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Question Ready for Submis
sion to Arbitration.
Secretary Root, the British Ambassa
dor and Representatives of Canada
and Newfoundland Hold Lengthy
Meetings Prior to Reaching Mutual
Ground—Treaty Must Be Ratified
by United States Senate.
Washington, Jan. 26.—An agree
ment has been reached between Sec
retary Root and the British, Canadian
and Newfoundland governments,
through their representatives, on th»
Newfoundland fisheries question, tc
be submitted to The Hague court fQJ
The agreement was reached at a
conference between Ambassadoi
Bryce, representatives of
and Newfoundland governments
Secretary Root. The result of the ne
gotiations was immediately cabled to
the home governments with a view to
formal approval of the questions to
be arbitrated. Mr. Root hopes to go
belore the senate foreign relations
committee Bhortly and explain Its pro
The announcement was made at the
White House by Secretary Root as he
was about to call on the president.
The secretary, having been elected
United States senator by the New
York legislature, will resign his cab
inet portfolio as soon as the treaty is
Protracted Conferences Held.
The agreement between the prln
ripnls fo1!nv rr tr.totrfl cmnfnrmr^s
Bun.lay (In'"- ri' v -n.
Canadian' Shuns vs. the United States, which
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supreme court of
the United States against Shung. The
United States district court for the
district of Massachusetts ordered the
deportation of Shung under the Chi
nese exclusion law on the charge that
lie "was unlawfully in the United
States, refvsto* to graijt his appeal
for a Jury. On that point alone the
ease wafi 1 rotnht to the supreme
ecurt. The decision was announced
by Chief .It:* 'r*? Fuller and affirmed
th^rerclet of t*.:e Tower count.
Robber* Loot Postoff||M|i
St. Cloud. Minn., Jan. 25.—The post
off'co at New London, a village twenty
miles west of thici city, was robbed of
HOO lu cash ar.d stamps. The safe
wis Mown cpen by nitroglycerin. The
fcwe a bnr~o and cutter at
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things, ap
A. F. Laity, Optician
The treaty will have to be sent to the
United States senate for ratification.
The conclusion of the negotiations is
viewed with extreme satisfaction by
Secretary Root and the British and
colonial officers. Like the waterways
controversy between Canada and the
United States the Newfoundland fish
eries dispute has been the subject of
diplomatic negotiations and treaties
for many years. Questions which The
Hasue will be asked to Interpret arise
under the execution of article 1 of
the treaty of Oct. 20, 1818, and in de
ciding the controversal points the
tribunal will have to pass on a very
broad and important question as to
whether state or colonial laws or reg
ulations may interfere with the terms
of a treaty. The latter question con
fronted the administration in a most
perplexing vay in the Japanese school
question and threatens to become an
important factor in case the bills
pending before the California legisla
ture affecting th« Japanese become
8upreme Court Pasr.cs on Case of De
ported Chinaman.
Washington, Jan. 2t».—'The question
whether a Chinaman whose deporta
tion from the United States has been
ordered is entitled to a jury trial un
der the "favored nation" clause of the
treaty between the United States and
China was -aised in the case of Goon
House Listens to Eulogy of
Marconi Operator.
Washington, Jan. 26.—Pausing for
a moment In its legislative activities
the house of representatives listened
to a eulo of John R. Blnns, the Mar
coni opti itor aboard the transatlantic
liner Republic, who remained at hid
post until the ship went down, follow
ing the collision Saturday with the
Mr. Boutell of Illinois was given
unanimous consent to address the
house "on a matter of public interest."
After referring to the collision Mr.
Boutell, amid loud applause, said that
throughout the whole critical period
"there was one silent actor in the
tragedy whose name should be immor
tallzed." He specifically mentioned
13inns by name and in conclusion
"Binns has given the world a splen
did illustration of the heroism that
dwells in many who are doing the
quiet* unnoticed tasks of life. Is It
not an inspiration for all of us to feel
that there are heroes for every emer
gency and that in human life no dan
ger is so great that some 'Jack' Binns
is not ready to face it."
Florida Passes Sandy Hook.
Now York, Jan. 26.—The Florida
passed in by Sandy Hook about 2:20
p. m. with a tug astern to assist in
steering her. The Florida's bow was
badly stove in and she was down by
the head as though her forward com
partment was tilled with water.
Mass Meeting at St. Paul Denounces
Russian Methods.
St. Paul, Jan. 26.—Resolutions call
ing upon the president to refuse to
surrender to Russia Rudovitz, a Rus
slan political refugee, were passed at
a meeting at the People's church.
A crowd that packed the church to
the doors gathered to hear Mayor
Lawler, Rabbi Rypins and George B.
Leonard of Minneapolis speak.
The speakers arraigned Russia as
the most despotic and cruel country
in all the civilized world.
The resoliftions will be sent to the
president and to the Minnesota rep
resentatives in Washington. A sim
ilar resolution was passed in Forest
Unitarian church.
In Forty Fathom* of Water.
Marthas Vineyard, Mass.,- Jan. 26.
Captaln Sealby and fifty members o
the crew of the Republic were trans
ferred to the derelict destroyer Sen
eca off Vineyard sound lightship and
an hour later the Seneca started fot
new York. The captain of the Greshan
stated that the Republic sank nln
miles south by east of Nantucket
lightship in abont forty fathoms ol
Steamer Baltic Lands Sur
vivors of Sea Disaster.
Physician on Board the Lost Liner
Republic Tells of the Collision With
the Florida and the Double Trans
fer of Passengers—North Dakota
Man Among the Six Persona Who
Periehed in the Accident.
New York, Jan. 26.—The dramatic
sea story of the wrecking of the White
Star liner Republic by the steamer
Florida of Lloyd's Italian line, in
which six lives were lost and four
people injured, came to a close when
the big steamship Baltic of the White
Star line came into port bearing on
board more than 1,600 passengers of
the sunken Republic and the crippled
Florida. Stories told by the Repub
lic's passengers show that the trans
fer of passengers from the Florida to
the Baltic in the dirk hours of Satur
day night came perilously near result
ing in a riot of the 500 Italian steer
age passengers on the Florida, who
believed that their vessel was in im
minent danger of sinking. Only the
efforts of the officers aided by several
of the Republic's passengers, quieted
the frightened men, who sought to be
the first to board the lifeboats.
The officers of the Baltic report the
deaths of Mrs. Eugene Lynch of Bos
ton and W. J.
of Langdon, N.
D., together with four negro sailors
whose names are not known. The
bodies of Mrs. Lynch and Mr. Mooney
were placed in hermetically sealed
caskets, which sank with the steamer
Republic off Nantucket.
Dr. J. J. Marsh, physician on board
the Republic, gave the most graphic
story of the accident on the big liner.
Dr. Marsh said:
"I was in my cabin and, hearing
three short whistles, knew that some
thing was wrong and turned out. I
had hardly got to my feet when the
crash came. There walj one heavy
thud and then the engines stopped.
Half a minute later the electric lights
went out and when I opened my state
room I found myself in darkness.
Passengers Show Pluck.
"The saloon rapidly filled with wo
men and children, half dressed, but
everybody did as they were told and
there was no panic. Let me say now
they were thoroughly Anglo-American
people for pluck. I went on deck and
saw the lights of the Florida through
the fog. Captain Sealby gave orders
to get the lifeboats ready and in the
meantime all the passengers came up
on the upper deck. It was then that
Captain Sealby said to them:
steward on bon.rd the Florida by the
name of Woodward who sustained a
fracture at the base of the skull. Mrs.
Griggs, who was injured, had a mirac
ulous escape. She was found under
a pile of debris and for a time it was
believed she was lost."
The transfer of pastengers from the
Republic tc the Florida was effected
without incident, but when it was
found that the Florida had insufficient
accommodations for the large number
on board and that she would make
slow time to New York the order to
retransfer all passengers to the Bal
tic, which had arrived several hours
oefore, was given. The night was
dark and the fog hung thick over the
troubled sea. Twenty lifeboats were
used to carry the paster gers from the
Florida, which lay at distances vary
ing 200 yards to 500 yards from the
Twelve Gettinq
Hours Occupied
Aboard the Baltic.
New York. Jan. 26.—11. J. Hover of
Spokane, \Ya.sh., one of the Repub
lic's passengers, described the trans
fer of the passengers from the Repub
lic and later from the Florida to the
Baltic. The transler of scantily
dressed and frightened men and wo
men from the Florida lasted twelve
hours. During the night the search
lights of the Baltic illuminated the
sea, making a weird picture as boat
load after boatload were safely gotten effect wn
on board the Baltic. Two of the Re
public's passengers tumbled into the
sea while being placed in a boat, but
were promptly rescued.
Mr. Hover said that the injury to
I the Republic was abaft midships on
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ter hatch. Staterooms 34 and 28
were stove by the bow of the Florida,
which withdrew from the gap almost
•nstantly and vanished in the mist
astern, leaving one of her anchors in
the wreckage of the demolished state
rooms of the Republic.
The impact and withdrawal were so
swift that no one aboard the Republic
had a chance to identify the steam
ship In half an hour, however, sum
moned by the distress blasts of the
Repv.blL-, the Florida picked her way
through the murk and came along
side. Captain Sealby had his own
boats lowered and in these and those
of the Florida all the passengers of
the wounded liner wore put aboard
the Florida. This operation took two
hours in a placid sea.
Injured Man on the Florida*
Among the wounded who wer# fiat
ca the Italian liner was Eugene
Lync'.i, whose wife had been killed in
their stateroom on the Republic. Mr.
Lynch's leg was broken in three
places and he was otherwise injured.
As it was considered .unsafe to trans
fer him to the Baltic he was left in
charge of the Florida's surgeon.
Mr. Hover said that there was very
little panic aboard the Republic, al
though many came on deck in their
night clothes, and that the discipline
of the crew was prrfcct.
The collision, he (-aid, occurred be
tween 3 and 4 o'clock in the morning,
when every one was in bed. A great
many passengers were thrown from
their bunks by the crash and many
rushed wildly on deck in their bare
feet. With the return of the Florida
the transfer of passengers began.
Carrying out the rigid rule of the sea
the women were placfd in the boats
first and in two hour? all were safely
on board the Florida. That ship was
terribly crowded, however, and at the
conference between the captains of
the Florida and the Baltic it was de
cided that anothfr transfer of pas
sengers was necessary. Accordingly
this second hazardous undertaking
was begun. While the sea had been
I smooth during the transfer of pas
sengers from the Republic to the
I do not think the boat will sink.
It will go to a certain point and hang
there.' The women and children and
men gave three cheers for the cap
tain and then, with a few exceptions,
went to their staterooms to get their
clothes. Mr. Lynch is on board the
Florida. He Is brokenhearted over
the loss of his wife. His leg is frac
turod. Mrs. M. J. Murphy of Grand nounced. has agreed on one fare for
Forks, N. D., sustained a severe in- (the round trip rate to the next Grand
jury to her right limb and there is a
Florida the waters were now rough
and the operation was necessarily
more dangerous and of longer darir
One Fare for G. A. R. Reunion.
Chicago, Jan. 25.—The Western
Passenger association, it was an-
'Army of the Republic reunion at "Salt
Lake City, Utah, and a rate of 1%
cents a mile to the Christian Endeavor
convention at St. Paul. The round
trip from Chicago to Denver for the
National Educational association meet
big was fixed at $30.
Woman Cause of Stampede in New
York Theater.
New York, Jan. 26.—A woman's caU
of "Meyer, Meyer, Meyer," to a boy
whose attention she wished to attract
sounded like "Fire, fire, fire," to
scores of people in the Star theater
in Lexington avenue and soon nearly
all the 2,500 persons who were wit
nessing a moving picture show took
up the cry and rushed for exits.
One of the first men out turned In
a fire alarm and much fire fighting
apparatus and many police reserves
Were soon on the scene. Members of
these two departments did much work
in allaying the excitement of the
panic stricken throng and no iujuries
were reported.
No News of Earthquake.
Bt. Petersburg, Jan. 26.—No definite
news yet has been received here of
the earthquake which was recorded
so extensively throughout Europe last
Saturday morning. The Indications
are that it occurred in the remote and
thinly populated region of the Pamir
in Russian TV.k«-st:in, and that the
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