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Talcum Salp
TliritSDAV, JULY 'in. 1»0!
Weather Forecast
Fair tonight and Friday.
Ice. Ice- Ice. Plwne Chat.
Simpson, 209.
Big social dunce at 11 uinternar hall
«Wry Friday oveniug.
Otto Brorby was among the passen
gars by the south train for Sioux Falls.
For Sale 13-foot Daaring oinder.
H. M. Penn..
For Rent. Storeroom 25 by 50. Ap
ply to Fred Kuith.
For rent. A business building on
Fifth street.—J.W. Davison.
I've tried them all. "Jack'a for
Great sale of, mid«aiunar hats at
Miss Bogen's.
A few hundred bushel* ear ma fat
sale.—Hans Urdshl
At Miss Bogen's yon will find some
bargains in trimmed hats.
For Hale, (rood second band boggy
and harness.—Dr. J. M. Daff.
lee cream and cake Tnnrsday aren
mp, July 29. at Mrs. Adrian Smith's.
BfnefitcfSt. Thomas church.
For Sale. Empire cream separator,
nearly new, also cow. Apply to
Spawn at the depot.
I511is' illustrated music system at
IBtiaic studij, postoflke nlock.-Gene
vieve Savercool.
For Sale or Kent Three good
fcauses of six rooms each. Will le va
Otfkit after Sept. 150. Apply to Mrs. A.
E. Clougb.
J. E. Goltia waa a returning paas
enger from Mitchell, by the morning
Mr. and Mis. Mark Plowman of
Odlbaiu are in the city, gnesta
family of T. A. Fox.
Mrs. Mead who nas been the giiedt of
Iter parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Lan
returned home to Flandrean.
Mrs. Pfeiffer who has l*»en the guest
at her son, F. J.^ Pfoift'er, returned
home to Wabasha, Minxu, by the.worn
ing train.
O. Kinnon today l«t the contract
for remodeling and converting into
as elevatoi, flat lioase recently pnt
chased by him at Junius. The Young
Uyve Construction Co. of fcioux City
alto the contractors. Whan completed
Midsummer Sale Starts Saturday, JULY 24,
and Lasts Till Saturday, JULY 31.
Haying just returned from the New ork market, where we succeeded
in pic ing
lailUlil jaiC ard, high grade gtxxls
i)iu ing this Sale wo will sell any Talc um
regularly sold for 2f»e, any Coid Cream
regularly sold for 50o and a Chamois roc-
All for 50c
Snnn^pc Ify°" never used a Sponge
yOU don't know what you
lia\ missed.
la ^ular sale price 10c now 5c
Regular sale price 25c now
Regular sale price 35c now 15c
sal. pri.-o
I, -i- 1 I i i i n u- 1 o n i i 1 1- -1 1
real Ibargains, we will give our customers the benefiit
%mZ.tU\s LkK SALE. If interested call early as these prices
vvi on y last as long as the goods last. Our space wool permit of enuui
crating &II our bsr^tiins. Here sire & fewi
Certain Trimmed Hats
which we wish to dispose of quickly
we offer an
Beginning Tuesday, July 13
and lasting ONE WEEK ONLY
©l)c feUiUtj ica&cr
For Sale. Horse, harness and aur
rey. -H. H. Holdridge.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Smith were
passengers by the north tiain to speud
Sunday with friends in Clark county.
Stone for the new science ball to lie
bnilt on the campus of the State Nor
mal school is leginiug to artive ami
is being delivered ou the grounds.
McDonald of Minneapolis if
in the city and will remain a couple
weeks in the interest of the J. K.
Martin Land Co., dealers in western
Canada lands.
Two days more at Mm ray'a between
you and the best opportunity to tin
Loom Ends in Madison this season.
yards opened this afternoon,
those will be Go for the choicest weaves
of waeb fabrics shown this ssason,
every yard of them worth from 20
cents to 50 cents.
Last evening's freihgt train front
the east, arriving about n o'clock,
brought In a large consignment of
workingineu, uot less than fifty uieu
having taken passage ou the roofs ol
the box cars. They were a civil lot
and remained in town over night with
out making trouble for the police.
Most of them left town by this morn
ing's trains, seeking work in the har
vest fields.
Volga Tribune: Nels Helgerson, of
Luke county, underwent, an opera
tion for appendicitis at the local his
pital last Friday. Before the opera
tion peritonitis had developed and
the patient is in a very serious con
dition and Sunday it was feared that
he could not live. However at this
writing be appears to he a little lettor
and hopes are entertained of his re
A Chicago traveling man called up
on Mr. Murray this afternoon offering
some "clear ups"' in wash goods. He
said "these crepes and dimities, ser
suckers and lawns at 12J cents to close
a 00 piece lot." We showed him the
better grades he asks 17!c to :i?lc
for wholesale yon understand that we
are selliug at cents. 'Ihat's a Loom
End story and its tine. 2 days left
for yon to help yourself.
Mth. Ernorit McDuimld of the Lake
Paik met with a painful accident this
morning. While attempting to light
an alcohol lamp under A chafing dir-n
in her room, the lamp exploded and
the burning fluid was scattered about
the room The lace curtains took fire
and in her efforts to subdue the
flames Mr«. McDonald's bands were
very severely burned. LJndei the
circumstances, however, it was a for
tunate escape from what might have
resulfcad ia BBoh aon serious in
Hand Brushes, regular val
Ll U^llca iiii,.. now 25c
Scrub Hrushes, reg 10c, now 5c
Cloth lirush, regular 50ip, now 25c
Regular $1, now 50c
Ifubborset Shaving Brushes sold ©very
whore for TiOc, here 2Sc
Box Stationery i-i
for 1th
v-ouic our.j.
value at 25c.
t'if vh' Iihv.' a Cftp-u il v of
of 27,000 bushels.
C. C. Rice of Winfted waa a basi
neas visitor in Madison today.
vegularly Sold fur
-•rc j»or box will be
'tily have 200 boxes so
Irish Linen and a big
l^ioer Napkins, per humdred
I't'.nilar2"e Toilet Soap for 7c
Soap for 7c per bar or
W. F. Krueger, proprietor of tbe
Merlin electric theater, and bride,
returned houie by the midnight traiu
iiigt night. The bride is Miss Faith
A edge who haB l»een connected with
the theater as pianist. Mr. Krueger
iml Miss Wedge left Madison about
month ago. closing tbe theater fcr
tiie summer, and their marriage was
"lelrated among relati«es and friends
i* Allison, Iowa, last Saturday, July
1 Their friends in the city will
i ike pleasure in bestowing congratu
i itions upon them. Mr. Krueger will
••'igage in hoa?ocleaning this week
id open bis theater to tkc pablie
*xt Monday eveniog.
Miss Vessey and
Companion Have
IB Experience on Lake
Watertown. July 28.—Wholly witb
it knowledge of rowing, Miss Bernice
essey. daughter of Governor and Mrs.
K. S. Vessey. and Mi^-s Olive Wal
i.ith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. D.
W alrath of this city, Saturday after
nc.ou drifted across Lake Kampeska
from the Officers' clab bouse before a
high wind.
Miss Yecsey and Miss Walrath were
rowing about the shore, when, tin
known to them, they drifted into tbe
wind, and then were unable to control
tbe frail craft. Swept by the waves,
it was but a short time nntil they were
far out from shore. The wind wim
blowing in snch a direction as to carry
ihem iuto tbe dauger zone from the
ride lange, on which the guardsmen
were shtnitiug.
Gerald Marogg in a boat started
after them, but the wind w.w blowing
the girls along at tnch a rate tbat lie
could not catch them. Otto Linstead
also started in pursuit.
By tbe time Mr. Marogg reached
theiu they had landed on the opposite
shore nrar Yabota. The girls were
taken home in an automobile.
Two Men Have Narrow Escape
from Death Near
Clear Lake-
Sioux City, la.. July 28.—After an
exciting experience with an antomo
bile neai Clear Lake, S. I).,and a nar
row ••scape from death, George R.
Fear. 611 Seventeenh street, haa arriv
ed in Sioux City.
Mr. Fear is the owner of several
valuable farms in Deuel county and
was there last week to look at the
fine crops that are growing on his
lands, in bis travels he kited Sherifl
John W. I awson to take him aliout in
his big car. In making tbe Hidewood
hill in the west part of the county
Satuiday the machine got balky, start
ed back down the hill, turned turtle
and pinned both meu under it in such
a manner that neiher conld reach tbe
battery screw to turn ofi the power.
Farmers at work in a field a quarter
of a mile distant saw the aciident and
ran to the assistance of the men While
under the car tbe clohes of both men
were thoroughly soaked with gasoline,
but fortunately the Ras did not catch
fire. The farmers succeeded in rais
ing the car and getting the men out
of their precarious position.
Mr. Fear escaped with
Wells Fargo Officials Before
Railroad Boali at
Mitchell, July 28.—This afternoon
was neld the hearing between the state
railroad commission and A. J. Lud
low, the traffic manager of the WeMs
Fargo Express company, the company
being called npou lo show why it
should not comply with the state
law adopted by the lust legislature
requiring it to reduce its rates 20 per
cent. Mr. Ludlcw assumed the pos
ition that on Janary 1 the Wells Fargo
company was not doing business in the
state and had no rates to be adjusted
under tde state law th«t it did not
assume to recognize the rates of the
United States Express company as
being of a character ninh enough to
make tbe business self sustaining.
The rate question was discussed very
freely by both sides :.nd a comparison
of rates was made between the Wella
Fargo Express compaify and those of
the American Express company. Mr.
Ludlow stated that when his company
come iuto the state it made its lates on
the mileage basis, which makes them
about tnree times as high as the first
class freight rates of the railroads in
the state. He was much opposed to
making the minimum rate of any
package less than .r»0 cents, while the
oher company's minimum rate was s$-r
cents. The result of the conference
was a declaration on the part of the
commission that while the present
schedule jf express rates established
by the American and other companies
aside from the Wells Fargo company
doim business in tbe state were ap
parently in line with the law passed
by the legislature, the Wells-Faigo
uompany stood out against compliance
with the law. In order to force that
company to adopt the same schedules
in force on other linea it might be
necessary for the railroad commission
to make up aud establish a tariff cover
ing express crates based on distance,
and if so it might mean some slight
changes on the part of the other com
paiiioa. If the Wells-Fargo company
de ides to place the rates under the
HtOu law the aitnation
a few
bruises and the wreckage of his cloth
ing, but toe sheriff was badly crippled.
He is now confined to his bed and is
under the care of Dr Harvey.
Tbe car was a total wreck as
Wt often wonder bow any person can
he persuaded into taking anything but
Foleya Honey and Tar for coughs, colds
and lung trouble. Do not be fooled
into aocepting "own make'' of other sub
stitutee. The genuine containa no
harmful druga and is in'a yellow paok
age. —J. H. Andetaon
be drop­
Commissioner Ness, on behalf of
the commercial club, made a state
ment to tbe commission asking for
joint freight rates from Mitchell to
the Black Hills countiy and also
quiring the Milwaukee and the Omaba
roads to connect their tiacks in this
city. A bearing on this matter will
be held here on August 2.
Disscussion of Matter of Open
ing South Dakota
Pierra, July 28.— It is generally ex
pected that within the next ten days
th" proclamation will be issued, fix
ing the dates of the drawings for fil
ings on Cheyenne liver and Standing
Rock resen ations, and at the same
time fixing the places where the regis
tration will be conducted. Fully
twenty towns are asking for tbe honor
and profit of being made a registration
point, and but about a half dozen will
be designated.
selections are not yet
known, if they have been made, among
the most probable points are Pierre.
LeBean, Aberdeen, Lemmon and Belle
Fourche. Whether all of these town*
will be in
list is unceitain, but
h11 are considered probable, with pos
sibilities of others. All the alloting
work has been completed ou that part
of the reservations which will be open
ed, and the appraisal forces are busily
at work getting things into shape be
fore tbe first of October.
The probabilities are that the ap
praisal price fixed on the lands for the
northern reservation, will not be so
hign as it was on the Rosebud, where
some of it was as high as six dollars
an acre, as fixed by the terms of the
treaty opening the land to settlement.
It is believed by those who are in
formed in regard to reservation affairs
that a much lower scale price will be
fixed for Cheyenne River and Standing
Rock but that is a matter of detail
yet to be settled. The question of coal
reserve on Cheyenne River has not yet
been announced, and piobably will not
be until later in the all.
Immodest Dress of Women
Photographed and Shown
ia Pulpit.
Minneapolis, Jnly 2h.— If doubt ever
existed in the minds of many as to (he
carrying out of threats made several
days ago that be would photograph
women appearing on streets in peek-a
Ikjos, it was dispelled when Rev. G.
L. Morrill delivered an illustrated
lector* at a local theater Sunday
The sermon was heard by a packed
house, mostly women. At least twun
ty-tivc pictures of Minneapolis women
photoierapbed on Nicollet ave. Satur
day were thrown upon tbe screen.
Some wore low-neck dresses, while
others were shown with tight
form lifting gowns. Immodest ei
posure up to the knees by several
women who were photographed was
the most startling of tbe illustrations,
these womeu coining la for a greater
share of criticism.
Mr. Morrill also exhibited views of
several animals found in the London
Zoo and cotupaied the women with
these. Any woman who is immodest
enough to hold her skirts up to her
knees on tbe principal thoroughfares
of this city should be placed in tbe
same category with these animals, he
said. It is indecent exposure at best,
he declared, and any woman who
cares so little about herself as to pull
up her dresi so men can gaze upon
her fancy hosiery should be consider
ed no hotter than an animal.
Mr. Morrill spent most of Satur
day afternoon securing the photo
graphs. gut several of bis sub
jects uuawares, while others dodged
the camera rays a* ninch as possible
Frequest att mints were made by men
escoiting woni n slated for an exposure
to demolish the camera, and one bare
lv missed breaking the lens
Expected the Railroads Will
Pay Taxes on Increased
Pierre, 28.--While definite
figures have not been fixed for railway
assessments, the indications appear to
be that the companies will get in
creases ranging from fH00 to $400 on
main lines at least. That class of
property will be increased in the ag
gregate #1,000,000 in all likelihood,
but it will be spread out thin.
Practically all of this week will lie
given to telephones, as there are over
three hundred compauioa to assess in
tbe state.
Efforts are being made to secure a
joint special train to eairy the dele
gates from Wyoming and South Dakota
to the national irrigation congiess.
August 9-14.
Bids Waa tad.
Sealel bids will be received by tbe
undersigned for grading 1,500 yards
more or less, on township line road be
tween Lakeview and Herman town
ship, adjacent to section 18, Lakeview,
aud section 13. Herman, one mile and
a half southwest of Madison. Bids
presented must state tbat the work
lull he doue at a specified price pot
yard. The right is reserved to reject
any or all nids. Bids will be loceived
at the office of E. L. Wolleston, clerk,
until 2 p. m., Saturday. July HI.
—J. L. Rowland.
Monument to Noted Scldier Will B*
Dedicated at Duxbury, Mm#.
Plymouth may claim Imperishable
fame In the aggregate from tbe I*ey
den pilgrims, but Duxbury, Mass.. ap
propriates the Individual M.vles Stnnd
Ish, "the first soldier of Now Eng
land," as all its own. For iu Duxbury
the doughty commander of the mili
tary fortes of Plymouth colony made
his home, and there. It la alleged. Is
his grave.
The glory of tbe town today la the
Standish monument, some time com
pleted and yet to be dedicated to the
memory of the man whose goodly
deeds It so grandly preserves.
Duxbury. or "Duxborrow," as Cap
tain Myles htmselr waa wont to refer
to the place. Intends to dedicate the
monument on July 31. It will be an
other Duxbury day. Distinguished or
a tors will declaim the virtues of the
country's first "great white chief" in
the Unitarian church building, a ban
quet will bo served to the celebrators
at the town hall. and. of course. Cap
tain's hill, with Its imposing granite
shaft, surmounted by Kelly's statue of
Standish. will Ik» the Mecca for all at
tendants. Trips to the top of the col
umn will be In order and that "conse
cration day" of Aug. 17, 1871, will
be vividly recalled by the present day
"It was the late Stephen M. Allen."
says Levi H. Cushlng. a Duxbury oc
togenarian. "who was the real moving
spirit In the construction of the Stand
ish monument. He raised a large part
of the money to defray the cost, and
a goodly portion of the latter day life
of Mr. Allen was devoted to this one
cherished purpose."
And when on that Aug. 17. 1871.
Mr. Allen had so'far progressed In his
plans that he could "consecrate" the
t:round on which the proposed shaft
was to stand he had a notable gath
of the state's best men at the
summit of Captain's hill. Horace
Itinney Sargent was the orator of the
occasion, Justin Wlnsor was the poet,
and Oonoral B. F. Butler. Dr. A. A.
Minor and Dr. N. B. Shurtleff were
among the speakers.
Cxpwlmwtt With Milking tMMfcinas.
The Nebraska experiment station of
the department of agriculture at
Washington Is experimenting with
milking machines. A preliminary re
port on the progress of the Investiga
tion, recently Issued by the depart
ment, contains this information:
"It has been found that most of the
cows yield their milk as freely and
fully wlum milked with a machine as
by hand, but with some Individual
t-owa the use it the machine Is not en
tirely ku coitrful. Heifers accustomed
to the machines from the first appear
to do bettor than older cows which
h.ive been ed by hand.**
People past middle life usually have
some kidney or bladder disord that
saps the vitality, which is naturally
lower in old age. Foley's Kidney Rem
edy oorrects urinary troubles,stimulates
tbe kidneys, and restores strength and
vigor. It cured uric aoid troubles by
strengthening the kidneys so they will
strain out the uric acid tbat sett^ea in
the muscles and joints oauain^ rheum
atiam.—J- II. Anderson
Mill 240
Comes from the fact that we make
And Sell
Sunny side Washed Coal
Our bead miller haa just returned from an ex
tended visit to all the good mills in South Da
kota, bringing1 with him samples of their best
flour and it gives us great pleasure to find that
we aro making as good flour as any and better
than most of them. Let us supply your wants.
We need your money and you need our Flour,
Bran, Shorts, Coal' Wood and Salt. We make
delivery any where at any time'of day or night.
PHONES Store 445
Com## «towly (mil cenft twowey
and peace of mind. The hardest
bit of purse wisdom to learn ia
In buying Clothing thia delemna
is invariably encountered, and it
is often the liltle more which
really counts in the purchase.
As to how much to pay, we have
acted as judge in pricing the
merchandise we offer for sale
and we think that in nine casea
out of ten you will feel that the
price verdict has been wholly in
your favor. Come in and see.
This is the Season
When the live merchant can get barg
ains from the wholesale houses and re
tail the goods at wholesale prices. We
have some exceptionally pretty
at exceptionally good bargaina, consiat
See them on display in our north window.
Jones Drug Co,
Notice to I. O- O. F. Members.
A special meeting will he held by
the T. O. O. F. lodge on Friday night,
July 30tn,for the purpose of conferring
degree woik. All members are ur
gently ioquested to come. By order
noble grand, W. B. Soale.—F.G. Ball,
Acting Secretary.
Mr. F. U Fr'tts, Oneonta, N. V.
writes: "My little gi'l was greatly bin
efitted by taking Foley's Orino Laxa
tive, and I hink it is the heat remedy
for constiprtion and liver trouble."«|
Foley's Oriuo Laxative is beat for wom n$
and children, as it ia mild, pleaaant and
effective, and is a splendi I spring naedi-,,
eiu., as it cleanses tbe s%atem and
^hn pyyuyloptioi^—J. fl|r ^p|}ggSQ|).'r*-
A,.' i
'V kS

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