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la Our Cut Glass and Hand Painted
China Stock there are pieces that
Can't Be Duplicated
elsewhere in this locality at the price
yon a
Student Friend?
You will make no mistake in send
ing him a Good Fountain Pen.
Does Your Friend Smoke?
Chances are he does. You ought
to see our snialll boxes of Cigars
From 50c to $1 Each
Also Meerschaum Pipes
and Cigar Holders
Why Not Perfume?
There is no more popular pres
ent for the refined woman
of today than good perfume
our stock.
You will [find the suitable Christmas Gift
The one you are racking your brains for.
The one that he or she will appreciate most
and give a lasting remembrance.
We will sell from our entire showing of
Cut Glass, Hand-Painted China, Silverware,
Mantel and Gold Clocks, Umbrellas,
Fountain Pens, fobs, Watch
and Neck Chains
and everything else in ft First-Class Jewelry Stock.
Such a Wonderful Lot of Select Holiday Gift
Goods we have seldom seen. Classy,
Nifty, High Grade Goods are now offered
at very low cost.
Look over our Xmas Suggestions
Hat Pins
made out of
Real Rose Hat Pins
i does not seem possible, yet it is true.
i-.it these Hiit I1ins. are made out of reu!
live roses, changed entirely into metal
by asecretprocess.prcserv inK every de
Mil of the rose from which ouch pin i
made. They can not break, and will last
(rever. This discovery is withon
loubt one of the lost arts of the an ien
I Kvptians. They are the most heauufu
of all Hat Pins. Notwo are alike. Fin
•shed in five colors, to conform to thi
prevailing fashions in millinery. Madi
six sizes,from the smallest rose bud
o theful I blown flower These pins nr
made by the genuine "DI.LAMOTHE"
secret process, the only process by
which un open rose can be perfecth
metalizcd. Don't buy an inferior imita
tion. All genuine "DKLAMOTHI
Metalizcd Real Rose li at Pins" havi
the name stamped on the pin.
We have the exclusive
•ale of "DKLAMO I 111."
productsforthiscity. Se«
the exhibit in our win
dow of this wonderful
I JEWELRY May your Christmas Stocking be
I filled full, packed down tight, full
up, running over, with presents from
The Old Reliable Drug and Jewelry House
Weather forecast
Fair tonight ami Saturday warmer
Go to slack's for china.
Joseph Powers of Wentworth waB a
Madison visitor today.
The best present for a student would
bo a college or high school penant.
have the penanta.— Holliday & Por
ter, Lannon Block.
See Thompson A Lee for
A Watch and Chain
is most acceptable for your boy,
girl or wife, or even yourself.
Get Our Prices
Get yourself one of our]
New Souvenir Spoons
We have more than a dozen differ
kinds to select from.
For a Good Investment
Buy a Diamond
We carry them right here in stock
all the time.
Prices from $12.50 to $250.00
Everything you could
wish for or think of
as a gift is here at its
best. Our stock was
bought for discrimi
nating people.
A pair of nice shoes or slippers
will make a useful as well as a
handsome Christmas gift. We have
tnein in up to date styles.—Nick
All kinds of leggins, rubbers and
over shoes at Nick Bjornstad.
See the new Shepnard sashes at Miss
Take your photographs and pictures
to Ireland for framing
See Thompson & Lee
Appropiiate Xmas aifts of all de
scriptions you will find at MissBogen's
art needlework parlors. Our assort
i :nent is so great that it is impossible
to give particular mention to what we
carry and therefore urge the public to
j^'ive our store a visit to convince theiu
K-lves of the beautiful display of holi
I day goods suitable foi young and old.
I Id our millinery department ail hats
will be sold at a great reduction.—
Miss M. Bogen, Odd Fellow Block,
i You can buy candy at James S.
lor 10, 184 as4 14o tm pound.
Have yuu set*u the china at Slack's
John S. Kramer of Alvord, Iowa, is
visiting hie parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ja
cob Kramer.
Look at toe caps and saucers at
Slack's. They are leaders.
The winter vacation of the city
schools will begin next Wednesday,
Dec. 23, and continae until Monday,
Jan. 11.
We invite you to call and examine
our fine assortment of china.—Jaims
S. Slack.
The fall term of tbe State Normal
school closed at noon today and a large
number of students departed for their
homes by the outgoing trains. The
winter term will begin at noon Jan. 5,
Employes of the local express office
begin to realize the near approach of
Christmas on account of the ariival of
hundreds of Christmas packages. The
season of good cheer entails additional
"labors of love'' on the part
and express employes.
We sell Fenn Bros, best chocolate
creams at 30c.—James S. Slack.
Irving C. Smith and wife and the
latter's sister, Miss Fike, are planning
to depart n6xt Tuesday for Long
Bcach, Cal.. to spend the winter.
Thos. McKeon nf Sioux Falls was an
arrival by the south train this morn
ing, spent a few hours in town cailiDg
on friends, and proceeded west to How
ard. Tom always gives a fellow a
new lease of life when he drops into
town and tells of the good things to
live for
Aberdeen—Out of three games
played, the basketball teams of the
Northern Normal and Industrial school
of this place scored one victory and two
dsAaftta the eaiue Zfa
normal juvenile team defeated the Gro
tou high school team by a score of 53
to 15, but the pirlfl' team lost to the
Hedfield high school girls by a score of
to 9, and the normal first team was
defeated Fy the Bath high school team
tiy a score of 31 to 28.
Diamonds just received at Jones
Druu Co.'s storo for the holidays,
Misses Iva Palmer and Genevieve
I itts. students at All Saints school,
^ioax Fulls, are home to spend tne
liristmas holidays
Let as figure with you on yonr Xmas
undies and nuts.—James S.Slack.
Christmas buyers throug the stores,
and people you meet on the streets
now-a days are bubbling over with
happiness. The pleasures of the
Christmas season never glow old.
Roller skating at the opera house
toniaht, the only chance this week.
Found. Pair gloves. This office.
Chief of Police Davis was out shoot
ing dogs today with a view of reduc
ing the canine population.
Patrons desiring turkey for Christ
inas dinner are requested to file their
orders early, at Molumby's market.
Miss Jennie Hepburn was an even
ing passenger for Buchanan, N. D., to
spend the holidays.
Hanold Mitchell, student in the
state university at Vermilliou, arrived
this eveniug to spend the holiday
season with his parents, Mr.and Mrs.
F. D. Mitchell.
Mrs. Borland and daughter departed
this evening for Wilmot to visit over
hristmas and will later visit relatives
in Wisconsin.
New arrival of jeweliy at Jones
Drug Co. 's store, consisting of dia
mond rings, shirt studs, pins and ear
rings, also pearl rings, studs and pinB.
Mrs. H. C. Cole of Miehawaka, Ind.,
arrived last evening to call on her
father, Wm.Whitmore, who is confined
to his home by illness
"Well, I have finally selected my
husbands Christinas present." "Some
thing nice?" ''Yes, a door mat we
needed it anyway." We have heard of
husbands receiving everything fiom a
\i .tchot to a cold look to gladden their
hearts on Christmas morning, but a
loor mat is the limit.
"Brown's in Town," the classy com
edy that Lewis and Slavens are pre
senting in this city tomorrow night is
rhaps the fasttst moving play that
was ever written. Striking situations
and intricate complications follow
tch other in such rapid succession
i hat one wonders how the author
will manage to keep the pace up,and
marvels at the brain that could un-
Z vel such a tangle as Brown's in
I own presents at the opening of the
second act. Seats now on sale.
Sioux Falls Press His partner
leaving tne country to avoid arrest,
-loseph Nelson of Nunda was arraigned
(fore United States commissioner Con
way yesterday, and charges of illegal
-ale of liquor against him were dis
missed. Nelson and Ole Levold were
wanted on the charge of illegal sale of
liquor, but the marshal's deputies only
succeeded in getting the former, Levold
i inning away from the large. The
uses against loth were dismissed,the
vidence being insufficient and show
inga spirit of revenge on the part of
the witnesses for the prosecution.
"The girl who is quick tempered,"
-ays an eipert, "must expect to have
nouble with ner complexion. Some
i imes red spots come out prominently
id lefuse to be hidden even by pow
ler. Sometimes there is a flush, and
when it disappears, the skin is quite
dry and feels almost painful. The
tuse of all this is the excitement of
jotting angry. Very little can be
'lone for the skin while the temper re
mains unchecked Perhaps it would
a good idea for the girl who is wor
ried about her poor complexion'to ex
amine herself to find out if a hasty
mper is the cause of the mischief.
Miould this be so, let her set about
gaining self-control before she attempts
to improve her looks by the applica
tion of creams and lotions."
Busy Day Yesterday.—Last
Evening's Meeting.—Sunday
Closing Day.
The special mid-week services of the
revival meetings took place yesterday
according to piogram.consititing of ser
vices of various kinds at tne tabernacle
during the day. It bad been strongly
urged by Evangelist Johnson that all
places of business close during th*» af
ternoon meeting from 2:30 to 4, bat
with fe*v exceptions business was con
tinued as usual.
Song service with orchestra accom
paniment opened the services at the
tabernacle last evening. The attend
ance was fair, considering the busy day
uf worship and travel on the streets be
ing arduous on account of the heavy
fall of snow.
In making bis announcements for
future meetings, Mr. Johnson stated
that there would be no services in the
tabernacle dt ring the day tomorrow,
but tne usual service in the evening.
Sunday,the closing day, service will be
held in the motning, men's meeting in
the afternoon and tbe closing service of
the series in tbe evening. During all
of this week no collections have been
taken up, out on Sunday freewill offer
ings will be made which will go to
the evangelist for his services. This
feature of the Sunday meetings will no
doubt be interesting as testing the gen
erosity of the people of Madison whom
Evangelist Johnson das served during
the past month.
last evening Evangelist Johnson
spoke about forty minutes, the shortest
atrmon ul tact,
A Merry Christmas to Everybody
According to Our Custom
We have made special preparations to supply
your wants in HOLIDAY GIFTS and our stock
this year is even better than ever before. We
have EVERYTHING that Men and Boys wear
and there is nothing more acceptable than an ar
ticle of wearing apparel.
We invite your especial attention to the
following lines:
Bath Robes and House Coats
Fancy Vests and Sweater Coats
Night Robes and Pajamas
Gloves and Mittens
Neckwear and Mufflers
Suit Cases
Neckties 75c, 50c, 25c
Suspenders $1.00, 75c, 50c
Linen Handkerchiefs $2.00t $1.00, 50c
Collar and Cuff Cases
With the Compliments of the Season, we are,
Very truly yours,
Burnett & Sutton
Here is a« Great
At 50 Per Cent Discount
Saturday and Monday
The labels are soiled some, but the contents
are good. Come in early if you want a good
assortment to select from.
15c cans 7V2C 20c cans
25c cans 12 Vic 30c cans
And the assortment is good: Peaches, Pears,
Plums, Pineapple, Cherries, Gages, Muscat
Grapes, Etc. GET SUPPLIED.
H. J. MUNRO, The Grocer.
'"Hut seek ye first the kingdom of
God," St. Matt. 6-88. The address
was along tbe line of men seeking ma
terial things, putting off the day of
seeking righteousness. The evangelist
related many instances of men who
consoled themselves with seeking ma
terial things which their ambitions
prompted,promising to "seek the king
dom of God and his righteousness" at
some future day, but they were cut
off by sudden death, or their hearts
were hardened by Ions delay, and
they wete lost.
Personal work was manifest last
evening by prompt response when tbe
evangelist invited converts to come for
ward. There was no heuitancy on the
part of a cumoer who reepouded.
Holiday Specials.
Gillette safety razors, Xmas post
cards and pst card albums, collar and
cuff boxes, lludnut's and Colgate's per
fumes, in holiday packages, Funke's
candies, hand painted china, musical
nstruineuts, Teddy bears, dolls laige
and small, mirrors, manicure sets,
combs and brusnes. an elegant line of
Christmas stationery,State Normal and
high school penants and arm bands.—
^Vv i- i
See Thompson & Lee for
Phone Simpoon lor teak
Five fresh cows for sale.
of H. J. Rose.
We deliver hard coal at $10 per toti
cash. —Hayes Lucas Lbr. Co.
See the "MartiD collars, "the correct^
neck ornament and season's latest nc|^%
velty at Geo. Cook's.
Don't forget to call for your ticketft
on the fireless cooker when baying aj^
our store.—Jones Drug Co.
Have you seen the "Martin Collars,
the correct neckwear for ladies?—Qe4
Cook. *,-•
For Sale. 1908 "Buick" automobilf
in perfect order and folly equippe»
with top. plate glasi wind
lamps, tools, etc. Call or write-**
Frank C. Smith, Madison, S. D.
Anybody who wants candy and boa^W ')v
bou boxes for Christmas, don't forgeS.
to tr? the Sugar Bowl, between Joba**'
son's store and Regan's tailor aho$j
Vou can find better prioea at thfc
-V, typify
,«h.' r«

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