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The Biff Store
CUje ipaihj $cnfrex
JULY MI. im~
ViHd oi lUMciimuir,
matt, jr«»r
mi!!. 1 montki
Bjroiall, Kirxiutij* i."
By mill, I month
9$ earrl*r i»»i
Aberdeen Charles Boyd, a young
(Krm hand wlioao parents reside in
Switzerland county, Indiana, died on
tbe Alf Paine farm in western Clark
ftounty as the result of a kick from a
kormt. Boyd was bringing the horses
flroin a pasture and slapped one of
them on the back, when the animal
Irhreled and kicked, striking the uu
f|rtunate man on the Hide of the
fcead,breaking the jaw and fracturing
kis skull. Death ensued in a short
Wine. Boyd was lit years old.
Dead wood—While hand ling horw*
Suffering from glanders, Albert iiich,
_ji liveryman of Wall, in Pennington
JHmnty, contracted the disease, unus
in human beings. Rich wits
brought here closely guarded for an
examination and a physician declared
be had a severe case of glanders. Kich
is badly swollen and nutter* acutely.
Be is quarantined and fonr of hie
horses hav been shot.
Washington Senator Gamble Intro
duced a bill today making an addi
tional appropriation of $90,000 for the
enlargement of the Sioux Falls federal
building. Representative Burke ha* a
dmilar bill pending iu the house
Senator Kittredge obtained its passage
ill the senate last session. but the
house did not reach the measure then
Congress already had voted $100,000
fcr the Hioux Falls building, but
H*U,000 more is denized to reiuodel the
•tructure on a plan satisfactory to the
Huron--Tuesday afternoon, from bis
incidence in this citv, occurred the fun
tfal of H. M. Booth, killed in a rail
Way wreck on the Chicago & North
Western road at Farmer. Monday even
llig. The services ware conducted by
Bev. Duane Hifenbark. paBtor of the
Methodist church. Tne local lodge of
Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen was
esent in a body together with a
number of citizens. Mrs. Bootn.
Who became unconscious when the
Bews of the accident was received, has
fcainel consciousness, but her condition
||t still considered vexy critical.
ryndall—The art of "mashing" m
8Hived a decided jolt here an tbc rt*
•lilt of a severe thrashing adminis
tared to an obnoxious masher by an
bate Tyndall man whose daughter
had been made the object of the mash
•r's attentions. The daughter and a
«irl friend were on the street when
tliey were approached by the masher.
Who became unusually bold and ili
miting. The daughter hastened to her
fftther, who hunted op the masher and
gave him a beating of so severe a char
acter that when the masher emerged
from the whirl of dust ne looked as if
he had been thrown through a series of
harbwire fences. The incident has
had a wonderful effect in squelching
local masben and it is believed
Ibat for some little time in the future
Our Annual Muslin Underwear Sale
Commences to-morrow and will last for 7 days. We have a larger and better as
sortment than ever before at prices from 10c to $4 a piece. A beautilul line of
500 Men's, Boys' and Children's Suits to be sold at
We have 3 Great Shoe Bargains, don't for get that A lot of Men's Hats, values
from $2.00 to $3.00 at $1.49 each. Lots of other bargains all {around the Store.
All Work Guaranteed
Brookings Cement Co.
K ST A III. Priprl«»or
A Hl'AllL. Hiitiniiii
the women and girls of Tyndall can
about the streets without being in
danger of being insulted by the loaf
Haven—James Hanson rescoed his
partner from a watery grave, the rea
coe being effected only after desperate
efforts, iu which Hanson also was in
danger of losing hi* own life Hanson
and his partner were drilling an arte
sian well on the Bucholtr farm. The
surplus water from the well had
formed a large pond, in which the
partner went for a swim. He was
taken with cramp?, and had gone
down twice before Hanson realized
that anything was wrong. Hanson
instantly rushed to his assistance.
The drowning man was greatly excited
and attempted to climo upon his res
cuer's shoulders, with the result that
both men went to the bottom of the
pond, which was about fifteen feet
Rifle Fire Continues, but Artil
lery Is Silent.
Teheran. July 16.—The situation in
Teheran shows some improvement.
The artillery Are has practically
ceased and It la understood that Colo
nel Liakhoff, the military commander
at Teheran, has given hla troop* or
ders to cease firing. Rifle flee is still
going on between the Bakbtlarla In
the service of the shah and the na
Prior to the cessation of hostilities
the forces of the shah attacked the
northeastern gate of th city, but they
were repulsed by tho nationalists with
heavy losses.
liondon, July 16.—Advices reoetv«d
at the foreign office from Teheran con
firm the press reports that the resist
ance of the royalists Is practically at
an eiul and the surrender of the Per
sian Cossacks imminent.
With the exception of a single case
of looting a British house and unim
portant damage to a few houses by
rifle fire foreigners in Teheran have
not suffered either In person or prop
erty. Neither the British nor the Rus
sian diplomatic representative consid
ers that any special measures of pro
tection now are necessary. The Rub
sian troops have not been ordered to
advance, but will remain Iu readiness
at Kasvin, some eighty miles away.
Glngles Case Nearing
Chicago, July 16.—Hearing of evi
dence in the trial of Ella Cringles, the
Iriph lacemaker, who is bolnj tried
on a charge of larceny, has beea com
pleted. Arguments to the Jury are
being made.
Stirlino Appeal Withdrawn.
Kdlnburg, July 16.—The appeal
brought hy Mrs. John Alexander Stir
ling against the decroe of divorce in
favor of Mr. Stirling handed down In
March of ths yenr by Lord Guthrie,
has been withdrawn from court.
Nation Should Take Share
of Vast Fortunes.
Oeelans That the Muftl-Milllonaire Is
Not a Healthful Development of the
Country, Although We Must Respect
His Energy and Ability—If Guilty
of Wrongdoing He Is the Worst of
New York, July 16.—The Outlook
has an article by Theodore Roosevelt
entitled "Oive Me Neither Poverty
Nor Riches." It says, in part:
"It Is to be wished that some of
those who preach and practice a go*
pel of mere materialism and greed
and who speak as If the heaping up
of wealth by the cqpimunlty or by
the Individual was in itself the be-all
and end-all of life would learn from
the most widely read and oldest of
books th.it true wisdom which teaches
that it is well to have neither great
poverty nor great riches.
"The movement which has become
so strong during the past few year°
to secure on behalf of the nation both
an adequate supervision of and an
effective taxation of vast fortunes, so
far as their business use is concerned,
is a healthy movement. It alms to
replace Bullen discontent, restless
pessimism and evil preparation foi
revolution hy an aggressive, healthy
determination to get to the bottom of
our troubles and remedy them.
"The multi-millionaire is not per se
a healthy development in this coun
try. If his fortune rests on a basis of
wrongdoing he is a far more dunger
ous criminal than any of the ordinary
types of criminals can possibly be. If
his fortune is the result of great serv
ice rendered, well and good he
serves respect and reward for such
service, although we must remember
to pay our homage to the service it
self and not to the fortune, which Is
the mere reward of the service, but
when his fortune is passed on to some
one else who has not rendered the
service then the nation should Impose
a heavily graded progressive inherit
ance tax, a singularly wise and unob
jectionable kind of a tax. It would be
a particularly good thing if the tax
bore heaviest on absentees."
Asphalfum in Wyoming.
Cheyenne, Wyo., July 16.—Immense
quantities of asphaltum have been
found on the Shoshone Indian reser
vation. A stampede from Lander to
stake out claims and secure land from
the Indian department is taking place.
Deafness Cannot he Cured
by local applications, hs they oannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There in only one way to cure deafness
and that is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by an intiamed con
ditionof the mucous lining of the Eu
stachian Tube. When this tube is in
flmned you have a rumbling sound or
imperfect hearing, and when it is en
tirely closed, deafness is the result, and
unless the infiamation can be taken oat
and this tube iB restored to its normal
condition, hearing will be destrojed for
ever nine cases out of ten are caused by
Catarrh, which is nothing but an iu
flamed condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundrea Dollars for
any case of deafness (caused by catarrh)
that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure. Send for circulars, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggist, 75.
Take Hall's Family Pills for oonstipation
Northwestern to Build Several Branch
Lines in South Dakota.
New York .July 10.—The Chica^
and Northwestern Railway company
has in contemplation, it Is learned
tne construction within the next three
or four years of several branch lines
In South Dakota to open up and de
velop new wheat farming lands.
A charter has already been secured
for the largest branch line, the James
River Valley and Northwestern Rail
way company. This line will be con
st'ncted from Blunt to Gettysburg and
from Oneida to Hitchcock, a distanc*
of ISO miles, traversing a farming tor
rltory not greatly developed at pres
ent, but considered to have good pos
Another line, charter of which It is
expected will be secured shortly, will
extend east from Belle Fourche, 8.
Wheat for July Delivery Declines to
Chicago, July 16.—Wheat for July
delivery made a fresh spurt upward
on the board of trade when the price
touched $1.29, compared with $1.2fi%
the closing figures of the previous
dnv The new high record mark for
the season was established on initial
trades, opening quotations ranging
from $1.27V6 to $1.29. The more dls
tant deliveries, however, were Inclined
to be weak.
The strength of the July delivery,
however, was of short duration. Many
of the smaller holders began to take
profits and as a result there was a
gradual decline. Before the sellinc
had heen exhausted the price had
sunk to $1.22Vt. At the close of trad
Itjf the mice for Julv was $1.2oV?.
Teacher and Pupils Drowned.
Vancouver, B. C., July 16.—WhiU
wading hand in hand on the beach ot
Buzzard Inlet, Miss Gertrude Ankers,
a teacher, and three of her girl pupils
were drowned. One of the girls
stepped off a ledge Into deep water
The others tried to save her, but
were pulled In and carried aw»y will
the tide
Ordinance No. 169.
A ordinance authorizing the issuance
of fill.000 of bonds by the city of Mad
ison, South Dakota, for the purpose of
extending, improving and repairing
the electric light plant of said city,and
levying a diiect tax for the purpose
of paying the principal and interest as
the same mature.
Whereas, a majority of the qualified
electors of the city of Madison, South
Dakota, at a special election duly and
regularly called and held on the 20th
day of April, 1909. decided in favor of
issuing bonds to the amount of sixteen
thousand (f1fi,000) dollars for the pur
pose of extending, improving and re
paiiing the electric light plant within
and for said city of Madison, and it is
deemed by this city council that it is
for the best interests of said city, to
issue said bonds.
Now, therefore, be it ordained by
the city council: That there be is
sued the negotiable coupon bonds of
the city of Madison in the aggregate
amount of sixteen thousand (|1G,000)
dollars consisting of thirty two !2)
bonds of five hundred ($."00) dollars
each, num tiered one (1) to thirty-two
(:12) both inclusive, which said bonds
shall bear date the first day of July,
1909, and be payable in twenty Jo)
years from date, with interest at the
rate of four and one-half (4}) per cent
per annum, payable semi-annuallv on
the first day of January and July of
each year, such interest to be evidenced
bv coupons to le attached to said
bonds, both principal and interest to
be payable at the office of the Minne
sota Loan and Trust Company in the
city of Minneapolis,state of Minnesota,
with the option and privilege to the
city of paying said bonds fifteen (15)
years from their date, the proceeds of
all said bonds to be used for the pur
pose of extending, improving and re
paiiing the electric light plant within
and for said city of Madison, South
Section 2. That said bonds shall
be signed by the mayor and attested
by the city auditor, and the corpor
ate seal attached thereto, and said in
terest coupons shall be signed by the
mayor and attested by the city auditor,
whose signatures upon said coupons
may be lithographed or engraved.
Said bonds and coupons shall be sub
stantially in the following form:
(Form of Bonds)
No. United States of America,
state of South Dakota, county of Lake,
city of Madison, $500.
Electric Light Bond.
Know all men by these presents,
that the city of Madison in the county
of Lake and state of South Dakota is
justlv indebted and for value received,
hereby promises to pay to bearer on the
first day of July, 1929. the sum of five
hundred dollars lawful money of the
United States of America.witn interest
thereon fiom date until paid, at the
rate of four and one half per cent
(4j) pei annum, payable semi-annually
on the 1st day of January aud July iu
each year, upon the prsentatiou and
surrender of the annexed interest cou
pons as they severally become due.
Both principal and interest of this bond
are payable at the office of the Min
nesota Loan and Trust Company,Min
neapolis, Minnesota, for the prompt
payment hereof, both principal and
interest as the same become due, the
full faith, credit and resources of said
city are heieby irrevocably pledged.
This bond is issued ior the purpose
of extending, improving and repair
ing the electric light plant within
and for said city, and is issued in
conformity to, and in strict compli
ance*with,the provisions of the general'
laws of the state of Houth Dakota and
of an ordinance duly adopted by the
city council of said city, and was duly
and legally authorized by a vote of
the majority of the qualified electors
of said city voting in favor thereof at
the special election duly and legally
called and holden in said city on the
20th day of April. 1909.
It is further certified and recited
that before the issuance of this bond,
due and legal provision was made
foi the collection of an annual tax
sufficient to pay the interest and also
the principal thereof when due, and
that all acts,conditions and things re
quired by the constitution and laws
of the state of South Dakota to be
done precedent to, and in the issu
ance of, this bond, have been properly
done, have nappeued and been per
formed in regular and due form and
time, as required by law, and that the
total indebtedness of said city, includ
ing this bond, does not exceed any con
stitntioaal or statutory limitation.
This bond is payable at the option
of said city on the first day of Julv,
In testimony whereof the city of
Madison, South Dakota, has caused this
oond to be signed by its mayor, and
attested by its citv auditor, and sealed
with the seal of Mid city, this 1st day
of July, 1909.
Section 4. For the purpose of pay
ing the interest and also the principal
of said bonds when due, there is hereby
levied an annual tax upon all the
property of said city of Madison for
the years hereafter enumerated,as fol
For each of the years 1909 to 1923,
both inclusive, there is hereby levied
the sum and amount of twelve hun
dred twenty ($1,220) dollars, five hun
dred ($500) dollars thereof for payment
of principal, and seven hundred
twenty ($720) dollars for the payment
of the annual interest on said bonds:
For each of the years 1924 and 192s,
both inclusive, there is hereby levied
the sum of two thousand and eighty
two dollars and fifty cents ($2,0^2.50),
one thousand seven hundred (tl,700)
dollars thereof for the payment of
principal, and three hundred eighty
two dollars and fifty cents ($382.50)for
the payment of the annual interest
upon said bonds which tax shall be ex
tended, entered, assessed, levied and
collected in the same manner as other
taxes of said city, anil when collect
ed, shall be covered iuto a fund to be
known as the electric light bond fund,
and shall not be used for any other
purpose than to pay the interest on
said electric light bonds, and the prin
cipal thereof, when the same becomes
Section 5. That all ordinances and
parts thereof in conflict with the pro
visions hereof, be, and the same are,
hereby repealed.
Section G. This ordinance shall
take effect and be in force from and
after its publication.
Read first time, July 7, 1909.
Second reading and passage. Jnly 15,
Approve! July 15,1909.
—-Geo. H. Waskey,
—Win. Rae,
City Auditor.
Ordinance No. 170.
An ordinance providing for the de
struction of weeds, trimming of trees
in the city of Madison, S. D.
Be it resolved by the city council of
the city of Madison.
Section one. Every person, corpora
tion and owner or occupant of real
estate in the city of Madison, shall cut
down and keep cut all weeds,such as
Russian thistle, Canadian thistle, rag
weed, dandelions and all grasses, and
vegetation of every kind, that, shall
grow upon such premises or along the
street, avenue or alleys adjacent to
said premises, occupied by them.
Section two. Every person, corpora
tion owner or occupant of any real
estate within the city of Madison,
shall trim all trees, along the side
walks upon said premises, and keep
them so trimmed, so that no limbs ot
branches shall be nearer or bang down
a distance of less than eight feet from
the said side walk or the street lsvel.
Section three. Any person who
shall fail to comply with the provi
sions of this ordinance, after three
days' notice to do so, given them, by
the chief of police,street commissioner,
health officer or any other ceraon in
authority in said city, shall upon con
viction thereof be fined in a sum not
exceeding $10 dollars, and costs of pro
secution, and be imprisoned until said
fine is paid. —Oco. H. Waskey,
Approved, July 15th, 1909.
-Wm Rae,
City Audita*
City Auditor.
(Form of Coupon)
No. $11.25
On 19-, the city of Madison,
South Dakota, will pay to bearer at
the office of the Minnesota Loan and
Trust Company, at Minneapolis, Min
nesota, the sum of eleven dollars and
twenty-five cents ($11.25), being the
semi-annual interest then due on its
electric light bond dated July 1st,
1909, No. —.
City Auditor.
Section a. Said bonds when so exe
cuted shall be delivered to the pur
chaser thereof at the agreed price,
whicb is not less than par and accrued
interest, and the proceeds thereof used
solely for the puipose of extending,
improving and repairing the electric
light plant within and for said city.
will deliver promptly to any part of the city
the best grade of
We handle only the
bj*st and deliver to
all parts of the city
Pneumatic Tire*
With Solid Tires
A Cur of simple design built well—not a complicated design
'milt cheaply. Comfort, convenience and efficiency, combine,!
vith a ridiculously small operating and upkeep cost. Design.
.aid built, not by ambitions novices, but by seasoned veteran^
tried out and proved by two season's use in the hands of a satis
ied public, for further particulars and descriplivr catalog write to
frrfcr Co.,
La Foilette Working for Ratification
of Income Tax Amendment.
Chicago, Jujy 16.—Senator La Foi
lette of W: cousin is preparing to
start a national movement in favor oi
the income tax amendment, its inair
object will be to Influence the go\
ernors of the several states to cul:
special sessions cf the legislatures to
act on the constitutional amendment
Instead of letting the proposition go
over to the regular sessions, when i'
would bneamo involved in partisan
ami fay-tin: 1 hnttlpq
Cured by LydiaE.Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Paw Paw, Mich.—" I suffered terri
bly from female ills,
including inflam
mation and conges
tion, for several
years. My doctor
said there was no
hope for me but an
operation. I began
taking Lydia E.
I'inkham's Vegeta
ble Compound, and
I can now say 1 am
a well woman."
Emma Dkai'er.
Another Operation Avoided.
Chicago, 111.- "I want women to
know what that wonderful medicine,
I.ydia E. I'inkham's Vegetable Com
Pound, has done for me. Two of the
best doctors in Chicago said I would
die if I did not have an operation and
I never thought of seeing a well day
again. I had a small tumor and female
troubles so that I suffered day and
night. A friend recommended Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound,
and it made me a well woman."—Mrs.
Alvena Si'Erling, 11 Langdon St,
Chicago, 111.
Lydia E. I'inkham's Vegetable Com
pound, made from roots and herbs,
has proved to be the most successful
remedy for curing the worst forms of
female ills, including displacements
inflammation, fibroid tumors, irregu
larities, periodic pains, backache bear
ing-down feeling, flatulency, indiges
tion, and nervous prostration. It costs
but a trifle to try it, and the result
Las been worth millions to
suffering women.
Mad *on.S.D.
"Tir-iTi iiiiTrt iTim n i mi m—
The Secret.
'Happiness." says one who seder
stood the meaning of the word, "is a
mosaic," composed of many smaller
stoues. It is the little acts of kind
nesa, the little courtesies, the disposi
tion to be accomodating, to be char it
able toward the weaknesses of others—
these are the little things which, ad
ded up at night, are found to be the
seciet of the happy day. The secret
of perfect hea'th is to seive daily at
mealtime a good malt tonic such as
Uolden Urain Belt Beet. This is the
one beverage which is as good for
the health as it is to the teste.
Have it on your home table at all
times. Order of nearest dealet.
Mr. F. O. Fr-ttH, Oneonta, N. Y.
writes: "My little gi»l was greatly ben
efitfed by taking Foley's Orino Laxa
tive, and I hiiik it is tho hest leinedy
for constiprtion and liver trouble."
Foley's Orii)' Laxative is best for women
and children, as it is mild, pleasant and
effective, and is a splendi i spring medi
cine, as it cleanses the evatem and
clears the contaction.—J. II. Anderson
Wc often wonder how any person can
persuaded into taking anything but
Foieys lioney and l'ar for coughs, colds
and lung trouble. lo not he fooled
into accepting "own make" of other sub
stitutes. The genuino contains no
harmful drugs and is in a yellow pack
age. —J. H. Anderson
Physician and SurgCM
HOUSE PHONt, Green 439
Office over The Big Store MADISON. S. DAK
Spccial Attention Given to
Land Drainage and Surveys
Office with F. G. Ball
"HONE 293|
Office ever The Bit Sim MADISON, S. DAJt

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