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Talcum Sale
l)uring tiiis Sale we will sell any Talcum
regularly sold for 25c, any Cold Cream
regularly sold for 50c and a Chamois reg
ularly sold for 10c, All frtr.
SsV worth for T)0c. JUv.
^ftrtfKTPQ If you never used a Sponge
lia ve missed.
don't know what
julaiui ifrtC
S.VIT'KDAY, JULY '21. 1909
Weather forecast
Fair tonight and Sunday.
Ice. Ice. Ice.
Simpson, 209.
Phone Chas.
For 8ale at-foot During oinder.
—H. M. Penn.
High school clans pictnre* are now
ready.—J. B. Nelson.
For Rent. Storeroom 25 by 50. Ap
ply to Fred Knith.
For rent. A business building on
Fifth street.—J. W. Daviton.
Found. Class pin, M. B. N„ '#7.
This office.
I've tried tbem all. "Jaok'a for
Great sale of mid«amMT bat* at
Miss Bogen's.
A few hundred bushels ear corn for
sale.—Hans Urdahl
Rev. M. K. Aaberg departed for
Sioux City by the morning train.
O. T. Fuller was a morning paesen
ger for Sioux Falls on a business visit.
At Miss Bogen's yon will find some
bargains in trimmed hats.
Father Bonueterre of Charles City
spent the day in town, guest of Mgr.
E. \V. Ketcham and wife departed
this evening for points in North Da
For Sals, Empire cream separator,
nearly nnw, also cow. Apply to Geo.
Spawn at the depot.
Aliss Hazel Holdridge went to Went
worth by the morning train to visit a
few days with friends.
New form satisfaction chattel mort
gage blank*. All legal blanks for
sale at Daily Leader office.
Ellis' illustrated music system at
music studio, poatoffice olock.— Gene
vieve Savercool.
Wanted. Cook at the hospital.
Wages |30 per montb. Apply to Mrs.
A. E. dough
Lost. Bloodhound pappy, tan color,
white breast and white tip on tail
Bend information of his whereabouts to
Di. J. H. Gallagher.
Frank Fox of Bismarck. N. D., was
n morning arrival by tbe north train
He reports Cal. Nichols, oar former
citizen, tecently removed to Bismarck,
prospering in his business.
Midsummer Sale Starts Saturday, JULY 24,
and Lasts Till Saturday, JULY 31.
We have only stand
ard, high grade goods
|w»MBm—iiiii||n Ijif IIIHHII
Certain Trimmed Hats
which we wish to dispose of quickly
we offer aja
Beginning Tuesday, July 13
and lasting ONE WEEK ONLY
Having just returned from the New York market, where we succeeded
in picking up a few real bargains, we will give our customers the benefiit
during this ONE WEEK SALE. If interested call early as these prices
will only last as long as the goods last. Our space wont permit of enum
erating all our bargains. Here are a few:
licgulur saie price 10c now 5c
Regular sale price 25c now 10c
Regular sale price 35c, now 15c
I 'i'''' 2Sc
Mrs. Walter Winters was a passenger
by the east train, returning from Aus
tin, Minn.
Miss Sada Jones,cashier of the Madi
son State Bank, returned this evening
from a vacation visit at Randolph, Wis.
The special car of Supt. Foster of
the H. and D. division was attiicbed to
the incoming train from the east this
evening, passing west to Woonsockrt.
Three plain druDks were raarsnalfd
into Judge Randall's couit this morn
ing snd in default of tbe coin were
sent to the hostile for eight days
For Sale. 143 acres deeded land and
57 acres meandered land in thiB farm.
125 acres in crop. Situated mile
from Winfred. Price |45 per acre for
the deeded land. Option «ond for :i
days. A snap if taken at »Dce. Hee
M. D. McGillivray.
Dr. W. E. Kinney has txroght the
residence property of Heuiy Hundemer
in the west part of the city, and will
take possession Aug. 1.
A meeting is called to be held at
the city hall Monday evening for the
purpose of discussing the matter of or
ganizing a company of Sonth Dakota
national guards.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Trabert, who
have been guests in the family of P. J.
Pfeiffer, returned home to Wabasha,
Minn. Mrs. Trabert is a sister of Mr.
Pfeiffer's and'was accompanied to Mad
ison by her mother who will temain
with her son several weeks.
Mrs. Christie McGillivray Dean, wife
of tne late Dr. Dean, was a morning
arrival from Minneapolis where she
was visiting with her brother, N. D.
McGillivray, at the time of the death
of her husband in Oklab( ma. Tbe
remains of Dr.Dean are expected to ar
rive in Madison tomorrow evening.
Members of the Degree of Honor in
large numbers surprised Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Neill in the northeast part of
the city last evening The uninvited
guests brought along baskets laden
with all kinds of good things to eat,
aud froui 9 o'clock nutil a lute hour
there was much social happiness at the
Neill home. Before the departure of
their friends Mr. and Mrs. Neill were
presented with souvenirs of remem
brance, the former a fountain pen and
the latter an appropriately engraved
silver epoon. Mr. and Mrs. Neill and
family will remove from tbe city, tak
ing up their home at Aberdeen.
Cnas. Louwerse wa« in Judge Ran
dall's court this afternocn charged
with grand larceny. It is alleged
Louwerse stole a cow from O. S. Jones'
pasture and sold her to a cattle buyer,
the circumstances being reported in
The Daily Leader at the time. Lou
werse was formerly employed by O. S.
Jones. Sheriff Martin located the ao
cused near Went worth where he was
Rriichoc Hand Brushes, regular val
Ul UolltLd
Box Stationery
Scrub Brushes, reg 10c, now 5c
Cloth Rrush, regular 50e, now 25e
Regular $1, now 50c
Ruhherset Shaving Brushes sold every
where !\r i")0e, here -25c
sold for lOc. We only have 200 boxes so
come early Real 1 rish Linen and a big
value at 25c.
Paper Napkins,
per humdred
To •t Soap
M- per bar or
employed by a farmer, and arrested
turn this morning. J. F. Blewitt ap
peared in court as the attornev of de
fendant and asked postponement of
he hearing until next Tuesday morn
which was granted. In the
'Meantime Loawerse will be confined
ui the county jail.
The Churches.
First Baptist church—Morning wor
ship, 10:30 Sunday school, 12: the B.
P. U., 7 evening service. 8 Dr. A.
Norton of oi:r city will preach
loth miming and evening. Special
rivitation to strangers in the city.—
I red E. Stockton, Pastor.
M. E. church—Morning service,
subject, Zscbariah's burning
Message to his age. Solo by Mr.
Idles. Sabbath school, 12: Epworth
I eague, 7 evening service, 8. A short
practical talk at nigut suitable for
AHim weather. The stranger's Sab
nth home. Welcome for all.—A. D.
hibodeau, Minister.
United Lutheran church—Service at
0:30 a. m.—Martin Anderson, Pastor.
Christian Science—Service at the
esidence of 0. W. Wood, 10:48 a. m.:
-object, Truth.
Presbyterian church— Communion
and baptism of children at morning
worship evening subject,Despondency
Sunday school at noon Christian En
deavor at 7 p.m. All members should
be present at the morning service.
Strangers cordially invi led.—'D. J.
Mitterling, Pastor.
Suit to Recover Overcharges for
the Collection of
Centerrille, July 28.—Iks out of
the city of Ceaterville against Turner
county, brought to recover the sum of
$1,200 overcharges for the collection of
tax has just been modified by a deci
sion cf tbe supreme court, holding that
tbe statute of limitations runs against
all sums retained by the county more
than six years prior to tbe commerce
rnent of the action. Tne city contends
that the cDunty is entitled to but 1
per cent fur collecting city taxes, in
stead of 4 per cent, the amount ac
tually letained by the county.
In this contention the city has been
sustained by the supreme court, but
is not allowed to go back more than
six jears. The city contends that the
legal relationship existing between
county aud city in collection of taxes is
a fiduciary one that in tne collection
of city taxes the county was acting as
a trustee, and that all taxes so collect
ed belong to the city and not to tbe
county that tbe statute of limitations
never runs against a trust fund. The
city intends to move for a rehearing in
tbe supreme court.
An Item of Interest.
In tne museum of the San Francisco
Mint one sees a lump of gold like a
large beau, stamped on one side with
the rude ontline of a crowned archer.
It is' a Persian daric which has come
down from tbe time of Darius. This
suggests the interesting fact that in
the gold coins of today are particles of
precious metal which have comedown
from a very remote past, as consider
able of the material that goes into
the new coins come from old ones re
melted. Another interesting fact i9
that Golden Grain Belt Beer, if
served regularly at mealtime, will
aid digestion and make rich led blood
Keen appetite comes with its use. Or
der of nearest dealer.
People past middle life usually have
*imo lrirlnav s4ianp^ th&t
pnai uiiuuie me unuaujr
some kidney or bladder disord iuai
saps the vitality, which is naturally
lower in old age. Foley's Kidney Rem
edy corrects urinary troubles, stimulates
the kidneys, and restores strength
vigor, it cured uric aoid troubles
strengthening the kidneys bo tbey wm
strain out the uric acid that settles in
the musolea and joints oauaiag rheum
atism.—J. H. Anderson.
Relatives With Corpse Passing
Through Madison Take
Wrong Train i
Confusion at the Madison dopot up«•:5
tbe arrival and departure of tbe mor
ing trains is of fieqnent oceurreni
[The passenger trains from the west an i
tbe north arrive ten minutes apart ai* i
jdepart for the east and the south
teen minutes apart. Passengers fic n
the north desire to go east and pusse:.
gers from the west are rented sonth
there is a general scramble airung i
bundled or more passengers ea
morning to get their right trails
All trains and depots look alike tu
strangers and it is not unusual lb• i
mistakes are made.
A rather distressing occurrence to» 1
place yesterday morning. The
mains of a man accompanied by rel i
tives of the deceased arrived bv
north ttain enronte to Freeport, 1
The remains were taken from
north train to be transferied to ti
east train, and were placed on
truck at the depot to await the il
parture of the south train wbi
leaves the depot ahead of the ef.
train. When the conductor order
all aboard for tbe south train the re)
tives of the deceased climbed aboa' i
and sped away leaving the corpse
On arriving at Saranac, the te
station out of Madison on the south
line, the corpse waB found to be min
ing, and the relatives ot the deceas
became nearly frantic. On arrivi
at Sioux Falls inquiry was institute
and it was found that the body
been placed on the east train, at Maci
son station, which runs through Eg
and Flandreau, the trainmen selecti'
the most direct routs for shipmem,
while the relatives of the deceased tO"k
the south route through Sioux Fal
Canton and then eapt. Both route*
lead to Freeport in almost parallel
lines and the corpse and tbe relatives
will reach their destination about the
same time.
When this explanation was made 11
tbe mourners they were somewhat
quieted and resumed their journey.
Results in a Fatal Accident to
a Chauffeur at Sioux
Sioax Falls, July 23.—The first fa
tal automobile accident for Sioux
Falls happened this morning and re
suited in the deatn of lia C. Breese, a
chauffeur in the employ of the Uates
A new two-cylinder Buick machine
nad arrived at tbe Gates garage Tburs
day, which was to have been deliv
ered to a prospective purchaser this
afternoon. About 9 o'clock this morn
ing Mr. Gates told Mr. Breese to take
the machine out and give it a thor
ough try-out to satisfy himself that
the machine was well tuned up and
ready for delivery. An hour had not
passed before Mr. Gates received word
that the machine had been wrecked on
Minnesota avenue south,and the chauf
feur seriously injured.
Mr. Gates together with Chief Grose
txjarded another machine, and were
soon at tbe side of the injured man.
He was being cared for by Mrs. A.
Lieveridge, who with a lady friend,
was riding nearby when tbe accident
Mr. Breese was conscious when Mr.
liates arrived and lived an hour and a
half. He told Mr. Gates that tbe ac
cident was solely the result of too fast
driving, and tnat no one was to blame
but himself. He eaid that be was
^iiag south at a lively rate of speed,
on Minnesota avenue south, just south
of the old Hayes house. He observed a
ditch on the left hand side of the
read, and, fearing that he would run
into it, turned quickly to the right
without slackening speed at tbe same
time applying the brakes. The bind
wheels skidded and the automobile
turned turtle, throwing the driver
several feet, he striking the ground
very hard, the machine going over
him and landing right side up about
five feet south of where Mr. Breese was
Tbe report that the machine tested
on the unfortunate man was antrae,
he was five or six teet from tbe ma
chine when first found. He com
plained of severe pains through the
left side and of other pains in ditlerent
parts of tbe body. Crs. A. Zetlitz and
J. Scbwarts were quickly on the
ground and they made an examination
and both argeed that the injuries were
that the unfortunate man could
live but a short time. He was taken
to tbe Sioux Falls hospital, wnere
everytning possible was done for him,
but he died about 11 o'clock.
The machine, which was a two-cy
linder Buick. is a complete wreck.
Mr. Breese, who was 28 years of
age, came to Sioux Falls about six
weeks ago from Jackson, Mich., where
he has worked for some time in an an
tomoblie factory.
Bids Wanted.
Sealed bids will be received by tbe
undersigned for grading 1,500 yards
more or less, on township line road be
tweeu Lakeview and Herman town
ship, adjacent to section 18, Lakeview,
and section 18, Herman, one mile and
a half southwest of Madison. Bids
presented must state that the work
shall be done at a specified price per
yard. The right is reserved to reject
any or all oids. Bids will be teceived
at the office of E. L. Wclleston, clerk,
until 2 p. m., Saturday, July 81.
—J. L, Rowland,
a.: 4
V-J -V
HARD COAL for your furnace.
Mill Phone 240
Father of Emil Victor
Good-Bye to His
Aberdeen, July 2H. —With the almost
certain knowledge that his sou is
guilty of the murder of the Christie
family and Micha»l Rouayne, the
father of the murderer, Auirust Vic
tor, returned to bis home in East Au
rora, N. Y., after spending but one
day in this city wbeie he visited bis
son in the county jail. The parting of
the two was very free from any emo
tion,and was an evidence of tbe stolid
characteristic markiug tbe Teutons.
Mr. Victor bad a visit with Emil
yesterday afternoon in tbe presence ot
State's Attorney Van Slyke and Sheriff
Andejson. When it came time to go
the father said, "Wei, Emil, I will
see you again if this comes out all
right. Goodby." Emil replied''(tcod
by, good luck to yon all. Goodly,"
and with a handshake the door closed
between the two.
Mr. Victor asked his son
he com­
mitted the crime with which he was
charged and the son did not answer.
Asking him, however, if theie was
anyone with bim, Emil told him
there was not. This ie the nearest he
came to admitting his guilt to his sire,
who maintained, however, that he did
not believe bis son did tbe murder.
Mr. Victor told his son that he could
not come 1,000 miles again to see bim.
With the special term of court
dually set for July 31 a spoedy trial
is assured, and there is yet a possibil
ity of Victor pleading guilty and sav
ing the county much expense. The
teeling is prevalent that the death
penalty will be inflicted as the law is
plain on the matter aud if any man
ever deserved hanging the present in
stance is sufficient. Victor is guarded
night and day that be may not hatin
himself or escape. A ceil by himself
affords farther security.
Suffragists of Colorado Will Have
Candidate for Next
Denver, July 28.—Tbe women cf
Colorado are to make a stubborn effort
to send one of their sex to congress two
years hence. Such was the announce
inent made tu tbe visiting delegates
from the International Conncil of
\\'omen by one who spoke for tne
women's associations in tbe state.
"Of course, it is difficult to tell
whether we will be successful in onr
efforts or nnt," said Mrs. Harriet
Wright, former member of the state
legislature, "but we are looking for
ward to landing a woman in the balls
of congress, and we certainly are go
ing to make a determined trial."
It was Lady McMillan, who talked
suffrage to the bouse of lords four
hours and then stopped only because
tbey ordered her to, who brought out
the statement. Shs put this question
point blank to the Denver women who
were entertaining her
When are you women going to send
a woman to congress T"
The reply was qnic* and docisivs:
"In two years."
All are agreed that Mrs. Sarah Piatt
Decker is to be tbe candidate for the
national house of representatives that
every feminine resource will figure in
the content, and that a move toward
preliminary education of Uui veten
must be made soon.
,'tp« the cough sad hcU« lua^l
Winter Will Surely Come
JL.... .•-i
*t*L kt A
Anticipate Your Wants and Order Your Coal Now
Little Hatchet Flour is the Best That Can Be Made
j. ft
for your cook ttove and FRESHLY MINED
The Same Old Story
In the Same Old Way
No Unloading Sale No Reduction Sale
Only the best possible deal to every customer
who trades^vvith us and a guarantee that no better
merchandise can be bought for the money, sale
or no sale, than we give our patrons every day.
We don't believe in holding people up until
forced by our conscience or by competition to
give a sale and get the price down where it be
longs. Try
Store Phone 445
way of doing business and see for yourselves.
This is the Season
When the live merchant can get barg
ains from the wholesale houses and re
tail the goods at wholesale prices. We
have some exceptionally pretty :S,
at exceptionally good Iftrgiim, consist
ing of it
See them on display in our north window*
Jones Drug Co
/OimflMlKrfEtt mEYSKTOHEYCUiffi
MUhMUtaaii Makaa KMaaya awl Mai*
'sfti vV
5* "J/

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