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This is the place of handsome Wall Papers for the home
of tasteful people. New papers and higk quality. The sort of
papers that the eye does not weary of—that sets ofT the pictures
•nd hangings. Papers that are not merely coverings for the
wall, but wall decorations.
You Can Grain and Varnish Your Own Floors
with Our Combination floor Sets.
If you w ill come to us for the directions. You may
want to make a nice looking boarder around your rugs or fix
the whole floor. No matter how poor your floor may be, we
can fix it. The floor set consists of crack-filler, graining color,
graining tools, varnish stain and brushes, all complete for
$2.50. We will tell you all about this anytime, and know we
can save you some money.
DRUGGIST, JEWELER. Complete Optical Room, Z. F. SEARS, Optician
We have the Famous
Sunkist Redland Navals
The finest produded, and you have your
choice of thousands. All sizes s
15c-20c-30c-40c per doz.,
or, 50c per Peck.
We could buy a cheaper orange ttttif seB
them for less money, but you would not
be satisfied after trying the better ones.
For a limited time we will give you V2
dozen of our large California lemons
witbftVMry of Oranges, for 10c.
Fancy Florida Grape Fruit
Very healthy at this season of the year.
10c each, 3 for 25c. Try some.
H. J. MUNRO, The Grocer
Train Schedule.
ft. DO.:
Arrif#—From the west, 9:1©
north, 9:30 a. east, 3.80
south. 3:40 p. in.
p. m..
Depart—For the sooth, 9:40 a. in.
east, 9:55 a.m. north, 8:66 p. in.
west, 4 p. m.
Night passenger-Arrive from the
east, 12:05 ft. M. depait for the east.
1:25 a.
I do interior and exteiioi painting,
calsomimng and also paper hanging in
nil toe latest styles of the day. Terms
reasonable.—Bart Stacy,The Decorator.
March 26 and 27
Remember the new location, in the Wood Building,
formerly occupied by Anderson's Drug Store.
I handle Hygienic kalsouiine, one of
tb9 best kalsoinines made. I give
away a book, Home ingestions for
beautifying the home, free to inter
ested—Bart Stacy, The Deccrator.
Strayed. A black NewfoanJlaad
dog, white under neck. Two dollars
reward.—Flank Adams.
Phone Simpson for bank sand at
For Hale. A few ba^hels seed corn,
Minn. No. 13. This corn took 6rst
premium at corn institute,—-K. $#*
Kingsley, Madison* 8. D.
&fcaiU| icafcet
Weather Forecast
Fair tonight and Thursday colder
The Lake County bank has installed
set of safety deposit boxes.
Phone 'J67 or S7 for city delivery.—
S. L. Myers.
Leave orders for cot flowers for Eas
ter at tbe Corner drug store.
All kinds of rugs, just received at
Ueo. Beck's.
Shirt.-, new spring styles. at Grin
ager Bros.
See tbe new samples of latest models
in long nip corsets, at Miss Morse's.
We carry a full line of lace curtains,
from 55 cents a pair up.—Geo. Beck.
Brood mare for gale. Henry Hunde
Bring your horses to the Lake Park
barn for clipping. Good smooti}. work
Miss L. B. Morse presents a new ad
vertisement in this isene—millinery
E. W. Hart was a morning passenger
for Falda, Minn., to look after land
which be owns in that vicinity.
Be sure to attend Miss Morse's
spring millinery opening, Friday and
Saturday, March 20 and 27.
Don't fail to «ee the basket ball
game next Thursday evening at 8:30.
Vermillion university vs. Y. M.C. A.
Ljcal grain market: Wheat. No. 1,
41.05 No. 2. 11.03 durum, 89 oats,
46 barley, 56 corn, 53 flax. 11.47.
For Sale. A commercial course, in
cluding textbooks, with the Interna
tional Correspondence school. Apply
at this office.
Big reduction in leather upholstered
rockers at tier Beck's furniture store
for ihe next ten days. Better secure
one of these bargains.
Mrs. West of Artesian was an arrival
by the west train and in company with
her mother, Mrs. A. J. LaBrec of this
city proceeded to Sioux Falls
Mrs. McBride and Mrs. Fudge of
on roe, lows, who have been visiting connection. 2 Phone
their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Mc
Brile, of this city, departed for their
boines this morning.
H. J. Mnnro presents a new adver
tisement in this issue.
I ndies' Aid of tne Norwegian Luth
eran Synod will meet tomorrow after
noon with Mrs. H. W. Est rem.
Marriage license wa^ iseued this af
li rnoon to Herman Schnltz of How
ard and Hannah Limle of Wiofred.
A party of a dozen encampment Odd
Ke 1 lows attended a lodg^ meeting in
Falls lpst evening, returning
home by the morning tiain.
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Fos have taken
up iheir residence at the City restan
rant and will assist their son, Harry
l'o.\, in the management of the busi
1 ndwig Nicbolson of the west part
oi the county was in town today to
are a casket for the burial of a
h'ld of his family which died of dijih
Tonight at the Berlin, How Tom
I'i the Mortgage on His Mother's
Hi'Use: Jones' Card Party, comic Fas
in uinsr Miss Fiances Deacon's Love
!ter, comic.
I he Florence Crittenden circle will
at tbe M. E. church parlors to
rn now afternoon at 3 o'clock. Mem
n come prepared to pay does. A
iial invitation to ajl interested iu
i i work.
The midnight train did not arrive
u Madison last night on account of a
hont at Chandler, it was expected
tiave sufficient repairs made today
illow the passage of trains.
Che pastors and deacons of the
ht Bantist cbnrch will give a recep
n at the church tomorrow eveuicu
the congregation anil members of
cbnrch. There will be a short
igratu.social time and refreshments.
The nour is 7 -.30.
iioux Falls Press: Judge J. W.
i aes left yesterday for Flandreau,
.v'lere the term of the Moody connty
irt will be opened this week. The
^e of the state vs. Mrs. Emma Kanf
nn is on toe conrt calendar for this
\nnual Oxford Sal*.—According to
usual custom we offer you our en
:se stock of new spriug Krippendorf
fords for women at pel c»ut dis
int for one day only, Thursday
neb 25. Don't ask for any mini
n on the 26th tor it will not be
en. fhe Fair.
Howard dispatch, 98: The town
ttrantiue has been raiBed, and the
•iooIs, churches and places of am use
mt have started up again after a tie
of two weeks. There were no
iths from scarlet fever in town, but
s o or three out in tbe country from
pbtheiia. Otherwise tbe health of
town is goed.
Lake Preston dispatch, 23: Tbe
ke Preston high school basket tin 11
:im defeated DeSmet high school :'4
16 last Thursday evening. Satur
.y eveuing they defeated Arlington
a score of H5 to 20. Lake Preston
ues a statewide challenge to Sin
gh school team. Lake Preston is
oud of tbe basketball team, which
.8 never tasted defeat from any high
tool team for two years.
Mrs. Webb who is spending the win
s. rafc St. Augnstine, Fli., favors The
Daily Leader with a copy of the ^t.
Patrick's Day edition of the Evening
Record of that city. Tbe paper is
printed in green ink,and gives an ex
tended account of tbe observance of tne
day. Preparations are being made at
St. Augustine for the observance of
the :Wth anniversary of tbe landing
of Ponce de Leon, March 31 and April
1 and '2. In announcing the event,
the Record states that hundreds of In
dians, Spanish nobles, twldiers and other
bodies will participate.
Denial of Report That Book
Was Censored by
Mrs. Eddy.
Sioux Falls. March 23.—To the Edi
tor: In your issue of 20th inst.,there
appeared an article beaded "Forbidden
This report is said to have been sent
out by the Associated Press and sup
posed to be autbentive on that ac
count, but like numberless other arti
cles of like nature and from tbe same
source, which have been circulated
broadcast over tbe land proves to be
without any foundation in fact. Mr.
Alfred Far low of Boston, head of the
publication department of the Chris
tian Science movement said in answer
to a telegram "Report concerning Eddy
oc book without any foundation. Book
never beard of here." In fact there is
uo such a thing in Christian Science as
a censorship, for the very good reason
that none is needed. Scientists nn
derstand what they believe and no
critic can change nor influence them
in the least.
I quote briefly on this subject from
Mrs. Eddy's' book Science and Health:
"Marriage is the le^al and moral pio
vision for generation among human
kind. Until the spiritual creation is
discerned intact, is appiehended and
understood, and His kingdom is come
as in tbe vision of the Apocalypse
where the corporeal sense of creation
was cast out and its spiritual sense
was revealed from neaven—marriage
will continue, subject to such moral
regulations as will secure increasing
Thanking voo for yoor valned space
-W. Thompip.
Eli Greenhagen, of the feed m/ll,
grinds all kinds of feed and will de
liver in any part of tbe city when re
quested. Also bone grinding mill in
In Line for Public Building
Senator Gamble Intro*
duces Bills
Washington, March 28. —Senator
Gamble introduced bills today as fol
For public bnildinRS at Rapid City.
#150,000 Mrookings, Vermillion, Can
ton. and Madison, 1100,000 each. Fort
Meade military reservation, $200,00
for additional drill grounds. Rosebud
reservation, to 0|»en 90'i,000 acres.
This was favorably reported on at the
last session.
To establish mining experiment sta
tious granting South Dakota «2,00o
acres in exchange fir forest reserva
tioris taken by the government reim
bursing former United States Attorney
Elliott $2,600 for salary: donating two
cannons to the university at Vermil
lion appropriating 120,000 for tbe re
lief of the First National bank at Belle
Fourche for money advanced on irriga
tion contracts.
The president today sent to the
senate the nomination of Edward E.
Wagner to be United States attorney
for South Dakota. He failed of con
firn ation at the last session owing to
Kittredge's objection.
In tbe readjustment of committees.
Senator Gamble was advanced from the
chairmanship of the transportation
routes to the seaboard to the bead of
the committee on enrolled bills. He
nisi got on the new public expendi
tures committee, which bandies the
budget. Senator Crawford drew as bif
chairmanship that on expenditures in
the interior department. Gamble's
other assignments are District
of Columbia, Indian affair^, priv
ileges and election®, public build
ings and grounds, and public lands
Crawford also gets on to tbe inter
oceanic canals, of which Kittredge was
chairman Indian depredations, indu
trial expositions and public health
and national quarantine.
Soutti Dakota and Minnesota mem
bers are planning to join with th
Iowa delegation in an effort to restor
be duty ob hides aad agricultural pt
As the wall paper season is near
hand, it will be well for you to step u
anl look over the largest stock of th
most up to date wall papers display*•
in the city. My goods and prices
tbe talking. Third dcor noith Ken
nedy'8 bank.—Bart Stacy, The Deco
Missouri Rivei*
Its Regular Spring
A number of settlers lost considera
hie stock and grain, while others were
fortunate enough to remove their stock
and other movaole property to th
higher ground after the water com
menced to raise and before it was higl
enough to prevent their escape.
A numlier of the Indians who re
sided close to the river bank wer
taken unawares by the rapid rise of the
water and escape was cut off. They
were forced to take refuge on the roof:
of their dwelling houses, from wni
perilous position they were rescued by
boats after many hours of tedious wait
ing for the arrival of the rescuers
who were forced to make their way
through masses of floating ice, with
the danger every moment of their frail
craft being dashed to pieces and the or
cupants drowned.
Don't forget to call on Geo.&sefr ftnd
see his display of rags and lace cur
I sell O'Brien's full line of var
nisbes. They are tbe leading var
nisbes at right prices.—Burt Stacy,Tbe
Spring is here and l( y«m want
pair of oxfords wr have al! the latest
styles and tbe largest assortment, that
ever was shown in Madison. Come
and look them over.—Nick Bjornstad
Wanted. Man and wife to work on
farm. Apply to N. W. Tobin, Went
See the swell Easter neckwear, just
in at Grinager Bros.
Shoos and oxfords latest spring
styles, are being shown by Grinager
I ihow and aell wallpaper every Sat
urday all day at prices below all corn
petition. Do not forget to step in
and investigate as the goods and
pi ices speak for themselves. Remem
ber. third door north Kennedy's Bank
Burt Stacy, The Decorator.
Foley's Honey and Tar cured coughs
quick'y, strengthens the lungs and ex
pels co dg. Get the genuine in a yellow
package,—J. H. Anderson.
CwWji 1909
rntliouar ol KuprwM
Yankton, March ?:t. -As a rsaalt of
the present high water in the Missoiir
river and the forming of a huge io
gorge the Sioux Indians and wbite set
tiers living along the Missouri liver in
Charles Mix county, in the vicinity «f
Ya\kton Indian agency,have been bav
ing all sorts of experiences during tbe
past week.
An immense ice gorge formed
short distance below Yankton agen v
and backed up the water for a consifl
era hie distance. Hooding the entire
hott. in for several miles. As yet it
impossible to even make an intelligent
guess as to the amount of damage that
was done, but the settlers and Indians
living on the bottom suffered severely
from a financial standpoint, and in
some instances also narrowly escaped
with th**ir lives.
Hard Coal, per ton
Sunnyside Wash Egg
Washed Nut
Washed Lump
Blacksmith Coal
To Select Your
is the place where you
get the best selection
of Nobby Styles and
The Price
you determine for
yourself, as we have all
kinds and qualities,
and no matter what
you select
Our Prices are Always Right
Burnett & Sutton
Wednesday, March 24
Mr. W. W. Russel
The Latest Musical Craze
With a Large and Well Balanced Cast
IS Novelty Musical Numbers 15.
Gorgeous Costumes, Elaborate Electrical
and Mechanical Effects
Prices:- 25c 35c 50c 75c $1
Seats on Sale Monday at Jones Bros. Drug Store.

Little Hatchet
Bakers Choice
Corn Meal, fresb
Buck Wheat
Mill Phone 240

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