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•Normal Auditorium.
Friday Evening,
Jan. 8, at 8.15
Kruby Brothers
Tickets: 50c and 35c,
on sale at the door.
MiDiioi, aucra naoti.
WKIhv'KiSDAY. JAN. (J, 1909
Train Schedule.
Awl?#—From the west, 9:20 a. m.:
north, 9 :H0 «. east, 8:80 p. w..
sontb, 3.40 p. m.
Depart—For the eonth, 9:40 a. in.
east, 9 55 a. m. north, 8:65 p. m.
west, 4 p. m.
Night passenger-Arrive from the
east, 12:05 a. in. depart for the east.
1:25 a.
Weather Forecast.
Fair tonight snow Tbunday rising
temperature Thursday.
Wagon for sale.—D. T. Scott.
Wanted. Plain sewing. Phone 72,
Father Stecher of Howard was in the
city today.
Services in Grace Episcopal church
Thursday evening at 7:30.
For Cash. Hard coal delivered 110
per ton.—Hayes Lucas Lbr. Co.
Phone Simpson for bank sand or
For Re||t. Cottage. Applv to A
B. Smith.
Poultry wanted at carSaturday.Jan.
9.—H. C. Erickson.
Take your photographs and pictures
to Ireland for framing.
Wanted. Cleaning ud washing.
Phone 72, yellow.
We deliver hard coal at $10 per ton
cash. —Hayes Lucas Lbr. Co.
We pay highest caeh price foi poul
try, Saturdav Jan. 9. H. C. Eriekgjn
Bring your clothes to Peck &
Hughes' pantorium, two doors north
Daily Leader office.
House for rent. Terms very reason
able. Ayply to Chas. B. Kennedy at
Madison State Bank.
Girl wanted for general housework.
Good wages. Apply to Mis. John
I have opened a blacksmith shop in
the building first door west of Fred
Kurth's place. Horseshoeing and gen
eral blacksmithing done promptly.—
Roy Brown.
"The District Leader" is to be the
offering at the opera house, Wednesday.
Jan. 18. Th9 District Leader is said
to be one of the beet equipped musical
production* that has been sent west
thlt miOQ| and it it claimed that inch
Scholars Can't Study Without
Books and School Supplies
We sell every School Book used in our State Normal, City Schools
and County Schools. We carry every school need from Kinder
garten to College, and if you don't send your children here to be
fitted out you lose the satisfaction of best goods and saving in
While this store is known for its courteous treatment to
all comers, we take special pains to see that the little folks
are well taken care of so that the parents can feel perfect
•afety in sending their ©hildren here for any wants in our
The Old Reliable Drug & Jewelry House
ComplfV OpHidl Room 7. F. SFARS, Optician In Charts
an array of beautiful women, dazzling
electrical effects and scenic nplcndor
has cot been seen in some time. The
seat siile opens Monday uiorning.
Mrs. Eugene Stoddard returned to
Des Moines. Iowa, by the morning
A. M. McCallister departed this
morning for Los Angeles, Cal., and
will ietuin April 1.
The Baptist, ladies' aid will meet
with Mrs. J. L. Jones on Fridav after
noon Everyone coidially invited.
Mrs. D. T. Scott was a returning
passenger by the north train from a
»iait with her son, George, near Red
Miss Alice Thompson, niece of Mrs.
O. T. Fuller, returned from Wessine
ton to resume bet studies at the State
Everybody eats at Jack's.
Misses Genevieve Fitts and Iva Pal
mer were morning passengers for Sioux
Falls to resume their studies at All
Saints school.
Miss Belle Fechner of Brownsville.
Minn., wan an arrival by the north
train this morning and its a guest of
the Marqnart families.
Miss Iva Borland waa a returning
passenger by the north train. Her
mother in in Wisconsin attending a
family reunion.
J. H. Andeieon has moved his drug
stock into the north store room of Syn
dicate block, adjoining his former
stand in Union olock on the south.
Remember all electric light bills
must be paid at the Lako County
Bank on or before the 10th or a fine
of #1 will apply.—Win. Rae, City
L. O Hickok of the firm of L. O.
Hickok & Son, engineers and contrac
tors, Minneapolis, was in the city to
day conferring with D. McKinnon in
regard to rebuilding his elevator at
Lake Norden, recently burned.
At the commetcial club meeting last
evening the following committee wa§
appointed to loon after State Normal
school affairs to come before the legis
lature: J. L. Jones, Dr.F. N. Palmer,
Geo. Farmer, J. Fitzgeiald, F.
Metcalf. A similar committee will
be appointed by the city council an|
the joint committee will visit Pierr#
during the legislative session to urge
needed appropriations.
R. C. McCallister was informed by
phone from Ramona today of the
deatn, Monday, of Wm. Fisher, who
resided with bis son on one of the H.
H. Cole farms, northwest of Madison.
Mr. Fisher
resided alone iu
his residence, comer Blanche avenue
and Ninth street, but on account: cf
old age and failing health was taken
to the home of his son last fall.
Mrs. Chas Marqnart of this city is a
Last night was the coldest of the
season in point of temperature, out a
beautiful evening, with brilliant moon
light. not a breath of wind, and the
ground covered with snow. According
to Mgr. Flynn, who takes much inter
est in weather conditions, the mercury
sunk to 24 degrees oelow zero at mid
night when there was a change to
warmer, his theimometer indicating 18
below zero at 8 o'clock tais morning.
Today has been shaip and crisp, with
out wind, and outdoor work has been a
A full text of the retiring message of
Gov. Crawford will oe found on the
first and fourth pages of this issue. The
Daily Leader feels somewhat proud of
the fact that it is enabled to give this
message. Yesterday, we published the
message of Gov. Vessey and the day
previous the message of President
Roosevelt on the secret service. These
messages were all published in The
Daily Leader in advance of any other
paper received in Madison. Hence, we
we are proud of this stroke of en
terprise, and believe It will be fully
appreciated by our readers. The pro
ceedings of the legislature will be given
caieful attention by The Daily Leader
during the session, and iu addition a
weekly letter by Dnane Robinson will
ne published, giving legislative inci
dents at the capital.
Pres. E. A. Rippe of the Commer
cial club remarked to The Daily Leader
today that it nad been said that the
commercial club was a "penochal
club," and tbat the city needed «"push
club." Mr. Rippe said of course such
thing never ought to have leen pub
lished, as the commercial club has done
much for Madison uud will continue to
be the most prominent organization in
the city for years t3 come. There is
a feeling tbat other than members of
the club are not privileged to visit the
club rooms. This is not the case, said
Mr. Rippe. The rooms are open all
day and evening, and strangers in the
city, and farmers, would receive a
hearty welcome any time they desire to
call. The commercial club is a place
to entertain strangers and farmers, in
addition to furthering the commercial
interests of Madison.
y. i. c. a.
Meeting of Citizens at
Tabernacle This
W M. Pardons, of Minneapolis, Y.
C. A. organizer, will address the
citizens of Madison at the tabernacle
building this evening. Firbs have been
kept up in the building all day, and
those who attend tbe meeting may de
pend upon comfort. A splendid start
has been made for the establishment ot
an association in Madison,nearly #4.000
having Loen pledged for the purpose,
and this evening's meeting will be im
portant in the matter of formal organi
zation. The ciowd at the tabernacle
tonight 8boald be of tbe old-time di
Sad Case of Death of Father
and Mother Leaving
Rtanx falls, Jan. 5.—Tbe death of
both father and mother within forty
eight hours, leaving two chidren, one
two years and the jther six months old,
is a peculiarly sorrowful condition
which exists in Sioux Falls at the pre
sent time.
Saturday night at 10:80 Mr. I. Henry
passed away and at 2 o'clock this
morning he was followed by his wife.
I Both Mr. and Mrs. Henry were vie
tims of the white plague. They came
to Sioux Falls about two years ago in
hopes that the light and pure air of
this section would give them back
their health. Fur a time they were
benefited but tbe dieaded consumption
bad too strong a hold and refused to
yield even in this bracing atmosphere
Mr. Henry was for months a driver
of one of the Dakota laundry wagons
out some weeks ago he bad to give up
his employment and take to bis bed
He was shortly followed by his wife,
and they gradually grew worse until
the end came as announced above.
The former home of both Mr. and
Mrs. Henry was Toledo, O., where they
have relatives. The father of Mr.
Henry came to this city some time ago,
but on account of tbe serious illness of
his wife who had just suffeied a second
stroke of paralysis, ne was obliged to
leave Sioux Falls last Friday.
The taking of Mr. and Mrs. Henry
away so cltsely together leaves two lit
tle ones orphans and dependent upon
tne public. They will probably be
turned over to the Children's Home so
ciety for care until bo»«t orb be pro
Tided for them.
Commercial Club Takes Hold of
Institute to be Held
Jan. 20 and 21
Tbe tegulai mouthly meeting of the
Madison Commercal club was held last
evening, Pres. E. A. Rippe, presiding,
..ad Dr. W. A. Rothschild, sec'y pro
Several matters of interest to the
ity were taken up and discussed,
among which was tbe state fanners'
institute for Lake county to be helil
here Wednesday anil Thursday, Jan. 20
iud 21. A general committee to take
i barge of the arrangements for the in
-titute was appointed as follows:
Frank Palmer, O. S. Jones, Geo. R.
farmer, F. C. Metcalf, D. McKinnon.
This committee will appoint sub
committees aad take charge of all pre
liminary wotk incident to the insti
i ute.
It is planned to hold the institute in
i be tabernacle building. The fuel ne
essary for heating the building will 1«?
amished by the coal dealers, without
i haige, and the building will be com
fortable at all times. A baking exhi
bit will be among the featuies.and free
lunch will be on tap every hour in the
lay and evening. Larkin & Metcalf
will turnish flour, Kundert & Fitzger
ald will set up a ran go, and hot bis
cuits will be tbe mainstay of the bill
fare. A coSee exhibit is also be
ing planned to supply hot coffee to go
with the biscuits.
Committees will make a gentral
anvuss among the business men of
tbe city to procure prizes for exhibits,
nd also necessary funds for the ex
pense of the institute. For this pur
pose the commercial cluo made an ap
propriation last evening of #50.
So far as the commercial club and
business men are concerned, it is their
purpose to make the institute a stem
winder. And it is now up to the farm
ers to bring in then exhibits, such as
corn, grains, vegetables,fruits, culinaiy
articles, fancy work, and everything
usually shown at a county fair, and do
their share toward making tbe insti
tute, or uaid-winter fair, a grand
A full program of tbe institute,in
cluding list of prizes for exhibits,
will be published at an early date.
Everyltody get ready for the big in
Selecting Legislative Officers
Changes in State Office
Pierre, Jan. 5.—The senate caucus
tonight selected L. M. Simmons, secre
tary Roscoe Mercer, first assistant C.
J. Boone, second assistant W. W.
Pearce, engrossing chief J. Van Oster
loo. assistant O. M. Osbon, sergeant:
John McDjnald, assistant James Jul
Sou, postmaster John E. Peckham, as
sistant (Jle Mikkleson, messenger Kev.
Mr. Askin and Rev. Mr.Stensel, chap
lains George (ilrinager, bill cleik.
The question of committee assign
ments is tbe chief subject of discus
sion, with tbe organization of both
houses practically out of the way and
the senate indications point to Bryne.
of Faulk, again being chosen as the
head of the appropriations committee
Ewurt, of Hughes, for state affairs,and
Dillon, of Yankton, for the judiciary.
In tbe house, Cable, of Lincoln.will
likely again be at the head of appro
priations Morris, of Minnehaha,at th
head of tne judiciary, and Howell, of
Hughes, heading the capitol building
and grounds committee.
Iu the state house tbe coming of new
officials will not bring many new
faces in tbe office forces. W. G. Pink
ney will come in as deputy treasurer,
lind Ezra Issenbutb, the present de
}uty, goes to the auditor's office as
F. C. Hedger, present deputy audi
tor, goes to the treasurer's office as
bookkeeper, and John Beibelheimer,
present bookkeeper in the auditor's de
partment, goes up to tbe position of
For the present there will be no
change in tbe force of the secretary
of state.
Gregory and Dallas Fighting
fo Location of Land
Washington, .Tan. 5.—Senator Gam
ble introduced a oill today establish
ing a new government land office at
LeBeau for part of the Cheyenno and
Standing Rock reservations which arc
to be opened the coming year. The
bill also assigns the northwest part of
these reservations to the Lemmon land
office. Mobridge, on the Milwaukee
road, is a vigorous rival for the new
laud office, and a bill on its behalf
may ho introduced soon by some
other member of the Booth Dakota
I delegation.
It is expected tnat tbe strenuous
contest oetween Gregory and Dallas
for the land office now at Mitchell
will be decided this week. Both towns
have delegations here working for the
office. Dallas is represented by C- M.
'Rose, G. A. Jefteis. J. D. Keller and
O. P. Chambers, the latter of Herrick.
Tbe (iregory delegation includes Poet
master Fred Huston, Windsor Doherty
and Joy M. Hackler.
Seuator Gamble and Representative
I Hall are understood to favor Gregory
and Senator Kittredge and Representa-
The decision is up to Secretary of the
Interior Garfield.
The interior department has given
its approval to Senator Gamble's bill
creating a new land office at Belle
Fourche, and ho will endeavor to get it
passed this session.
Representative Hubbard has returned
from Atlantic City, where he and Mrs.
Hubbard spent most of the holidays.
He will introduce a bill in a few days
appropriating #75,000 for a postofflce
building at T.cMars
They are Preparing For a Proail
iting Campaign in South
Sioux Falls. Jan. 5.— The Mormon
church is preparing for another prese
nting campaign in South Dakota. Six
Mormon elders have arrived in Sioux
Falls to conduct the campaign here and
othets are located in different parts of
the state.
Those who have located in Sioux
Falls are Nephi Anderson of Fountain
(treen, Utah Lewis Freer of St. An
thony, Idaho Adam Sharp of Salt
Lake City A S. Richman of Idaho
Joseph Brinkerhoof of Arizona.
The six Mormon elders who have
located in Sioux Falls are not housed
under one roof. They have secured
accommodations in differeut parts of
tbe city and the city has been divided
into districts. They will spend the
winter here and will likely remain
next summei. They will make a
house to house canvass, distributing
Mormon literature and talking and
preaching Mormonism.
They stated that two thooBand mis
sionaiits are at work all over the
world, 7,000 of whom are at work in
the United States. The Mormon
church has a membership of over half
a million and is increasing fast from
year to year. This is especially tiue
in the English colonies. Tbese Moimon
missionaiies receive no salary, fbey
donate their time to the work and do
not receive even expenses from the
Girl's Novel Way of Settling
tike Fate of Three
Denver, Jan. 5.—Because Annie Du
gan, eighteen years old, made use of
an ancient plan to determine which of
three suitors should become her hus
band, Andrew Yostow upon whom her
«.noice fell, refuses to take her. For
some time Yostow has been paying
court to Miss Dugan. But she would
not give him an answei, until finally,
several weeks ago, she told him that
she was going to have a birthday party
and if a certain thing happened she
could he bis wife. All their friends
were there. There was much giggling
as Annie drew forth three candles,
lignted them and placed them on a
board. Thn three of the boys all looked
glum. Finally one after another of
the candes burned out and only one
remained. Then Annie t.jnounced
that under each candle was the name
of a certain young man, and she
would marry the one whose name was
under tbe candle tnat burned the
longest. Andy 's candle had survived
them all. Yotsow did not see tne joke
and declared that he did not want to
oe herded together witn a lot of other
suitors. When tbe wedding ceremonies
were arianged he did not appear. Now
Annie has sued him and will try to
force the wedding.
Hows a This?
We offer Oae Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any cane of Catarrh that car
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O
We, the undersigned, have known F.
J. Cheney for tie last 15 sears, and be
lieve him perfectly honorable in a1
business trausacti-ne, and tinanci
able to carry out any obligations mad*
by his firm. Walding Kinnan A Marvu
Wholesale Diug^ist*, Toledo, U
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken intei
nally, actiDg directly upon the blood
and mucas surfaces of the system. Tes
timonials sent free. Price 75c per
bottle. Sold by all druggists.
Take Hail's Family PilL for Consti
Foley's Orino laxative cures ohronio
cnostipat ion and stimulates tee liver.
Orino regulates the bowels so they will
act naturally and you do Dot have to
take purgatives continuously. J. H.
Practical Electricians
—Keep on Hand—
Electrical Supplies
Wiring and other Elec
trical Work Done on short
New Year Greeting
Through our advertising ool
umns we wish all a happy and
prosperous New Year,
We extend our thanks for the
patronage received during the year
1908 and solicit your trade during
the coming year.
Our business has frown
ially during the past year, and we
hope to serve you better than ever
during the coming year.
Burnett & Sutton.
The Mill People Wish You
A Happy and Prosperous New Year
The way to be prosperous is to hustle and
the way to be happy is to keep your
health. There is something about LIT
TLE HATCHET FLOUR that keeps all
who use it in perfect condition.
When you want some WOOD or
Basement Jack's Restaurant
Having (recently located in |MsK§1*mf flf cor
dially solicit your orders. FIRST CLASS WORK GUARANTEED
Madison Opera House
The Greatest Musical Treat Ever in this
FRANK J. SARDAM Presents the Season's
"The District Leader*
Words, Book and Music by Jos. E. Howard.
A Rollicking, Rhymeful, Musical Play with a Reason.
50 PEOPLE 50
And Ensemble of Smartest Gowned Girls.
16 Big Song Hits 16
Prices: $1.50-$1.00-75-50. Seat Sale at Corner Drug
Store Monday at 9 a. m.
Everybody Whistles "The District Leader'' Melodies

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