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I KeU#
©tyt' Daily gcafcer
TKLFl'HOXE. NO. 269.
THURSDAY. FEB. 4. 1909
Train Schedule.
a. m.:
p. m..
Arrive—Prom the west, 9:20
north, 9:30 h. east, 8:30
south, 3:40 p. m.
Depart—For the south, 9:40 a. m.
ast, 9:55 a. in. north, 3:55 p. m.
west, 4 p. m.
Night passenger-Arrive from the
east, 12:05 a. m. depart for the east,
i vO a. iu
Weather Forecast.
Partiv cloudy tonight and Friday
colder Friday.
Oil, LOOK!
eats at Jack's.
2 An alarm of fire at 4:30 p. m.( called
ne tire department to the residence of
Mrs. John Mallay, in the southwest
»rt of the city The furniture was
moved and the building badly dam
ed by fire and water before tile
aze was gotten nnder control.
Wanted. Dining room girl. Apply
i Mrs. A. E. Clough, city hospital.
Phone Simpson for bank sand of
We deliver hard coal at $10 par too
•ish. —Hayes Lucas Lbr. Co.
H. J. Munro presents a new adver
tisement in this issue.
Jap Rose soap, 13 bars for II.—
ifolliday & Portei.Lannon-Cook block.
A baby daughter was born to Mr
and Mrs. Jacob Koeblei, at Nanda,
!ast night.
Some especially good bargains in in
int wear, Saturday, at Chicago 5 and
10 ceut otore.
Regular meeting of M. B. A. lodge
i'riday evening, Feb. 5. By [order of
1 resident.
Colgate's English process glycerine
-oap, 10 cent cakes 3 for 25 cents
Jolliday & Porter, Lannon-Cook block
Larkin & Metcalf of tbe mill have
ccupied tbe building vacated by Mis*
Morse's millinery store, as an uptown
Mrs. John Halvorsec of Dell Rapids
\va« an evening arrival and is the
truest of hei parents, Mr. and Mrs
.John O'Brien.
Mrs.McCaffrey who has been visiting
her fattier, Edward Coffey, and other
relatives in the city departed thi
morning for her home at LaCreacent
Bananas are 10, 90 and 35 oents per
lozen, and naval oranges 50 cents pet
peck, at Munro's. Order some with
that tea and coffee order.
Charles Huntamer of Charles City is
in the city, calling on his brothers,
•V'ilxiam and Henry. Mr. Huntamer
oday bought nine head of black cattle
irouj the herd of Geo. Peck.
Persons desiring the sale of articles
at auction, are tequested to list them
it tie office of Col. J. P. Nighbert
luting this week and they will be
Hold on the street next Saturday.
For Sale. Township road graders,
wheel and drag scrapers, Sioux Falls
ingot iron culverts, rust and trust
proof, tested and found satisfactory on
our own roads. —H. M. Penn.
In a bill drafted by the Minneapolis
board of education and introduced in
the Minnesota state legislature, provi
sion is made for raising #600,000 for
new graded schools iu Minneapolis and
00,000 for school playgrounds.
Miss Pearl Smith of Spring Valley.
Minn., will arrive on the midnight
train tonight and will be the guest of
her aunt, Mrs. Geo. K. Farmet, dur
ing her stay in tbe city. Miss Smith
will take charge of the play soon to
be given for the benefit of chautau
qua athletics and will bold the brst re
hearsal tomorrow
Q. M. Penn and W. 1?. Gilbert have
formed a co-partnership and will en
gage iu the automobile business. They
will erect a garage adjoining Mr
Penn's machinery warehouse in west
Fourth street, as soon as building work
can be commenced in the spiing
They will do all kinds of repairing and
also keep in stock a complete line of
A douDle-header basket ball game is
announced to take place at the taberna
cle building tomorrow evening at 7:HO.
The contestants are the high school
girls and boys ot Lake Preston and the
hijrh school girls aud hoys of Madi
son. The Lake Preston boys defeated
Mitchell by a score of 29 to 4 and are
out after the championship. The Lake
Preston girls have never been defeat
ed. Tne Madison game promises to be
worth while.
A little less than a month ago
relatives and friends in this city were
pleased to receive announcement of
tbe marriage of Mr. John Craney at
Lineville, Iowa, the wedding occurring
on the 24th of Jan. Yesterday word
was received that the bride was per
h^ps fatally ill. Mrs. Jacob Kundert,
Mrs. R. B. Fitzgerald and Mr. Geo.
Crauey, sisters and brother of Mr John
Craney, departed by tbe midnight train
last night to render comfort and a*
sistance in the sad misfortune which
has overtaken their relatives.
Mgr. Flynn, prendent of the Old
Settlers' Picnic association, announces
a call of a meeting of the vice pre«i
dents of the association, to be held at
tbe Commercial club rooms, Saturday
Feb. 13, at 2:30 p. in. Tbe official
oompoaed «C vk*pr»«idanta
from each township in the county. At
the last uaeetinK, held last June, there
was eome negligence in the matter of
keeping tbe records of the business pro
eeiiings, hence Mgr. Flynn is sonie
whac at sea in calling the annual
meeting to name the date of the picnic
and for other preliminary wirk.
Therefore, he requests that all vice
presidents elected at the 1907 meeting
attend the aunnal moetiug to be held
Feb. 13. The old settlers' picnic is
one of the most enjoyable gatherings of
the year, and effort snould be made to
maintain the organization and add
to thfl pleasures of the annua 1 picnic.
M«r. Flynn will be pleased to have
everybody interested attend the meet
ing a£ tbe Commercial club on Um date
Get Another Show Equal
Suffrage Bill Put in the
Pierre, Feb. 3.—The anti-treat bill is
to bave another showing this session,
is the house teuiperaoce committee
h»8 favorably repcrted it, as it also did
tbe 11 o'clock closing act.
The committee ou charitab'e institu
tions reported favorably on the bill to
confine dope fiends at the insane hospi
tal in a separate ward froiu the other
Equal suffrage came out from nnder
the shadows again today for a very few
minutes on reconsideration, only to
again be covered with dark clouds for
this session by a tabling of the resolu
tion as soon as it got into the open.
Tne conferees on the 2 ceut rate bill
got together by amending the penalty
clause to fix a maximum fine of |5(jo
and six months in jail for ao employe
who refuses to comply. It carries no
minimum of penalty.
If the senate follows tbe house ac
tion the state will establish a tuber
culosis hospital at Custer, the bill
for that institution having passed the
bouse today with but four dissenting
The Highinore inebriate asylam bill
got a boost in the senate today by
the adoption of a favorable committee
report, and the bill is made a special
order for next Haturday.
In tbe senate Dillon started the ten
ure of office bill prepared by the state
board of charities, in which appoint
uionts of heads of the different state
institutions are to be for good beba
In the house a list of game bills was
started by Abbott, in which be makes
only one month the open season an^
cuts out spring "shooting requires
license in every county, and that bird
dogs be Bhot dp dating tbe summer
B. Sherrard Talks of
per tan Meeting at
the spirit of tbe resolution, although
he regretted that it could not be put
into effect in New York state at pre
Sionx Falls, Feb. 3.—W. B. Hherrard
arrived home Monday evening from
Washington, where he bad been called
by President Roosevelt to attend a
conference on the care of dependent
''Our society is well represented,"
said Mr. Sherrard, "and was strong'y
n evidence. The treatment accorded
us was in marked contrast to that
which we received in the early yesis of
ur work, when coming in contact
with eastern representatives of orphan
"At tbe recent meeting at Washing
ton there was only one trend of
thought, and that was in behalf of the
family home for normal children.
'I fired one shot at New York by
introducing a resolution condemning
the state subsidation of private chari
ties, but under the rules it weut to the
committee on resolutions without de
bate, and that was tbe last heard of it.
But I gained my purpose in getting it
in tbe papers. New York institutions
draw over three millions annually
from the state and city municipal
treasuries. Mr. Dresser, editor of the
Delineator,came to me afterwards and
said he was in heartv accord with
child labor committee have
now a bill in congress providing
amongst other things for the registra
tion of births and other matters per
taining to the condition of children.
When Senator Pettigrew was in "the
senate he introduced a similar bill at
my suggestion, bnt it was killed in tbe
"As you will see by the repcrt of the
oinmittee on resolutions, congress will
be asked to estsblish a children's ba
teau. This will be very desirable and
with tbe influence of the president
will no doubt pass.
"On the whole, the meating was one
of historic interest, as it inarkB tbe
time whemthe nation gives evidence of
waking up to tbe needs of children."
Hard Work and Not Too
Many Luxuries the
New York Times. Mr. Harriman's
opinion as to the conditions under
which a college man will get on in
railroading is very much the same as
that of most successful men regarding
college men in their special calling
The great railroad administrator and
organizer inevitably lays great stress
on the moral rather than intellectual
qualities of the man under discussion.
It is the "stick to it spirit" that cai
lies one through But also it is to be
remembered that it is this spirit that
carries a boy through college with the
best results The one who is endowed
with it is not necessarily or generally
fair representative of college train
ing, for that training does alot more
iLi him than it does for his chum who
may lack in perseverance
Tue truth is that there is such
variety in boys at college and such a
variety in the colleges, that any gen
eralization is defective One thing
hownver, is indicated in Mr. Harri
man's shrewd commentary. It is that
tbe boy in college who has to work
hard in order to get. on has in the
very limitations of his career, real and
valuable advantage ever those in easier
circumstances. Whether he be poor,
or only a little dull, if he is forced to
put his whole strength into his efforts,
thej- gradually and almost unconscious
ly build up in him a capacity for work
taat is more precious than any othei
quality in after life. And this fact
again suggests that in public provision
for the so-called higher education it if
quite possible to make it too cheap and
too facile. Beyond tbe sound elemen
tary schooling to which every child is
in a sense entitled for the protection of
the community, it is a sound doctriue
that education will be more justly val
ued by him tfho gets it if it costs
something of effort and self-denial.
Remember all electric light bills
must be paid at the Lake County bank
on or before tfttt lOtn or a tine of #1
will apply. —Wm. R#e,
"Winks" who plays a prominent part in "On the Frontier" at the
Opera House* Friday, Feb* 5*
City Auditor.
Wireless Teiegrapny Saves 8hip.
Mexico City, Feb. 4—Wireless teleg
raphy has saved a Mexican ship. The
revenue cutter Josevius Ltmantour be
came disabled fifty m^les off the coast
near Cullacan a few days ago, accord
Ing to reports received here, and her
calls for assistance by wireless wer»
caught up by the Alamos, which im
mediately steamed out and brought
the disabled cutter safely to port
Couple Found Dead In Sad.
Philadelphia. Feb. 4.—Lying across
a bed fully dressed anrf with their
arms about each other a man believe
to be Maurice P. Patterson of th!«
city snd a woman whose name ts sai
to be Margaret Lorn ax were founu
asphyxiate* !r, room of a hotel In
•Jie central part ot the city
lange Oe'tat* Squires.
Sydney, N. 8. W., Feb. 4 —"BIB
Lange defeated Bill" Squires for tlu
heavyweight championship of Austra
lia. The contest lasted seventeen
rounds l.ange v as feated by Burn
in 11 •':irn«• last September.
A Few Snaps
of the year we always have son#
Merchandise which we are glad to
dispose of at a sacrifice rather than
carry it over to next year. A
thing in our line at the present time
you will find it to your advantage 19
Call and get our Prices
Burnett & Sutton
Basement Jack's Restaurant
Having recently located in Madison I cor
dially solicit your orders. FIRST CLASS WORK GUARANTEED
at the Farmers' Institute? If others can make such
nice bread from our Flour, you surely can. Be
loyal to Home Industries and use nothing but
WE SELL Sunnyside Washed Coal, Sunday Creek Hocking,
West Virginia Splint, Indiana Block, Best Grade Hard Coil.
Madison Opera House
The Play Yot
Do not Want to Miss.
The Play You
Have Been Wafliht§
By a Select Company of Playdtl
16 Sixteen People 16
A Beautiful Story of the West in Four Acts
P«liie vaudeville introduced between nets and during the
action of the play. Not a dull moment
Two Free Daily Street Concerts
Three shows in one Drama by a Capable Company of Dramatic
Artists not usually seen with a band show. Vaudeville by special
ly engaged vaudeville people. Music by our unexcelled Orchestra.
OUR MOTTO: Refinement and to have what we advertise. Pos
itive guarantee with every ticket sold.
Prices: 75c-50c-35c-25c. Seat Sale at Corner Drug Store Wed
nesday Morning.

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