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Farther Quakes Predicted to
Occur in Italy.
Two-thirds of Her Population of 150,
000 People Are Dead and the City Is
a Complete Ruin—Lose of Life at
Reggio Placed at 50,000—Sickening
Stenches Arising From GMintless
Decomposing Bodies.
llessina, Jan. 5.—There is reason
IB believe that the devastation by
earthquake of Calabria and Sicily is
not yet at an end. Further heavy
•hocks have been predicted for Jan. 7
and Jan. 8, when the relative position
of the sun and moon will prod ice the
greatest strain on the crust of the
earth. Several minor shocks were ex
perienced Saturday and many totter
ing walls were thrown down, but It
Is not known that any persons were
killed. The new quakes are starting
the fires afresh and the people are in
condition bordering on panic.
Messina is to be evacuated entirely
soon as possible. The disposition
of the dead is one of the greatest
Pfjoblems confronting the authorities.
Two days spent amid the ruins of
Messina and Reggio bring convincing
evidence that the horror of the situa
tion in the Straits of Messina has in
DO sense been exaggerated.
Messina and Reggio have ceased to
exist. In the ruins of the former city
two-thirds of the inhabitants lie bur
ied, while at Reggio one-half the peo
ple lost their lives. Messina counted
160,000 and Reggio 50,000 souls.
Sickening stenches arise from the
countless decomposing bodies and the
air for many miles out to sea is pol
luted. Vultures are congregating to
prey upon the dead.
The radius of ruin and death ex
tends back with decreasing intensity
tor forty miles on the mainland and
tor thirty miles in Sicily.
The work of rescuing and transport
ing wounded and homeless survivors
la attended with the greatest confu
Foreign Officers Place Total Higher
Than Italian.
Naples, Jan. 6.—Foreign officers
who have explored the ruins on both
sides of the straits give higher esti
mates of the loss of life than Italian
reports. They believe that 90,000 per
sons have either been killed or
trapped in the ruins of Messina and
10,000 at ltegsio, where the tidal wave
rose to double the height that it did
ftt Messina.
Bignor de Nava, a Reggio member
Watch Repairing.
We believe that our Watch Repairing Department is now
the equal of any in the state. There are now at this stoM
two workmen who will take care of our repair work ami
see that it is done promptly and well.
MR. A. F. LAITY, who has done this class of work in Mad?
ison for the past seven years, is now located at this store
and will have charge of the JEWELRY AND OPTICAL
work here as well as a general supervision of the stoffe
MR. J. N. ANDERSON, who has been here for the past yetjft
is a very thorough watchmaker and a fine engraver.
WE BELIEVE that NOW you will not have to wait for your
work and that you will find it of a high grade.
Our new store will be the largest of its kind in die county
and we shall be ready with increased facilities to handle
the increased work and trade, and we shall hope to be able
to serve you in this capacity. Yours,
Complete Optical Rooont* A. F. LAITY, Optician.
31 me itaiiun tnamoer oi deputies,
has personally traversed most of the
arthquake region on both sides of
the straits. He estimates the total
death roll at 85,000 and the wounded
at 40,000. Of the dead Signor de
Nava calculates that 50,000 are at
Messina, 2S,000 at Reggio and 7,000
it other coast and Interior towns af
fected. The radius of destruction ex
tends thirty miles north and south on
the coast of Sicily and on the main
land for an equal distance below Radi
ena towards the south.
Although the Itflian authorities
were seemingly dazed at first by the
magnitude of the disaster and lost
Bocie valuable time by the refusal of
the commanding admiral to accept for
eign aid the situation is now greatly
improved. Ample supplies of all kinds
are available, including surgical in
struments and hospital accessories.
Foreign relief societies have been or
ganized in several coast towns in Sic
ily, to which wounded had been trans
ported. Forty-five English speaking in
habitants under the direction of Mr.
Wood, the American artist, are con
ducting an Anglo-American hospital at
Fifteen Thousand Rescued Alive at
Rome, Jan. 5.—Parliament will be
convoked Jan. 11. The minister of
war says that the forts around Mes
sina, which contain tons of powder
and millions of cartridges, have not
been injured. He also says that while
he was at Messina at least 15,000 per
Bons were taken from the ruins, in
jured and uninjured, of which number
1,000 were saved by the Russians and
1,000 by the English sailors.
The Italian navy has sent 600 tons
of provisions to the affected district.
All the treasure found has been placed
aboard the warships. One pocketbook
was picked up containing $14,000 and
much clothing has been found at Mes
sina and elsewhere with bank notes
sewed in it. Advices from Messina
say that twenty looters were shot
there. That city will be evacuated.
Six thousand persons already have
left there and 8,000 more will leave at
Result of Attempt to Terrify His
Minneapolis, Jan. 5.—Ernest A.
Meadows, aged nineteen, accidentally
killed himself while walking to church
with his two small sisters.
The tragedy was the result of young
Meadows' attempt to terrify his sis
ters. He drew a small revolver from
his pocket and shot twice in the air.
On the last shot the gun was pointed
at his head and the bullet entered his
skull. He dropped In the snow Mid
died instantly.
Battleships in Suez Canal.
Sttfz, Jan. 5.—The battleship Con
necticut, Kansas, Minnesota and Ver
mont, composing the first section of
the fleet under Rear Admiral Sperry,
have started on their passage through
the Suez canal. The weather is mag
nificent and a large crowd assembled
on the Avenue Helen* to witness the
Rescuers Find Only Bodies of Earth
quake Victims.
Reggio, Jan. 5.—A detachment of
troops which went to the villages on
the east coast of Calabria found noth
ing but ruins and the bodies of per
sons killed in the earthquake. The
lurvivors had fled. There Is every
reason to believe that dreadful havoc
was wrought in the mountain villages
that have not yet been explored.
A convoy with 1,000 rations of
bread, which was going to Bagnara,
was rifled en route by famished per
sons here.
A number of small boats, all of
them. overloaded, put out into the
channel to request food of incoming
steamers, which the officers of the
vessels were compelled to refuse
them. Several of the smaller craft
capsized and a number of persons
were drowued.
Blight Earthquake Shocks Qeottr in
Stricken District.
Rome, Jan. 5.—No serious damage
iuis resulted from any of the new
earthquakes, according to reports
•ade to the government.
There have been recurring shocks
."n Stroniboii and a distinct shock in
Southeastern Sicily. Messina, Reg
5io, B&lmi and other of the devastated
cities have alsc been slightly shaken.
A tremor hardly appreciable was
fe'.t at Pcsaro and Fano, Adriatic
:oast towns in the department of Mar
shes!, many miles north of the recog
nized quake region.
While but little damage has been
Jone by this new series it has served
to terrify the people throughout all of
Italy, as it is feared that another vio
lent shock will come and duplicate
the ruin wrought along the Strait of
Scientists say that the seismic dis
turbances are lasting an unusually
long time and that the "earth's un
rest" is likely at any moment to mani
fest itself In another wrench such as
the Calabrian and Sicilian coasts suf-
Two Trtinmen Killed and a 8core of
People Injured.
Tulsa, Okla., Jan. 5.—A passenger
train and a freight train on the Frisco
road collided head on near Fisher, a
small station twelve miles west of
Tulsa. One engineer and one fireman
were killed and a score of others were
more or less injured, some seriously.
American 8upply Ship Sails Fro
Port Said for Messina.
Port Said, Jan. 6.—The American
supply ship Culgoa and the scout
cruiBer Yankton arrived here after ft
smooth trip through the canal from
The Culgoa, loaded with provisions,
sailed at once for MeBsina, where she
is expected to arrive Friday next.
The Yankton also will proceed to Mes
lina immediately after the arrival of
the flag sfeiy squadron, MW eotnlng
Half Million Dollars for
Stricken Italians.
Both Houses Immedia'cly Respond to
Message of President Asking for
Appropriation in Addition to Car
goes of Supplies Already on the
Way in Government Vessels—Serv
ices of Battleship Fleet Proffered.
Washington, Jan. 6. President
Roosevelt, in a message to congress,
isked for a direct appropriation of
16,00,000 for the relief of the stricken
aeople in the earthquake zone of It
*ly. This, the most generous fund
iver contributed by the American peo
ple for succor of sufferers in other
lands, is to supplement the dispatch
jf the supply ships Celtic from New
York and the Culgoa from Port Said
or Messina with their big cargoes of
necsesaries, originally intended for
.he American fleet diverted to the im
mediate use of the Italian victims. It
ilso supplements the president's prof
fer of the services of the entire Amer
can fleet of sixteen battleships, whose
use, in whole or in part, hinged only
:m the acceptance or declination of
he Italian government. The message
was brief and both houses immedi
itely enacted into law the recomnien
lations made. The message follows:
Text of the Message.
"The appalling calamity which has
befallen the people of Italy is fol
owed by distress and suffering
hroughout a wide region among many
thousands who have escaped with
life but whose shelter and food and
means of living are destroyed. The
ardinary machinery for supplying the
wants of civilized communities Is
paralyzed and an exceptional emer
gency exists which demands that the
obligations of humanity shall regard
ao limit of national lines.
'The immense debt of civilization
to Italy the warm and steadfast
friendship between that country and
Dur own the afTection for their na
tive land felt by great numbers of
good American citizens who are im
migrants from Italy the abundance
with which Ood has blessed us io. our
safety all these should prompt us to
immediate and effective relief.
Private Relief Generous.
"Private generosity is responding
nobly to the demand by contributions
through the safe and efficient channel
3f the American Red Cross society.
"Confident of your approval I have
ardered the government supply ships
Celtic and Culgoa to the scene of dis
aster, where, upon receiving the au
hority which I now ask from you,
hey will be able to dispense food,
?lothing and other supplies with
which they are laden to the value of
about $300,000. The Celtic has al
ready sailed and the Culgoa is at Port
3aid. Eight vessels of the returning
battleship fleet are already under or
iers for Italian waters and that gov
srnment has been atked if tlieir serv
Ices can be made useful.
"I recommend that the congress ap
prove the application of supplies
above indicated and further appropri
ate the sum of $500,000 to be applied
to the work of relief at the discretion
of the executive and with the consent
of the Italian government."
First Division of Battleship Fleet Or
dered to Naples.
Waffhington, Jan. 5.—The First divi
sion of Admiral Sperry's battleship
Beet has been directed to go to Na
ples to assist in the relief work. The
remainder of the fleet is to be dis
tributed at various points on the
Mediterranean at Admiral Sperry's
discretion. None of the other Italian
ports are to be visited by the Amer
ican battleships.
The decision against the warships
visiting other Italian ports was on the
ground that it was inadvisable, in
view of Italy's great grief, to permit
the men to have entertainments or
shore leave there. Two of the battle
ships will go to Toulon, France, and
two others (additional to the Ohio
and Missouri* will go to Turkish ports.
This programme will not interfere
with the assembling of the fleet, as
originally contemplated, at Gibraltar
prior to their leaving for Hampton
Starving Man on Car Tracks.
Minneapolis. Jan. 5.—Joseph Biers
Was found lying across the rails of a
street car track. The car motorman
stopped just in time to prevent run
ning over the man. He was uncon
Bcious and was hurried to the city
hospital, where it was found he was
suffering from starvation, having had
nothing to eat for four days. Circu
lation in his hands and feet had
•topped and it is doubtful if he can
Inaugural Address of the New
Recommends Law Designating Do*
posltories for Stat* Funds, Guar
anty of Bank Deposits, Improve
ment of Primary Election Law,
State Immigration Department, Good
Roads Legislation, Increase in Mem
bership of Supreme Court, Regula
tion of Trusts and Revision of the
Insurance Code.
In his inaugural adifWBi 4o the leg
islature Governor Vessey said
To the Senators and Representatives
and to the People of South Dakota:
In addressing you upon this occa
sion I wish, first of all, to extend to
you my most hearty congratulations.
I congratulate you upon the high
standard of your citizenship, upon the
unequalled prosperity of our people
and upon the high place our young
commonwealth has attained in the
sisterhood of states. For years South
Dakota has stood ftrBt in the Uniou
in the production of agricultural
wealth per capita and the increasing
immigration, together with the open
ing up of new tracts of virgin soil to
settlers, has increased our hold upon
this pre-eminent position. Our people
are lovers of law and order, haters of
evl! and lovers of right. They have
been steadily purifying our politics
and at the last general election made
themselves heard upon at least one
great moral question. In no uncer
tain way they spoke upon the question
and the divorce evil, which lay like a
blight upon the fair name of our
state, was corrected and its advocates
Whenever the will of the people has
found full and free expression it has
always been for the right and for
better citizenship.
Carry Out Platform Promise#.
It is your duty, as a legislature
largely Republican, to carry into ef
fective legislation every principle ad
vocated in our party platform and
faithfully to fulfill every promise that
the Republican party has made to the
people of the state.
There will come before the present
legislature many problems to solve
that are not party Issues, but which
will be for the best interests of the
citizenship of the state. I trust all
such measures will have the thought
ful consideration and support of all
the members of both branches of this
The retiring governor, from an in
timate and accurate knowledge of our
state affairs, has laid before you in
detail the condition of the state and
the ne»ds, as he sees them, of the
various departments. His recommen
dations are supplemented by the re
ports of the departments, so that you
have before you more complete and
accurate information than It would be
possible for me, standing upon the
threshold of official duties, to give
within the limits of this address.
Penal and Charitable Institutions.
The affairs of our penal and char
itable institutions have been ably and
honestly administered. The money
expended in enlarging and improving
them has been utilized to the fullest
extent and with the best possible re
sults. With our advance along all
lines of modern thought and a clearer
appreciation of the brotherhood of
man have come, of necessity, new
ideas as to our treatment of those
whom circumstances have brought
under the discipline of our penal laws.
The old punitive idea has been large
ly outgrown and in its place has come
the reformative purpose in dealing
with this class. Our laws are adapt
ed to the old conditions and do not
give sufficient opportunity for the ex
ercise of the best, influences in this
direction. I recommend that you give
careful attention to the subject of the
indeterminate sentence and the use
of parole in dealing with our convict
ed criminals for the purpose of adapt
ing their use fully to our laws and
the present condition of the state
penal institutions.
Our educational institutions are pe
culiarly a matter for patriotic pride.
Year by year they have enlarged their
borders and strengthened their Influ
ence. Their usefulness has constant
ly increased until today they have
within their walls the largest number
of young men and women, future citi
zens of the commonwealth, that they
have had in the history of the state.
Just as the care of the unfortunate
is a charge upon our Christian citizen
ship, so the free and liberal support of
our educational institutions is the
highest duty of our patriotism. I urge
upon you a continuance of the wise
and liberal policies of the past, a care
ful husbanding of their munificent en-
Continued on Fourth Page.
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