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The Big Store
Hr ctrrlar t»* 10
li. A S'l AHl., Bd iitt** Manager.
Xankton Thiitv six nctions strip
pod of all crops by last Friday night's
storm of hail is the report that reached
Yankton, after considerable delay
The section swept is a mile west of the
Yankton counnty line, in Bonhomme
comity, in a prosperous community.
The Menuonite settlement, the Cole,
Abbott, Harrison, (Jlenn and other
faruiH. were all visited by the hail
storm and all crops completely ruined.
Watertown -Mrs. Augnst Zamow.
wife of a farmer residing near Ulover,
in Codington connty, 10 miles south
east of this city, met with the ununual
accident ve«terday of sustaining the
dislication of her jaw through an ex
traordinarily strenuous yawn. Mrs
Zamow arose rather early to prepare
breakfast, in the inidnt of the prepara
ions for which she encountered the
accident. Surgeons were hastily sum
uioned from this city and pending their
arrival the good housewife was unable
to nse her weapons of mastication, not
even for conversational purposes.
Aberdeen—Hogan biothers promi
nent real estate men of Aberdeen, who
also own a large ranch, have been in
vestigating the raising of winter
wbeat in northern South Dakota, and
have reached the conclusion that it is
entirely feasible to raise that variety
of wheat in this section. They state
that winter vvhoat can be successfully
grown wherever red clover will flour
ish, and red clover does well here. It
is probable a large acreage will bo
sown in winter wheat in this vicinity
thta fall.
Ifridge water—A determined effort
is being made by Mayor Tschetter, of
this city, to suppress public gambl
ing. John. F. Meier, who some time
ago was arrested on this charge and
fined |.")0, is again in the toils with
a fine of $75 and costs imposed. An
appeal to the ciicnit court has been
taken, with a bond fixed in the sum
of 1400,
Yankton- The city council has been
notified that the figurehead Penelope"
of the United States yacht Yankton,
will be loaned to the city for an in
definite period provided the city will
pay for transporation. The offei of
the secretary of the navy was at once
accepted. The figurehead has been
abandoned for the state shield and thus
the navy authorities have '"Penelope"
on their hands and are desirous of get
ting rid of her.
Huron—At a conference meeting of
the state fair board here yesterday,
matters pertaining to the coming exhi
bition were fnlly discussed The da
mage done by the late storm to build
ings on the society's grounds, will be
repaired at once. An army of men are
already at work aud everything will
be in readiness for the fair, which
opens September 18. Besides the com
faction of baildings in eoaifta of con-
Our Annual Muslin Underwear Sale
Commences to-morrow and will last for 7 days. We have a larger and better as
sortment than ever before at prices from 10c to $4 a piece. A beautilul line of
500 Men's, Boys' and Children's Suits to be sold at
We have 3 Great Shoe Bargains, don't for get that A lot of Men's Hats, values
from $2.00 to $3.00 at $1.49 each. Lots of other bargains all around the Store.
QIHRA/AI1/C Concrete Foundations
iTUxihT i'cnftcv
Fill DAY. MHi. 0, 1909
lit tUlWOItlFTlOM.
9*«*ll,l ....94.00
Hjr B*u, ft monthi. ........ .00
By mail,
ft month* ...............
tly null, 1
R. w. THOMPSON,BrookingsCement Co.
month ..........................
htrmtion, other improvements were
decided upon, including the recon
struction and enlargement of the
graudstand. Secretary Mcllvaine is
sirianging for a number of special at
tractions during fair week. A number
of baseball teams of more than local
prominence will cross bats each morn
ing during fair week.
Alnsideen The health boards of the
city of Aberdeen and the county of
Hrown held a joint meeting yesterday
foi tb«' purpose of taking up the sani
tat ion of the dairy herds supplying
milk to Al»erdeen consumers The
boards state that there is not a single
herd which is complying with the stat"
law regarding cleanliness, te«tsof cows
for tuberculosis, etc and steps will
li" taken to remedy tnis. It is proba
ble dairymen wil 1 be given a certain
length of time to comply with the re
quirements of the law before severer
measures are takeD. and it is stated
the leading dairymen are anxious to
co-operate with the boards of health in
the efiort to biing their product np to
the standard fixed by the statute.
Dallas -This section of the Rosebud
reservation has experienced a very ben
eficial rain, which covered a large area
and practically assures the coin crop
in this territory. Sod corn is very pro
mising and will easily average thirty
bushels to the acre. It is one of the
most phenomenal sod crops ever raised
in a new county in the history of the
state. Small grain is nearly all cut
and in the shocks.
Fi ley's Honey and Tar ia a safeguard
against serious results from spring oolds
winch inflame the lungs and develop
into pneumonia. Avoid counterfeits by
insisting upon having the genuine Fol
ey's Honey and Tar, which contains no
harmful drugs.—J. li. Anderso.
Zeppelin Airship Sails Over Cities
Along the Rhine.
Cologne, Aug. 6.—The Zeppelin air
ship arrived here from Frankfort, a
distance of 110 miles, at 10:15 a. m..
two hours and a quarter later than
tho time she was expected. The ves
sel was delayed by unfavorable
weather conditions. The ship circled
the tower of the Cologne cathedral,
flying low, and then sailed to tho
suburb of Biekendorf to come down.
The landing place and tho balloon
shed were surrounded by immense
The progress of the vessel was re
ported by telegraph as the airship
came down the Rhine. Crowds wit
nessed the passage from Limburg,
Neuwled, Remagon and Bonn. The
shijt as It approached Cologne ran Into
a thick fog, deviated to the southwest
and missed Cologne by ten miles or
so. The ship got its bearings again
near Dueren and when the fog lifted
headed straight for Cologne and came
in rapidly.
Jeffries Satis for Europe.
New York, Aug. 6.—James J. Jef
fries, the pugilist, smiled a broad fare
well to a crowd of well wishers that
gathered on tho North German Lloyd
line pier in Hobokcn and sailed away
on the steamer George Washington
for a six weeks' sojourn in Europe.
Jeffries and his wife will go direct to
Carlsbad, where Uuijf will raaialn lor
a few days.
Marine Corps Officers Now Hp
pai as Defendants.
Annapolis. Md., Aug. S.—The naval
board of inquiry resumed hearings re
garding the death of Lieutenant James
N. Sutton, who was shot In an eneoun
ter with brother oflicors near the ma
rlne corps barracks.
All the young officers who were with
Sutton at the time of his death and
who have already testified were in
court as defendants. Mrs. Sutton,
Lieutenant Sutton's mother, appeared
as complainant In pursuance of an
order by Commander John Hood
senior member of tho board.
Mrs. James N*. Sutton and her daugh
ter, Mrs. ltoFe Sutton Parker, sat at
the inquiry table directly opposite tho
defendants. Henry E. Davis, their
counsel, stated that he remained in
tho case In the same capacity as at
first, not prosecutor tut as assisting
Mrs. Sutton In finding the facts.
The examination of Mrs. Sutton,
who was on the stand at adjournment,
was suspended at the suggestion of
the judge advocate and Lieutenant
Ctley called as the first witness. Ma
jor Leonard informed the witness of
his rights as a defendant and that he
need not answer any questions which
would tend to incriminate him. Lieu
tenant I'tley proceeded to answer
questions without claiming the priv
Father and Son Perish In Lake Min
Minneapolis, Aug. 6.—George and
Fred Hobart. father and son, aged
sixty-five and twentv-eight respective
ly. were drowned in Iake Minnewash
ta while lishing.
The father was seen standing In the
boat. He lost his balance and fell
Into the lake. The son dived in after
him and both men lost their lives
before assistance could reach them.
They lived on a small farm near Mln
newashta station.
Mullaney Declines Position.
Chicago, Aug. 6.—Bernard J. Mul
laney, formerly a newspaper man of
Minneapolis and Chicago and at pres
ent private secretary to Mayor Busse,
declined to accept the position of chief
of police. The nomination had been
oftered to Mr. Mnilaney tgr Mayor
Lone Robber
One of His
Bandit Secures |750 at Whits Bear
Minn., but Prompt Alarm Is Given
and Citlxens Prevent His Escape.
8eeks Refuge in Outhouse, Where
He Holds the Posse at Bay Until a
Bullet Ends His Life.
St. Paul, Aug. 6.—Following S bold
robbery of the First State bank at
White Bear two men were killed and
several others shot more or less seri
ously in a fight with the robber in the
village of White Bear. The killed are:
EDWARD LARKEN, chef at a Bald
Eagle cottage, who took part in the
pursuit of the robber.
ROBERT COHL, the bank robber.
Bill butler, a White Bear fisherman,
was shot through the abdomen and
may be dying and two er men re
ceived leas serious wounds. One re
ceived a bullet in the thigh and the
other was-shot through the wrist.
The robber, who had been employed
as a laborer on some building work at
White Bear for the past three
received his payment—a check for $
—and went to the bank to get
This tragedy caused a halt among
the pursuers, who retired to whatever
sheltered points offered themselves
and opened fire on the closet with
rifles and revolvers.
The fire was briskly returned by
the robber and In a few minutes But
ler fell, shot through the abdomen
Other shots fired by the robber wound
ed two other men.
Fire on the closet was kept up, how
ever, despite the casualties to the at
tacking party and finally a well direct
ed bullet dropped the highwayman.
Wrhen the attackers got Inside the
little building they found him dead
on the floor, his revolver rlaijrd
Tot ot Eighteen Months Taken
by Large Beast.
Cteboygan, Mich., Aug. i/—Reports
received in this city Etate that a large
black bear carried away a baby eight
een months old while the mother wu^
picking huckleberries on the Macln
tosh plains about ten miles out ot
town. The mother, a Polish woman,
had left the child sleeping in charge
of another child, eight years old.
Sheriff Ciute dispatched a posse of
ten men In charge of a deputy to tl i
scene, but they were unable to find
any trace of tho child or tho beau-.
Chicago Woman Recognizes Dying
Son Dragged From Wheels.
Chicago, Aug. 6.—"I hope it is not
my Bobby," cried Mrs. A. E.
boy was being taken from
under a street car that had run over
him in front of her home.
A moment later the excited crowd
around the car parted and she looked
upon the face of her six-year-old son
She had run into the street after her
husband, who had hurried to the
house for a candle to find the boy
under the car, not knowing that It
tils son.
Alleged Blackmailer Caught.
Philadelphia, Aug. 6.—Charged with
sending threatening letters to Presi
dent McCrea of the Pennsylvania Rail
road company with a view of extort
ing money Adam C. Eby, alias Adam
Smith, said to be the mayor of Burke
vllle, Va., was arrested here and given
a hearing before United States Com
missioner Craig. He «u held la $10,
000 ball.
INITIAL COST $50,000,000
Gigsntlo Steel Plant to Be Erected In
City of Mexico.
Mexico City, Aug. 6.—A gigantic
steel plant will be established in this
city within the coming year by French
and American capital. The initial out
lay will be $50,000,000. Victor Belan
ger of Paris Is the head of the con
cern. It Is understood that a large
part of the capital will come from
Paris and Boston. Coal and iron
mines of Mexico will be acquired later
by the company. The steel will he
manufactured by
oashed. Cashier Alfred Auger was
the only man in the bank.
The man offered Auger the check
and while the cashier was examining
It he drew a six-shooter. When Auger
looked up he gazed into the barrel of
the weapon and was told to hand over
all the cash in the bank. As the man
had the drop on him Auger was com
pelled to oboy«and passed out all the
currency in the office, amounting to
$750. The robber fled down through
the streets of the village in tho direc
tion of Bald Eagle lake.
Pursuit Begins Immediately.
Anger gave the alarm at once and
in a few minutes the entire population
of the village, armed with revolvers
and rifies, was In hot pursuit.
Seeing his pursuers gaining on him
the robber took refuge in a closet in a
yard about two scares from the bank
and when the self-constituted posse
drew near opened fire.
Larken, who was leading the pur
suers, paid no attention to the shots
or to the warnings of the robber and
went boldly Into the closet. He
dropped dead on the threshold with a
bullet through his heart.
Minneapolis Wheat.
Minneapolis, Aug. 5—Wheat—Sept
9!i%c: Dec., 98^4c. On track—No. 1
hard, $1.28% No. 1 Northern. $1.27%:
No. 2 Northern, $1.25:vi No. 3 North
ern, $1.21%@1.23%.
Duluth Wheat and Flax.
Duluth, Aug. 5.—Wheat—On track
—No. 1 hard, $1.24% No. 1 Northern
$1 22% No. 2 Northern, $1.20% Sept.
$1.00% Oct., 09%c Dec., 984c May
$1.02l/4. Flax—To arrive and on track
$1.28% Sept., $1.37% Oct, $l.3iV:
Nov., $1.34 Vi.
Paul Unicn Stock Yards.
St. Paul, Aug. 5.—Cattle—Good to
choice steers, $t .00fi 0.75 fair to ?.•.
5.50 good to choice cows
Chicago Grain and Provisions.
Chicago. Aug. 5.—Wheat—Sept
$1 00V4 Dec-. 98%c May, $1.01%^
1.01%. Corn—Sept., 63c Dec., 52c
May, 52%c. Oats—Sept., 36%£I3G%c
For Benefit of Women who
Suffer from Female Ills
Minneapolis, Minn.—"I was a great
sufferer from female troubles which
caused a weakness
and broken down
condition of the
system. I read so
11 inch of what Lvdia
1.. Pinkham's Vep
table Compound
had done for other
suffering women I
felt sure it would
help me, and I must
say it did help me
wonderfully. My
pains all left me, I
stronger, and within three months
was a perfectly well woman.
"I want this letter made public to
show tho lK'neiit women may derive
from Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound."—Mrs. Join* G. Moldan,
2115 Second St., North, Minneapolis,
Thousands of unsolicited and genu
ine testimonials like tho above prove
the eiliciency of Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, which is made
exclusively from roots and herbs.
Women who suffer from those dis
tressing ills peculiar to their sex should
not lose sight of these facts or doubt
the ability of Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound to restore their
If you want special advice write
to Mrs. Pinkbam, at Lynn, Mass.
She will treat your letter as strictly
confidential. For 20 years she
has been helping siek women in
this way, free of charge. DoB
hesitate write at onock
and secret
Brother 8ues to Break Will.
Kansas City, Aug. 6.—A suit to
break the will of Charles Schattner,
wealthy saloonkeeper and politician,
who died a few months ago, leaving
$117,000 to local charities and about
$2."i,000 to negro employes, was filed
here by Eugene Schattner, a brother.
Eugene Schattner alleges that his
brother was addicted to intoxicants,
which Impaired his mind and made
him incapable of making a will.
insane Love Cause
Chicago, Aug. 6.—An uncle's Insane
love for his niece resulted In murder
when Herman Bell, a peddler, shot
and killed Sarah Bell, a talloress, in
front of her home here while she
begged for her life. Tho girl was
twenty years eld. Her slayer is ten
years her senior. He is married.
To Prevent Possible Lynching.
Louisville, Aug. 6.—J. M. Stuart, a
negro, was brought to the Louisville
jail by Bowling Green officers to es
cape lynching at the hands of an in
furiated mob in that city. The man
is alleged to have committed an as
sault -on Mre. Charles Stelnburg near
RowlPur Green
•heifers, $4.255.25 veals, $5.50& 6.25
Hogs—$7.50(^7.70. Sheep—Wethers,
$4.fHK(i 4.75 yearlings, $5.005.25
Iambs, $5.00^6.00 spring lambs
May, 38%c. Pork
—Sept., $2(1.50 Jan., $lfi.37Vfe. Butter
—Creameries, 22'?i2.rc dairies, 2(K
23i£c. Eggs—18f}i23c. poultry—Tur
keys, He chickens, 14c springs, 17c.
Chicago Union Stock Yards.
Chicago, Aug. 5.—Cattle—Beeve
$1.40(f« 7.50 Texas steers, $4.00Q5.f
Western steers, $4.00^6.00 stockei
and feeders, J2.404.! (.30 cows anu
heifers, 13.00 a.1.5 calves, $5.50^
8.00. Hogs— Light, $7.50^8.06 mixed
$7.40^! 8.10 heavy, $7.30W8.15 rough
?7.30£j 7.5» po:»d to choice heavy
$7.50f{ £.15 p!es. $".80®7.85. Sheep
—Native, $2.0 ff .V0 yearlings, $4
iTjR.R0: innb'1. 7.?fi.
will deliver
promptly to any
for Lake Co.,
Mr. 8. W. Jackson, 815 Weaver Block,
Greenville, Ohio, says: "While I was
superintendent of construction of J. P.
Bender Mid Bros.' Co., of Hamilton,
Ohio, I became entirely unfit for busi
ness with catarrh of the stomach.
"A friend called my attention to a
remedy for this condition. I began to
ini prove at onco. I was soon able to re
turn to my former profession.
"It would require many pages to de
scribe the condition I was in and the re
lief I have obtained."
Here is another case. Officer George
Y. Stout, 724 North Broadway, Balti
more, Md., says: "I suffered very much
with catarrh of the stomach and ner
vous indigestion. 1 lost fifty pounds in
four months.
•'A friend called my attention to a
remedy, •which I used, and gradually
got 'veil. I have gained half BJ tost
weight back again."
Chronic Stomach Trouble,
part of tU city
the best grade of
We handle only the
best and deliver to
all parts of the city
Catarrh of the Stomach
Prevalent Disease
Mr. Robert J. Gillespie, (586 Sonth
Main St., Los Angeles, CJal., secretary
of Lather's International Union, was
also suffering from catarrh of the stom
ach a long time. He grew thinner and
paler, lost all ambition and appetite.
Sick at the stomach, Indigestion con
A friend also called his attention to
a remedy, which brought about a de
cided Improvement. After continuing
the nse of the remedy for a month, ho
considers himself permanently relieved.
Now, once more. Mr. Christian Hof
man, Slatington, Pa., ^iys he suffered
for tnany yearB with catarrh of tho
stomach. It produced a miserable
cough, day and night. He tried doctors
and many remedies. At last his atten
tion was called to a remedy, the same
remedy that relieved tho others which
have been referred to above. He claims
that he was entirely rid of his stomach
Pe-ru-na Brought Back Health.
What was the remedy that has
wrought this remarkable relief? Sofar,
the remedy has uot been mentioned.
If any one doubts tho correctness of
these statements it is very easy to ver
ify them hy writing to tho people whose
names have been given, enclosing a
stampfor reply.
Tho remedy Is within the reaeh of
arexy one. It is simply the good, old
•tandard reliable remedy known as
W\ A. .tfVSfc
With Pneumatic Tire*,
With Solid Tires
A Car of simple design built well -not a complicated desipri
!uilt cheaply. Comfort, convenience and efficiency, combint
with a ridiculously small operating and upkeep cost. Designnl
and built, not by ambitions novices, bnt by seasoned veterans
tried out and proved by two season's use in the hands of a satis
ed public- for further particulars and descriptive catalog write to
Madison, S. D.
Difficult to Relieve.
If the truth were known, the prob^
bilities are that l'eruna has relieved
as many cases of catarrh of the stomach
as any other popular remedy in exis
tence. We have a great many unsolic
ited testimonials from all parts of the
United States, declaring in strong and
enthusiastic terms that Peruna has en
tirely relieved them of catarrh of the
stomach, that they wre wretched and
miserable beyond words, but Peruna
has restored them to health, vigor and
These are the facts. Now, if you have
stomach difficulty, it is up to you to act
upon them or ignore them, as you
Symptoms of Stomach Catarrh.
"The affection may result fromerroiti
in diet, or tho use of alcohol. The ex
cessive use of tobacco, especially when
the juice or the leaves are swallowed,
is likely to cause it.
"Highly seasoned or coarse, irritating
foods, sometimes induce tho diseaMe.
*'As chronic gastritis (catarrh of the
stomach) is essentially a secondary
affection, one of the primary cauncH is
an unhealthy state of tho mouth, nose
or throat, such as bad teeth or oatarrh
of the nose (ozena).
"The pationts are usually poorly
nourished, pale, sallow, thin, fatigue
easily induced, muscles flabby. Loss
of appetite or capricious appetite,
"The tongue is usually coated brown
ish gray. Cankered mouth is a com
moil occurrence.
"Pain is not common. When present
it is usually dull, and is aggravated by
food, especially when this is of an irrt*
tating character.
"Vomiting may occnrin the morning.
Also after meals. Sickness to the stoma
ach frequent and persistent,
•'Food produces dull headache, and
feeling of general nervous distress.
Constipation usually quite marked."
These symptoms, given by Gould and
Pyle, coincide exactly with the
descriptions Dr. Hartman is receiving
from patients
all over the United States.
If you have any of those symptoms
get a bottle of Peruna. Take a do*o ixv
fore each meal. (See if your stomach
does not immediately feel better, your
appetite Improve, your digestion at
once resume business.
People who object to liquid medlciOM
can uow secure Peruna tablets.
fcliw touftb aad tbmmXm lua^i ctcotand 1

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