yet it is
i Itn th. Hat Pins, an- made out of rs I
ive rosi s. channt'd entirely into mem I
^y asecretpro«.ess.preserving every dt
'ailof the rose from which each pin is
nude. They can not break,and willlasi
torever. This discovery is without
loubt one of the lost arts of the unri»ri
F.ifyptians. They aie the most beautiful
ijf all Hat Pins. No two are alike. Fin
shed in five colors, to conform to the
prevailing fashions in millinery. Made
n six sizes,from the smallest rose biui
to thefullblO'vmflGV.-i-r These pins are
made by the genuine "DELAMOTHK
secret process, the only process by
which an open rose can be perfectly
metalized. Don't buy an inferior initia
tion. All genuine "DtLAMOTHK
Metalized Real Rose Hat Pins" have
stamped on the pin.
We have the exclusive
Sale of "DIXAMO I HE"
productsforthiscity. See
the exhibit in our win
dow of this wonderful
The Old Reliable Drug and Jewelry House
Weather Forecast
Fair and much colder tonight Fri
day fair.
For Rent. Suite of furnished rooms
for the winter. Inquire of Mis. J. A.
Patrons desiring turkey for Chritt
urn* dinner are ^requested to file theii
orders early, at Molnmby's market.
See Thompson & Lee for electric
The best present for a student would
be a college or high school penant.
We have th* penants.— Holliday & Por
ter, Lannon Block.
See Thompson & Lee for electric
A pair of nice shoes or slippers
will make a useful as well as a
handsome Christmas gift. We have
tnem in up to date styles.—Nick
Phone Simpson
A Watch and Chain
is most acceptable for your bpy,
girl or wife, or even yourself.
Get Our Prices
Get yourself one of our
New Souvenir Spoons"
We have more than a dozjn differ
kinds to select from.
For a Good Investment
Buy a Diamond
We carry them right here in stock
all the time.
Prices from $12.50 to $250.00
Everything you could
wish for or think of
as a gift is here at its
best. Our stock was
bought for discrimi
nating people.
For Sale. 1908 "Buick" automobile
in perfect order and fully equipped
with top. plate glass wind shield,
lamps, tools, etc. Call or write—
Frank C. Smith, Madison, S. D.
All kinds of leggins, rubbers sad
over shoes at Nick Bjcrnstad.
Five fresh cows foi sale. Inquire
of H. J. Rose.
We deliver hard
at $10 per ton
cash. —Hayes Lucas Lbr. Co.
See the new Shepnard sashes at Miss
Take your photographs «ad pictures
to Ireland for
S.v Th' nut
Don't forget to call for yoor tickets
on the tireless cooker when buying at
'oar store. —Jones Drug Co.
Mrs. W ickham was a morning depar
ture for Cresco, Iowa.
Have you seen the "Martin Collars,"
the correct neckwear for ladies?—Geo.
Trainmen repot the snow storm
west and north about the same as in
this vicinity.
Chas. Spawn, resident of the section
west of Chamberlain, is in the city vis
iting his brother, Geo.Spawn,
Mrs. N. B. Smith and daughter.
Mrs. Johnson, departed this morning
for f-eon Springs, Fla., to spend the
The first beary mow of the season
prevailed in this section last night
and this forenoon, five or fiix inches
falling. At, noon tne clouds cleared
away with prospects of fair and colder
Anybody who wants candy and bon
bon boxes for Chiistmas, don't forget
to try the Sugar Bowl, between John
son's store and Regan's tailor ehop.
You can find better prices at the
Sugar Bowl than any other place.
Freight train No. 04t Eli Winesburg
conductor, met with an accident at
Jackson hill about 10 o'clock last nigut
by whicn a dozen cars were derailed
None of tne trainmen were injured
The freight train was beavily loaded
and was being drawn by two engines.
Appropriate Xmas cifts of all de
scriptions you will find at MissBogen's
art needlework parlors. Our assort
ment is so great that it is impossible
to give particular mention to what we
4SMfSf wd
the pabltc to
uive our store a visit to convince them
helves of the b«autifai display of holi
day goods suitable foi voting and old.
In our millinery department all hats
will be sold at a great reduction.
Miss M. Bogfn, Odd Fellow Block.
See the "Martin collars,' 'the correct
neck ornament and aeasou'a latest no
velty at Geo. Cook's.
.lames Hepburn announces a diaper
-ion sale of stock hops of the Berkuhire
breed, and several bead of cattle and
horses, at his premises one half mile
ast of Madison, Tuesday. Dec. 29.
Eli Greenhagen has purchased the
lumber in the tabernacle for a consid
ration of about #700. The material
will be used for the election of a
'milding for the nse of the Stark &
•Stannard Hp-to-Date Marble works on
i site near the railroad track in order
io procure more suitable shipping facil
O. S. Jones, the seedsman, who re
gently purchased a carload of alfalfa
-eed at Pierre, sent a sample to the ex
periment statiou at Bookings for in
-pection. He received a lettei today
-fating that the seed tested 1)7 per
i ent pure. The seed will he cata
logued and used for sale in bis need
Dr. L. L. Rewalt is planning to de
part for Los Angeles, Cal., next Sstur
lay to spend the winter and may de
ide to establish his home in that city.
The Doctor has spent the greater part
if his life in this section, and with
tdvancing age he has decided to seek
i warmer climate for the rest of his
Geo. Beck's furniture stare is tb
place to buy nspful Christmas presents
which are always appreciated. His
-tock is unusually complete with ap
propriate holiday articles this year.
-Jay a handsome rocker. Nothing
ouId lie more appreciated. Timers are
lso hundreds of other articles equally
appropriate. See Mr.Beck's Christmas
A letter received from Harry Walker
Brookings, who has cnarge of the
woking of the opera houses in the
north half of the state, including the
Madis.m Opera house,^ays the Brown's
u Town Co. give the est of satis
taction. The company appears herr
Saturday night of this week. Th»*
•'lay is a comedy,and is built for laagh
ng purposes only.
Ramona dispatch, 1f Rnel E
Dana, of Armour, srand master of th«'
independent Order of Odd Fellows
visited the local lodge last night. 1I»
was accompanied by J. M. J'atton of
iioux Falh, trustee jf the Odd Fellows
tome board, and Past Grand Master
Marquart, of Madison. The rveninj:
was devoted to the exemplification o:
:be unwritten work of the order, aftei
which the Rebekahs served an elabo
rate lunch.
Trent dispatch, 16: That there still
s a possibility of solving th« rnyster
the mnrder of Harvey Bradfield
who was killed last year.is Bupgestel
by an anonymous letter to StateV
Attorney Blewett tolling where to
iml the revolver '.vith which the kill
ing was done. A search was made ii.
culvert near the secne of the shoot
ing, as directed, and a badly ruste-l
revolver, containing two empty ani
three loaded cartridges, was found
Efforst to trace the letter to its authm
have been fruitless, but the anthojri
i ies are hoping that more evidence
will be revealed. It will be remem
tiered that Henry Hendrickson, one el
::be prominent men of the community,
was twice tried for tne murder, aad tfc
second time given his liberty.
G. A. R.
Comrades of Gen. Shields Post
Attend the Tabernacle
The snowstorm of last evening wa
"he means of reducing the attendnnc
at the tabernacle meeting, althougl
many braved the storm to be present
A special invitation had been extend
ed to comrades of Gen.* Shields Post
attend in a body and perhaps a score rt
sponded who were given seats in tb
body of the auditorium directly ir
front of the speaker. After the sonu
service, Mr. Johnson addressed tCi
comrades, expressing appreciation i
tbeir presence, and welcomed them
heartily. He rejoiced that the titu
bad arrived when men who wore th«
blue and the grav hsd buried th
batchet and now regarded each other u
brothere. The chair sang "When th
roll is called up yonder," the choir
and the congregation giving the com
rades the Chautauqua salute, by the
waving of haudkorcbiefs. Commander
Joseph Pulford made acknowledgement
with the command, "Comrades, sa
Mr. Johnson made the announcement
of future meetings. He also stated
that the lumber in the tabernacle
building bad been sold, and extended
high praise to the people of the com
munity for their enterprise and gener
osity in erecting the building for the
purposes for which it had been used.
He also stated that pledges made last
Sunday had all been paid except $ltt.
and that the expenses of the revival
meetings had lieen met with generous
contributions. Mr. Jobnson'e remarks
were gleeted with applause.
Solo by Singer Wegner, and Mr.
Johnson selected as his text, "Look un
to me and be ye saved, all ye ends of
the earth." Isaiah, 44-22. You may
not understand intricate theological
propositions but you all know how to
look fix yoqr eyes on Jesus Christ
take your eyes away from sin and
He will place you on solid rock
there is no peac« for the wicked we
are saved by grace the gift of God is
eternal life that is yours if you will
accept it- The poldjgr ,jg pQfi aahqiyed
A Merry Christmas to Everybody
According to Our Custom
We have made special preparations to supply
your wants in HOLIDAY GIFTS and our stock
this year is even better than ever before. We
have EVERYTHING that Men and Boys wear
and there is nothing more acceptable than an ar
ticle of wearing apparel.
We invite your especial attention to the
following lines:
Bath Robes and House Coats
Fancy Vests and Sweater Coats
Night Robes and Pajamas
Gloves and Mittens
Neckwear and Mufflers
Suit Cases
Neckties 75c, 50c, 25c
Suspenders $1.00, 75c, 50c
Linen Handkerchiefs $2.00, $1.00, 50c
Collar and Cuff Cases
With the Compliments of the Season, we are,
Very truly yours,
Burnett & Sutton
French China Dinner Set
Given Away at H. j. Mutiny's.
A Beautiful Set of Famous Limo
ges China, handsomely decorated,
with natural colored pink rose in a
delicate spray effect.
The Best French China Dinner
Set Value ever offered at $25.
and our store is full of Good Things for you. The
best line of Candies, Nuts and Fruits in town. Buy
of us and
Get tickets on this beautiful
set of dishes.
H. J. MUNRO, The Grocer.
of the offict-rs under whom he fought
how can we be ashamed of Christ who
shed bis blood for us, as you have seen
comrades shed their blood for their
country? Jesus Christ bas paid the
price of sin.
Notwithstanding the congregation
wan tne smallest of the week, much in
terest was manifested, and when the
evangelist invited converts to come for
ward several respond«i.
Dorando feeaten by Longboat.
New York, Dec. 17.—New York's
Italian colony is swathed In dense
gloom, for the little hero of all Italy,
Dorando, Dear winner of the Olympic
Marathon, victor over Johnny Hayes,
the Irish-American champion, and one
of the gamest distance runners the
world has known, has had hiB new
won laurels snatched from him by a
redskin track warrior from Canada—
Ton Longboat.
Holiday SpeciaUk
Gillette safety razors, Auias post
cards and post card albums, collar and
cuff loxes. Hudnut's and Colgate's per
fnuies, in holiday packages, Funke'n
candies, hsnd painted china, musical
instrgyept^ Tudflj beyq, flq|lf jpij^e
and small, mirrors, Hiauicure sets,
com lis and brushes, an elegant line of
Christines stationery,State Normal and
high school penants and arui bands.—
Holliday & Porter, Lannon Block.
Says Tariff Benefits Workman.
Washington, Dec. 17. lid ward
Brush, vice president of the Amer
ican Smelting and Refining company,
testified before the house ways and
means committee regarding the lead
schedule of the tariff. He claimed
that the duty on Jead is for the ben
efit of the miner, but also said that
there would not be any lead produced
In this country if the tariff is taken
Nvw Wedding 3wMtm«at.
Brides and brides edectt ought to take
a special interest in tbei newest fash
ionable condiment, for it is orange
blossom preserve. It Is a Moroccan
delicacy and is a staple -at marriage
feasts in parts of Europe, Asia and
Africa. As made In Morocco It Is
an exceptionally dcflictoos sweetmeat,
while its appropriateness as part of a
wedding collation Is obvious.
mmnXmrn film RmmmOr

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