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Complete Optical Room
Practical Electricians
—Keep on Hand—
Electrical Supplies
Wiring and other Elec
trical Work Done on short
ffitje Reader
WEDNESDAY. .IAN. '27. 1909
Train Schedule.
Arrive—From the west, 9:20 a. m.:
north, 9:30 a. east, 3:30 p. m..
south, :40 p. m.
Depart—For the south, 9:40 a. m.
eant, a. m. north, 3:56 p. m.
west, 4 p. in.
Night paflseDger-Arrive from the
east, 12:0& a. m. depart for the east.
1:25 a.
Weather forecast.
Fair tonight aud Thursday
Everybody eats at Jack'n.
and Mrs.Thibodeau wet* morn­
ing pasaeDgere for Mitchell.
Special tor this week. Comb hooey,
tine quality, 15 cents, at Sould'fl.
For Cash. Hard coal delivered (10
§»r ton. —Hayes Locas Lbr. Co.
Phone Simpson for bank sand or
Take your photographs and pictures
to Ireland for framing.
We deliver hard coal at $10 per ton
cash. —Hayea Locas Lbr. Co.
Dr. Mitteriing was a returning pas
senger from Woousoeket, by the morn
ing train.
J. M. Erickson of tne north part of
the county was transacting business in
Madison today.
The Catholic ladies' uocietv will be
held at the residence of Mgr. Fljon
Thursday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Win Staley who have
oeen the guests of Mi. and Mrs. Geo.
Spawn, returned home to Chester
Position wanted by lady stenograph
er. Can furnish best of reference.
Address No. 25, Care Daily Leader.
For Sale. To reduce my herd of
registered Hereford cattle I will sell a
few head of bull*. cows and heifers
ranging from 6 months old ap.—E. L.
Ladies, if you want to inspect the
spring samples for spring suits, skirt*
and jackets, come down to the Fair
store Thutsday afternoon.
Ladies, if you want to inspect the
spring Banipies for spring snits
and jackets, come down
•tora^Thanday afternoon.
has a great deal in common with a fish. It takes a LIVE ONE
to swim UP stream whether it is a drug store or a fish.
The best evidence of our ability to swim up stream is proven
by the unusual business done in this store. No store can
make such tremendous strides over all others without deserv
ing such success aud preference. For nearly twelve years we
have blazed the trail of high standard of Quality, Superior
Service, Fait Prices, that has led to this store the greatest ever
known in Lis locality. Make your comparisons and prove
our claim.
Tbc Old Reliable Drug & Jewelry House
Z. F. SEARS, Optician in Charge.
Henry Neill was an evening depar
ture for Pierre.
M. O. Drake, county auditor-elect,
was an evening passenger for Ramona
Service will be held at Grace Episco
pal church tomonow evening at 7:30.
A large party will go by special
tinin to Flandreau to attend the .Tohn
Htn revival meeting. The train leaves
.Madison at t» o'clock.
For Sale. Great bargaiu. Newcjt
tage and two lots, good barn, nicely
located one block from the Normal
mi liool. Price, |S)50. Must be sold
quick. Also, one dwelling lot. two
blocks from court house, very choice
east front location, best bargain in the
city. Price #200.—A. W. Holdridge &
At the Commercial clob meeting
last evening. Pres. Rippe appointed a
committee to confer with the provi
sional committee recently named, in
regard to the advisability of under tak
ing to establish a Y. M. C. A. in tnia
city and provide a bjilding for it.
The folio.viug naiued gentlemen com
prise the Commercial club committee:
Mgr. T. A. Flynn, Geo. R. Farmer,
I John Wadden, F. D. Fitta, Dr.
N. Palmer, D. McKinnon, R. B. Fitz
The following dispatch from Storm
Lake, Iowa, appeared in state news
papers yesterday: ''George *Robshaw,
formerly a resident of this vicinity.but
for the past five years living at Madi
son, S. D., dropped dead on the most
prominent corner in the business dis
trict here this evening. He bad been
drinking heavily for the past thiee
weeks, arriving here from South Dako
ta about January 1. He lived in this
visinity for twenty years before going
west. He was about 42 years old, aud.
fo far as known,has no living relatives.
The body was taken to the H. W.
Kruse undertaking rooms. It is not
likely that an inquest will l»e held.
Inquiry about town fails to identify
the unfortunate man as ever having
boen a resident of Madinon.
Control of Railroad Change®.
New York, Jan. 27.—The transfer of
240,000 shares of the stock of the
Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad com
pany to a syndicate headed by Edwin
Hawley was announced by Rutin,
Loeb & Co. This is believed to
amount to a aubstantial control of the
Mysterious Disappearance
Young Man From Spink
the Fair
Proceedings of Lake County
Commissioners in Ad
journed Session
Madison. S. D.. January 21. 1909.
The county board met in adjourned
session, all members and the auditor
present. The following bills were
audited and on motion allowed:
A. P. Hurling, four maps of the
court house $
Educator School Supply Co.*
supplies to couity superinten
Buit Stacy, papering and paint
ing sheriff's living rooms...
Larkin & Metcalf, 14 tons coal
to poor farm ...
J. C. Schutz, merchandise to
court house
Larkin & Metcalf, coal to court
C. J. Miller, 12 blooms to conrt
bouse and poor farm
F. L. Mease, printing notices of
teachers' examination
J. F. Blewitt, services board in
Will A. Beach Printing Co..wp
plies to court house
Silver Burdett & Co., textbooks
to J. A. Leighty
Huron, Jan. 26. Uneasiness exists
as to what has become of John Hal Ion,
who was employed by George Brad
sbaw, a farmer residing in the north
eastern portion of Spink county, and
who has not been seen since December
22 last. On the day before that of hi*
disHppearance the missing man and bin
employer were at the little town of
Conde, their market point, and Brad
shaw paid Ha lion the sum of #100 It
is known that Hallon purchased some
clothing and later in the day deposited
in the Conde bank the sum of #85.
This sum still is to his credit there.
On the day he disappeared Bradsbaw
and Hallon were again at Conde, aud
the former paid the latter an addition
al #7, the latter agreeiug to resume
his work on the Bradshaw farm im
mediately after Christmas. That is
the laBt that has been seen or heard
of the missing mat). His clothing
and other personal property yet re
main at the Bradshaw home. Hit
employer fears that the missing mau
has been the victim of foul play or
has wandered away while temporarily
deranged, although Hallon never ex
hibited any symptoms that his mind
was affected in Hiiy way. The missing
man is
as being from 45 to 50
years of age, light complexioned, with
curly hair and blue eyes
to be near sighted.
He is said
The register of deeds, the county
treasurer and the county auditor were
on motion allowed deputy hire during
the ensuing year at #40 per month pro
vidiug that in the case of the register
of deeds the fees of the office are suffi
cient to pay said register and deputy
hire as provided by law. On motion
board adjourned to meet at eignt
o'clock a. m., Friday, Jan. 22. 1909.
Second Day—
The county board met pursuant to
adjournment with all members and the
auditor present. Having obtained
more samples of matting and having
compared the same the botrd oil mo
tion decided to purchase said matting
of George Beck at a cost to the county
of hfty-two cents per square yard
Through an error in tde mailing of a
text book invoice by Ginn & Company
the county board were unable to check
up with the text book depositaries as
was their firm intention when arrang
ing this adjourned session.
On motion board adjourned to
iat one o'clock p. m.
Afternoon Session-
Board met pursuant to adjournment
all members and tne anditor present
The following bills were audited
and on motion allowed:
Hans (Jrdahl, mileage tn states
attorneys' meeting at Pierre.$ 19.00
C. L. Greer & Co., dating stamp
for register of deeds
Cbas Bingham, commissioner
services and mileage
D. Finnie, commissioner ser
vices and mileaee
James Olson, commissioner ser
vices and mileage
Proposed to be Located in Mad
iton for Manufacture of
Substitute Lumber
A large number of business men
gathered at the Commercial club last
evening to listen to a proposition to
establish a plant in
4 A
American Book Co, textbooks to
J. A. Leighty.. ?.t0
(Jinn & Co., text books to A.
Leighty 17.82
The taxes from 1904 to 1908 fncln
sive on the property of the Lake
County Agricultural association were
on motion, ordered abated.
On motiou board adjourned to meet
again March let, 1909. at the hoot of
ten o'clock a. m. Signed:
-D. M. Finnie,
Chairman Board County Commis
—F. F. Brinker.
County Audit dr.
Taken lit, Paria from scammi.
Minneapolis, Jan. 27.—Frank Seere,
aged thirty, a painter, fell from the
roof of a house and was fatally in
jured. Seere was working on a sus
pended platform when he was taken
suddenly ill and fell to the ground.
He was removed to the Asbury hos
pital suffering with a fractured skull
sad died twelve hours Iatar.
.• wrr
for toe
manufacture of substitute lumber.
The patentee, H. f.. Hollister.was pro
sent with samples of the product.
The meeting was called to order by
Pres. Rippe, and Dr. Clough who had
discussed the matter with Mr.Hollister
presented the case to the business men.
Dr. Clough stated that a company had
been incorporated undei tbe laws of
South Dakota to establish plants
throughout this and other states and
that it w»s desired to make Madison
the site of the initial plant. The
rnrent company would furnish the ne
cessary machinery for the plant, tbe
local company proposed to be organized
to subscribe ttock to tbe amount of
#10,000, which would be recognized as
preferred stock, the parent company to
have issued to it #10,000 of common
stock upon which they would be paid
dividends when the profits of the com
pany reached a point where 0 per cent
dividends on stock were earned. The
preferred stock would remain entirely
in tbe bauds of the local company, the
machinery being placed by the parent
•onipany in consideration of the com
mon stock. This in brief was the busi
ness proposition extended by tbe parent
According to prospectus issued by
Mr. Hollister, the head office of the
onipany is located at Hopkins,a suburb
Minneapolis. An experimental sta
tion is located at Hopkins, but so far
the substitute lumber has not been
manufactured beyond the experimental
Substitute lnmoer is made "by com
bining mineral compositions with
straw or hemp, and a few other minor
ingrediente, according to scientific
principles, which under heavy pressure
is worked into boards, planks, posts,
doors, and other articles used in the
cnstruction of all kinds of buildings."
Mr. Ilo'lister exhibited several sam
ples of the product. In apieaiance
the principal ingredient resembles
pitch or tar. It is much heavier than
wood, but can be sawed aud planed
aud can be nailed together. It is e^ti
mated that 1,000 feet of the product
an hour can be manufactured by the
plant proposed to be located in Mudi
son. In tbe manufacture about one
ton of straw is used in each 1,000
feet of lumber. The lumber can be
sold on tbe market at about half the
price of ordinary lumber.
M. McGiiiivray of tbis city is
state agent for tbe company, and it
was reserved by Mr.Hollister that^he
be elected a member of the board of
directors of the company should one be
organized in Madison.
Business men were much interested
in the samples exhibited oy Mr. Hollis
ter, examining them closely, and many
questions were asked the patentee.
Finally, it was decided to appoint
committee to confer with Mr. Hollis
ter, aud the following gentlemen were
A. J. Garner, A. E. Fuller, E.
Hart, R. B. Fitzgerald, C. J. Porter.
Appointments This Week—Some
of the Prominent
Fierre, Jan. 20.—While it is not
possible to make a positive prediction
as to the men who will be appointed to
the board of regents this week, to suc
ceed A. W. Burtt of Huron, who re
cently removed from the state, and Dr.
Spa fiord of Flandreau, who is a can
didate to succeed himself, what is
called a pretty good guess has been
made here. It is said that Dr. Spaf
ford's place, which goes to a democrat,
will be given Mayor A. E. Hitchcock
of Mitchell and that tbe othrr appoint
ment lies between Rev. Mr. Reinbardt
of Eureka and T. W. Dwight of Sioux
Trie appointment of Hitchcock will
be a surprise, as he is not a canaidate.
Besides Spafford, the democratic ap
pointment was sought by W.S. Bowen
of Sioux Falls, and Mr. Baldwin, a
banker of Carthage. However, the
democrats could not agree upon an
indorsement. Mayor Hitchcock will
be recognized as possessing marked
qualifications for the position. He is
an attorney on the democratic ticket
in 1900. Aside from tne mayoralty of
Mitchell, he has held no office of note.
Republican candidtes include Pre
siding Elder J. O.Dobson of Mitchell,
a brother in-law of Congressman Mar
tin Maj. O. W. Coursey of Mitchell
I. A. Keith of DeSmet, Rev. Mr. Rein
bardt of Eureka, Rev. Dr. Notson of
Alexandria, and T. W. Dwight of
Sioux Falls, who was treasurer of the
republican state central committee in
tbe past campaign. Rev. Mr. Rein
hardt is a German Lutneran minister
strongly indorsed through the north of
the state. Mr. Dwight is popular in
Sioux Falls and recognized as a good
business man and a man of high citi
The three oil inspectors to be ap
pointed tms week will be, it is said,
Ed Murray of Grant county, Editor
Peckhaui of tbe Parketon Advance
and Mr. Cox of Rapid City.
Blanchard Married In Canada.
Winnipeg, Man., Jan. 27.—Hon.
Newton C. Blanchard, formerly gov
ernor of Louisiana, was married in
Neepawa, Man., the bride being Char
lotte G. Tracy, well known in social
circles at Baton Rouge, La. The mar
riage took place at the home of the
Mrs. Rev. Demittoi
Wessington Springs Seminary,
Burned a Year Ago,
Wessington Springs, Jan 26,-Sun
dav, beginning in the morning and
lasting throughout the day, occurred
the dedication exercises of the Wes
ington Spriugs seminary. Just one
year ago, on January 22, the people
watched the old seminary building
burn to the ground, and there was
little thought at the time that it
would be rebuilt. The Free Metho
dists, who are behin 1 the institution,
lid not lose a day hardly in starting
the work of rebuilding, and in just a
year and two days the new and band
some building was rebuilt and dedi
cated, Elder J. W. Whiteside having
charge of tbe financial end of the en
terprise, and he reported the best kind
of success in securing money for the
building. Friday e/ening the Alethe
pian njciety gave an entertainment,
and on Saturday tbe building was open
all day for the inspection of the pub
lic, and in the evening a gospel service
was held. The dedicatory exercises
were held Sunday morning at 11
clock in the auditorium of the semi
nary. The sermon was delivered by
ltev. Alexander Beers, of Seattle,
Wash., and prominent members of the
church over the state were present and
assisted in the dedication. The struc
ture cost about #45,000, and it is built
to meet the requirements for a number
of years to come. Aside from build
ing tbe seminary the city erected a
new high school building last year that
cost about #25,000 and was occupied in
the fall.
fathers to Witness Decapitation of
Franch Murderer.
Carpentras, France, Jan. 27.—The
--econd execution in France under the
revival of the law of capital punish
ment took place here and although
the scenes accompanying it were less
icgrettable than those attending the
quadruple execution at Bethane Jan.
11 nevertheless they were distinctly
unpleasant and they undoubtedly will
hasten parliamentary action towards
making future executions private.
The guillotine was erected on a pub
lic square alongside the prison. The
locality was cordoned with soldiers,
who effectually blocked all the streets,
but an impatient crowd which had
assembled during the night demanded
that it be given a chance to witness
the decapitation. Some of the people
climbed up on ladders, from which
they kept the others Informed of the
details of the proceedings, while th(
windows of the houses overlooking
the square were Jammed with people
The condemned man, named Remj
Danvers. who had cruelly shot ar
aged farmer and his wife, was first
made aware of his fate by the yells of
the crowd that surrounded the prison
He came out of the prison yard with
livid face and staring eyes and it was
necessary to make use of force to get
him to the guillotine and his head in
nnsition for the full of the blade.
immenae 8um Used in Destroying
Chicago, Jan. 27.—The first actual
accounting of the several hundred
thousand dollars paid by the firm ol
A. Booth & Co., the fish concern which
was recently placed in the hands of a
receiver, to the law Arm of Thornton
& Chancellor, was given before Mas
ter in Chancery Booth. The state
raent was presented in court by Jus
tus Chancellor, a member of the firm
of Thornton & Chancellor, and gave
the disposition of nearly $600,(00 re
ceived by the company from A. Booth
& Co. during the last ten years. More
than half that amount., according to
the statement, was used in destroying
competition and fighting legal battles
During that time fifty-one fisheries in
New England and fifteen in the Mid
die West and Canada were assim
ilated by the Chicago concern and
more than a dozen suits against rival
companies were instituted and won
bf tbe Booth company.
Guffey Again Chairman.
Harrisburg, Pa., Jan. 27.—James M.
Guffey, the Pittsburg oil magnate,
was unanimously chosen as the Penn
sylvania member of the Democratic
national committee to succeed James
Kerr, deceased. Mr. Guffey was de
feated for the position at the Denver
convention, William J. Bryan dictat
ing the election of Mr. Kerr. The re
sult was a sensational controversy be
tween Mr. Guffey and Mr. Bryan.
Revolting Murder DiscloawL
Sioux City, la., Jan. 27.—A woman's
mangled body was found in a well
here and it brings to light a revolting
crime. The woman has been identi
fied as Mrs. Zack Odum, whose hus
band is ir.it-ing and for whom the
police are scorching to connect bilu
with the irrider.
Hows s ThisT
We offer One Hundred Dollars ke
waTd for any case of Catarrh that car
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney Sb Co., Toledo, O
We, the undersigned, have known F.
Cheney for ttie last 15 aeare, and b»
lieve him perfectly honorable in a'
businese transactions, and financial!.,
able to carry out any obligations mad
by his firm. Walding Kinnao & Marvn
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, U
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken inter
nally. acting directly upon the blood
and mucas surfaces of the system. Tes
timonials sent free. Price 75c per
bottle. Sold by all druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for Conati
Quits Pruuti
A Few Snaps
of the year we always have some
Merchandise which we are glad to
dispose of at a sacrifice rather than
carry it over to next year.
thing in our line at the present time
you will find it to your advantage to
Call and get our Prices
Burnett & Sutton
Over 200 lbs. of
Just Received. Here is a snap price
o u i k w o k
Bullheads, skimed, ready to fry. to Ik. 12V2C
Silver Herring, dressed 5c
Silver Herring,
dressed, skinned, ready for
cleaned and ready to fry
Mackerel, White fish, Trout,
herring, Codfish, Pickled fish.
Get'* busy on some of these. They are
fine and will not last long.
H- J. MUNRO, The Grocer.
Basement Jack's Restaurant.
Having recently loeated in Madison I cor,
dially solicit your orders. FIRST CLASS WORK GUARANTEED
at the Farmers' Institute? If others can make such
nice bread from our Flour, you surely can. Be
loyal to Home Industries and use nothing but
WE SELL Sunnyside Washed Coal, Sunday Creek Hocking,
West Yirginia Splint, Indiana Block, Best Grade Hard Coal.
pm 10c
PomuusIi JWtsS-KMsiiysiMMl fll^H

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