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When you want to see a real Up-to
Date display of all the latest novelties,
we would like to have the opportunity
to show it to you.
Chris Schutz
Complete Optical Room, F. SEARS, Optician
We are now settled in our NEW QUARTERS
and ready to greet you for the
We 1mv« always tri«d to give
our very best attention, but now
are better prepared than ever to
supply your needs.
Miss Ruth Lambert has charge of
the Trimming Department this
season and comes highly recom
From our
Complete Stock
Heryone should be able to make
a selection. Let us do your work.
That's why knowing housewives like our kind of
groceries. Thev long ago found there is no saving
in buying Cheap Foods. All this doesn't mean we
are "high priced" or sell "expensive goods." Oh,
no! We carry just good pure goods at
as cost allows. We aim to be the "most economical
store in town"—quality considered. Try us and sec.
fancy hawaiin and Singapore Pineapples, the finest in the
land, per can
Strawberries, per qL
Radishes, large bunch
Onions, per bunch
Cucumbers, each
Fancy Celery, per bunch
Lettuce, fresh and crisp
Asparagus, per bnnch
Elegant Large Pineapples
Sunkist Oranges, nice juicy fruit, perdoz.
fancy California Grape fruit
White Bermuda Onions, New Cabbage, Rutabagas, and Parsnips
31b Cans Best Sweet Potatoes 18c
Everything in canned Vegetables, fruits, and fish.
inn QAriCS of
Eli Ureenhsgen. feed mill, Madison,
S. D. Cast out grinding every day in
tbe week. Manufacture corn meal,
graham, pearl barley, rye, and bone
meal. Pbone 188, yellow. Call on
Phone Simpson for bank sand, gravel
orjharrel salt.
|uik sand or gravel delivered to any
paft of the city.—J, 8. Thompson,
Phone 450, red.
Big sale on wall papar ftU tei* week
—fltotliday & Porter.
Our Jewelry man, representing one of
the largest Chicago wholesale houses,
was here and left us the swellest lot of
Jewelry we ever looked at.
We want to call your special attention to
the new
consisting of one large bar pin, 2 smaller
ones, one tie pin, one pair cuff* buttons,
and the latest thing, the Shirtwaist ring.
These come in colored enamel to suit
your own fancy and should be seen to be
We carry a big line of STERLING
SILVER SPOONS, among them febe
Mother Spoon
in different
Engraving included.
as low
15c and 25c
5c, 10c, 15c
25c, 35c, 40c
IUU OACNJ FLOUR left to sell at $1.50 per
sack, SPOT CASH, and don't forget our SILVER
SPOON Breakfast Cereal.
H. J. MUNRO, The Grocer
Ne»si For Hale.
Nessi v2M65), the wlebrated import
ed PercLeron stallion, winner of the
silver medal at the Paris exposition, is
offered for sale. This horse is a gov
ernment approved airivgl.and has been
recently inspected by licensed veteri
narv and shown to be sound. Hav
ing engaged in other business I will
sell this horse to responsible parties
on liberal terms.—C A. Hackett
Wanted, for cash, Early Ohio seed
potatoes, 25 to 100 bushels. Call on
.TnaAnh PntiHn aha rnnntv plnthlng
Store, ,,, i.
from 75c to $1.25 each,
511 Egan
Remember New Location
®l)t' iMinj £eitter
Minuoi, locfi niioti.
FRIDAY, MA V 7. 190U
Weather forecast.
Partly cloudy tonight and Saturday
colder Saturday.
Bobbie Newcomb has the Big Head.
Alarm clocks 75 cents at Geo.Cook's.
Rotation eale next week at The Fair.
The latest novelty-green nats, all
stvlea, at Grinager Bros.
Try the Big Head.—Bobbie Hew
Miss Dot Stahl was a morning pas
senger for Sionx Falls on a few days'
Do not forget that ttMt M. fi. A.
lodge meets tonight in I. O. O. F. hall.
17-jeweled Egin or Waltham watcb,
|7, at tieo. Cook's.
Rotation sale next week at Ttw
Fair. Look at oar advertisement.
Mrs. Frank Fintzel isiepoited seri
onsly ill, suffering from heart trouble.
I've tried them all. "Jack's for
Furniture for sale. Inqoire of Miss
Probasco, 910, Twelfth street.
Holler skating at tne opera boose
Saturday afternoon and evening of this
17-jeweled Hampden 90-year filled
case, $9 at Geo. Cook's
A big line of stylish bats and cape,
for men or boys, ou dispay at Grinager
A consignment of the latest in copy
rights, just received at Jones Drag
Co.'s store.
*3 k2*,:
For Sale. Iron folding bed, nearly to so mucb as report their names.
new.—Mrs. L. Craney, 508 Egan ave
nue, upstairs.
We will have an extra stock of cut
flowers for next Suaday, Mother's day.
—Jones Drug Co.
Wanted, for oaah, Early Ohio wed harmful drugs and is it*
.Tiiseph Henkin, Lake County clothing
John McDonald of Minneapolis is
the city, calling on his sister*,
Mrs. Lucy Craney and Mrs. Hany
Rev. M. K. Aberg was an arrival
bv thejnortb train tbis morning, hav
ing beeu absent from the city the past
two or three months taking a course of
udy in Cnicago.
Taken Dp. Came to my premises.
a boat Apiil 5, one yearling heifer.
prove property, pay charges
mid take the animal away.—H. M.
Koggenkamp, aw of 27, Franklin town
H. C. Grayam wan an evening pae
nger for Lake Preston to :idvise with
the city conncil of that place in regard
lighting plant which is being in
Lot Sale. You are going to bofld
yourself a home. You want one or
more lots. I have them. I have two
l"ts for trade. What, have yon' Do
von want a good farm borne 1 I have
it for yon.—D. G. Beaty.
The officers and meribers of the W.
T. U. extend to the teachers of the
ity of Madison our sincere thanks for
ttieir assistance in our campaign, April
-»tb, 19)9.—Mrs. Thos. Atkinson, Re
curding Secy.
Prof. Mills of Chicago, who lectures
it the opera bouse tbis evening was out
tilling on business men today. He is
in ageeable gentleman and will have
"inetoing of interest to say in his lec
ture this evening.
Remember all electric light Mils
mast be paid at the Lake County
ink on or before the 10th or a fine of
will apply.—Win. Rae. City Audi
Strayed. Large Jersey cow left my
premise* about April 15, six miles
north ol Madison. Notify Mrs. Does
rher and son or tbis office, and receive
Program at tne Berlin Friday and
Saturday evenings. 8aul and David—
the biblical story of the shepherd boy
who became king of tne Israelites—
',000 feet neantifully colored Too
Much Dog Biscait Sure Cure for the
tiout. One continual roar of laughter.
Matinee Satnrday afternooon.
Wm. Kipp who recently purchased
the Nunnemaker farm south of Junius,
was in the city today gaining the ac
naictnnce of his new ne:ghbora. Mr.
\ipp and family are from southern
ilinois and located at their new home
tne first of March. Mr. Kipp is a good
visitor and will soon become familiar
with hin new surroundings.
It is reported in Madison that A. B.
1 less has been elected to a position in
Hie Lakota, N. D., schools. Lakota is
n town of about 1,000 or 1.200 popula
tion, situated twenty-five miles east of
I'evil's Lake. The school membership
numbers 290. Inquiry comes from the
-iperintendent of puolic instruction of
North Dakota as to Prof. Hess' stand
tog as an educator, te having made ap
plication for a certiBcate to teacb in
North Dakota.
The Sioox Falls Argtis Leader of the
Proceedings in Regular May
Session Matters of
Public Interest
The city council met in regular May
session last evening. Present, Mayor
Waskey, Aldermen Munro, Monroe,
Sheridau, Vidal. Krakowski, Simpson.
Absent, Aldermen Westby, Winthei.
City Attorney Holdridge acted as au
ditor iti the absence of Auditor Rae.
The miuutes of previous meetings
were read and approved.
The city treasurer's monthly report
was received and placed on file.
The bonds of Wm. Rae city audi
tor, H. H. Holdridge city attorney, E.
B. Davis chief of police, F. L. Burnett
city assessor and John Norton etreet
commissioner, were aopr-ved.
The bond of F. G. Mitchell, pool
hall, was approved.
On motion,an additional |40 was ap
propriated for care of the city park.
The election of J. W. Davison,chief,
and A. E. Fuller assistant, oy the fire
department, was approved by tbe couu
Mrs. L. M. Tolles was appointed and
confirmed a member of the Carnegie
library board.
The position of city health officer,to
which Dr. J. M. Dutf was appointed at
the annual meeting Monday evening
was declared vacant and Dr. F. H.
Files appointed and confirmed to fill
vacancy. This was on account of Dr
Duffs lack of legal residence. Dr.
Duff has been a resident of Noitb Da
kota wnere he secured title to a
quarter section of Uncle Sam's do
main, and has not laen back from tbe
northland a sufficient length of time to
regain his residence in Madison.
The report of tbe superintendent of
the electric light plant was received
and placed on file.
The report ef Police Justice Spon
bolz was referred back for correction
The salary ordinance had its first
reading. Tbe only change from last
year is an increase in tbe salary of City
Auditor Rae froin $300 to $400 per an
The ordinance for the licensing of
popcorn venders was defeated upon sec
ond reading.
The fire limit ordinance passed.
This provides for an increase of the fire
limits to iuclule tbe two blocks in
which Kennedy's bank and Masonic
temple are *ituat»d.
Tbe matter street culverts was re
feried to the committee on streets and
tbe street commissioner with power tu
Tbe matter of rebuilding electric
lines was referred to the electric
light committee.
Night Policeman Walter Winters was
granted leave of absence for sixty
The current bills of the month
were audited and allowed.
says: "There was a large turnout
at the New theater Monday evening,
when the Moving Picture company of
Washington, D. opened their en
yagement. This company has made
some lavish promise* in connection
witb their entertainments, but they
certainly made good ou the opening Weather is the only thing that
night. The company presented a line could possibly keep a large crowd
of moving pictures that has never from the Normal auditorium tonight
been surpassed and seldom equalled in when A Japanese Girl and A Cup of
this city. The views are varied, cov- SaIri are to be put on under the direc
ering all branches from the sublime to tion of Miss Hofflin and Miss Chamber
the ridiculous. Some of tbe views of lain, and the weatber has arrived as
foreign countries are next to a visit j'ordered, perfect. The stage will be
the country represented. Some dozen filled with cherry blossoms, rooes,
rolls of pictures were shown Monday chrysanthemums and tbe simulated Ja
evening every one of which was new pan will have the same charm and at
tu Sioux Falls. Tbe company adver- 1 traction of tbe real flowery kingdom
tisec that each evening will witness au
Two Operetta's Will Be Pre
sented at Normal Audi*
tonum To-Night.
Service at the M. E. Church
Next Sunday
As announced from tbo churches,
there will be an Old People's service
at the Methodist church next Sunday
at 3 o'clock p. m. This is in uccotd
ance with tbe governor's proclama
tion and with a custom growing
throughout our land. It is very much
hoped that every aged person, every
cripple and shut in in tbe city may be
at this sertice. This can be accom
plished and the meeting be a complete
success in only one way, that is by
everyone cooperating heartily in the
plan. Those who know of old persons
or cripples and can themselves furnish
them with conveyance, will please do
so. Those who cannot furnish convey
ance for their aged friends will please
repott their names and addresses at
once to one of the following persons,
and conveyance will be furnished:
Charles Preston. Charles Roebeck, Earl
Kelley, Ed. Beiderstadt, George Beck.
If any one is overlooked, please do not
blamee anyone but yourself, if you fail
A special souvenir program is being
prepared. Rev. Mr. HacR is to speak.
will be furnished by Prof.Tolles
For Sale cheap. One auto gas tank,
with arms fully charged.—Comet Man
ufacturing Co.
C. W. Winther was an evening pas-
and tbe Presbyterian choir. Everyone
is cordially invited. Seats will be re
served for our special guests of honor.
—Fred E. Stockton. Secretary.
Wf often wonder how any person can
be persuaded
potatoes, SS to 10tf bushels. Call* on age. —J. H. Andeissa ~f
•A S
into taking anything hut
sengei on a visit to surrounding towns Foleys Honey aod arfor ooughscolls jjuggli. Bids will be received up on
i n i o i e a e y a i
ness. xhe gtnuino i.tains no committee reserves the right to
any and all bifs.
*P~J. M. Muggli, Chairman
etitutee. ine genuine obtain* no
with tbe bright hued, graceful kiuionas
entire change in tbe program. A very in tbe midst of ail this ami music a«
pleasant evening can be spent at the
New theater this week." Tbe com
cany will appear at the •*m
opera house.-May 10,*11 and 1&
bright and interesting as the girls'
faces. Witb theii chrysanthemums the
effect will be beautiful.
The full cast is as follows:
Tbe Japanese Girl—
O Hanu San, a Japanese girl, Elva
O Kito San. O Kayo San, her cou
sins, Mabel Irish, Mabel Rippe.
Cbaya, ber servant,Gladys Madison.
Nora Twinn.DoraTwinn, two Amer
ican young ladies traveling with their
governess, Emily McAllister, Lois
Miss Mineva Knowall, governess,
Magdeline Rensch.
Geisha girls—Pearl Palmer, Ethel
Fowler, Claudia Compion,Alice Rippe,
Lela Slack, Madeline Repsch, Grace
DeWoody, lona Alness, Jennie Krako
A Cup of Saki—
Opening trio, We Come from Old
Japan, Prince and Ministers.
BuSo duet. Moet Noble Prince, Min
Song. Loved One Across the W ide
Sea, Prince.
Quartet, In Angry Haste and Fear,
Prince. Ministers and Yamashiro.
Scene and Aria, Potion All Powerfnl,
Dance of tbe Golden Maple Leaves,
Geisha Girls.
Duet, In Days 4f Old, Minnemato
and Prince.
Finale, We're Going to Tokio. Full
Many Years I've Striven, Ensemble.
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed bids will be received at the
office of M. Muggli, Ramcna, S. D.,
chairman of building committee, for
the construction of an addition 32 by
32 feet and two stories high, and re
modeling of tbe Woodman flail, Ra
tnona, S. D. Plans and specifications
seen at the office of J.
f" jt si'
Oats Speltz Millet Timothy
Everybody Should Use
Madison Flour
We have unequalled facilities for selecting choice
hard wheat from the north. You can depend on
Little Hatchet Flour at Cost
Dakota flour at Cost
The only SUMMER COAL it
And we Have it
Mill Phone 240 Store 445
Palm Patent Flour
There is a difference in grades ol
Patent Flour, there i* any other
article. $
We have put in stock a flour which is
superior to most grades of Patent
Flour and equal to any on the market
made by the Pipestone Milling Co.
We would like to have our customers
try a sack of this flour and we can
assure you that it will produce better
results in baking than most flours sold
in the city.
Try a Sack with Your Next Order
This Latin expression hasn't
much to do with Clothes, but
it aptly describes our beauti
ful Clothing Store oa Egan
Here our Customers will find
hunbreds of styles compactly
presented for view, affording
a great saving of time tp cus
tomers and visitors..
Our Prices are Always Right
Hackett & Sutton
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