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Perhaps one
Eyes measured, defects of sight diagnosed and Glasses
ground for the propeJ correction.
The latest Objective and Subjective methods employed.
Certain Tnmmed Hats
which we with to dispose of quicldy
we offer an
Beginning Tuesday, July 13
and lasting ONE WEEK ONLY
n A HO'f
SATl. KDAY. .JIIA IT. 190it
Weather Forecast
Unsettled and probably tbo&der
•bowers tonight 01 Sunday.
Ice. Ice. Ice. Phone Chas.
Simpson, 209.
Nearly now phaeton for sale cbeap.
Inquire of Chas. B. Kennedy.
I've tried them all. "Jaok'i for
Great sale of mldenmmer beta at
Miss Bogen'a.
few hundred bnahelt
ear son
•a le. —Hans*
U rdab
Monday, July 19
At the
CHICAGO 5c & 10c
At a grand Clearance Sale of the Gossard Corset
Co., we secured an invoice of Corsets at greatly
reduced prices. Some of these Corsets have
been slightly soiled in handling otherwise as good
as new. To give you an idea of the bargains we
have we will sell
$5.00 Corsets few $3.50
$10.00 Corsets for $6.50
Sale will continue until all are sold. Come early
or your size may be gone.
gsatlij gmiJer
Set* the new chautnuqua and jiake
poaf cards, at Corner Drutf Store.
Wanted. Cook at the hospital.
Wages per month. Apply to Mrs.
A. E. Clough
At Miss Bogen's you will find
bargains in trimmed hats.
New form satisfaction chattel mort
gage blanks. All legal blanks for
Bale at Daily Leader office.
For Sale: Six-room cottage, three
50-foot lots, large barn, chicken nouse
and poultry yards. Also a few S. C.
Buff Orpington chickens.—Henry Niell.
Ellis' illustrated music system at
music studio, poatoffloe clock.—G eoe
vieve Savereool.
For a short time we offer men's wo
men's. hoys' and children's black and
colored oxfords at 25 per cent discount.
This oRer liable to withdrawal with
out notice. —The Fair.
For Sale. 143 acres deeded lacd and
57 acres meandered land in this farm.
125 acres in crop. Situated mile
doing more work than the other.
If troubled with defective sight it will be decidedly to
your interest to consult Z. F. SEARS, our Optometrist.
from Winfred Price #4. per acre for
the deeded land. Option good tor 30
days. A snap if taken at once. See
M. D. McGillivray.
Mrs. John Crow and sons xeturned
from a visit at different points in Iowa.
Rev. M. K. Aaberg was a morning
passenger for Sioux City where he will
preach tomorrow.
Will McKinnon returned home this
morning and will remain in tbe city
several days.
Mrs. Ed.Dowdle was an evening ar
rival from Madison, Wis., and is the
guest of Mrs. John Devany.
Oeo Davis wat- a morning passenger
for Colman and will upend a few day*
at carpenter work on
farm near
that place.
Mr. and Mr". Ernest McDonald of
the Lake Park were passengers by ihe
north train, returning from their
wedding tour.
Temperature reacned 91 thia after
noon and remained stationary at that
point for several hours.
Feck Bros, of tbe Central market
are now thoroughly installed in their
new business and solicit the tiade of
the public. They will keep constantly
in stock tbe choicest meats the country
affords, and patrons may depend upon
Hiiick and courteous service.
A novel exhibition in Egan avmne
this afternoon was an immense kite
sent up from W. S. Murray's stoie
where J. E. tloltra is holding a loom
end sale. After the kite nad reached
a height of 300 or 400 feet. Mr. Uol
tra sent op a "messenger" in the
shape of a large streamer bearing tne
words, "Goltra loom end sale." In
this day of airships, the kite and
streamer attracted much attention.
Rev. M. Anderson and bride arrived
last evening from Minneapolis and are
the quests of Mr and Mrs Joseph Op
perud. Rev Mr. Anderson has accept
ed tbe pastorate of the raited Norws
giau Lutheran church and will be in
stalled tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock.
The ceremony will be in charge of
Rev. Mr. Salverson of Sioux Falls, as
sisfed by Rev. Mr. Wigdahl of Colton.
Rev. Mr. Anderson completed his Btu
dies and was ordained this year, his
marriage taking place *oon after his
ordination. Rev. and Mrs. Anderson
will be warmly welcomel by their
church people in this city.
Chief of Police Davis is in receipt of
a letter from anxious parents in Chi
r*go asking htm to search for their
young sou, Chester Echebicn, whose
age is giveu'as 15 years. The lad left
Chicago in tne company of a ne^ro
and it is presumed they came to South
Dakota to work in tbe harveat fields
The police of Chicago traced the pun
enroute, hearinu of them at several
points in Minnesota, and it is now pre
sumed that they passed through Mad
son within a day or two, bound north.
There are a large number of working
men on the freight trains passing
through this city, comprising white
uvn. boys and negroes. The bettei
class are in search of work, but others
seem inclined to ride to the end of the
line A number of workingmen who
wanted work, have stopped oil at
Madison and readily obtained employ
ment among Lake county farmers
The undesirable class are not allowed
to remain in the city and are kept
moving by the police.
The Churches.
M. E. church-Morning 'ienrice,
10::}0 subject, The subiimest words
St. Paul ever uttered: Sabbath school.
12 the Epworth League, 7 evening
service 8. In the evening the pastor
will speak upen Tbe religious value of
a vacation, a short, comfortable ser
vice. All are cordially welcomed
amoug ns.—A. D. Thibodeau,Minister
Christian Science—Service at the
residence of C. W. Wood, 10:45 a. m.
subject. Life.
Grace Episcopal church—Moruing
Prayer and sermon, 10:30. There wi"l
be no Sunday school until September
Evensong, 8. Vou are cordially in
cited. The rector desires the presence
the vestry, president of the Uuild
i the C.'ollecta. after the morning
rice, in the Guild room.—Rev. R.
Hardman. Rector.
Presbyterian church-Subject'of the
norning discourse. Holding on to the
Truth: evening service Sunday school
noon: Christian Endeavor at 7
:lock. The public is cordially in
ted.—D. J. JlitteilinR, Pastor.
Norwegian Synod church—Services
ID the evening at 8 no Sunday school
irochial school during the week.—H.
w. Estiem. Pastor.
Friends of Miss Jessie Jones Pro
vide an Evening of En
With Mrs. C. E. Kennedy,Mrs Ball
i ud Mrs Harter as hostesses, a surprise
p.-irty complimentary to Miss Jessie
nes was given at her home in West
xth street last evening. Miss Jones
i *d be«n a guest at the home of
ra. C. A Bergstreser during the af
moon and when she returned to her
me it was in the possession of her
iends The event was a shower, in
lent to the marriage of Miss Jones to
Mr. Mack McKae whuh takes place
next Tuesday.
The surprise was gennine and tbe
social enjoyment of the evening wae of
high order. The following guests
were present:
Mrs. I. A. Baldwin, Mrs Wm. Cur
tis, Mrs (J. W. Callahan, Mis. Robt.
Jones, Mrs. (4. L. McCallister, Mrs
Harry Hunt, Mfs. J. V. Regan, Mrs.
Wm. Torbert, Mrs. A, T. Ireland, Mrs.
H. Grinager. Mrs. M. H. Colgrove,
Mrs. Fred Pearce, Mrs L. Unztlinan,
Mrs. Walter Keith, Mrs. Joy of Du
buque. Ia., sister of Miss Jones
Misses Myrtle Shepard, Lelia Morse,
Wilhelmina Brown, Lora Gere, Edith
An incident whicb created ranch
amusement WHS the distribution
among the guests of cards upon
which were written wishes for the fu
ture of the prospective bride. The in
vocations covered a wide range, and as
these written aentimenU were read
they were greeted with approval and
As memento? of the event Mies
presenteJ with cut glass
and silver pieces,tbe presentation being
made bv Mrs. McCallister
Refreshments were served, and with
verbal good wish. saud congratulations
the lady of donor said good night to
her guests who had contributed to the
happiness of the evening
Of Brookings in Charge of Beau
tifying the Capital Grounds
at Pierre
Pierre. J«ly 16.— Apropos
statement given out to the press of
the northwest in a dispatch from
lJierre relative to the modification of
tbe original plans for beautifying the
capitol grounds at Pierre, Prof. H. E.
Hanson, head of the horticultural de
partment of the state college, who baa
been retained to work out the design,
said to the presa:
"I have never seen the original New
Yotk plans for the landscape garden
ing for the grounds around the state
capitol at Pierre, nor do I intend to
examine them. If I am to be the
landscape architect in the case it will
be after my own design and some
thing I hope in harmony with the
majestic beanty of the present capitol
building now nnaring completion at
It was not necessary to go to New
York for ideas or men to work them
out for such a project, for right here in
our own state we have a man who is
eminently fitted by education, travel
and knowledge of the circumstances to
work out any scheme which may be
desired much better than any import
ed talent, however able ne would be.
His observation of the grounds sur
rounding the palaces, puolic nuildings
and othei show places of Europe and
Asia, to say nothing of this country,
stand Prof. Hansen in good stead, and
if he is given the proper financial
and moral support he will beautify
tne grounds of tne capitol at Pierre
in a manner that will reflect credit on
the object accomplished, the horticnl
tural profession and himself and be a
matter of pride that will be niore][tban
state wide.
At Aberdeen Appeals to
Parents in the East for
Aberdeen. July 1(5. Although Boll
Victor, accused of the murder of the
Christie family, wrote to his father
and mother and to a brother soon after
his incarceration, asking them to come
to his assistance in the direst trouble
of his twenty three years of life,
neither relative bas replied.and today
he wrote another letter to his father,
and one to bis brother, pleading for
W itnesM in tbe CMS who are ex­
pected to testify at the preliminary
hearing of Victor have been sui
poenaed tor July 20, bat it is by
means certain that the trial will
set for that date. The state's attorney
is disposed to give Victor a "squan
deal," and will give bim ample tine'
to hear from his relatives oefore hold
ing tbe examination.
First Baptist church—All tbe regu
services of tne church. Rer. W.
King of Sioux ~F"alIs will Jpreach,
I'.th moruing aud 'evening. The
morning theme will be concerned
with the work of Baptists in South Da
kota, and will oe illustrated by two
large maps. Sunday school at noon 1
u the B. Y U. at 7 o'clock.
I veryone is heartily invited to all
eee service*.—Fred E. Stockton, Paa-
Victor undergoes an ordeal of ques
tions from the sheriff and state's at
tornay every day, lasting from one
three hours, but he still maintains hi
marvelous nerve, and not once has li
admitted having bad anything to il
with the murder, or of knowing any
one implicated in tbe affair.
State's Attorney Van Slyke ami
Sheriff Anderson make almost daily
trips to the sceu* of the tragedy in
search of further evidence, and have
been nntiring in their efforts to dis
cover anything calculated to1
light on the crime.
Barren Marriage—Pittsburg Phy
sician's Desire for Son
Divorce Court
Pittsburg, Pa., July 18.—Fashion
able society circles of Pittsburg and
Se wick ley are iistonnded at the scan
dal involving two of the most prouu
nent families in Pittsburg, which
been disclosed through the beginning
of a divorce suit against Dr. Joseph
Z. Dickson, wealthy, prowineut clu!
man and skilful surgeon, by Mrs.Dick
son, former leader aud lelle in tin
younger set.
Jessie Ray, a pretty nnrse and
protege of Dr.Dickson, is named as o
respondent, it being alleged by Mr
Dickson that tbe husband maintained
two establishments, one for her and
another for the nurse.
And tbe only cause for all this
trouble, aacording to Dr. Dickson's
friends, is due to his desir«, almost
craze, for a child, which it is said, his
wife was unable to bear him. That
the doctor always loved,and still loves
his wife, is evidenced by nis devoted
treatment of her, the luxury he lav
ishee npen her and tbe consideration
be uses for her comforts.
That tbe physician made no appar
ent effort to conceal the facts from bis
wife is the opinion of his intiin»r
friends and associates. His naby 1» y
was a frequent visitor at th« office
his father in the Westinghouse Build
ing. aud was given many caiesses by
the elite among his father's patients
but the wife never suspected anything
until the chance-denouement at the
borne of Dr. Dickson's father in Clin
tou, Pa., when she found a collar be
longing to her husband on tha dresser
in Jessie Ray's room.
Dr. Dickson, it is charged, spf:.i
hundreds of dollars educating the
pretty nurse, and then established ber
in tbe home of his father, Professor
James Dickson, at Clinton, Pa. The
latter is widely known as an ednca
tor and is regarded as a strict chareh
The divorce proceedings mark the
culmination of s romance which was a
society event Teu years ago Di
Dickson.then just beginning to acqnirt
the great reputation which has sim-e
become world-wide,married Miss Mary
Summerville. belld of fashionable
Se wick ley. No children came of this
marriage, and this caBt a shadow up
on the physician's life.
Then Dr. Dickson met Miss Ray.
employed as a nurse at the Passuvant
hospital, where he was employed at
that time as surgeon A friendship
started that ripened into love.
Five years ago Dr. Dickson decided
that bis pretty assistant required a
post graduate course in nursing, and
sent her to an institution at Mount Un
ion, Ohio.
Later a child was born to the
nurse, and the mother and baby wcie
installed in the home of Professor
Dickson. Dr. Dickson made frequent
trips to Clinton for periods of several
days, but his wife thought his visits
were professional or that he went
merely to see his father. She knew
that the nurse lived in the house, but
never once suspected tbe true state of
affairs. Things continued this way far
nearly four years.
The denouement came last April
during a visit of Mrs. Dickson to her
father-in-law. Suffering from a head
ache, Mrs. Dickson went to Miss Ray
to ask for medicine to relieve her pain
She entered the nurse's room and the
two chatted together for several min
utes As they talked Mrs. Dickson
strolled to tbe dresser, where she found
a man's soiled collai and a cravat
which she recognized as lelonging to
her husband. She examined the tie
'How did this get hereT" she aaked
The nurse looked up.
"Ob," she lemarked casually, "that
belongs to our Joe."
Her remarks caused Mrs. Dickson to
investigate the relations between hei
husband and Miss Ray, which ended
in the filing of a suit for absolute di
The heart stories form the ander
current of the tide, which baa swept
the marriage of Dr. Dickson and his
pretty wife to the divorce court.
On tbe woman's side there is a tale
of years of trust and affection, which
apparently was returned in full by hei
husband. Yet tbe latter, loving hit
wife, and never failing to declare that
love and admiration to the world at
large, seems to love children more, and
when be found his wife unable to beat
him otfspiing sought out another
woman, wno could bear him a son.
According to Dr. Dickson's defense,
as given by bio fnends, he wan merely
carrying out tbe ancltent law of Moses.
Wealthy and with a reputation for
skill in bis profession, be wished, then
hungered and finally demanded an
neir to bear his name.
Why buy the various patented Breakfast
Foods. You pay for the package and the
expensive magazine advertising and get
very little to eat. Madison Breakfast Food
is put up in haavy paper bags containing
five pounds of the Best Breakfast Cereal
made from the Cream of Wheat. It is
nutritious, easily made and is pure food.
For sale at all stores for 25c per Package.
Corn Meal, Graham, Rye,
Whole Wheat
Mill 240 PHONES Store 445
The Same Old Story
Nm Unloading Sale No Reduction Sale
Only the best possible deal to every customer
who tradesswith us and a guarantee that no better
merchandise can be bought for the money, sale
or no sale, than we give our patrons every day.
We don't believe holding people up until
forced by our conscience or by competition to
give a sale and get the price down where it be
longs. Try
way of doing business and see for yourselves.
This is the Season
When the live merchant can get barg
ains from the wholesale houses and re
tail the goods at wholesale prices. We
have some exceptionally pretty
at exceptionally good bargains, consist
ing of
See them on display fit our north window,
Jones Drug Co.,
,)} V

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